In the car – Asté dipain

The video is also available on Youtube as well as Flickr(above).

The setup is simple : Put a camera on your car’s dashboard. Drive a few kilometers and then play the video at an increased speed of 500% + some music.

Do let me know what you think…

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  • ritzz


  • Cool. May I suggest you use Adobe After Effects to thrown in some special FX? Give it a try – I, for one, would like to see ‘clones’ of yourself in a video. (split screen)

  • P T

    Top net! Anou al aster dipain… lol

    You should try taping your way to work…;)

  • Excellan!

    Mo kwar MBC al mor net aster.

  • Mike

    Nice one, I like these kinds of videos that show local areas. Music rythm goes well with the action.

  • ReenaDKL

    Love the music and he video is cool 🙂 Bravo! Lets’ hope there will be more coming!

  • HiNa

    pu al mor brite akoz n di pain ha, LoL
    nice video..

  • Video la serye nette do 🙂 Ek banne text tone azoute la kouma bizin driving license tou sa la si parrete interessant ek simple. Mo ti deza seye fer ene coumsa kan di pe desane depi Pailles l’heure tantot. Mais mo pa ti bizin ajust speed la parce qui loto ti pe deza roule vite 😛 Enfein, noune resi kone kot to rester dan Triolet lol ek noune faire ene ti le toure virtuel de Triolet avek sa video la 😉

  • Zuzu

    nice video dude
    looking forward for another longer one!

  • Dvil

    tahey! mone gnage peur a sak fois tone kosT kot sa van la:S:S:S ena un peu hump kot toi ein : /

  • Naturellemnt premier prix du Festival dans Cannes. Franchement c’est super. Faut que tu te joignes au groupe Kino ou pas je sais pas. C’est à toi de voir ce qu’ils font.

  • fer moi pense ca clip la

  • euh sanla pluto sorry…

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  • Bhooks

    Ti a kwar NFS tou..

  • guibs

    quite good dear! B to ti bizin atan music la terminer…hahaha

  • taaaeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    To roule mari brite 😛 Bizin saisi to license 😛
    Good job and nice video with 500% increase in speed 😉

  • @Chaya : tahey! mo pas roule brite moi! akoz sa 500% speed la ki li parait brite 😛

  • B sa mem mo p dir (check 3eme la ligne ) 😛

  • pooja

    tro toooop sa

  • ReenaDKL

    en passant to boulangerie kifer loin kumsa???

  • Kouma dir beaucoup d’entre zotte p poze sa meme kestion la.

    Boulangerie plis pres r mo lakaaz li apeu pres 1.2KM depi kot moi. (pour rapel, Triolet MARI longue!)
    Forcement, seki pli pres pas veut dir li pli bon 😛
    Depi l’ouverture sa boulangerie zotte p truver la, mo aster dipain labas meme 90% time, et en plus li meme ena 1 prix special 😛
    Place Rs5.50 1 baguette, li van 1 Rs5.00.
    Mais mo sire, ena pu dir sipa mo voyage tout sa la en plus akoz Rs0.50. Mais non, d’habitude kant mo retourne lakaaz depi travail, li dans lo mo chemin retour.

    Aussi, dans triolet ena 3-4 boulangeries mais sa pas veut dir tout le jours mo voyage tout sa pu al asté. Ofet ena “Marchand dipain” ki vine kitter kot moi.

    “Marchand dipain” c ene zaffaire ki p vine bien rare wi, mais li extra ran service!!!

    Apres tout, si mo ti al boulangerie pli pres la, zotte pas ti pu ressi truver meme grand video 😛
    Mo esperer mone repond imper dimounes ki ti parait imper confus 🙂

    merci zotte tous!

  • ReenaDKL

    Lol! message reçu 5/5!

    wai marchand dipain p diparaitre…bzin protez zot pareil kuma bane pink pigens etc…sinon zot pu extinct kuma dodo 🙁

  • Your video is not bad at all. You should start working on a Youtube channel! 😉

    For your next video, I’ll recommend you to use Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects. Its a good combination for both newbies and intermediate users. But the most important is the content and the editing itself.

    For my very first video (

    ) , I used Cyberlink PowerDirector though Some make really make amazing vids using Windows Movie Maker.

  • deepa

    Vroomm vroommm 😀

  • ena 1peu hump dan to lendroit la :s

    nice video selma 🙂

  • nice video. Thanxs for sharing. By the way nice blog

  • Roubesh

    whats the music title?:p

  • @Roubesh : “Call me baby (If you don’t know my name)” of David Tavare


  • ASL

    I will try this and post it soon.

    Of course i wont be driving because i dont have a license yet.

  • ASL

    Between I watched your video and its pretty cool. Keep it up 😉

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