Guess Where? (April 2009) – Where is this beach found? is back with a new picture….

Guess where?

Guess where this beach is found?

Click on image to view a larger resolution version.

Dear friends, don’t try to guess where I have been very lately.
This picture was taken years back, and I hope that the beach has remained the same lol!

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Now come on, GUESS where this picture was taken!

btw, be precise in your answers, and even if someone doesn’t give the exact place, I won’t say anything while replying in comments!

For those who missed the first version of this “Guess where?” game, click here to check it out….



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Updated (28/04/09)…

The answer is Le Morne!

3 winners, well nearly 4 😛

They are;

  • Arvi,
  • Kevin,
  • Preena and
  • Reena DKL

Congrats !

Thanks to everyone who particpated!

Keep tuned for the next game!

Probably with some real gifts this time!!!

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  • I have no idea… Ile Aux Cerfs? Touessrok? Le Monde? Nope… 🙂

  • RocketScientist


  • I did not know that my kingdom has such a beautiful beach..Eh found on Jupiter! !xD

  • Nirvana

    this cnt be on the eastern coast.. neither northern one:P cpv le sud lol 😛

  • Sun

    at grand bay.. behind Kapukai

  • Somewhere in the North. Sun could be right.

  • v

    looks a lot like Ile aux cerfs…

  • m_j

    Pointe aux cannonier

  • Triolet hahahaha

  • la preneuse??

  • looks more like ile aux cerfs, am not one who goes to the beach too often 😛

  • Mike

    Looks like = Trou-aux-Biches

  • arvi

    its definitely noy ile-aux-cerfs…..pna pied coco la-bas coume ca…

    its either le mornes or belle-mare….either one or the other……….

    donne reponses vite

  • Beeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp at everyone!

    Ok, I give u a clue…

    Its definitely not in the North of the island, nor the center lol…
    You have till tomorrow morning to get another additional clue…

    Answer will be revealed tomorrow night….and I can say that there is already a winner…only one till now!

    The answer is not necessarily in the comments above

  • Kevin R

    100% sire… le morne sa.

  • Mehnaz

    Belle mare?:)
    wots z prize btw?lol

  • Reena DKL

    La Preneuse
    Le Morne

    Sa meme mo koner… 😛

  • Yashvind Kumar

    I think it is Belle Mare

  • La Pirogue/Sugar Beach?


    The beach is not found on the northern coast, nor on the eastern….

    Few possibilities left….

    Answer n Winners tonight.

  • Preena

    Belle Mare Beach

  • Preena


  • arvi

    Its le mornes

  • La Preneuse

  • Hi Everyone!

    I am back with the answer….

    This picture was taken at LE MORNE!

    You were a few to know the answer, as usual:

    I dont know whether I should consider the ‘answer’ of Reena DKL as right one, since she simply wrote the names of all the beaches she knew 😛

    Thank you for your interest in this game…
    Keep tuned to!


  • btw, Congrats to all of the winners 😛

  • Bob Fossil

    Wa, Le Morne

    moi si winner?

  • ReenaDKL

    Of course you have to count me for it was nowhere said that I could not give more than one answer 😛 lol!

  • arvi

    i think this was cool…….to discover mauritius…

    and le mornes is just one of thoses beautiful places….


  • Its a nice spot for pictures. The sun, sea and nature, what a great mix of beauty

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