Introducing guest articles…


Since the last months, the Mauritian blogosphere has been expanding significantly with an increasing number of mauritian blogs and a growing interest towards contents from blogs.

Indeed, I have personally seen the rise in the number of comments from new visitors, willing to engage themselves into debates and different topics discussed on the blog. Whenever I post articles related to the daily life incidents/issues, the feedback from the visitors is encouraging, perhaps because there are loads of people who experienced the same at some time or other.

In this perspective, I am now introducing guest articles…

So what will be about?

Simple, this is how I expect the articles…

To be able to reach a wider reading audience, I really believe that articles should

  • Be written in simple and clear english
    – That won’t require the readers to google each of the words
    – And please try to avoid technical jargon 
  • Be kept short as far as possible.
  • Be original and creative with the topics discussed
  • Contain relevant links and credits to text/images used
  • Contain pictures directly related to the topic and it becomes even more interesting when you shoot your own pictures!

And the credits?

For each guest article, the author’s name, contact info will be published if requested. Dont worry about copyright or any legal issues, everything will be yours. I highly recommend the use of watermarks onto your pictures.

So, you have anything interesting to share with us?

An experience, an incident, an accident, a breach of law, suggestions, ideas, point of views, an event, You are the most welcomed, anytime!
Get in touch with me now at yashvin[at]awootar[dot]com!

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  • That’s a great initiative! 😀

    I remember someone once mailed me asking to do some guest posts… but I refused him. 🙁

    Anyway, this is the way to go… provides non-bloggers the platform to express their views & opinions in a post.

    Good Luck!

    Come on everyone! 😛

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..I’m a PC. & I’m not a stereotype!

  • eta to ecrire ene creole toi.. mais lotte dimoune bizin ecrire en anglais .. ki si sa..
    pas fer moi dire la ein!! 🙂

    sinon cot to alle tire sa banens idee la toi 😛 paraite interesant selment

  • @vicks: Be the first then 😀

    @Carrotmadman6 : Well, we will see if it works for a personal blog,
    xx cross fingers xx

  • Nice idea.

    Avishs last blog post..Kyu On Blogshot With Kurt!!!

  • Reena DKL

    Cool..i know many who are not interested in blogging as a lond term commitment but simply want to share their point of view through 1 or 2 articles…

    Great initiative 🙂

  • Mike

    LOL you are presuming I will not get deported after publishing!!

  • @Mike: lol, I dont think so, except if you write articles concerning the national security.

    But knowing you, I guess you will write mostly on Nomad lol!

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    Explosion dans ice cream!!! Kuma tonne fer sa??! :O:O:O

  • @RocketScientist (Kunal): lol!

    C juste ene genre la bougie ki ti metter lo ice cream la…
    Apres with photoshop, ine faire li imper plis brillant ki bisin 😀

    btw, ti pu Zai’s bd sa 😛

  • Thats a good idea yashvin, this can give users who are not so aware about blogs and online community a platform where they can express themself 🙂

    Saileshs last blog post..Fair usage policy? a reality or farce?

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    To yashvin: Ta fes! 🙁 tonne dire moi ti pou Zainab so bday monne alle wish li tout lor facebook… lol… beze arre toi la!

  • @RocketScientist (Kunal): haha!

  • Nice idea!
    The promotion of blogging!

  • what about posting same post from blog here…hence we`ll get better responses..add me on your blogroll buddy

    joyshans last blog post..massacre à cheval

  • Avishna


    me who can not really find my way on a blog.

    my 1st post will be on Mentaliter moricien

    😀 😀 😀

  • thats a reall good idea … kumsa everyon interested to say wht they think have a place to write .. and a nice way to encourage blogin si 🙂

    yushas last blog post..Bloggers Award Ceremony 2008

  • s

    check out the blogging competition which will is going to start in a few days time, spread the word to all those interested and check the link below

    The Blogging competition

    ss last blog post..The Blogging competition

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