Miss Mauritius 2010 Finalists

Hmmm. The finals will be held on the 25th September 2010 at Movenpick Resort & Spa, Bel Ombre.

The 14 finalists, fighting to take over the crown of Miss Mauritius 2009, Dalysha Doorga are :

  • Gloriana JOSEPH
  • Vania RAMJAN
  • Marie ALBERT
  • Joelle NAGAPEN
  • Clothilde CHOWRIMOOTOO
  • Priyanka SAHAI
  • StΓ©phanie LOUISE
  • Laeticia DARCHE
  • Emily PHILIPS
  • Gwendolyne PIERNEY
  • Aurelie AGATHE
  • Ashana JOOMUN
  • Shaheen MADARBOCUS
  • Anabelle NADAL


Hmm, and what if you tell us your favorite one(s)?

btw, one thing for sure, their web site really su*ks!!!

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  • Ben

    Clothilde and Laeticia FTW!!

  • ReenaDKL


    no comments…just a lil smile :/

  • Ajmal

    Laetitia πŸ˜€

  • Laetitia πŸ˜€

    Et comment dire mon aussi trouve 1 patate dan ban pic la. . LOL

  • Torpedo

    My top 5 (no order of preference):
    Ramjan, Sahai, Darche, Philips, Madarbocus.

    @ Tushal:
    1 sel? Ou sirr? πŸ™‚

  • Peu importe kisanla gagner… I just hope they dont make this one wear a stupidly ugly dress in the miss world contest. That would suck. But then, it seems like some people never learn… :S

  • ashok

    all the best to the all contests

  • Totally agree with Doorgesh. The girl might be very beautiful but they end up making her appear like a fool in some dress that looks like recyled plastic Pfff!!!

    Sa m mo croir moris ile durable la sa xD

    And I vote for Laetitia too though Emily does have some ‘exotic beauty’ look.

  • guibs

    Emily Philips seems 2 b more chaRMING & LOOKING FResh

  • Anooj

    I wanna be honest and blunt:

  • OMG!!! FTW!!! Is this Miss mauritius??? My dear, who the f*ck did they select… there r more people in mauritius who r more competant than ’em… more elegant also.. :S

    BTW on which ground did they select thse people? qualifications? beauty? or???

    D’nt knw who they selected after all..PHFF…None of them r as perfect as…

    After all we must say tht try 2 get some more beautiful gals;) …am not criticizing their beauty but.. mo p dir ki ena pli bon ki sa…

    pli bon ki sa mo p rod dir pli bon in term of ‘beauty, qualification, knowledge…ect…ena encore ein…’

    For sure mauritius pas pu gagne wid these people…

    @yashvin site la html ek ena zis an logo+marquee+sponsors ki p fer zoli..LOL!! πŸ˜€

  • @Nirvanknight: Hi! We should be positive dear πŸ™‚ There might be other potential participants but it is their choice not to participate.

    As for the web site, just try to see the list of finalists and click on the links there. Pretty poor interface, for a national miss mru competition.

  • Mike

    I cannot comment, my wife will shoot me!

  • varsh

    Emily and Laetitia:D

  • kevin

    mmm in my opinion non of them…the sun page 3 girls are better than them…

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  • you know, they are so many beautiful girls in mauritius, but those intelligent ones wont participate in this stupid competition.

    Its all government, they are unprofessional like in the 80’s when there were really educated girls participating, now miss mauritius, its a bit like left overs. that why u will never see top girls participating. for me miss mauritius its just bullshit, though im a patriot and love my country, its sad to see that level compared to the other countries.

    concerning the dress, true!!! there is o’reilly who makes quite nice dresses for miss india who are miss world bla blaetc and she is mauritian, they dont even ask her to design the dress for miss mauritius!!!

  • Torpedo

    Mega-fail! If the government has a life-long contract with the organizer of this yearly festival of ridicule, i think many people are hoping for something that cannot be written here…

  • eyyyyyyy dalysha doorga ti pli zoli ki tout!!!! anais aussi ti zoli:)dalysha ti ressi amene nou pays dan ban favoris:)pa bliE li otant vite.line fer nou pays gne valer:)

  • plitot dalysha doorga selment
    waii laetitia zoli dans 1 sel pic selment
    Dalysha top mem sa selment