Installing WordPress on your PC

Well, my first tutorial for wordpress :

How to install wordpress on your computer, for Dummies

First of all, lets talk a bit about wordpress

WordPress is a blog publishing system written in PHP. All data is stored in a MySQL database.

Having your blog on the web is a bit more simpler, for example you can

  • Create an account on and have your blog accessible at
    Registering your new blog is so simple!

  • Create an account on and have your blog as

However, in this tutorial, i will explain how to create a blog on your own desktop computer/laptop, for any reason you have, perhaps to test how to use it, get used to it, whatever!


Download WordPress installation

Head towards to download the latest version available


Download a web server, here, EasyPHP available at

This web server is one among the loads available on the net, and by installing any of these web servers on your personal computer, you will be able to simulate a server and have php applications run!

Once downloaded, run the installation.


Now that you have your wordpress installation and easyphp installation done, extract the contents of the wordpress installation in the following directory : C:\Program Files\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www
[depending on your installation]


Ensure than your web server is running by accessing it from your start menu


Now, we are going to access your wordpress folder through your browser at the address : http://localhost/

You will get something like that in your browser:

Click on the [wordpress] folder to start the installation.
(Depending of course, if you have renamed the folder earlier)


Now, follow the instructions on the screen…


You will be asked for database setting, refer to the screenshot below…

You have to create a new database so that your wordpress blog can store the necessary info to run…

To create a new database, open your browser and hit the address : http://localhost/home/mysql/ or http://localhost/home/mysql/

Enter the name of your database (ensure that you enter the same name as in the installation page)

Note that your database username may be root and password left as blank….
This depends on your settings of course…


Next, enter the details about your blog;


Note down the username and password automatically generated for you and use the same to login the Admininstration Control Panel, as shown below…

Thats it!

Your blog is Ready!!!


Now, lets access your blog!!!

You can view your blog by typing the address :

and your the admin panel, its

You can now start blogging!!!

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  • Blogging to yourself on your own hosted blog…. Only the uber-narcissist would do that! LOL 😛 (just joking!)

    That’s a great way for testing themes, scripts & plugins! 🙂

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Fair Usage Policy for more reliable broadband services

  • Neel

    Seems like it should be NOW or NEVER to understand. lol!
    Thx for the help and tips man.
    I’ll follow the instructions above and key out feedbacks.

  • Hi. Nice post this one. Just wanna add some details about the PHP setup. Many people will get an error when they start easyphp above as on many pc IIS is already install and using port 80!

    So just to bypass this problem:

    1. Start easy php
    2. Click on the E icon on the top left
    3. Click on COnfiguration then select APache
    4. the file httpd.conf will open up in notepad!
    5. In the notepad file opened…click edit..then Find…
    6. In Find what…enter 80 then click find next…
    7. Replace all 80 found in the httpd.conf file with 8086
    8 Save the file
    9. Now restart easyphp

    Thats all. Hope it help those who got the PORT problem.

    Avishs last blog post..Paid by!!!

  • Life is so easy when Yashvin and Avish are around..:p

    tushals last blog

  • Duh…just incl. php isapi or use fast cgi for php support on iis. no need for another web server.

  • Host Intruder

    // hello,
    nice blog, i have some questions:
    1. how can we access this blog on another computer ?
    2. does we do that only for testing purposes?
    3. this question is a bit different , can you tell me please how i can access files on my pc on another computer , i means , using this technique or another one(maybe by turning my pc into a server ,something like that).

    thanks and keeps blogging , nice job.

  • @Host Intruder: Hi, thnks for ur visit.

    Well, here are the answers:

    1. You can usually access this blog by typing the ip address of the computer with wordpress, followed by the folder name. But this does not always work for many reasons, sometimes due to IIS already on the machine, or the need for you to specify a port address, or even some extra configuration.
    I advise you to check more on the net…

    2.Not only testing. For example, you might want to customize something specific in your blog template, or even coding, then you might test it and run it on your local host, since it will not only be much quicker to modify and test, and other internet visitors wont see be able to see your test data.

    3.If you have myT at home, accessing your other pc is very simple. You just have to check the ip config of machine X, and then, type this ip address from machine Y. Perhaps you may need to share your folders so that it can be viewed from the other computer.
    You can also use some file server applications like hfs which will provide a nice interface to access your files.

    If someone else has more precise answer, dont hesitate 🙂

  • kyu

    Some time ago i did something similar using Xampp (windows) / Lampp (linux). installing a local copy of wordpress / phpbb / [i guess anything else requiring php/mysql ] was really handy for theme creations and plugin testing without taking the risk to take the “live” version of the site out 🙂

    FWIW, there’s also a flash disk friendly version of xampp (see ) which could be useful to people who are often on the move but don’t have a laptop 🙂

    kyus last blog post..OCRemix, rediscovering video game music

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  • Ashvindmi


    Nice post dude.

    MyT Users, this may interest you for sure:

    Hosting Your Webpages on your own computer:

    I have tried to design a simple tutorial on how to Direct a URL to your own PC, and it always works, unless Orange “taye nou card”.

    So after following yashvin’s tutorial, and the one i have designed, you can host your blog on your own computer and it can be accessed by anyone

    Hope you all will like it.

    Yashvin, atleast you do comment the the first stuff i have put on the net


  • Thanks for the tutorial. Your instructions are right on target. The only issue I encountered had to do with the K2 theme that I use. Some settings within K2 want directories that have no spaces in the name. EasyPHP installed itself in C:\program files\EasyPHP 2.0b1 I now have it in C:\EasyPHP and it runs exactly as expected.

  • neji

    i have myT and would be interested to know how to host a website on my pc. Unfortunately it seems ashvindmi’s post describing the steps to be taken is gone (as is the whole blog apparently)

    any idea please? thanks

  • Ashvindmi


    contact me on
    gonna explain to u how to do it as soon as possible

    sorry for the blog, i had to remove the post.

  • ASL

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial yashvin 😀

    Gonna try it.

  • ASL

    thnx very much….mone resi compren li….delete mo blogspot aster 😀