Marchand dipain

While many among you have to go to the bakery every day, very few have the chance to have their daily bread delivered by whom we common call as “Marchand dipain” in our creole language.

I always remember having our daily bread delivered to our house early every morning. Despite the cold weather or heavy rainfall, this man always fullfills his job for years now. The only times he might not be able to come to horn at our door everyday are when he is seriously ill or he has taken a few holidays.

Today, I finally took this picture while he was delivering the bread, and I even got late too while waiting for him lol.

It has become a very rare scene in our modern life and there are less chances that they exist in urban areas. During the few times he was unable to bring our bread, it was really a problem for me to get up earlier than usual and get to the nearest bakery everyday. My life (as well as many persons in my neighborhood) would be so difficult without his services.

Thumbs up to this man who gets my bread into the basket that you can see in the above pictures.

Do you have a “marsand dipain” or do you buy your bread yourself everyday?

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  • Ena ene batiment cote cuit du pain zis devant mo la porte… ^^ ;p

  • haha. Nice one and I love the bread there 😉

  • Torpedo

    Mine  had a heart attack 3 years ago, and since then, we buy our bread wherever and whenever we happen to remember that we have to take a breakfast…

  • slayer

    ici gagne pu pren dipain 3 ler avec meme marchand, 1 gramatin, 1 15:00 ek 1 16:00. Ek beaucoup dipain rassi selman mo gagne profit. dipain rassi mo done marchand dizef pu li done so poule ek kan aster dizef kot li mo gagne 2 en cadeau (lolz).

  • T Yajna

    hey mo rest vacoas, ek dans sa quartier kot mo rester la marsan dipain encore passer at 5am. si to rate li, fini lerla akoz 7hr li pu passer apres- tro tard!
    mais ban dipain la dans pince net! difformer ek bruler.. mais vo mieux sa ki rien.. akoz the next boulangerie mari loin.
    li travay 360/365 days.. ziss pu ban fete musulman li pas travaye.. ek li pren 1 more holiday the next day!
    mais la releve est assurer akoz so garcon 21 ans aussi marsan dipain 😀

  • C bien, c’est bon, la revele la meme 😉

  • Salut voisin!
    Yashvin ti pé bien dire: “It has become a very rare scene in our modern life and there are less chances that they exist in urban areas.”
    Vacoas-la pas enn la-ville ça hein…
    Parski, étant momem enn habitant Vacoas depi pliss ki 30 banané, Vacoas c’est pas enn la-ville, c’est enn dortoir urbanisé. A la limite, c’est enn ville-dortoir: check enn koutt Vacoas so “city centre” dans, disons, Mercredi tanto: l’ambiance top lafaya! Zeudi gaspiyaz. Ou-bien enn Dimans gramatin.
    Ou bien faire enn le-tour dans la-zournée, apré 9hr… Si pa ti ena plis grand la-foire Dodoland la-bas, mo cwar dimoun ti pou perr koz fort dans lari. 🙂

  • Mishy

    Awww how this brings memories 🙂 … yea we still have a guy delivered at mom’s … i wish it ws like this here lol :p … nou marchand du pain  has always been there .. i am not aware of any time that he was nt there .. even if there were weddings in his family or anything  ..he would make sure that we get our bread ..someone else would come .. oh en plus nous pas wait for him ..we have a basket where he  just put the breads and leave ..and when mom forgets .. he will actually “bang” on the door until some1 wakes up and get the bred and thats like 4.30am :p lol …. Vive les marchands du pains lol :d

  • Dipain Triolet pas bon. 🙁

  • It is nearly the same at my place too. We just hang the bag there and after putting the bread there, he will just horn once to let us know. If ever we forgot to place the bag, he will put the bread in a plastic bag.

    I am glad that this article brought some memories to you 🙂

  • To reste dans movais partie Triolet lol.

    The bread from Dawood is one of the best in Triolet. L’Amiral is nice too but since Dawood opened its doors, I take my bread there. However, I do not know from which bakery my “marsand dipain” gets his stock. 
    The most important : I must get my bread 🙂

  • Ki pou fer? Bizin prend dipain kot tabagie plis proche… Dawood pou increase mo carbon footprint. :p

  • dvilrcc

    zamai mone trouve sa… nek dan livre cpe.. mo asT du pain dan boulangerie depui toujours

  • lol.

  • Yashvina

    I miss the bread there.. 🙁
    ici gagne bread like toast… they keep it for days!!!!
    but i know the bread in the north tastes better..had lots when i was a child… ou bien… i dont remember really.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hey b merchan dipain pran ene commission?
    Ki prix li van dipain la?

  • Ene mari tipti commission de quelques dizaines de sous par dipain.
    C juste pour kelkes clients fidele ki li encor faire sa boulot la,
    relationship management 🙂

  • jp


  • Question bebett du jour: eski’nn deza arriver ki enn kikenn kokin dipain ki marsan inn kité dans zott tente pendant zott ti pe dormi?  Parski zordi-zour zott konné kouma ena bann ki content prend sans demander…

    @749a5701342cc261a6a48446c67b7054:disqus  carrotmadman6 Wai, vinn ress Vacoas, lari Sadally: enn lepok ti ena 5 boulanzri dans sa simé-la. Ress ziss 3 asterr (mo tann dire). Si ou pas content ha trois-la, ena Winners a moinss ki 50m depi Sadally.

  • Shalini

    ahh marchand dipain.. how i miss him!! xD i also remember when he used to kit dipain dan lendroit, kot nous li ti p also kit bonbon lapin pou moi ek mo soeur! 🙂 troo nice sa misier la.. miss him! 🙁

  • Al-shaad

    si pna sa boug napa manz dipain…XD
    mo dipain borD 5hr du mat mw 🙂 😛

  • Swet03

    zis made me remember somethg…. btw yeps @749a5701342cc261a6a48446c67b7054:disqus  my place too to ena manchand dipain….bt nowadays we do not take bread from him as gagne dipain rasi… Jumbo is better…..
     @google-364ece096841439f595e156d955a01e4:disqus yeps ena voleur ki vin koquin dipain c ki marchand fek kiter lolzzz
    some days ago we were talking abt zis @home.. it is also said zat auparavant manchant dipain ti p done tou nouvel dan lendroit, like nuvel lamort….as they r the only person who makes the first round of the village before any1…
    i remembered somethg funny which happened some years ago… manchand ti vin kit dipain 5hr di matin…manchand p kit dipain en mem temp li trouve 1 dimoun p saute barage 1 voisin… manchand ti croir voleur dipain, li coumence criyer… tou dimoun vin lor chemin…a la fin it was not voleur lolzzzzz… c t lom 2 ti voisine, after having passed z whole nite en cachiet kot voisine li ti p cachiet ti p al home… lolzzz….. pauvre tifi tou so pc in dhor,,,

  • Dominique

    I think that you are a lazy guy who enjoys your bread from the comfort of your sweet home while your so-called “marshand dipain” needs to struggle so early every morning to get your bread delivered.
    Next time, wake up 10 mins earlier, walk to your bakery and buy your own bread.

  • That was a lame on your behalf. Anyway, thanks for voicing out what you
    needed to say.

  • Faisal…

    One of the three is no longer mine 😉

  • Bizin lever 5 hr gramatin alle prend sa mama la tou les zur. Ahh, thanks to my dad who does it everyday 😛

    Ena fois, sois to alle en retard ou sois tw to alle avant delivrer dipain la vin kit so dipain >.<

    Ena place ena voleur dipain tou, bezz to dipain gramatin gramatin…