My new desktop pc

It was nearly a nightmare for me to take a final decision :

A desktop computer or a laptop???

I took nearly 2 weeks, and finally i went for a desktop computer, which I bought today. Here are the technical specs;

  • Core 2 Duo 2.4 with 2Mb Cache :eek:

  • 19inch LCD Screen :twisted: (its enormous!)

  • 2Mb GB Ram Memory :lol:
  • 160Gb Hard Disk Sata
  • 256MB Asus EN7200GS, but am not a gamer, not even solitaire!

  • DVD Writer Asus
  • Asus Casing
  • USB Mouse/Keyboard lol
  • A floppy drive and a modem (lol, despite Vicky‘s protestation)

After meeting Vicky in Port Louis (btw, I was late by 1 hour), we purchased the different parts and headed to Azagen‘s house so that he could connect the system. Why we chose him? He had much more practice than us, since he has an IT sales company (Yeah, u can visit his site!)

lol! It was quite fun setting up the system… without forgetting to take some pics of course!

Once at home, i install everything, and got some trouble connecting to the internet using MyT’s Wifi…
But it went ok then 😀

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, Two of my drivers installation cds were left at Azagen‘s place and i had to download them from the net!

Some mins after, i managed to crash THE Operating System (Win XP) and i had to restart from scratch (Format, install windows, office, blabla blabla…)
Linux? perhaps afterwards….

Now everthing is installed and stable, I am enjoying the new setup, especially remote connection and network at home, enabling me to move things from my old laptop to my new desktop pc without any problems!

Thanks again to Vicky and Azagen 😀

Without you, euh, mo ti pu aster ene laptop trankil 😛 haha:!:

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  • vicks

    alla to reflechi boucou la..
    ene coute laptop!! ene coute pc.. ene coute 2 pc pou monT.. sipa DBM ou pas.. fouff 😛

    pas connE couma tone reussi tombe dakor lor pc finalment.. eta!!!!! floppy drive ta enkor servi sa!!!.. ene 300 roupies dan dilo sa.. mais enfin

    have fun et pas brille narnien avant ene ans :mrgreen:

  • 2Mb Ram Memory 😆

    ROFL :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Congrats for your new desktop PC… which seems tame enough. & about that XP crash, I bet it’s the 2MB memory… :mrgreen:

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Improving Blogger

  • @carrotmadman6: lol! sorry for the error 😛

  • check the specs of my new pc
    Intel core 2 duo 2.8ghz
    2gb ram
    320 HDD
    Ati Radeon HD2600 PRO 256 mb GDDR3
    wifi / bluetooth / 3 usd / firewire / lan … etc
    24″ screen
    ah yeah… its an imac 😀
    for those who dont know:

    Doorgeshs last blog post..Part 9 – Silence of the Watchmaker’s Shop

  • @Doorgesh: dont wish to compete with u 😀 lol, mac en plis!

  • 😈 Grooooooo you got a super pc now lol. Moi mo enkor ek mo vieu pc 5 ans la…2.66 Ghz…memoir 256 ram….80GB hardisk IDE….just card graphic ki nuvo…enfin unpe…Radeon 256….

    et ena foi li teign par li em tou lol…et dan gramatin bizin laisse li chauffe…li gagne fraicher lol.

    Avishs last blog post..VOH – Methadone – Candos Hospital – Masala!!!

  • [re=21518]Doorgesh[/re]:

    check the specs of my new pc

    It’s not a PC! ROFL :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😆 😆

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Improving Blogger

  • pg

    windows xp crashed! ha ha, why haven’t you switched for a mac? it would have been much better, no worries at all! (i dont’ work for apple, but can’t understand why people stick to pcs with windows!)

  • @pg: hi! well, i will move to linux a bit later, dual boot…as for mac….havent tried it yet, but linux ya, i used ubuntu some time back…

    thnks for ur visit!

  • HAHAHA Yash 😯 😯 😯 FLOPPY?servi meme sa?
    Doorgesh–> wana compete?
    Intel Dual duo 3.2ghz
    4gb ram
    160 HDD{I know its tooooooooooo little..But planning to upgrade it soon.
    Ati Radeon HD2600 PRO 256 mb{I think we have the same graphic card.}
    Bluetooth, card reader, 12 USB,etc
    2 dvd writter
    cd rom

    tushals last blog

  • Intel dual core***{typing mistake} 😳

  • Planning to take a laptop soon…{already have 2 pc in my a lappy}..
    😀 😀 😀

  • Dishalen

    [re=21541]Yashvin[/re]: Check pu mwa:

    CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz
    Mobo: ASUS Striker II Formula
    Gfx : Gigabyte Geforce 8800 GT
    LCD: Viewsonic 22″ VX2235
    RAM : 2GB
    HDD: Hitachi Deskstar 320 GB SATA II

    Kisana pren sarz ??? 😎

  • @Dishalen: pas mwa en tout cas *shy*

    am a non gamer, solitaire meme pas koner si ena ou pas 😛

  • bein mo pas comprend kifer dimoune prend bannes pc avek banens specs extra alor ki zamais zotte servi li 100%

    mone trouve ene tas dimoune.. waii vine geutte moi pou monte ene pc.. ki pc pli cher to ena??

    enfin banens dimoune ki ena pc avek bannes bel specs la? eski zotte servi li?? pas ene cash dormi sa.. enfin.. 😆

  • @Dishalen–> to gagne ban prob overheating quan to play too much???
    avec mo dual core mo gagne sa problem la..after 8 hours non stop gaming.{ban game ki use lot of resources}mo pc off acoz overheating! ! !mari beeep beeeep sa..LoL

    tushals last blog

  • [re=21552]vicks[/re]:
    My PC uses 100% CPU usage (running for 4.5h & temp >90C) when encoding movies. That’s one use of having high specs. 😀

    My PC used to restart every time I went beyond 50% of CPU usage for 5 mins. Turned out there was dust inside.. :mrgreen:

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Improving Blogger

  • Yo man,
    since uv already used ubuntu, mo conseil twa sey kubuntu. KDE desktop bez windows 1 maille lor bucu kitsoz including graphics. n as usual its free n u neednt pay for any of the millions of software, n u can use aMsn to keep contact with frens who have either yahoo or msnmessenger. 🙂

  • ya to ena raison, but one of the things kine decourage me use opensource, specially linux is the msn versions available there… 🙄

    ➡ aMsn is good, but not as good as the true original msn messenger, dont know y an identical clone is not available in the opensource world.
    Perhaps they dont want to do one like the original one? ❓

    thnks for ur visit, am adding u into my feeds!

  • Neel

    But seriously guys… Why Windows?
    I guess you’ll be blogging a new topic soon my friend; Mac v/s Windows v/s Linux v/s Others. lol!

  • @Neel: lol, nice idea, but am sure linux or mac wins 😛

    n what abt u? wats ur OS?

  • Neel

    Windows papi! Pna kass pu Mac! lol!
    But I used a Mac earlier and it’s not that difficult but much more interesting instead. I’m going for a Mac soon. As for Linux, I really ain’t got a clue. I need to try one.

  • pg

    Yes, please, make an article about linux vs. windows vs. mac os!!!
    I can’t hide that i’m a real Apple Fanboy:
    1) iMac 24″ 2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4Gb ram, 500Gb HDD, NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800GS 512mb, mac os x leopard
    2) Macbook 2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2Gb ram, 160Gb HDD, max os x leopard
    3) iPhone (changing for 3G on 17th of July!)
    4) Time capsule 1Tb

    and for those who say that there are compatibility problems between mac and windows, let met assure you that it is 95% false!

  • Dishalen

    Héhé, Overheating, the 4eva snag of a gamer!!!

    Soln: As Simple As ZALMAN!!!

  • Sneha

    How to connect a laptop to wifi using myT? I tried but got the following message under choose a wireless network: Windows cannot configure the wireless connection!!

  • 2 years later

    To myself :
    The PC is still running smoothly. NO problems encountered till now. Only formatted it a few times and today, just installed Kubuntu on it 🙂

  • Update : 4 years after (2012), everything is still running smoothly! 🙂

  • Faisal…

    Do you still use Kubuntu on it? 🙂

  • No *shy*, not right now.