Guess where? (Feb 2012)

Good morning folks!

I must say that it was difficult to look for unique Mauritian landscapes to include in this month’s “Guess Where” challenge. Few people submitted some pictures and I finally made up my mind to go forward with the 2 pictures which follow below :

Picture 1

Picture 2

The rules of the game

As usual, the few simple things to follow in this game :

  • Do not post answers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+
  • Answers whether good or wrong WILL NOT be published and will be viewable only when results will be proclaimed.
  • If you have any other comments/questions, do post them in a separate comment (without any answers).

Results and name of winners will be published on Saturday 25th February 2012.

Good luck to everyone!


Answers (26th Feb 2012)

Sorry for the late update. I got so busy yesterday that I was unable to post the answers. The answers are :

  • Picture 1 : Highlands Sugar Estate (sugar factory)
  • Picture 2 : Pineapples field in Les Mariannes (Near Montagne Longue/Creve Coeur) – Thanks to Shaan Cheekhooree for the shot.

Correct answers were given by :

  • Picture 1 :
    Yowan Rdotexe, Muzzammil
  • Picture 2 :
    Neha,  Prisoo, Ashee, Preetesh Prayag
    (Congomah/camp la boue have been accepted as answer)

Congrats to these few people!

As you noticed, only few answers this month and no winners for both pictures. Better luck next time, hopefully I will have interesting Mauritian landscapes to show you.

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  • Preetesh Prayag

     1er dunno…

    2eme congoma!!

  • Ashee

    2nd Pic is at Congomah / Camp La Boue