Mefiez vous de la grippe A (H1N1)

Virus detected

Evitez tout contacte avec des personnes infectées ou avec des touristes.

C’est la seul façon pour eviter d’etre infecté par le virus H1N1. Les campagnes de prévention et d’information sont plus fréquentes ces jours ci surtout avec une soudaine augmentation du nombre des cas confirmées à Maurice.


Quelques jours de cela, nous étions “clean”, mais hier (Samedi 07/08/09), les autorités Mauriciennes avait récence 16 cas dont 8 touristes réunionnais en vacances dans l’ile. On compte déjà  un premier mort suite aux complications indirectement lies à cette grippe. Il y a une grande probabilité que cette dernière (une vendeuse dans un magasin)  a peut être été en contacte avec quelqu’un transporte ce virus.

Pour rappel, le virus n’est pas mortel.

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  • Mike

    Time to put on our surgical masks. There is not doubt that all the cases have imported the virus from their travels. The Mauritians from their travel in Asia and the others from Reunion and from France. The deceased shopkeeper no doubt caught it from a client/tourist. Flu is not deadly by itself but it can aggrevate the health of a person who already has another illness. Time to take precautions with our contacts, travel and hygiene. I wonder if I should apply for Tamiflu at the pharmacy?
    But… read about Tamiflu on this link, there are side-effects!

  • Avishna

    tu m’etonnes fo eviter de mettre son nez dehors! la vendeuse travaillait a orchard Qbornes…. je me demande si vraiement il y en a 16cas ( dans weekend ils disent 17 cas.

    J’espere que le gouvernement ne ferra pa de gaffe en gerant cette situation comme le hedging.

  • @Mike : Perhaps some professional (or well informed) person can help here, but I think that tamiflu is not recommended unless you are really in risk. You gave the link, thats why I think that having tamiflu without any reasons is not advisable.

    @Avishna : Le hedging c’est quelque chose de vraiement con (a cause de certains), mais je pense que le gouvernement pourrai faire mieux pour prevenir et guerir contre le grippe A.

    Les autorites le disent a chaque fois, it faut donner le bon addresse a l’aeroport.
    Beacoup de blabla, Il suffit juste de faire verifier cet addresse avec tous les donnees!

  • ritzz

    ena bez ladans! dimoune dans Morice ine fini mort ar sa virus la! pa gagne croire sa! avant mo ti pe guett tv et dire moimem, betta pa bizin ale dehor sinon to pou mort ar virus la gripp poule, sipa zoizo, sipa mem kosson!

    dans morice, assterre maladi la ine persser! bizin mett gas mask pou ressi marss lor simein dan Morice depi zordi!

    Lafaya sa! Gagne pa croire, nou ti zil pe gagne sakiliter virus la! Prend compte!

  • Bhooks

    Some hundreds odds case of H1N1 in the world and the whole world want to wear a mask. 200 Millions of HIV infected people in the world and yet no one wants to wear a condom. Strange world indeed.

  • @Bhooks : Voted the quote of the week!

  • Faudrait mettre la reunion en quarantaine et blocker toute les vols de la reunion.. !!

  • @ashfaq

    Officiellement la Grande Bretagne, plus précisement l’Angleterre, a recensé plus de cas de la gripe A que l’ile de la réunion (et d’autres pays d’europe).
    Ce n’est pas possible, ni humain de ségreger des gens non infectés en invocant comme seul raison leur nationalités our leurs provenences. D’ailleurs préparons nous à des represailles très graves de la part de la communauté international si le gouvernment ose insinuer ce genre de méthode préventive.
    Si une quarantaine s’applique pour un pays avec des cas officiels de grippe A, il est juste de penser que d’autres pays pourraient nous réserver le même sort.

    Par contre il faudrait que les touristes se laissent examiner par les officiers de la MOH à l’aéroport sans rochinier. Le vrai filtrage doit se faire au départ et à l’arrivée. Mais j’ai cru comprendre que l’infection au virus passe par une periode d’incubation non détectable.

    Ca s’est inquietant…. Hmmmm…

    @Ashvin: Excellent !!!!!!

  • @ashfaq Je ne pense pas qu’en mettant la Reunion en quarantaine et en arretant les vols de la reunion que l’on empêchera le virus de continuer d’entrer à Maurice.

    Le monde fait face à une pandémie et la seule manière de se protéger est de faire de la prévention. J’attends de voir comment le Ministère de la Santé va faire cela.

    @Bhooks, you are absolutely right, I think that it is due to the fact that the flu is highly mediatised and it is not linked to any taboo.

  • ReenaDKL

    The government is total BS! It’s same like Chikungunya! So many people from Reunion island were infected yet they were allowed to freely roam from there to here. I’ve got nothing against them, just angry that our government is never serious about such matters!

    This flu will spread like fire and mark my words more and more people will be infected. If I am infected I will sue the government for being careless. The only way Mauritians were to get it was through the airport, the docks etc…the government simply had to take things real serious not just assume that what they are doing is fine…

    You know how many people skip normal procedures at the airport just because they have family working there?

    Mauritius is inviting tourists to come only with their ID cards as reference, no passport needed. They only care about getting the money from them…not what they are bringing as luggage! My it be a virus, a bomb, or anything else….

    Pff!!! Am sorry if I sound hysteric but people here just don’t seem to care at all… 🙁

  • @Reena : I agree on the fact that the autorities do not take enough measures at the airport.
    As I wrote above, a simple example is the health form which has to be filled.

    @Ashfaq @Reena : I don’t think that banning tourists from Country X will be a good thing.
    No countries did it, and going in this direction is unthinkable, for the moment.

    The government has been advising Mauritians to avoid traveling to countries with great risks, they can’t prevent you from going there, you will be angry if this was the case, even for the sake of Mauritius.

  • ReenaDKL

    No, I also don’t think banning is the solution, but taking more extreme precautions with them is what I expect from the authorities. More intense follow-up, more tests etc…

    I’d rather do that than have all Mauritians dead…(though the virus dos not kill….) but yet…

  • @Yashvin, LOL, des billets en Français maintenant ?

    @Bhooks, +1 great comment!

    Mon point de vue est que la grippe, quelque soit sa forme ou son origine, finira bien par arriver d’une manière ou d’une autre. Quand j’étais ado et qu’on parlait ouvertement du HIV, tout le monde disait que cela n’allait pas arriver à Maurice. Aujourd’hui on compte les malades comme si on comptait les pestiférés. Ce sera la même chose avec la grippe. La personne qui contracte le virus n’est pas en cause, elle ne peut savoir qu’elle l’a.

    La meilleure solution à tout ce problème serait de suivre les consignes, se laver les mains régulièrement, éternuer dans un mouchoir ou le creux du bras etc.

  • L’OMS est claire, c’est totalement inutile de fermer les frontières ou d’empêcher la libre circulation de personnes.

    Mon dernier post concerne la communication du Ministère sur la grippe A H1N1. J’attends vos commentaires:

  • @all – Great britain is an island .. and do you honestly fink, that if there was some easily transmissible disease that didn’t reach the coast of britain.. it would not have closed its frontiers to protect its inhabitants.. and in that matter of fact .. no1 would have understood such a decision .. !
    Mauritius is an island tooo !! .. thus we should be glad that we don’t have physical connections to the other continents .. thus we are safe.. and the only means of transmission of this deadly virus is by the tourists who come .. thus banning the tourists from mauritius .. and allowing only 1 or 2 flights per week for emergencies would be the right solution .. It is a matter of the safety of the people of mauritius..
    The virus, not so far, in australia is expected to contaminate 40% of the population .. and knowing that it is very deadly .. out of those 40%.. a tenth might die.. the first patient in mauritius .. already died of it .. should we safeguard economy and let tourists in ??
    We are gifted to live on an island ..and those infected .. we should simply not let them in ..
    would anyone of you be of the same idea .. if your mother dies of that virus ?? ask yourself the question and think well.. the next victim .. might be your mother, your father, your sister, your brother .. SIDA .. fallait ou rode la grattelle pou ou gagner .. sanala .. ou alle asT legumes dans bazaar si ou kav gagner sa .. pena aucaine protection .. sida kav mette capote.. sanala pena protection .. pran compte !!

  • @Ashfaq What about Mauritians comming back from holiday or business trip, should our Prime Minister stay in UK? Condoms are not useful for H1N1 but surgical masks and washing hands do.
    And Ashfaq this virus is not very deadly.
    Britain was untouched at the begining, it never closed airports…

  • @ludovic i fink .. our prime minister .. is among emergencies to come back .. and he is only cut from reality in his prime ministerial position .. whatever surgical masks and washing hands.. if someone at a workplace got it.. everyone will.. if that person travels by bus .. the problem increases..
    britain didn’t find it useful to close airports.. because hundred of cases were found there itself at the beginning .. and whole europe is infected !! .. what would have been the use ?
    Else you might know .. 1 malade de virus A H1N1 ine sover depi lopital zordi .. line pousse 1 la police ek line sover !! .. si virus la pa ti mortel kumsa .. kifaire ti mette dimoune la dans 1 l’etat de quarantaine ek dans 1 room aseptiser .. the doctors were even wearing complete overalls .. masks .. head caps.. le gant .. all that to protect themselves.. and if someone is infected and sits near you in the bus .. do you fink you will escape ?? guess not .. !! ..
    The probably of getting killed by the virus is 1 in 1000 ..
    if the virus propagates .. 1000 persons will die in mauritius .. is that acceptable to u ??

  • @Ashfaq none of us are specialists in virology or medicine. The WHO is the world reference and this is what they say: “Scientific research based on mathematical modelling shows that restricting travel would be of limited or no benefit in stopping the spread of disease. Historical records of previous influenza pandemics, as well as experience with SARS, validate this.” (

    No death is acceptable but we have to face reality

  • @ludovic – the WHO and its experts have not yet developped a good antivirus .. and their actions are limited.. our people shld b protected and the most efficient way would be what i mentionned .. however it has inconveniences i accept 🙂

  • ReenaDKL

    Ok…i think both Ashfaq and Ludovic have a point here.

    You see even if the virus is not deadly, it does not stop one from dying if proper treatment is not given, like the woman who died.

    I have been of poor health ever since I was a kid, plus am allergic to most medicines, even Spasfon, which is found in probably most painkillers etc…

    I react negatively to anti-inflammatory pills, to simple pills like Panadol or Eferalgan. I cannot take any of them. Now even if the virus is not deadly, my chances of surviving it is quite poor. So here you have to understand my concern and anger concerning the lack of professionalism. Also if you are pregnant, such viruses can cause serious troubles…

    WHY LET THE VIRUS IN ? when you can simply have better control? When the PM is coming back, I wonder if he will undergo any tests???

    Like I said before, many people skip the routine checks because they have family working at the airport.

    Ours is a small island, we should be able to protect it.

    Concerning the person who ran away from the hospital, this is real serious for imagine the guy had a mortal virus instead…

    Mauritius has a BS government with BS people working the the health sector…I KNOW WHAT AM TALKING ABOUT HERE!

  • @ashfaq Anyway it is too late now since it is obvious that people are being contaminated locally.

  • Mike

    More controversy over Tamiflu, artice on the link below.

    Tamiflu dangerous to children?

  • Mike

    More controversy over Tamiflu,link to article below.

    Tamiflu dangerous for children?

  • ReenaDKL

    Another victim! A 4yrs old girl…

    Now 2 dead on 30 infected…it’s starting to get serious for a non-mortal virus…

    Maybe some1 should really sue the government for lack of professionalism and make it realise that we are fed up of things like Chikungunya, Tamiflu etc…

  • @ReenaDKL : Isn’t this a world wide concern? I don’t think that you can sue the government for that. Else, everyone would be blaming the govt as usual if something bad happens.

  • ReenaDKL

    Yes it is, but see, Mauritius is such a small island and the only ways to let any virus enter here is through the airport or docks…so why not have strict high security there???

    Last night some Dr on the news was saying that only 6 or 12 cases are analyzed per day in Mauritius…coz the machine costs 4.5 millions something and that he sees no need to buy another one.

    I think the authorities here simply don’t care whether anyone from your family dies or not…Same way the Chikungunya spread in Mauritius…

    See, we know that we are getting this from French / Reunion Islanders…why not have more tight checking concerning these specific arrivals. Am not saying ban their entry here, but at least more precautions.

    This is what drives me mad at the government…like I said, mark my words, many more cases are going to be found and more dead too…(unfortunately…)

  • @ReenaDKL could you explain us what are for you Strict High Security???

  • ReenaDKL

    @ Ludovic

    Maybe as a simple mortal I cannot tell you exactly how it should be, but the GOVERNMENT could seek the help of PROS and for example put all people from possible infected flights/countries etc in quarantine…

    What’s it gonna cost? More than a life?

    Maybe I am wrong but am only trying to see how things could be dealt with in different ways…

  • @all – 3rd death today !! .. More latest news- France thinking about closing its frontiers ! .. As i said before the best way would have been to close our frontiers .. i.e air traffic .. my point of view is being justified with the death toll in such a small period.. knowing that viruses profilerate best in summer .. Many more deaths is to be excepted in the days to come..
    Why is the government not yet buying hundreds of thousand of masks and distributing them everywhere and making people to where them like in other countries.. ??
    Simply because might be, it would cost less to let the fragile persons die.. ! .. like old persons.. seen, their pension money won’t be paid then ! ..
    This is a serious virus and no1 paid attention to it .. i already alarmed everyone about it and that closing frontiers would have been the best solution before tourists bring this here.. but noooo.. so, here were are … let’s die together..

  • @ ashfaq Could you please give us your source about France thinking of closing down frontiers??

  • it was on the subtitle of france 24 the day before yesterday.. but didn’t get time to come here to tell everyone !! lolzzz

  • alaila kifaire pa bizen ferme frontieres ..
    “Pourtant, depuis le début de la semaine, nombre de pays ont “déconseillé” les déplacements au Mexique : Japon, Allemagne, Belgique, Grande-Bretagne, Espagne, Autriche, Australie, Hong Kong, Canada, Italie, Pays-Bas, Israël…

    De son côté, l’OMS a averti du peu d’effet qu’aura ce type de mesures en raison des progrès déjà réalisés par le virus. Dès lundi, l’Organisation mondiale de la santé avertissait que plus aucune région du monde n’était à l’abri, puisque “le virus s’était déjà propagé” sur la planète.”

    OMS dire ki gaspillage limite deplacement parceki virus ine fini propage partout .. depi 2 semaines nou p coze sa .. ek pa tiena virus la dans moris .. si bane mesures approprier.. c.a.d ferme frontieres .. ti prend 2 weeks ago .. pa tiena pou trouve sa bane morts la zordi ..
    Irresponsabiliter flagrant des autorites..

  • @ Ashfaq Si ti ferme nous frontiere 2 weeks ago capave azordi dipain ek diri ti pou apé vendé lors ration couma lepok 2eme guerre mondiale et ca ti pou alle en empirant parski pandémie la pas pou fini aster. Pas bliyer ki maurice depanne lors l’importation pou li vive… Et pendant 2eme guerre mondiale ti ena maye ek maniok pou dimoune pas mort de faim…

  • @ludovic – else you might already know it .. the Bank of mauritius each year gives a number .. that of reserves … and the reserves are in weeks on importation .. that figure c pa pou faire zoli ! lolz..
    Au fait .. le pourquoi de cela .. c’est ki en cas de probleme majeure.. pays kapave importe bane necessities..
    Bon.. to p faire amalgame entre ferme airport ek empeche touristes vini ek ferme le port .. ek empeche stuffs to come in ..
    as far as the stuffs needed like food.. it is the STC ki importe sa .. and the food like flour and rice and milk and oil .. are not infected with the virus .. the STC imports those in BULK.. meaning they are unloaded directly via a mechanised system and sent to the bulk store rooms of the STC .. only the sailors come along with the cargaison .. not tourists.. once they unload their stuffs they are gone .. Unlike tourists ..
    The problem is essentially with tourists.. who melt in the population and contaminate everyone ..
    You are considering this epidemia and the closing of airport like 2nd world war ..let me tell you something .. in 2nd world war .. mauritius was not attacked . and the soldiers who died at war.. no1 seen them .. but in some weeks in mauritius .. 1 paranoia pou gagne la populations when the virus starts propagating quickly..
    When you will start have a death each day .. and even more ..
    Ther’s no provision for masks for the whole population in mauritius..
    Wonder about a student catching the virus and going to school.. the student takes the bus .. and plays in the playground at noon .. whole schools will be infected..
    The Government should have closed schools for 1 month .. and see how the epidemia goes on .. instead of letting fragile persons die..
    To be honest.. it is not something nice to say.. but i would really like it that a member of parliament dies with that virus and then we shall see what they do.. it is said in mauritius .. as long as you are not into a problem, you do not pay attention to others who suffer of it.. Let’s wait and see mauritians die..

  • @ Ashfaq, closing of frontiers here would be useless anyway now, the mauritians are contaminated.
    Closing of schools could be helpful in certain situations.

    Masks can help but can be dangerous if not well used. From what I’ve read, the effective mask is the N95 model which is also known as respirator but which I guess is expensive.

    We have to stop thinking that MPs are people borned to save the nation, I think they do what they can, and take decisions that have to be taken. I think each of us should help too, see my post on that:

  • @ludovic .. this is what i said .. i said 2 weeks ago.. that frontiers should be closed.. you disagreed with me.. !! had it been done 2 weeks ago .. would we have had 4 deaths today ? The answer is nooo !!!
    The simple mask should be enough .. provided the persons buys 4-5 and each one each 2-3 hours and then change to another one .. then at home .. can wash them .. and re-use..

    They Do what they can ludovic ?? What have they done ?? NOTHING !! .. We do not think that MPs are borned to save the nation.. but it is not me , u or someone else who have the power to take the nation actions.. i.e. close frontiers, buy masks, buy tamiflu.. it is the government and MPs.. the minister has not been heard till now.. cotte line alle cachiette ??? We help in doing wat ??
    Detection of the virus is done with an equipment .. docteur la meme dire pa bizen more equipments !! saeme assez !! .. equpiment la kapave check 12 persons a day !!.. extraordinaire sa amateurisme ek lequel sa gouvernment la .. ek sa bane officiers la santer la p deal ek 1 virus virulente pareille !! ..

  • micjo

    It’s normal that all the population will be on the alert.
    I’ve just came back from Singapore and it is good to know that people live normally there.Of course,there is hygienic precaution taken.ex:
    sanitising gel everywhere in supermarkets where the trolleys and baskets are placed.In places where you tourists go,you can find gel and people can use it freely.
    A lot of information is given on newspapaers etc.Hot line no to call etc.
    I was afraid to go to Singapore when I read on the MOH website of Singapore the number of persons in I C U and death is related to any complication which the person has already.
    So ,the rule number 1 is wash your hands as often as possible
    Avoid public places and avoid eating out,especially on the road.
    Be careful when you buy bread.
    too many people handle them
    Government should start by these important simple measures,but yet will certainly help us

  • Nawaz

    Our government is sacrificing us for the economy. Same thing happened during the heavy rains in March: a student was killed. If schools had been shut, she would not have died.
    We are expendables. They consider its OK if a few of us die so long that the economy does not go down, the country does not panic AND they get re-elected.
    Our Tamiflu already expired. How come we don’t have new stock? We have only one machine for tests – only 12 tests per day! Why is that? So long that their mismanagement causes us to pay more for fuel (hedging), milk etc. that was OK. But now its our lives that are at stake.

  • ReenaDKL


    Very right! we are only a few voters who are nor much worthy compared to them…where is the f#$%^g PM by d way???

    Anyway, already 5 DEAD! 6th maybe to be confirmed… and it’s NOT a deadly virus!!!

    LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

    I wish I could blow a few useless heads at the USELESS BS government!

    Am I the only one angry!!!???

  • Nawaz

    We are the worst hit country in AFRICA!!! Why doesn’t the MBC tell this?

    They tell you to avoid crowds. But if you are taking the bus like me, how the hell you avoid the crowd?!

    Don’t gamble with our lives!

  • Why our government is not telling us how many cases r there in Mauritius and why he’s letting us know the truth about how many people is dyeing everyday..

    Why is school still open…
    why isn’t the children protected with a mask, i think the government must protect these innoncente children!!!!!!!

    Why there’s no doctor’s control at the airport????

    I myself who worked with people, i’m really afraid…
    Why we are not wearing mask???

    I think it’s for you people to do something..
    don’t send ur children at school for some days..nor any tuition..

    don’t bring your child in crowded places..
    And you Please stop going at restaurants, discotheques, soiree or whatever..

    Thks from LEENAH SEESAHA

  • manglesh

    la gripe A est tres dangereux. On doit se proteger avec des mases et laver la main apres avoir doucher quelqun qui avait la gripe. merci

  • Vens

    Decision must be taken to close school until we start to get the solution. I think the ministry of education is waiting for a student’s death to take the decision, like when a little girl died at Mongou…. About 38% of students are not going to school!!!!!!! Is this a small amount for them??? Reunion closed all school establishment!,no one died there! Here there are more than 5 people which looses there life and about more than 30 cases….
    I think that more than 50% take bus daily, if someone which is contaminated passed there and if he/she is present in the bus, the whole bus can get affected! When school are released, almost every bus are crowded!
    ouai ouai, continue normalement et ”cede pas a la panik”

  • amrish

    Mr P.M habitier pren reference par rapport a ban pays kuma Americ, Angleterre, France etc…b ki fair ban someurs pa gagne 1 ti pension kuma ban pays la zot penser ban le pep..

  • ReenaDKL

    @ Amrish

    Pareil kan prix petrol ti baisser, kifer nu pa ine suive lot pays? Parski zot ti fané!

    Dir li ferme imper so grand vilain la bouche la (pu pa dir lagguele)…

    Am gonna have a depression if the PM keeps acting like a total jerk and some Mauritians still are so fond of him! Grrr!!!

  • Pritvy

    Les etablisment scolaires doit etre fermer de la caude de cette virus parce-qu’il est danger specialement pour les enfant entre 1-25 ans.

  • @ReenaDKL – “Pareil kan prix petrol ti baisser, kifer nu pa ine suive lot pays? Parski zot ti fané!”

    You are misleading Reena !! .. Wondering what you are really talking about ?
    Prix petrol ti monter extra boucou parski tiena sur-speculation de banne traders de wall street .. c bane grave fautes ki fine commette ek osi .. li tou a fait normal ki prix petrol ine retrouve 1 prix normal zordi ..
    Par contre li anormal .. ki STC fine signe 1 contrat pou 1 osi longue letemps ek Mahanagar Refineries.. ek alors ki prix petrol $70 pou 1 baril .. nou encore p paye li $120 .. sa c 1 scandal ki gouvernment p touffer p garder.. ek lepep p pay lepokaC ..
    Bane lezotte pays depi 1 an .. p gagne petrol moins cher ki nous .. ek nous nous ena bane administration tellman kuyon .. enfin pa pou dire pliss ki sa ..
    Bane cas kumsa dans l’amerique .. amene zotte en justice sa .. 50-60 ans prison !!!


    I think the state has been ytoo negligent and there has been too much of “laissez aller” on the part of the state.Should there have been more precautions taken at the airport no such things would be happening today..
    Advice being given not to venture out in crowded places as if people would be heeding to this and staying at home..
    There is logic behind many days would be anyone not venturing out of home..if the epidemy last for 3- 4 months..i guess the person would be staying at home for that much time!!no logic at all!!
    Well the methods of prevention the government is proposing is not convincig at all nor preventing the epidemy from manifesting itself..

  • freD

    can y0u please tell me for how many days will schools be closed as am not in mauritius.. 😛

  • @fred : School resumes on 31 Aug.

    btw, pas faire zeste, your IP address has betrayed you!

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  • Mayuri Bunwaree

    What am saying is that, closing schools is not THE solution as most people think, it might help containing the virus, but according to the CDC and the WHO and most countries of the world this is extremely doubtful. Here we are not talking about 1 or 2 schools, not even schools in a particular area, but ALL the schools in the country which defers a lot from what Mumbai and France are doing.

    One more thing, in France, the school year is starting NOW while we are in the final term, and important exams are waiting the students, do you seriously think that closing schools was such an easy matter?

    Besides, it’s important to realize that the virus is more dangerous elsewhere and contracted Definitely much more outside schools, i.e. Casinos, Discos, Races, FOODCOURTS, PRIVATE LESSONS. Do you actually realize this, these places should also be closed to have an effective containment of the virus!

    Let me ask you, schools resume on 31st of August, what will happen if the virus is still going on a peak, and spreading, if you had to take a decision, would you again close the schools? Keeping in mind that there are exams of an extreme IMPORTANCE coming up in a couple of months, would that be wise?

    Now parents have to realize the burden shifting on their shoulders by having their children at Home.
    Let me explain: Directives given to school regarding the isolation rooms and detection of influenza-like symptoms with students was a good way in helping parents. In fact, 99% of the students who were sent back home after being placed in the isolation room (for coughing, running nose, fever, etc.) were detected early morning and for most of them before 10 a.m. In a medical view, that means that they caught an influenza virus (type A, B or C) 2 days, or on the eve of presenting the symptoms (depending on the type of influenza contracted) that actually means that the parents failed to recognize that their children might have actually contracted a virus. Does not that ring a bell? At school the prevention was indeed more effective, and what people might not know, is that in primary and secondary schools, there were no real propagation of the virus. YES, the children who passed away were not going to school at the time they got infected.

    Well, that is a long story, what I just want to say, is that there are 2 sides to the story! It is a must that you don’t believe only in what u hear, unfortunately the media in Mauritius are so biased that you can’t trust them to pass on good information! this is just OUTRAGEOUS!

    thank god, we have yashvin’s blog to help us out there! 🙂

    Learn for life, not for school.. that’s what education is all about..

  • @Mayuri :

    Wow, that’s a long comment!
    You have written exactly what’s in my mind.

    The majority of people who have been shouting so that the educational institutions are closed down should be happy by now. They (or their kids) will be free to go to their private tuition.

    I fail to understand why some can’t put some basic things into their head, like daily health care precautions. In office, I made it clear “No Handshaking!”
    At first, some would say “Ki eter sa!” and a few days later, no one dared to shake hands! Some of them did realize that I was not stupid from the first day.

    There is so much awareness campaigns in the media, but yet some people say “Non, mo pas koner ki eter sa. Gouvernement pas p dir narien.”
    Surprisingly, the latters are the same persons who keep tuned to the radio/tv all day long, “pu ekoute palab!”

    Now about the disclosure of the exact number of people affected by this virus.
    Will the numbers bring us to some solution? Will those infected be miraculously be saved? So, how can some people still fighting so that the numbers are revealed?
    I am sure, some countries are not revealing these numbers just to prevent any panic among the population.

    Loads of people are asking that masks should be worn everywhere, but let me tell you, I wore one today in office, it was not comfortable at all!

    I find the government wise enough to judge what is good and bad. Some of you know that I am not always talking in the favor of the govt, but the truth remains the truth.

    I might have gone out of the subject a bit (abt schools, etc) but

    “People, You cannot keep criticizing! Instead, show what YOU can do!”

  • Mayuri Bunwaree

    hell yeah! there so much to say about this thing..
    and btw, it was not too much about your article but mosly the title that was misleading..

    mauriciens fort dans fer palabres!! lol

    but they dont even REALISE that my dad is a DOCTOR first and above all, and there are many other doctors in the government, they do understand the implications of the infections.. lol lol lol.. but people just think they are puppets taking wring decisions! arrghhhhhhhh @@@@@

    the funnier thing is that those 10 days holidays are in fact 5 so this was the better way to lose a minimum of school days..

    oh and for the mask, not only it is uncomfortable, but did you know that when someone is infected and wears the mask, the accumulation of infected particles is so high that if at any point in time, the mask is removed recklessly in a crowded place, or at promximity of people, the risk of contracting the virus is MUCH MUCH HIGHER than not wearing one!

    so people WASHING HANDS and USING DISPOSABLE TISSUES remains the more EFFECTIVE way to be safe!

    lol lol lol..

  • @Mayuri : I always try to use a title which will make the post more interesting.

    Update 21/08/09

    btw, I was going to write a post, but finally, I will do it as a comment here itself.

    • While coming to office, I saw so much students on their way to private tuitions, pfff!
    • The teachers union is shouting because their opinion was not asked about the fact that teachers should go to work and prepare notes.
      wow, people are never satisfied! A few days ago, they were asking for the closure of schools, and now, just turn on your radio to hear their complaints!

    I simply can’t understand why (some) teachers behave like kids!

    They should bear in mind that they are government workers! They only want holidays when students are at home and they want to start and end work just like students!

    No matter what the government will do, they will continue to protest!

    I listened to ur dad this morning in Radio Plus and I liked the part where
    ” Line tor ene auditeur kine telephoner pu dir ki li pena contacte r so zenfant so lekol, b ki li bisin faire pu gagne devoir”

    lol! that part was funny!

    More updates later 😉

  • @mayuri – what’s the big deal about your dad being a doctor ? On the subject incinerateur, we have seen and heard a lot of doctors talking different points and each contradicting each other..

    Schools should have been closed since last week which would have mitigated the propagation of the virus.. The WHO and whatever organisation.. are no doubt talking about countries which are already infected with the virus.. when no1 was still infected.. why was there NO thermal scanning at airport.. why was the school resumption not delayed 1 week ?
    Being a doctor means being able to cure people with science not being the best person to take the right decision at the right time.
    This has been a pure One Man Show of the PM .. making his minsters taking the unpopular decisions and with himself coming at the end of the day to take the decision all the population wanted and thus take some more points of popularity.
    Shall i also say it, France and india are very big countries with one 60millions population and india 1 billion … whereas mauritius 1.2million !! .. in big population it is undoubtedly difficult to contain virus.. but for small populations, it is the easiest. And still like i have said last year during the flash rains..and inondation and today i will say it again, Ther’s no Crisis Management Commitee in mauritius.. and that’s the big problem.
    Furthermore coming to your points concerning private tuitions.. Private lessons is at most 2 hours.. compared to a whole day school of 6 hours !! .. the risk of propagation of virus is a third..
    Also.. children are the vulnerable and they do not go to casinos as you are wrongly saying !! ..
    Masks should have been distributed to the whole population .. and made compulsory to wear in places where there’s crowds..

    Sorry for your long posts miss mayuri, i have completed destroyed all your points 😉 cheerz.

  • @Ashfaq :
    “Sorry for your long posts miss mayuri, i have completed destroyed all your points 😉 cheerz.”

    I do not share your point of view though.

    A risk remains a risk, no matter what!
    We cannot say lets allow tuition koz its only 1/3 of the risk!

  • @mayuri – “2 days, or on the eve of presenting the symptoms (depending on the type of influenza contracted) that actually means that the parents failed to recognize that their children might have actually contracted a virus. Does not that ring a bell?”

    What are you talking about ??
    How can a parent fail to recognize that their children might actually contracted the virus if their is NO SYMPTOMS !!!
    As you said 2 days when the child gets the virus .. no symptoms.. the virus will germinate in the child’s body before symptoms can be seen .. then on the morning when the child goes out to school .. and makes some effort going to school and all, that’s when the virus becomes active when the body makes efforts and the immune system pulls off the guard..

    To be honest, just writing comments to defend the government which has delayed to take a prime decision is really boring. Furthermore, you are taking everyone for stupids with your points which do not hold any logic. And you expect us to grab this !!
    All what politicians are doing are politics. When they are at the govt house, it is politics. They are not doing medicine to keep their minsterial chair. And the mauritians are not as that stupid as u mite think to swallow that. I might furthermore understand that some people from the Media have committed some fault, shall there have been one. But all the Media couldn’t have wrongly interpreted informations.

  • @yashvin – i did not say that lessons should be kept .
    i just mentioned that the risk is lower. In that case, The UoM should have been closed first, with atleast 5000 students daily there, it is around 8-9 colleges together !! ..
    All of the students of different parts of mauritius converging to one point (to get infected) and then going back to all the different parts of mauritius(to propagate the virus).

  • ReenaDKL


    The hedging thing was only an example stating that the PM takes example on other countries only when it suits his personal desire…

  • @ReenaDkl 🙂 yeaa ur right 🙂

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