Hurraayyyy! 200th post!


I reached it! and over 2750 comments…
Since more than 1 week, i have been testing, updating my wordpress, customizing a theme, everything on my local machine at home.

Now, that the 200th post is reached, i have uploaded everything to my domain 😀

WordPress 2.5 is Great! Simply great!

Except its admin panel, but that can be modified using themes…

Moving to the new theme….

Just a little flashback at the previous design:

Enhancing your blog experience!

Use the icons at the top to

  • Subscribe to my mailling list, get updated news/posts in your mailbox
  • Subscribe to my feeds and even comments
  • Add my blog to your technorati favorites
  • Visit my profile on facebook and hi5
  • A quick button to add my blog to your google
    The easiest way to get the latest posts on your google page

Looking forward for more and more posts without forgetting your loads of comments 😀

Thanks a lot for your support!

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  • Woohoo!

    Congrats! 200th post!
    (I’ve got 238! LOL) 😛

    I like the new theme, the icons & that CommentLuv plugin! 🙂

    But where are the emos??? :S

  • sjdvda

    FELICITATIONS, new design la mari topp!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Congratulations!


    Eddy Youngs last blog post..The truth hurts

  • [re=21414]carrotmadman6[/re]: The emos…they are on the way 😀

    [re=21415]sjdvda[/re]: Thnks!

    [re=21417]Eddy Young[/re]: lol, u r the first one to test the plugin comment luv, congrats to u too 😀

  • Wow…200 post when will i reach this lol. Congrats. Me am still at 22 post on island crisis…started on april 2008. Hope i reach atleast 100 before my blog turns 1 year 😛 keep it up. and d new design pretty cool…btw yashvin if u dnt mind can i know where u host yr blog…?

    coz it load quite very rapidly and uptime very good. I be writting a small review abt top blog hosting soon on my blog

    Avishs last blog post..MyT – Orange – Scams in Mauritius!!!

  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    congratz Yash..
    😈 u owe me several parties now 😈


    Kan mo pu ariv la bas moi!? lol!

    Keep it up..

  • Adel

    congrats mate
    keep up with the good work

  • Congratsss u shuld be givin a party 😉

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  • V,

    heyyy congrats!! mwa mo pencore mem ariv 20 posts 🙄

    love the new theme btw, it’s very sleeeek 😎