How is Emtel Airbox’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) different?

Emtel AirBox

Since the announcement of Emtel’s Airbox, several internet users are widely showing their interest and enthusiasm to subscribe. This commercial move of Emtel comes at a very good time, especially when there are daily customer complains about either slow internet speeds or having to wait several months or years before the deployment of Orange fiber at their place. However, we will need some time before receiving real feedback from new subscribers but one thing I’m sure about, people scarcely complain about Emtel’s service. And Emtel’s experience as an ISP is pretty trustworthy too as far as I know. For example, their WiMax connectivity is pretty reliable. You can read Mike’s post back in 2011.

Who wants to switch to Emtel’s AirBox?

I can distinguish three categories of people willing to move to the new offer :

  1. No telephone line at home, thus unable to subscribe to ADSL, MyT or Fiber
  2. No immediate plans for Orange to deploy the fiber in their region
  3. Constantly facing unstable telephone / internet connectivity problems

Since Bharat Telecom does not yet offer a full coverage on the island yet, Emtel’s AirBox seems to be in a very good position to compete with Orange, especially with a more affordable price range than their own WiMax packages and a complete package (with instant fixed telephone line access) at an even cheaper price than Orange’s FTTH offers. . This said, I highly recommend you this article by Geekscribes in which he discussed the Pros and Cons of Emtel Airbox

Gaming with AirBox?

If you form part of the online gaming community, you are probably asking yourselves questions about the latency with Emtel’s new offer. Sundeep has personally visited a showroom to do the test. The results look not so bad for now.

As he posted on his twitter, the ping to South Africa is approx 120ms :

AirBox Ping

The Fair Usage Policy

FUP Emtel AirBox

However, there’s a small fine print you need to consider if you are thinking to subscribe to AirBox. The FUP… To put it simple, the Fair Usage Policy is a set of regulations ensuring that every subscriber is able to benefit from the same services without being penalized by an abuse or heavy usage of some group of subscribers. Not well-known to everyone, the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) isn’t something new to Mauritius. Several Mauritian bloggers (carrotmadman6, Avinash and Geekscribes ) have even written on this topic in the past.

FUP - Orange Fiber

What does their FUP say?

A simple search on Google returns several similar policies applicable across several ISPs worldwide. However, if you don’t want go into details of the list of restrictions imposed by their policy, I will sum what you are not allowed  :

  • Any illegal activities, including usage / downloading / sharing of materials breaching copyrights or trademarks of others…
  • Any commercial / spam / advertising purposes, for instance, you can’t use the connection if you have set up an office or send spam mails.
  • Launch cyber attacks or security hacks
  • Sending or receiving large email attachments (LOL!)

By breaching their policy, they may, I quote :

  1. Give you a notice to stop or moderate the unacceptable use(s); or
  2. Terminate or Suspend your Services, with or without notice as we consider appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of the Service; or
  3. Change your Transmission Speeds; or
  4. Limit your Usage ; or
  5. Report any unbecoming activities or conduct to relevant authorities.

So, what’s so different with Emtel’s AirBox?

Unlike Orange, AirBox has not specified any figures, whether it concerns the maximum download limit cap or the reduced speed subscribers might be subject to if they are concerned with the FUP restrictions.

This means that as long as you do not breach their policy (download illegal content, movies, songs or software), you don’t have to bother, even if you consume 100Gb monthly as compared to Orange, which will decrease your speed from 10Mbps to 512Kbps once you reach the 10GB of transfer limit if you are subscribed to the first offer picture earlier.

That’s good news for AirBox users but remember, if they apply their policy strictly, you won’t be allowed to download movies etc. The bad thing is that by signing their contract, you are legally giving them the right to drop your 10Mbps internet speed to any speed they want. This might drop to 56kbps if they want. And remember, you will have to sign a 12 months contrat.

Personally, I don’t think that they will bother you with the FUP if you download only a few couple of songs and movies monthly. But however, I know a lot of friends downloading phenomenal amount of movies and songs. Sometimes I ask myself if they have the time to really appreciate viewing the movies or listening to each of the songs downloaded. May be I need to ask them?

So, who’s planning to move?  And why?

Author: Yashvin

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