Finding your lost smartphone : Windows Phone tracker does not OFFICIALLY work in Mauritius!

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If you were excited when you read one of my articles in which I carefully explained how to secure your smartphone and also, how you can track it down when lost, then I’m sorry to say that this does not apply if you have a Windows Phone and you are in Mauritius.

While doing some tests with a colleague’s Windows Phone, the “Find My Phone” service was not working. On each click, it just refreshed the web page. Later on, we then found out that Mauritius is not in the list of countries where this free service is available :

windows carte

It is so strange that Mauritius is not on that list. Well, too bad for Windows Phone users. And unfortunately, if your Windows phone is lost, there’s absolutely no way to get track it down on a map.

Not even a third party app ( correct me in case I’m wrong!) but you can always buy a mobile chain 😉


It seems that it actually works but till now, only @rwishi has been able to get it 100% operational on several devices. Since it does not officially work according to the web site, you can try setting the mobile ‘s language and store to UK. Also enable UK Cortana on 8.1).

If anyone is able to test this, great. And thanks to Rwishi for the tip. I just hope that it works for everyone else, for the benefit of everyone 🙂

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  • cokefest

    If you have an android device you can use preyproject.

  • I will have a try. For the time being, I use

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • cokefest

    Cool,let me know if it works (works here is South Africa).