Hand-pressing flash light

Since a few weeks, I was thinking to purchase a torch light, but not the usual ones. In fact, I was looking for one which recharges with some manual and ecological mechanism.

I finally spotted it in Jumbo Riche Terre a few days ago at only Rs69.

torch light pack

Written on the box :

“Constantly using this health torch, it can benefit to your palm, arm and shoulder stretching and blood circulation, so as to let our hands relax and brain clever, hand and brain coordinate and promote your brain, memory and health composition.”

Wow! encore ene tigit mo ti pu croire ki li ene remede miracle comme Alovera or Swami Ramdev 😛

I took a few minutes to understand how it works. In fact, it started working when it fell down accidentally.

torch light

The torch lights works marvelously, emitting a strong white beam of light. To recharge the torch, you should press the handle repeatedly for a few seconds.

No batteries, No bulbs!

Yashvin, pages of my life

Another model.

My cousin Deepa brought her’s which works a bit differently.

torch light model 2

This model recharges when you shake it, just like you are mixing some cocktail 🙂

As for the country of origin, my new torch is made in China… I hope it’s worth the money but I will surely buy one of better quality if I come across.

No more need to look for candles on the next black out!

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  • Nav

    I can never seem to find a torch when i’m looking for one, and when i do it’s batteries have died!
    for Rs69 that’s amazing!!
    It also looks quite bright, usually the manual-recharge torches don’t emit a lot of light but this one seems to!
    “..promote your brain, memory and health composition.” uhh not to sure about this one though 😀

  • cool, these torch should be promoted: more ecological, no battery, less pollution 🙂

  • Frak, my secret project is to make a mechanical recharger for phones… 😛

  • I’ve got one too. Got it as a gift from a filling station for the New Year! Quite cool and useful and it still works. It helps when I want to read at night.

  • Mike

    That’s a neat gadget, must have, handy to have around. These are practical tools especially designed to be eco friendly. It reminds me that there are portable radios which work without batteries too.
    examples of eco flashlights and radios on this link

  • My father bought me on some years ago, it’s really fun to play with xD God knows where it is now 😛

  • I have one too ;)Since March 2007 and also blogged about it here: http://roushdat.wordpress.com/2007/03/29/my-latest-gadgetin-case-of-more-power-failures-p/
    Another example of such rechargeable stuff was the OLPC which they thought of adding a crank and a string that could be pulled to recharge the laptop’s battery…don’t know the current status…

  • Melvyn Smith

    As far as I can see, the Eco Hand Crank Torch is not what it seems. It is just a battery powered torch! The dynamo does not charge the batteries. Once they drain the torch is near useless. I have had two fail this way.

  • Melvyn Smith