A few last words about 2009

2009 People

25th December 2009:

It’s already time to have a look at what has been achieved during this year and also set up some objectives for the coming year 2010.

Unfortunately, I feel that I won’t have much to say for the simple reason that  I have been procrastinating everything since the beginning of the year. Result? I haven’t been able to reach most of my objectives of 2009.

At the end of 2008, I had aimed at ;

  • a Microsoft Certification (MCTS) –
    Status : Next year, next year 😛
  • starting my MBA or some other Masters, preferably Part Time.
    Status : I was really going to start it this year, but postponed it to later (again)
  • some long holidays abroad, still deciding where…
    Status : Did not really planned anything
  • being more present for Dhan and pleasing her more, challenging na?
    : She is the only one who can assess me here, but I think it is a OK!
  • tuning the car a bit.
    : Spending money unnecessarily is useless.
  • changing colour of house completely.
    : Work in Progress (WIP)
  • arranze sa pond kot pu met tortue et poisson dans la cour (to Deepa, Neha, Varsha n mum, LOL)
    Status : Varsha got 2 turtles – WIP
  • washing my bicycle more frequently –
    : Touched the bicycle only a few times
  • continue with the excellent job of Promoting Blogging in Mauritius.
    Status : I feel that 2009 was a great year for the blogosphere. Much happennings, including 2 bloggers’ events.

As you noticed, there’s nothing to be proud of 2009. However,  the photoblog project took birth in 2009 and is doing pretty well, especially with the acquisition of my brand new D5000. I can also say that yashvinblogs.com has been much active during this year.

What’s planned for 2010?


My objectives will be mostly career wise with the long-planned certification, which MAY be followed by the MBA. The house gonna get a new look during the first month. I seriously need to take everything back to control and get things done in the next months. I also hope that there will be more bloggers’ meetings as I feel that these gatherings really make us stronger, at least, for those who have been participating.

Finally, a small note to Dhaneesha : “Pane blier twa Nou :P”


With these words, yashvinblogs.com wishes all of you
a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2010

Don’t worry, I am not done over yet with 2009. There will be more post(s) in the next days.

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  • Deepa

    Nou ava met li kot ti prevu..kot piE letchi 😀 kumsa li pu ggn manger depi nu aussi 😛

  • lol, I just sent a mass mail email and realised that I had written 2009 in the greeting’s picture 😛

    **$hy** Had to send another mail, with the right year written on it 😛

  • Merry Christmas and happy new year! I’m barely able to fulfill my resolutions each year so I’ve given up on formulating resolutions this year! lol! I hope that next year will be more fruitful in terms on blogging events! 😀

  • Yusuf

    Wawa. Merry XMAS and happy new year 2010 :p Ban résolutions la seryé. Sinon, to blog pou sa l’année la ti bonnto (habitier sa). Keep it up 🙂

  • @Morinn : Lets wait for the new year celebrations ( and family gatherings) to end (around mid january) before starting to plan something.

    @Yusuf : Merci man!

  • HAHA. Merry Christmas.
    Resolutions for 2010?I have not yet decided. Blame parties!

  • Kaviraj

    to bisin faire 1 post lor to ‘fail’ email ceki tone envoyer la.. 😛

  • haha! Tone gagne 1 point 😛

    Mo pu include li in the next series! Ene chance mone remarke sa et mone resend 1 lot mail toute suite LOL.


  • Bye Gouloule

    to blier la journer google an 20008.

  • Kaviraj

    Ok.. I’ll see if u do it or not 😛 😀

  • Mike

    2010 rapidly approaching so don’t raise that bar too high or you might get disappointed. Enjoy life!

  • ASL

    A small pic made by myself 😀

    Hope you like it!

    <img src="http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/7434/xmasnewyear.jpg&quot;

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