koobecaf (fb) upside down

Did you ever try to play with your Facebook language settings?

facebook upside down

The English (Pirate Version) is cool too!

It would have been so much better if the logo was also inverted 😛

facebook 1

facebook 2

You must ask yourself, what’s the use of doing all these?
I would say :

“If you just discovered this, then there are probably loads of things which you are missing in your life!”

Don’t worry, you won’t break anything, the Language Settings is easily accessible from the bottom left corner at anytime!

A few seconds ago, something new appeared on my home page :

  1. Profile Badges
  2. Photo Badges

Profile badges were available since months (click on the “first time here?” on the top part of the blog to see mine).  But I think that Photo Badges is a new feature of facebook.

Anyway, time to go to bed, have a nice week everyone!

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