Kharmas hindu calendar 2012

Hello folks!

1st February 2012! Time flies so quickly. This month will be even shorter with only 29days and 3 public holidays! Youpiiiii!

After my article on the Kharmas, you must have been surprised to see this blog post here, isn’t it? Well, you might not believe it, but “Kharmas” is a widely searched keyword on the net and generate much traffic, hence the decision to write again on this topic.

Many have been looking for the corresponding dates for the year 2012, which are as follows :

  • 16 December 2011 -> 14 January 2012
  • 14 March 2012 -> 13 April 2012
  • 15 December 2012 -> 14 January 2013

Remember, DO NOT start anything new in your life or make the first step during this same period. It is said to be inauspicious.

btw, 16000 comments already! Thank you all for being here! Cheers!

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  • If babies are born during these days then? inauspicious babies! lol

  • Following the flow of life, the process was started 9months ago 🙂 So, no. lol.

  • Strings420

    the awkward moment when yashvin starts believing in religion..

  • lol. That’s written nowhere 🙂

  • helix

    ne célèbrent pas Noël, la Saint-Sylvestre et le Nouvel An

  • Nothing new between those dates? But I still have to cross the road which is an inauspicious action anytime.

  • Nidhitiwari1978

    Can I move my new house not new constructed?

  • Normally no but you should ask your priest.

  • Is there like a workaround or a loophole or something? I plan to get married and this Kharmas is taking the piss out of the whole situation! 🙁

  • bhaskar

    and what about the one whose process started in this period..and was born 9 months after?
    he will be damned?

  • Should ask the concerned persons.

  • hi. why is this period inauspicious

  • Utam Hulkory

    can i buy new tyres for my cars ?