What do you think about Mauritian online stores?

The increasing popularity of online stores has encouraged a few Mauritian companies to venture into this shopping trend.

Are Mauritians ready to purchase from this local online stores? Let’s see…

For nearly one and a half years now, I have been a regular eBay-buyer, with more than a few dozens of purchases ranging from $5 to $500 and above. Personally, I have noticed a growing number of Mauritians showing a real interest in online shopping and they are always looking for someone to reply to their queries and clear their doubts about this new shopping trend. I take great pleasure to reply and provide any additional information on one of the most visited articles of this blog. Special thanks to all those who dedicate their time by providing answers to other Mauritians.

With this increasing popularity and expansion of online stores, a few Mauritian web sites have also grabbed this opportunity to promote and commercialize their products on the web, while offering visitors to carry out online purchases using their credit cards/paypal and even “cash on delivery” facilities.

Some of these online stores deal in :

  • Flowers/Fresh vegetables/Wine/Food(including sushi)/Coffee
  • Airline/event tickets
  • Electronic stuff including Computers/Cameras etc
  • Gifts
  • Clothing

List of a few Mauritian online stores

As requested by some readers, here is a list of the stores I came across :


Do you have any additional links to share? Please use the comments section below.


Ashesh previously wrote a great post summing up the different aspects on this topic and the comments section turned out to be very enriching with contributions from persons representing various online Mauritian stores. I highly recommend this post if you want in-depth details.

Nearly one year after his post, I want YOU to answer to a few questions :

  • Did you know that these Mauritian stores exist?
  • Do you feel that these web sites were (adequately) advertised or have enough media coverage?
  • Do you think that it’s worth to shop online within our small island?
  • Will you buy from one of them?
  • If no, Why? Will discounts/better offers encourage you to give a try?
  • Do you think that people doubt carrying out online payments through the infrastructure and security implemented in Mauritius?

Feel free to share your thoughts about Mauritian online stores…

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