Guess where? (June 2011)

Hi everyone!

Have you really been in each and every corner of your island? Well, this game can be of great help to prove this point. Months ago, I posted the first pictures in this category, you might still remember

  1. The Eiffel tower in Mauritius
  2. The “Beware” sign or
  3. The beautiful beach

I am glad to say that I have decided to post a new series of pictures for this game! Youupiiiiii!

However, this time, I will be including several pics, taken in different regions of the island. Up to you to guess where and write the answer in the comments section.

Are you ready?

Picture 1 :

Picture 2 :

Note :

  • I will give the answers on Wednesday (15th June 2011) , together with the name of the winners.
  • Comments that include any answers (right or wrong) will be approved (and viewable) only on Wednesday. If you have any other related comments, please post them separately.
  • Please, please and PLEASE, do NOT post any answers on Facebook/Twitter.

What do winners get as prize? Nothing yet, just a round of applause from all the readers and myself.

Show us that you have been to all places in Mauritius. Good luck!

Answers :

Update – 15 June 2011


The awaited day is finally here.

First Picture

So, the first picture was taken at Dauget, Port Louis. Yeah! In Port Louis!
Dauget is a health track(“parcours de santé”) of several kms and you can even get to the top of Le Pouce mountain if you follow the track.

You can click on the picture below to have a closer look at the plan.

The google map link :

Second Picture

This one is gonna a bit tough to explain. As replied in the answers, it is found at the junction of A2 and B21 roads. The shot was taken besides the bridge which is situated just at the junction. This region is known as Rosalie, lying between Depinay and the road leading towards Ville Bague/La Nicoliere/Mare D’australia.

The google map should help you to find the location :

So, let’s see who got both answers correct (in order of submission) :

  1. Devesh Ramchurn (Got both correct answers at second trial)
  2. Akash Gura Goredo
  3. Warez12

Only 1 correct answer :

  • Prisheela Ramtohul (Pic 2)
  • CarrotMadMan6 (Pic 2)
  • Vrijnesh (Pic 2)
  • Devesh Ramchurn (Pic 1) – On first trial
  • Richa24 (Pic 2)
  • Mukhtarb2 (Pic2)
  • TL (Pic 1)
  • yurit0s (Pic 1 – Gave too many suggestions lol)
  • siddhi (Pic2)

I officially declare the great winners as Devesh Ramchurn, Akash and Warez12.

As promised, BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE to the three of them and also to all the participants of this forth edition of the “Guess where” game 🙂
Keep tuned for the next game and in some weeks, I will probably ask you to submit pictures that can be used in our next edition.

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  • Prisheela Ramtohul

    Picture 2 is at ville bague, the bridge with one main road to Petit Julie

  • Wassimr

    @ Bras D’eau

  • Prisheela Ramtohul

    Picture 1 guess its at vacoas, road leading to meteo…:-(

  • pu gagne gift if rightly guessed?

  • 1st one – don’t know. Looks like the entrance of some hotel or park.

    2nd one – Grande Rosalie?

  • Yes, a round of applause (as gift) 😛

  • Vrijnesh

    1st one i dont know.. the 2nd photo is Pont Rosalie.

  • Yashvina

    huh.. must be some ‘…el…. ” with the name…… 😀
    am not sure.. i think i hv been there.. mais r these 2 pics the same place??? 

  • 2 different places.
    Thanks for showing your interest in the game!

  • First picture dauguet and second don’t know

  • Richa24

    Pic 1: path leading to Montagne Signaux in Port Louis

    Pic 2: its at Rosalie on the way to Villebague 

  • Dakshinee

    2nd pic…spiritual park :D?

  • Papijoon

    the little pool if my old mind dont fail  is in the garden at Reduit after you pass by the entrance of the President’s going to port louis there is a lttlegreenly and nice  garden 

  • No idea o.O

  • GodLike

    parti gorge sa mais pa p tro rapel

  • Deepa

    1er la kot to abitier al fer jogging 😀

  • first picture: dauguet and second picture : a place at Mare Australia

  • Varuna

    elo Yashvin, i guess the Picture 1 is a place found in port louis and its like a Park de Sante, on the foot of Mountain Signaux…i hope im not mistaken….Hear u soon.

  • The first pic pas près cote Arsenal sa? quand to alle dans sa chemin direction rond-point Pamplemousses sa?

  • Picture 1: Le Dauguet
    Picture 2: The little landscaping done to the river bank at the junction of B21 road (samem ki alle Petite ulie-la) and A2 road (samem ki alle La Nicoliere la)

  • Eh, where’s my comment containing the answers…?

    Yesterday evening I said:
    Picture 1 – Le Dauguet
    Picture 2 – Junction of A2 and B21 roads.
    Your photo shows the lanscaping work still in its early stages. I know it being in an abandonned state like this: 

  • Mukhtarb2

    premier la pa kne mais 2eme la cot contour dangerous kan to p vini depi barlow ek to pu ale depinay ek kan to vini depi nicoliere sa labaem ban madras ale fer lapriere

  • TL

    Doguer a tranquebar – enfin pa conner comment ecrire sa
    et vis-a-vis superU RH

  • slayer

    don’t know about the first one but the second one is at the spiritual park at belle rose

  • Anonymous

    bon mo suggest for picture 1:

    ~ Citadel.
    ~ Dauget ca meme parti cot Tranquebar
    ~ Montagne des Signaux
    ~ Bras d’eau

  • Your Boss

    Picture 1: either somewhere at le gorge or pamplemouss. Or I’d say somewhere near a hotel (don’t know which one).

    Picture 2: no freaking idea

  • Your Boss

    No hint, no nothing, you removed the exif data. Even tineye doesn’t know where that is. I’d be surprised if someone know the right answer.

  • LOL. Nice try 😛

  • Outrababes

    Hmmmm…I think it’s Reduit….

  • warez12

    first picture dauguet and second one a place aT mare australia I think.

  • siddhi

    2nd pic : i think it’s on the way from pamplemousses to bon acceuil… hmmmm maybe ville bague

  • Hey Yash,

    Mne fini comment reponse la non? Mo pas p rappel si mne comment… :/

  • yeah, u commented. Answer is being published in a few seconds 😉

  • Good morning everyone!

    I have just published the answers, together with a few pics to help you locate the 2 places (Dauget and Pont Rosalie) more easily.

    Click here for the details :

    The winners are Devesh Ramchurn, Akash and Warez12.

    Many thanks to all those who participated and looking forward to see all of you again for the next edition.Cheersssssssssssss.

  • So, you got the same shot too 😉


  • Congrats!

  • Congrats

  • Merci, merci…
    Yeah, mine dates from 2005.
    Yours is more recent, right?
    So, it’s not a trou-loulou as I expected it to become back then…

  • Yeah. Quite recent ones, a few months back. So, it did not changed a lot
    since 2005. Perhaps it was the final design itself 😛


  • Your Boss

    Damn. Three winners!?
    There sure are some adventurers in MRU

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