Gays/Lesbians, should we accept them?


I am posting this article on the request made by a reader a few days ago, who was completely against gays and lesbians.

[Added text :] Strictly from my point of view :

In most cases, these mentioned persons probably had a bad childhood or bad experience in his/her life. Sometimes, these people feel attracted by their own sex since they have grown up in an environment where he/she lived close together without getting an opportunity to discover people from the other sex.

I won’t be too long, but IMHO, everyone should be allowed to live their life, as long as they don’t disturb you.

Of course, the society may find it unacceptable but have they harmed you? They simply want to lead a peaceful life, that’s all.

The look of the society fears them, making them live in a different world. Judging people only because you don’t like things the way they are can be the wrong way to see things. We should consider the childhood, family life and how does that person live.

But (there is always a but :P) as someone said to me, this may have some implications. Some of these couples usually want to adopt a child, and this can be some sort of harassment for the grown up child.

I guess that they would like to have their own little world far away from the reality, but we are not there yet.

Live and let live!

Should our society accept them?

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  • Gays..I don’t know as long as they don’t disturb me..
    But lesbians..For sure..Since they are the most gorgeous and sexiest girls..:p…

    *mo pe attand tend zourer la*

  • I don’t care about how one is. Society is screwed up already as it is, and “worrying” about gay agendas is silly.

    The real threats to society are hard core feminists (women are turning into men without penises,) vegetarians (they want to impose their choice of food onto all of us,) and silly members of parliament who don’t know what Net Neutrality is.

    Back to the topic statement – “Should we accept them?” – They already contribute to the same society you are part of. They are already “accepted.” There will always be some “meat heads” who are not tolerant to others.

    Homosexuals should be allowed to marry and to adopt children, IMO. The common point in any argument raised when it comes to homosexual marriage is religion. Well, if you are a religious heterosexual and have been raised as a good religious man/woman, you would never be influenced by homosexuality, would you? So, there is no need to fear of the so called “homosexual influence.” The latter is BS.

    When it comes to adoption – ask yourself “are kids better without parents or with a gay couple?” If a couple is willing to give kids a good home, who are you to be against it? Again, the sexual orientation of the parents will not influence the kid since homosexuality is genetic (as stated in many papers – one of them being the famous “Sexually Antagonistic Selection in Human Male Homosexuality” – Google the terms.”)

    Once again – gays and lesbians are already “accepted.” The true threats are vegetarians, hard core feminists, and idiot MPs.

  • yashna

    I really don’t agree with you, if you think that it’s because of a bad childhood or lack of exposure to opposite sex that people become gay. I believe that it’s simply how they are, homosexuality also exists in the animal world, it’s not a disease or a condition, it’s just that they’r not heterosexuals, they didn’t choose to be gay, they just are.

    Also, I don’t think anyone has the right to judge another person’s life. If two people love each other and want to have a life together, then who, on earth, am I to be able to say something about them?

    However, when a child enters the equation, I agree that it might be problematic for him due to harassment and the way society will treat him, but that’s really the only reason I have to object.

  • Mike

    Here you go into the realms of the controversial. Blogging this topic in Mauritius must be like walking on eggs, you end up having to make an omelette! LGTB are already a part of the local scene although probably very discreet since it is not yet accepted in this society. I believe you need to separate your way of thinking on the subject to get away from discrimination or pure hate. You can still respect the human being while not agreeing with the particular lifestyle. The why and how of this are complex and probably not just psychological. For me the problems will arise when the political scene will try to force legislation that the majority of the population, for various reasons, cannot accept. Trying to make comparisons with what is in place in other countries is nonsense because Mauritius has its own specificities. Some societies, like in the EU, have made legislation to protect LGTB people from discrimination but at the same time have forced on the rest of the population laws that no longer promote the natural view that marriage is between a man and a woman. The LGTB also lobbies for adoption of children between same sex couples. These decisions have an impact at human level and can destroy the very fabric of a society. You make your choice but discrimination, hate or violence against the gay/lesbian is not the answer, they are humans.

  • ReenaDKL

    Logically, men and women are meant to be together to procreate….so if everyone turns out to be gay or lesbians, well there might be a problem somewhere…

    HOWEVER!!! Am not against homosexuals for each and everyone is free to decide how he or she wants to live his or her life. It’s just how they are..we can’t force them to change and lead unhappy lives trying to act hetero.

    Some gay couples make better parents than hetero ones by the way…

    Anyway, as long as we don’t hurt each other it’s fine with me…

    @ Fadil: What is this thing about veggies forcing their choice on everyone? lol!

    @ Tushal: Pas pu zour toi mais…lol! you are actually so right! Most gays are so handsome…there’s this thing we usually say…the great guys are either married or gay!

  • world peace :)

    “Some of these couples usually want to adopt a child, and this can be some sort of harassment for the grown up child.”

    Well, to be realistic here, most of the worlds children live in poverty and don’t have enough to eat, and will have pretty miserable life even as grown ups, if they even make that far.

    If someone seriously thinks that the worst thing that can happen to a child is to have two loving parents (of same sex), he/she should really stop and think about life a bit more carefully…

    This matter doesn’t differ anyhow from the case of religious nuts discriminating against non-religious people, it’s all about attitude against other people based on beliefs/personal opinions and nothing else.

  • The title of this post itself gets me……. hmmmm almost irritated I would say.. lol

    Firstly, I do not find a “should we accept” appropriate since there are and there have always been homosexuals, bisexuals and heterosexuals. At a time in the ancient Greece, being bisexual was actually a norm. Asking “should we accept” does not mean a thing to me as it would be “should we accept that Mauritius is surrounded by sea?”
    Then, the “them” is what actually gets me irritated. Why categorising as a “they”? And what is your readers are homosexual or bisexual? This post is not addressed to “them”?

    Of course, sexual orientation has nothing with ‘bad childhood’ or whatever as the above comments have already stated it. We are born neither heterosexual nor homosexual. The sexual orientation becomes kinda definite after puberty. There is a belief that we all are psychically bisexual at different levels/degrees. This interpretation of sexual orientation was first mentioned by Freud.

    So, it’s not so much a question of respecting a choice, for it never was a choice….. but respecting a ‘characteristic’ – if I can use this word – just like the race.

    And I find your argument against gay couples’ adoption a bit weak. I mean you are harassed if you are black, if you are fat, if you are a geek (lol), if you come from a particular social background, if you have a certain accent, if you are gay….. saying that the kids would be harassed is definitely weak.

    And bear in mind that Love knows NO Gender….. one should have the right to demonstrate her/his love towards anyone as long as (as u said it) she/he is not directly harming you. One should also have the right to love and ‘rear’ a child …..despite being black, muslim, gay …

  • I am starting to like this discussion since not all of us agree on the way I think 🙂

    Thanks for participating.

  • watever against religion nowadays is trendy i think :s

  • How many of us enjoyed the movie Bruno? Most of us, right? Bruno FTW!

  • Ene point de vue purement et simplement fasciste. ene argumentationd d’extrême droite. Et ene tentative à peine voilé lor ene poste provocant pou génère trafic. Verdict: pathetic.


    Bruno, your whole comment has been removed because I believe that this post has nothing to do with any political party. Thanks for sticking to the core subject.

  • Ainsi you did not have the guts to publish the comment. As 1132nd said: your blog post is pathetic.

  • Religiously, I should be against it, but on a personal basis, I have no problem with someone being a homosexual. I think there’s a cliché here that all gay people are ‘evil’. Many believe they should be kept separate from the society for whatever reason. I think this prejudice should stop because every human is equal. I found most gay people I met to be polite, peace-loving people. If they don’t try to flirt with me (lol), I see no reason to ignore them. 🙂

    Well said! 😉

  • There’s one thing disturbing me in your title and discourse. Could you please explain who is/are the “WE” you are referring to ? I’m only asking to know what are the sides to be taken.

  • @Web Design : We = Referring to Mauritians

    @Bruno, @1132nd : Thanks for sharing your words with us.

  • @Yashvin, so you are openly putting all Mauritians in the same basket who have the right to have positive/negative discrimination based on sexual preferences. This might be why everything is flaring around 😀 .

  • I invite you to watch part 1-6 | YOUTUBE DOT COM SLASH view_play_list?p=252E4148C7C388DD

    Note: The videos do not express my views but they sure depict the issues faced by homosexual “Muslims” (you can’t call yourself a muslim if you’re homosexual – hence, quotes.)

    The videos cover the “acceptance” issue mentioned in the topic statement.

  • I find this post deeply patronising. I am sure your intentions are good, but the way you say ‘we’ and ‘them’ is very disturbing in the sense that you are implying that ‘they’ are ‘aliens’ over whom we have some sort of authority. ‘We’ have to decide whether to accept them or cast them away. It is this apparent division into ‘we, the society’ and ‘them’ which has been the core of homophobia in the last decades.

    I guess you just wanted to write about LGBT rights in Mauritius and what people in general thought of them, but you ended up with a very patronising article. Sometimes a question sort of carries an answer within it…

    And it doesn’t seem like you know many gay people. I have a few gay friends and you would never think they were gay. Maybe until you hear their camp voice, but that’s just them. They weren’t molested in childhood, they didnt grow up amongst ladies exclusively, they weren’t fashioned by a hostile environment into being gay, because that implies being gay is some sort of psychological damage inflicted by external factors. It’s not!! My friends have done the same things that I have done in life, the only difference being that during the turbulent years of puberty and adolescence, they found out that they love guys while I found out I love boobs! Once people start thinking of homosexuality as being purely a facet of someone’s personality rather than an oddity, the world will be finally rid of homophobia.

  • @Yashi : You might be right, perhaps I wrote the article in such a way that it creates a confusion of the true objective. You guessed it right, I don’t know many such people. That’s why I always ask what others think and share their thoughts. It clearly helps to give a better idea of the subject and how people in general feel about it.

    But I like your comment, it truly makes sense.

  • @Yashi
    Kudos for that comment, when you put it this way, I can’t disagree. I (think I) misunderstood what you said on Twitter. 🙂

  • morinn

    I have friends who are lesbians and it never occured to me whether I should be accepting them or not. It was their choice, that did not change anything for me. Just like it was my choice to go for a guy. I think that the question about accepting homosexuals or not should not even arise in the mind of heterosexuals. And my friends did not have a particularly hard childhood, as far as I know, it just happened. They just knew they preferred gals…

    And as Yashi said above: “Once people start thinking of homosexuality as being purely a facet of someone’s personality rather than an oddity, the world will be finally rid of homophobia.”

  • yiu

    God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
    *atleast only for those believing in god

  • Lady Insane

    Firstly, it shocks me that “Gays/Lesbians, should we accept them?” was used as a title to this article. Dude, get out in the real world. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are already accepted. What the question should be is whether they should still be looked at as being inhuman.

    “In most cases, these mentioned persons probably had a bad childhood or bad experience in his/her life. Sometimes, these people feel attracted by their own sex since they have grown up in an environment where he/she lived close together without getting an opportunity to discover people from the other sex.”

    Even though you wrote this paragraph as being your personal opinion, you should get your facts straight. For example, you shouldn’t use “in most cases” as if the statement was a fact, it might mislead more people than you know; they might need the right facts instead of misleading ones.

    I, for one, am a bisexual who has had a very happy childhood with many friends of both sexes. Actually, I had and still have more guy friends than girls, but can’t help feel attracted to girls. My point is: I got the “opportunity to discover people from the other sex”, but I’m still a bisexual girl today. “In my honest opinion” (as you say), you should take off your blinkers. You might feel that your post is harmless but it insults me because it infers that I have had a bad childhood, when I’ve been blessed with many good times, great parents and family.

    “IMHO, everyone should be allowed to live their life, as long as they don’t disturb you.

    Of course, the society may find it unacceptable but have they harmed you? They simply want to lead a peaceful life, that’s all.”

    Ah that line “everyone should be allowed to live their life, as long as they don’t disturb you”, people think that saying this gets them out of trouble. *laughs*

    Merely saying this shows how, in reality, you do not accept homosexuality and bisexuality as being human. If you had been OK with people being gay, you wouldn’t even find it necessary to add “as long as they don’t disturb you”. All this is very sad. I genuinely feel sad for our generation. I thought that we would be the ones who’d start thinking rationally. I guess I was wrong.

    “Some of these couples usually want to adopt a child, and this can be some sort of harassment for the grown up child.”

    My friend, the problem here is neither the child nor the parents. Open your eyes: if the society wasn’t tagging homosexuality as being wrong, the child would not have found his/her parents as being out of norm. Consequently, he/she would not be “harassed”.

    “I guess that they would like to have their own little world far away from the reality, but we are not there yet.”

    Who are you referring to here?


    “Logically, men and women are meant to be together to procreate….so if everyone turns out to be gay or lesbians, well there might be a problem somewhere…”

    “Logically”? What was logic some light years ago might, today, not be so logic anymore. And using such a relative statement to lead to such a conclusion as “so if everyone turns out to be gay or lesbians, well there might be a problem somewhere…” can only be petty on your part. I don’t blame you personally thought, I just think that you need to educate yourself more; try stepping out of the framework in which society is trying to keep you closed inside. There’s a much simpler and more beautiful world out there.

  • A Mauritian In London

    I hate the stupid conservative mindset of most Mauritians concerning this topic (and any sex related topic in fact)… We live in 2009 for f*ck’s sake… not 10000 B.C.

    In developed countries all over the world, this is not even a raised issue. Homosexuals are normal beings. They are considered neither mentally nor genetically sick or even looked down upon as aliens. If they see two people of same sex holding hands, cuddling, smooching, they won’t even pay attention to them…

    Just try to compare that with Mauritius! If MOST (99.9% I reckon) parents come to know their child is gay, he/she is going to be oppressed into seeing a “sorcier/longaniste” – you name it – and eventually into marrying an opposite sex person… If he/she flees, he/she will feel the wrath of the whole family (yeah, at that point the whole family which might have not been on good terms for years will come together to save their “honour” – “ki dimoune pou dir?”… come on, don’t make me laugh)…

    In that sense, Mauritius will always remain amongst third world countries with that b*tchy conservative society of ours… If people can’t go beyond these tiny differences that our world comprises, we’ll always stay behind… And yeah, cut the crap about we are a multicutulral society living in peace, the sky is blue, the weather is sunny, blah blah blah… Most people barely tolerate each other…

    I used to believe in the youth… I used to think that we will be changing that conservative mindset of this society of ours towards so many issues (interracial marriages, homosexuality, racism, casts, and so on…), but I have to face it, most of us, young people, instead of thinking on our own, are letting elders (old parents, grandparents, aging – near-death I should rather say – political leaders) doing our thinking…
    Yeah, they lived their lives, lived their time, made that rotten world of ours (and they would blame us for it! that’s funny too…), and still would want to control the way we live our lives… and that’s what we are accepting… Democratic country? Free people? LOL. Misnamed concepts in our case.

    Hmmm, so back to your post title, should we accept? Well, if we’ve not done that yet, we are so last century already…

    And your concerns about the instability of a child adopted by homosexuals… I don’t think that is true. And I’ve even heard some people believing homo parents will make the child homo… Come on, if that crap argument followed some logic, there would have been no gays/lesbians in the world! All the child needs is loving parents, whether they are homo or hetero does not matter at all…

    A Mauritian in London

    P.S. Those saying this post is just about generating traffic… For sure it will be generating traffic, but at least the guy had the guts to tackle such topics… Oh gosh, how I regret closing my blog partly because of shitty people like those making such crappy comments and verbally attacking people around me…

  • Le retour du comeback de yiu tiens…

  • Nav

    It tends to be the ‘elder’ generation that finds difficulties in accepting gays and lesbians. I think you said all that needs to be said with “everyone should be allowed to live their life, as long as they don’t disturb you.”

  • Dvil

    i used to be totally against gays..and being against lesbos is totally irrelevant(men will understand.. lol ) well… but i grew up and realised that gays are just normal human beings with 2 arms two legs and on head but who are attracted by the same wghat the hell? religion, moral values, culture.. who decides all this crap? gays are to ahve same rights as everyone concerning wedding and human rights but concerning adoption…i really dont knw. because i dont knw if a child growing surrounded by gay parents will end up biassed sexually or will just grow up liking what he or she likes. and anyway sauT piler kuma zot kntan .. si ti garcon kntan ti garcon b zot pas pou akve fair narien
    par contre.. i dunno why ive got problemes with trannys : / i cant stand them…i dont knw why i find them repulsive but i do .. and trust me i REALLY do.

    P.S: i also declare war to veggies!YEEHAAA

  • saps

    As Metroboy rightly said, homosexuality existed since Ancient Greece known as Pederasty as this was highly regarded. Well, homosexuality is something relatively common now, it forms part in most of our media diet and the question we should ask ourselves is that are the portraits displayed in the media eg in sitcom where the gay always the best pal etc is the right model of gay or isn’t it a biased image projected by the media… are all gays kinda handsome n always picky on their wardrobe…well the movement arc-en-ciel here is trying to make a statement here….homosexuality is still something quite taboo here….how many articles are portrayed on them in the newspapers….there is still a long path for it to be a norm and commonly accepted in all families here cos I think it’s not that easy for everyone to assume his/her homosexuality here as people are still traditional at heart and the traditional local gossip…

  • ritzz

    pu accepter bizin accepter mem; pa kapav neglect zot! mais bizin faire ene maniere koz ar zot pou remedier situation SI kapav. ena pa dakorr quand to koz ar zot, mais ena compprend mari vit dans ki le monde zot pe vive. ena boukou dimoune koumsa pi pann gagne dialogue seryer avek lezot, et zot senti zot ene lot kaliter!!

    Bizin re-amene zot dans ene l’etat plis normale! Very important!

  • Nancy

    pathetic post mate!! this question: “guys n lesbians, shud we accept em?” should never have arised. man, r u kiddin me? so sorry to tell ye but ur views r so narrow minded!! get real! they are human beings after all…its like u r putting em into a kinda category of duno wot..they live in our society, they have the same lifestyles like us, they bretahe like us…pffffttt…get real man! this is no debate to tackle…the answer don’t need to be yes i accept em or no i dnt…!!

    “In most cases, these mentioned persons probably had a bad childhood or bad experience in his/her life. Sometimes, these people feel attracted by their own sex since they have grown up in an environment where he/she lived close together without getting an opportunity to discover people from the other sex.” dis statement makes me feel sick as well make me feel wana laugh at u man…dis is childish!! get to meet ppl before statin such fins..have u ever met n talkd 2 a gay or lesbian?? u sim 2 b sum1 who dnt mingle wiv people around u or u fake 2 do it!!

    dnt try 2 judge or stating fins when u have never met or interacted with gays n lesbians..if u dnt hav any inspiratn abt wot 2 write in ur next post, write sum poems:P

    thers a long way for sum youngsters of mauritius 2 get real abt sum facts of life: pathetic…

    no offense, but am always frank
    peace out

  • Tana

    There is a reason why there exist 2 “different sex!”
    men made for women and women made for men
    NOT men for men n women for women!!

    P.S: thank you for postin such a topic 😉 get to know how ppl think bout such THINGS!
    n i got 2 knw dat ppl h8 veggies lolll

  • Dvil

    ki t p rode mean par etat plus normal? mo pas p suive toi la.. to kave expand ?

  • @Nancy : I wont be arguing with you since it seems you have misunderstood the post entirely.
    I clearly wrote that I find that “everyone should be allowed to live their life

    Anyway, thanks for ur view and next time, please do read carefully before using harsh words.

  • Tana

    i really don’t get how come some of u here tell 1 not judge odaz n yet u judge them n say all kindz of stuff jst bcoz of a statement u cnt a person callin them narrow minded!
    one doesnt have to be opened minded to b against gays/lesbians, itz jst an opinon not like we cn do anytin bout it!

  • Lady Insane

    Yashvin, to you or don’t you agree that gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals are normal, real human beings?

    I’m not asking whether or not you choose to let them live their life (because, obviously, you don’t have to “let them live” for them to live), what am asking is whether you make no difference between the LGBT community and the heterosexuals?

  • @Lady Insane : Sure, they are normal human beings 😉

  • guibs

    Hi, I appreciate zat u started this blog.I agree that those people have had a rough past n that affecting them later in life. So that’s a psychological problem for them. Therefore society/govt need 2 help those people by providing psychological support n medical help etc…




    so that’s it!

  • @guibs : Question piege 😛

    Yeah, it will certainly be difficult and sometimes impossible to accept this. I don’t know about others.

  • Yes I would accept it, any other questions guibs a.k.a Sigmund Freud?

    I lose faith in the Mauritian population little by little as each comment comes in…

  • Dvil

    by the way i dont understand the polemic about the title.. 50 coups pou aler meme r sa?yash ine fini explik title la so meaning et mo penC ki si zot lire un peu mieux ou alors faire lesprit travail un peu plus zot kave comprend ki li p rode mean par sa.. cpas du genre wer c a nous accepter banla ou pas mais c du genre plutot du genre personelement pour chakun entre nous eski nou ready to consider them and treat them as anyone else au lieu de les traiter comme des pestiférés comme certains le font. enfin yash corrige moi si mo wrong.

    et franchment mo en peine zot dire mo pas respecT lopinion dimoun mais mo trouve sa mari retrograde et debile ki ena dimoun till now encore ena ene probleme contre le fait ki ene dimoun ntna meme sexe ki li.. those people were long ago considered as mentally ill until early 90’s i thk. so nowadays to think that it is still the case is completely “puérile”

  • jo

    “…the sexual impulse is a God-given one… The appropriate circumstance for this is within marriage, the legally, socially, and spiritually sanctioned union of two adults of the opposite sex. Other expressions are neither valid nor to be encouraged.”

  • yashna

    @ guibs,

    It really seems that you’ve never had lesbian/gay friends but as for your question, I would just be happy to have a child who’s healthy and happy. If he or she turns out to be lesbian or gay, I can say with complete faith that my first reaction won’t be to be horrified and get him ‘help’ for something that can’t be helped. I’d just be glad he/she trusted me enough to say it. And I’d probably be happy if they adopted a child too or got one through artificial methods!!

  • [joke]


    Exorcism to extract gay devils FTW!


  • pooja

    hi Yashvin mo tout a fait daccor avec toi lor sa point la. every person has got their own personality and they should have their right to live as they want. we are not god to judge any1. they should be given their chance also in life…

  • Bhooks

    The thing is words “GAYS” & “LESBIANS” are words that denotes ones sexual preferences. Accepting Sexual Preferences of somebody else. Should I? As long as G&L shows their preferences behind closed doors. It does not bother me.

    What bothers me is the gay pride that has been going on for some years now. I don’t know why but its just not to my taste. Someone mentioned that he could not stand transsexuals or transvestites. When I watch the gay pride on TV, its like a show labeled “S.E.X” as transsexuals/Transvestites are the ones that are more visible and they are simply disgusting. The gay pride was meant to make LGBT accepted. It turned out to be the complete opposite for me.

    What bothers me are the Transsexuals/Transvestites hookers. Now again is a TV/TS a gay or a lesbian. God knows.

    I had that very good friend. He is a GAY. He never told us(our group of friends) so. In no way he shows his sexual preferences among us. The question would we (Him & Me) still be friends if he personally told us his sexual preferences. YES. Would we(Him & Me)still be friends if he started showing publicly his sexual preferences. NO. As I would not accept that.

    Then again coming back to your post Yashvin. Should they be accepted. Well it depends on individuals. Its your choice, its everyone choice. Your are always right here whether you accept them or not. No one can ever tell you that you are wrong here as its what you believe in.

    @All those who finds this post pathetic.

    It’s a blog, not a newspaper.

  • ReenaDKL

    @ Lady Insane

    Do you know what personal opinion means??? Try understanding that for a start…

    My logic may differ from yours…still it remains mine..petty or not it’s mine and I accept it…

  • Neutral Comment, dont bite me plz 😉

    In the past, we had problems to deal with different communities in Mauritius, but gradually, this kind of mentality faded out, and we are all living in harmony.
    Mauritians can be backward in accepting that people of the same sex can have a close relationship. We are all people with enormous prejudices. But give us time. We will all, one day, stand together as Human beings, and not as tagged people (lesbians, gays,etc )

    P.s.: neveu, pa met la main dans difer, u’ll get burnt. This is a sensitive topic, choose your words very very carefully 🙂

  • Dvil

    ive read wuite few comments based on religion and god…what the hell”yeah i am should not have sex with john as your name is james.. if you do that i will kill you and youll go to hell! BOOOO. .. P.S dont forget that im merciful”

    really dudes .. if that is the GOD everyone talks about and that you fast for.,,,then im happy not to do so.
    and by the way you are asked your opinion..why the hell do people have to answer”religion says blablabla”… cant people thk for themselves and not always refer to what is said in books or by invisible beings we have no proof of?? do you really have feedom of thought?

  • Everyone has the right to live his/her life as he/she wants, so y not them afterall

  • tana

    To all those who said that gays/lesbians r already aceptd in the society ( which is so NOT true), coz if they were aceptd in the society they would have no problem getting married or adopt a kid!!
    that means they have not been aceptd by society as a whole they have been aceptd jst by you!NOT THE SOCIETY!!

    Thank You.

  • Vaiizard

    Whether someone is gay or lesbian I dont care. I have worked with some collegues who were gay and i wasn’t affected(or inffected), they were nice persons.
    But I have a few suggestions….If a guy wants to “gay-transform” himself he can carry on. I would also encourage him.

    BUT I would suggest women that instead of being lesbians its better to be bi. We (normal and real man) wont mind at all.

    Facts from wiki….
    Considering the fact that the population of mauritius consists of mainly women. If we remove the gays,nerds,and $%%^*# from the male population this lives approximately about 80% of MAN in mauritius. So women you should not wait and instead you should fight in order to get the chance to get a boy friend.

  • Roubesh

    lol personally having a gay friend isnt too bad!
    it seems they always hang out with the sexiest girls on the planet… 😛

    n watching 2 girls making out!!! ull(us men) will have to be gay not to like it 😉

  • guibs

    hmmm gr8 dicussion n comments …WOW
    well just wanted to share something with u! I know a “genuine” case may b u wanna hear! It’s TRUE guys! I know a lady who had a cute little daughter aged nine! About 2 yrs ago, I noticed that her mother
    is making her look like a boy! haircut, clothes, her friends … all changed…she now plays with only boys! ‘zoué lagerre tou r ban la, mayé roulé tou enba’…Her mother always encourages her to play with boys only. Nowadays u cannot figure out if she’s a girl unless u know her name.
    Guess wat guys!
    Her mother has an elder son abt 29yrs who is handicapped.
    So that’s why she wants her daughter to be a boy in REAL!
    If zis continues then may be she’ll bcom lesbian! SO SAD for her!
    (let’s hope this don’t happen)
    I tried 2 talk 2 her mum bt in VAIN … she’s too emotional…

  • raviken

    God created men and women to his/her image .Was God macho,effeminate,gay ,lesbian,she-male,hetero,pedophile and all the other philes that exist ,we don’t know because we have never seen him,so why are we criticising his creations and masterpieces,we are passengers here ,our mother gave birth and we were given a passport to live with in a big station,the world waiting for a train to come ,our coffin ,then we will get our VISA:DEATH. So in the meantime …enjoy..

  • Kirty

    Guys you want to know how is the life of a closet lesbian so ask me i’ll tell you…how it feels to live like a prisoner in a body which you really don’t want to…how it feels when your family wants you to marry someone you don’t want to…how it feels when people laugh at you…

  • Abhishek

    I tell you why we should give up taboo and recognise lesbians. I am a st guy married to a lesbian women(arranged marriage). We now have a kid. My spouse is not able to compromise her emotions just because she is attached to a family.
    My kid who is now a 7 year old daughter likes both father and mother.everyday it is killing my soul, I cannot leave my wife because my kid needs her mom and I cannot stay with my wife because she is dating a girl.

  • Pat

    I really don’t want to look like I’m attacking anyone but the way I see it, is the following:
    I understand what you meant by saying “accept homosexuals” but just by saying that, your putting yourself in a superior place, I don’t feel like heterosexuals have the given right to accept or decline us… how can someone have so much power over something that has nothing to do with them.
    When i read your text i felt like you were putting heterosexuals in one side of the wall and homos on the other. being a homosexual is not the only thing they are, they are everything you are… and that’s very important to see, because you’re not seeing them has equals and you’re not giving them the same rights has you do. just because your hetero and they are not.
    For the people who believe that homosexuality is not determined at birth I would advise them to see this video it’s a documentary of national geographic
    About adoption I agree with lady insane

    say if you agree

  • Torpedo

    Hmm… Sensitive subject? No. Humans are humans, with their big hearts and narrow minds. Which fortunately can be widened.

    Just to add an analogy with traffic(I accept the risk of people slapping me for that, mais j’ai le courage de mes opinions!).

    Si la police inn mette enn la-ligne blanc entre 2 traffic lanes et inn mett enn la-loi pou dire ki dans contour, strictement pas gagne droit traverse la-ligne la. Ok, fine, zot tou dakor parski c enn safety issue. Mais quand to observer tou les zours, personne pas respecter la-ligne blanc-la dans contour, tellement bien ki li effacer. Bein lerla, pou enforce the law, la-police alle faire spot check, ek lerla prend contravention. Bein, si coumsa dans sexualité oussi, ti bizin laisse la-police vinne faire spot check… Si zot pe respecter limite, etc. Pareil couma motard: ti pou dire toi faire coumsa, passe par-la, pas par-la, attane, tiombo, tension etc.

    Non mais! Zot pas trouver c’est enn couillonade absurde!! Dans cas traffic, c’est enn sel chauffeur ki prend so prop responsabilité. Mais entre deux adultes consentant, ki la loi vinn faire la-dans?
    Tant ki ena lobby religieux, nou pou reste enn pays constipé lor plan sexuel (enn journal ti dire: “misère sexuelle”) Si nou ti tellement religieux, ki-faire pas mette bann la-loi anti-fellation, anti-cunnilingus (enn certaine religion pas permette oral sex) contre tou position ki pas position du missionnaire (sel position ki acceptable par enn lott religion), anti-nudité pendant l’acte (ouais, enn religion dire ki fauder pas touni quand ou pé “faire”), anti-sexe plaisir (enn secte dir ki fauder “faire” zis pou gagne z’enfant, péché si “faire” par plaisir), etc…
    Alors, entre 2 adultes consentant, mo cwar ki zott capave faire saki zott content. Si la-loi rentre la-dans, fauder zot accepter laisse faire spot check.

    Mais, pas moi ki pou volontaire pou alle faire sa-kalité spot check-la 🙂

  • Aum

    I have read many posts above and I noticed that many people have hard feelings against those who cannot tolerate homosexuality. They also consider those homosexual-intolerant beings as primitive. They feel proud to say that they have evolved and have accepted homosexuals… but why can’t they accept the homosexual-intolerant beings too?

  • shoot

    For a very simple reason; those who are not tolerant towards homosexuality are making the life’s of many people harder and society accepts it, like if they had the right to judge, well they don’t because they are not superior and it has nothing to do with them, and being a homophobic is like being a racist your discriminating or not giving the same rights just because they are the way they are, and just because their way is not your way that doesn’t make any one’s way better or right.

    I don’t thing anyone should be punish or anything but discrimination shouldn’t be allowed on the constitution.

  • Aum

    @shoot: there is some sense in what you said but it’s only one side of the story. Just like some homo-phobics are making life difficult for some homosexuals… some homosexuals are making life difficult for homo-phobics as well. homosexuals will not be able to put themselves in homo-phobics’ shoes and vice versa, because they do not think the same way. Each one is hurting the other because they are both 2 extremes!

  • @Aum I would be grateful to you if you could show me official statistics about homophobics being bullied, molested, assaulted, raped, killed by homosexuals only because of their homophobia.

    Homophobia, just like racism, is not a tolerable vice. Or maybe you think black people should have compromised a little bit more during apartheid and accept being treated as less-than-humans instead of fighting for their rights?

    It’s not about thinking the same way. It’s about understanding that everyone should have the the same rights as long as it does not harm others rights. Gay marriage doesn’t harm a homophobic, killing a man because of his sexual orientation is murder. It is definitely harmful. You are being very inappropriate by comparing hate crimes to people fighting hate crimes. Maybe you should also take into consideration that there are a lot of people out there who aren’t homosexual but who support gay rights, it’s simply a question of human rights.

  • shoot

    @Aum, I agree with metroboy. I don’t think that I should accept and respect that there are people out there that have the right to hate me and discriminate against me because they don’t.
    How do you suggest that homophobes and homosexuals make a deal… “If you stop hating me on Sundays and Saturdays I will not report to the police when you hit me!!!!” I know I know sarcasm doesn’t help in any situation but I couldn’t resist.
    I don’t think that me being who I’m and loving who I love has anything to do with any other person. And I truly don’t see how me being a homosexual is going to make any one’s life’s harder other than me and my family. So if you could give an example of what you said I would be pleased to hear it.

  • Aum

    You can Google the male rape statistics, preferably the US/European stats because they are more up to date.
    And also, Homophobia is not like racism. It is a ‘Phobia’. I don’t think you blame Arachnophobics for not liking spiders do you?
    I’d recommend you to try to do some research on how homophobics are created.

    a scenario for you: say you’re a homosexual boss of a company and you happen to know that one of your good employees who has been working for 5 years is a homophobic. what do you do? would you victimize him?

  • Yashna

    Aum, I don’t see your point, women are raped far more aften than men, are you insinuating that I should hate straight men?
    Also look up xenophobia, it means hatred of foreigners, does that mean I can’t blame xenophobics for hating, assaulting and discriminating against immigrants?
    And since you know so much about homophobics, you tell me how they are created.
    And about your scenario, it’s something which has never been reported so far, but say it does happen, how would the employer know that his employee is homophobic? That means he said something insulting about homosexuals, right? So if you are working for a gay person, why on earth would you insult gay people in front of him? It’s like people working for a woman and making insulting comments about her gender.

  • Torpedo

    @ Aum, (et aussi Yiu, Nancy, Jo etc…)

    Alleu… Vini taa… Moi, mo accepter toi moi, vini non… To pas content ki lezott ki soi-disant “open” pas tolere bann homo-intolerant (kouma toi?), bé pas grave ça… Vini mo console toi. Cwar moi. To trouver ki bann “open” pas content toi / homo-intolerant? Bein, moi, mo content toi moi, cwar moi. Vini non – mo va faire toi comprend certaines choses de la vie… 🙂

    Pas pe dire toi ki to bizin “content” bann homos, mais zis bizin essaye comprend ki contre ou pas contre, c’est un fait. Ki bizin accepter. OK, to pas content zott, personne pas pou force toi. Mais zott exister, ki to content ou pas, pareil couma soleil trop fort ou gro lapli, diabète ou pas, c’est zott condition ki coumsa, point final.
    Aster, si to’lé servi ça comme pretexte pou justifier to la-peur de l’inconnu, bein, ça, it’s up to you. Your inner fears is what drives your anger/hate towards them, that’s up to you. I don’t care.
    But just remember that you could have been one like them…

  • Aum

    You could do some research on the after effects of male rape vs women rape. i’m sure you will find that it’s not the same. Male rape (male-male) is psychologically far more devastating.. as an example starting by the high number of unreported rape cases and suicide cases after the rape. This is one of the main triggering factors of homophobia. Btw i repeat: phobia is not about hatred/racism. It is about fear. Phobia is a mental illness and should be treated by professionals.. debates cannot cure that! in fact it often adds fuel to fire.
    With regards to your question on the scenario:
    “That means he said something insulting about homosexuals, right?”
    my answer: the homophobic is obviously wise enough not to use insulting words and knows about professional ethics to have survived for 5years in the company. let’s say he made the following statements:
    “I feel uneasy around homosexuals”. Now, can you force him to consciously interact with someone with whom he feels uneasy?

    I think you missed the point. Its not about “content / pas content homos”. Nor about excluding homos from the society. Homos have their place in society and have their rights too. My point is that homos are unknowingly traumatizing homophobics. They may be meaning no harm to others but somehow they do not know how to tackle homophobics and that makes matters worse. Unfortunately not all homosexuals are psychologists. Think about healing the world, and not about wounding it.

  • Yashna

    Wow, Aum, your answer really stunned me there, I can hardly believe you actually have the guts to write that a woman who is raped is less affected than a man who has been raped, not only are a homophobic, you are a mysogynist and as a woman, I feel that your comment is terribly insulting.
    And you are still completely missing the point, are you telling me that all homosexuals are rapists? Or that I should be scared of straight men because they can rape me? Because you are saying that you are scared of homosexuals because of the possibility you might be raped by one.
    So homophobia is an illness, what about xenophobia? Is it any more acceptable?
    And if someone’s “uncomfortable” around gay people, what is he working for a gay man for?

  • Torpedo

    “Si vous n’avez rien à vous reprocher, vous n’avez pas à avoir peur d’être filmés !“
    – Brice Hortefeux. Le lendemain, une équipe de télévision filmait son dérapage sur les arabes…

    This is not the matter at hand, but the crux of the matter remains the same: all humans have a basic right to intimacy, as per this article.

    @ Aum:
    Merci pour tant de précision. I think I now get what you want to convey. I also do feel that if I had been gay, and given the mentality that is prevalent locally, I would not have acted in a caricatural way and publicised my preference but would have remained as discreet as possible. A bit like Monsieur Bertrand Delanoë, Maire de Paris:

  • Kiz

    I’m a lesbian and I’m very proud of it… This is a pointless post… “Should we accept them?” …. Well that pretty insulting, we’re already accepted by the majority of people, the only people not accepting the gay community now are narrow minded, ignorant, self obsessed people that have probably never even attempted to have conversation with a out gay person. We’re all human, does it really matter who we sleep with?

  • shoot

    I’m tired of this we’re getting nowhere, I’m writing this because I think that you’re not narrow minded and you realise it’s not a choice to be gay and you can’t change it. You can have your opinion all you want but what I’m (and I think it’s not just me) tying to say is this,you can’t say homosexuals and homophobes are the same thing because 95% of the homophobes don’t have FEAR of the homos they just hate them and discriminate against them that’s not a phobia, if it was real they would runaway from them. And has you know there are therapy for phobias like fear of flying and other stuff. And has I think you know to there is not a “cure” for homosexuality. So if it is a phobia them it should be treated like one…
    I’ve already said this before but I’ll say it AGAIN the homos don’t want anything from the homophobes just respect and acceptance while the homophobes they think they have the right to judge you and to control the homos

    It all resumes to this the homophobes don’t have the right to make homos life harder, and the homos don’t have accept th that homophobes hate them. if they have a phobia solve it
    You can put it in every case scenario you want…

  • Aum

    1. I don’t have phobias of homos. I’ve never acted strangely with homos.
    2. I am sometimes very macho but i’m not misogynous. I’ve already spent 7yrs of my life with a lady. Btw i think u r a feminist! lol!
    3. Girl you have to learn to read properly. All homosexuals are NOT rapists!
    4. I’m NOT justifying acts of homophobics nor xenophobics. Read again!

    I maintain what i said in the previous post. Anyway in times of today anyone can get raped by anyone. Even you can get raped by another girl. I’m not saying that it is a likely event. But if u r a hetero, that act would surely confuse u. Also depending on the severity, it might either turn u into a gay, or bi, or even a homophobic.

    Thanks to Yashna I’ve learnt a bit more about xenophobia. I think you should refer to that too. There are many similarities between Xeno and Homo phobias, but try to find out the cause of those phobias. Also try to find out the relation between fear and violence. You could probably come out with a new approach to cure phobias.. who knows!?

  • Torpedo

    Aum shaanti, shaanti, shaanti aum…

  • Yashna


    Do you know what a phobia is? It’s an IRRATIONAL fear of something, meaning it has no reason to be. there is no justification for it. And you do seem to be trying to say that homophobes have a legitimate reason to be scared of homosexuals, which is false. And rape isn’t something you like, it’s an act of hate and it won’t confuse you but traumatise you. And yeah, you are right, I am a feminist, a feminist being someone who thinks men and women should have equal rights, a lot of men are feminists too, you know.
    There’s one thing I don’t get, what were you trying to say? The point of this discussion is about homosexuality and my position is that a third person has no right to intervene in two adults’ private lives, what’s yours?

  • Kennethnovabos

    we should adapt gays here in our society,,,, in fact most of them made us laugh and they also more concern about something we never expected.

  • Kennethnovabos

    we should adapt gays here in our society,,,, in fact most of them made us laugh and they also more concern about something we never expected.

  • MIM

    Gays and lesbians ARE gorgeous – sa mem to pan gn oken zourer mo frer

  • Frank

    My reply : Heteros -should we ACCEPT them?
    (Not willing to trigger anger or rebel but rather think about how it feels dear hetero friends )