Emptying your recycle bin is not always safe

A short week coming ahead 🙂 One more day to go, a public holiday and then 2 more days before the weekend. hehe. Anyway, thanks for tuning to the blog. I hope that you will find this post interesting and informative.

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If you continue reading this, then most probably, you always believed that when you empty your recycle bin , the content is definitely deleted and lost. False. What you delete through your recycle bin actually remains on your disk drive, physically. To simplify things, I would say that the operating system(Windows for example) only removes links to your data.

For example : consider your kitchen trash can. When the scavenger guys collect your trash, they normally dump them into some remote area, for example Mare Chicose. This means that people can still recover your rubbish (for whatever reason).

Well, it applies exactly the same way for computers. Sensible data, even when deleted, can land into wrong hands.

Some computer software enable people to recover and gain access to those files again. Yeah, you probably saw that in films! They really do exist and are accessible to everyone. While this is sometimes useful, for example if you deleted a file by mistake, the same technique can be dangerous. People can recover the deleted data and get back your personal files and secrets.

To end this post :

If you wish to prevent people from accessing your ‘deleted’ data, you can either sanitize your disk or burn it, just like your garbage.

Take care!

Note  : Geeks, I just wanted to share this with my readers. Perhaps it might be useful. And yes, yashvinblogs recommends the use of original software and does not encourage burning of your dirty stuff.  Do what you want at your own risk!

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  • Anonymous

    Hiren can be used to recover the deleted files or can also be used to wipe the HDD.
    Many other tools are also included in the bootcd. aka: geek swiss knife

    Download link

  • xD

    “….or burn it, just like your garbage.”,  do you burn yours? 😛

  • Diskwiper

    Why do you wipe it? Wipe removes all, right?

  • There are so many reasons, like if you need to hand over your office laptop to someone else.

  • Reena Dkl

    You think acid will destroy a hard disk?

  • Lina

    Indeed very useful !

    Love the example of the kitchen trash landing in Mare Chicose offering us the possibility of recovering our “pelures de pomme de terre” ! My computer trash box is exactly like my kitchen trash can … nothing worth digging for !

  • Akhil Ramlugun

    That’s hardly a problem. Just wipe the free space. Freeware like CCleaner, for example, can be used to do that. If one is a paranoid, he/she can even use choose to do it with 35 passes (Gutmann method – the most secure method in the industry) but this will take a lot of time.

  • Hemkesh654

    Shift + delete ==>  au lieu de rite click ek delete

  • PascaL

    powerful MAGNET+ HAMMER the cylinder disc platters = ZERO data recovery

  • Bhooks

    Very interesting post Yashvin but some comments here are so silly that it make me sick.. way out of order with what this blogpost is about.. some mentioning acid, hammer, burn.. what the hell. If you ain’ got nothing sense to say. Shut it up.

    As far as I know much data can be recovered. whether you format the HDD, install other things on it or copy other data on the HDD. You previous data that were present can still be recovered. Maybe Sanjay/Kavish/ anyone else could talk more about this one.

  • Tests with Kavish’s software have not been producing any interesting results yet. More tests to be done.

  • Reena Dkl

    @ Yashvin:  Is your blog restricted to ‘intelligent’ people only?  Guess certain “intelligent” beings forget about the meaning of a blog.  YES I am STUPID, so what?  Should I test my IQ before asking a question?  I asked if ACID can destroy a hard disk, because I thought if burning a hard disk didn’t do it, maybe acid could..I mean, yeah, stupid question, but that’s MY question…and you have no answers to that, well you shut up!!! :p

  • I think that I have to organize a “Duel” between you too, off this blog.

  • Bhooks

    Tous le temps mo ti kwar sa tifi la intelligente.. Now she arguing that she’s the STUPID :p

  • Reena Dkl

    Lol!!!  🙂

    Irony is I had to state am stupid for people to come around and say they thought i was not…confusing..lol!!!  Anyway, am done fighting 🙂 

  • Rastaman

    Are you telling me the porn folder I’ve just deleted is still there?

  • Haha, probably yes if you haven’t filled up your hard disk to the max (so that the space reserved for the said folder is really used for some other stuff – probably porn too).

  • Rastaman

    I’m gonna 0-fill the hell out of my hard disk. I’m gonna 0-fill all over its face!

  • Avishna

    Dumb the hard drive in water – burn it will relase toxic gas!
    note: this is an irrelevant comment to this article . Article which i find very informative for non-geeks.