Please note down my new age : 31

happy birthday

How many times have you seen someone being photographed with a birthday cake along with two candles showing the number 31? Well, I wasn’t photographed neither but I did photoshop the picture of Dhanvin’s cake for the sake of this post.

Coming to my daily ageing project, I’m glad ( and proud) that I have now over 1000 selfies, shot practically everyday during the past 3 years. The daily “selfie shooting” moment has become part of my life now and everyone at home got used to this scene every morning. As usual, I uploaded the complete video to Youtube :

I grab this opportunity to thank

  • Facebook for reminding my friends about my (real) birthday.
    Read about the birthday prank here.
  • Colleagues, friends and family members
  • Last but not the least : J. Kalachand
    This company doesn’t miss any of my birthdays since they phone me every year to wish me! Friends or family members can forget you, but not Kalachand! This said, I don’t even remember what I purchased from them!

Happy birthday to the most extraordinary person I know !

Take care everyone!



Author: Yashvin

Ex SJC and UOM student, I earn my life as a senior developer. Though I love taking pictures and writing for my blog, I'm dedicating more time to family nowadays. Very few posts as compared to some time back. I love sharing personal things from my life but I also actively write about events, activities and anything hot news on my Facebook profile, this blog's fan page and my twitter account too.