Jour J-3, the day is near…

While waiting for the Jour J to come…

Baré, zour la p vini!!!

You can follow the countdown live and direct everyday from my sidebar timer, see to your right!!!

2008  Celebrations

Last year, I organised a “Randonnée in Black River Gorges” together with colleagues and uni friends.
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And in 2007, ahhhhh, uni life!!!

One of the best birthdays during uni…


Its the final countdown…

Please, no wishes in this post 😛

Wait for the one on this Sunday!!!

All of my birthdays have always remain exceptional, thanks to everyone who participated!

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  • So luckyyyy!!! I wonder what it will be this year 🙂

  • Kumsa to p content la…to p fer countdown tou!!!

  • Sun

    3 Dizef gaT, la farine, la poudre cange, jus limon, ek la grain(pie lacolle)


  • wow! 1 randonnee, sa c original! 😛

  • “Please, no wishes in this post 😛

    Wait for the one on this Sunday!!!”


  • You remind me of my lil cousine who used to keep reminding me when her birthday was near, so that I don’t forget getting her a gift lol

  • Nice to have ur friends by ur side on this special occasion dear …keep it up!bizu en avance for ur bd lol (sa to pan mentioner la haut 😛 )

  • to p vin vier ta! 😀 24 ans…mo ti koir to ena plis ki sa 😀 its good … life these last days as 23 well..aret zour zour dimun 😛 lol

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