[Post-budget 2013] – Buying on eBay from Mauritius (Nov 2012)

UPDATE 02 February 2015 :
Great! I just called the customs at the central parcels office. The polite officer informed me that any device (whether using wifi, bluetooth etc) imported in REASONABLE quantity for PERSONAL use DOES NOT REQUIRE any ICTA permits.
Read Facebook post here.
*End update*

While everyone can have their opinion about the budget 2013, yours might change after reading this post, especially if you shop online frequently. Previously a customs broker was required to clear out your parcels from the customs if the total amount was greater than Rs10,000 – (Read here and here). The Minister of Finance, Xavier Duval announced the following on the 9th October 2012, I quote:

Recourse to the services of a custom broker is presently required to obtain delivery of articles imported by post or courier services if their value exceeds 10,000 rupees. I am raising this limit to 30,000 rupees.

What does this mean?

You won’t be required to hire the services of a customs broker unless your item is over Rs30k!!!

You can easily save from Rs1,000 to Rs3000 when purchasing mobiles, laptops, camera equipment and so on. But please remember that refurbished or used items need special permits from the Ministry of Labour Commerce. Also, equipment with wireless communications need another permit from the ICTA. You can read more here.

Another budgetary measure :

Customs duty and VAT exemption will apply on the first Rs 2,000 of the import value of the goods, instead of Rs 1,000. Such exemption does not apply to imports for sale, alcohol, tobacco products and illicit goods. This change will take effect immediately.

Items can be bags for example.

Today, I spent quite some time on the phone to get these confirmed. Neither the central postal office nor the MRA Tariff Unit could officially say whether both of the budgetary measures will be effective immediately and put into practice immediately as announced.

You are the most welcomed to share any further related information here. And please, do read the previous article (here and here) before asking any questions or sending me mails. Most often, I have to ignore many mails because I wrote and discussed everything on the related posts.

Keep tuned and long live online shopping!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Quoting from the speech:

    “Customs duty and VAT exemption will apply on the first Rs 2,000 of the import value of the goods, instead of Rs 1,000. Such exemption does not apply to
    imports for sale, alcohol, tobacco products and illicit goods. This
    change will take effect immediately.

    Recourse to a Custom Broker will no longer be required to obtain delivery of personal goods arriving by post or courier services, if their value is below Rs30,000. The current limit is Rs10,000.”


  • Thank you Carrot! You should be working at the customs! I talked to many guys and saken nek ine zette boule lo zotte camouade pu confirme sa!

  • Now that’s a really good news… Capave passe command Camera aster!!! 😛
    Hmmmm well let me see what we can buy and how much money i will be able to save!! ^^

  • oxacuk

    “Recourse to the services of a custom broker is presently required to obtain delivery of articles imported by post or courier services if their value exceeds 10,000 rupees.”

    I wonder how I had delivered two smartphones and a dSLR, each being more than 10,000 rupees in value, without needing a custom broker any of the three times.

    BTW, the permit for refurbished and used items is from the Ministry of Commerce, not the Ministry of Labour.

  • Thank you for correcting me 🙂

  • Not sure I should be feeling happy or pissed off that this measure should have been applied eons ago…

    – Annoyed eBay buyer who purchased a camera 3 months ago & had to go through a broker because it was worth Rs 10,200.

  • lol.

  • Hey buddy, ki camera tone prend? Li bon? Give some feedbacks, did you like it? 🙂

  • How it will be eventually:-
    For Individual Buyer:
    Rs 0- Rs 2000 Custom charges exempted.
    Rs 2001 to Rs 30,000 You Pay 20% as custom clearance charges
    Rs 30,001 its 60% directly.

    For Businesses, its still 15% fix rate from Rs 0 to Infinity…, often claimed back via VAT from VAT registered companies.

    I think its good, but customs should be more severe like in developed Countries when its regarding excess imports of certain items. A good example is private sellers operating from Facebook pages. Those guys are not Customs Registered and pays no VAT and don’t pay for permits every year…

    What concerns ICTA permits… they are the right guys in the right place…
    What if I come near your house, using a Signal Jammer…. and block you from mobile communication… NOT COOL…. right?
    ICTA regulates such wireless items for our security and convenience from malicious people…

  • First Impression: http://carrotmadman6.blogspot.com/2012/08/my-first-canon.html

    Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carrotmadman6/

    Review: The best reasonably priced compact camera… in the world.

  • Inf

    For our security yes, but there are some devices which are safe and I think ICTA should maintain a whitelist / blacklist, whichever is more convenient.

    So you can import all the “safe” goods without having to get an ICTA permit. For e.g., you want to import a wireless router / AP. They have a list of all allowed / disallowed routers. If your router is ok, it goes through without needing a permit. So router, ok. Signal jammer, not ok. Would be, easier, no?

    >> Rs 2001 to Rs 30,000 You Pay 20% as custom clearance charges
    >> Rs 30,001 its 60% directly.

    Where do you get these figures? Why 20%?

  • Thanks very useful info for me as a foreign student..

  • and guys can someone confirm as of the new regulations, if you buy something over 30,000 Rs equivalent to 1000 USD you have to pay 60% on Tax?? or 60% import duty and tax rate is another charge? i want to buy an ultrabook for around 1013 USD.Thanks help appreciated

  • Personally, I’m not aware of the figures brought forward by @facebook-1188723487:disqus. Perhaps he can clear our doubts here.

  • No. Please disgard the comment from which these figures have been specified. Nothing is confirmed and I am not personally aware of this. So, until we get fixed on it, please ignore.

    As far as I know, and per my experience, if you are importing a $1013 item, the customs guys won’t ask you for a customs broker just because of $13 above the limit. (Unless the guy at the customs counter really had a big fight with his wife before coming to work).

    So, you will only be paying 15% VAT and some Rs100 for post office charges.
    *assumption1 => $1 = Rs30
    *assumption2 => Rs30,000 is the total cost.

  • I replied to your comment on the UltraBook separately but I wish to clear a point here.

    As a non-Mauritian, the above post might not be applicable to you. There might be other procedures and charges for non-Mauritians. To be confirmed.

  • I took a used phone on ebay, i ddnt need an icta permit, i tld the seller to send it as gift and and i only had to go to the local posat office, not the one at caudan to take it,
    About removing parcels from custom,
    VAT still 15%?

  • I dont have the list of items without the need for an ICTA permit but mobile phones are in that list. I have myself purchased a few phones 😛

  • Okay thanks but i do have the residence permit since am a student i will be here for one year..idk if thats relevant but i thought i should just say it. I hope you will get confirmation on this..Thanks

  • Lol big fight with her wife..okay btw its good that you have helped alot and i think i will just go ahead and buy the ultrabook and then tell the ebayer to declare low value on it..if he refuses will just buy and see hope it will help cause i did it several times in my home country and it was fine..and i had to pay only low tax.Thanks alot for the post btw.

  • well if your purchase is Rs 30100 for example, it will not apply, the broker will round it off to 30,000.
    Yes, for you guys who don’t have import permit… if you exceed that limit per item, the charge is 60%.
    Before it was 20% from Rs 1000 to 10,000:::: which has been raised to Rs 30,000.
    If you want to item valued more than 30,000 then you should register yourself at customs, and you pay a fix 15% independent of the value.

  • One more thing, the figures are for electronic goods like mp3 players, phones for personal uses, tablets, camera… not for other categories of products… because some are exempted and some are not.
    similar for a car, your custom clearance is approx. 137% of its value.

  • What do you mean “you pay a fix 15% independent of the value.”?
    Take for example, the item is valued at Rs40k and a first time buyer, being non-registered at the MRA.

    As far as I’m concerned, I know that I am registered to the MRA ever since I cleared my camera out of the customs.

  • Inf

    You need a permit to import a mobile phone? What about a laptop? It uses Wifi, so wireless. Again permit? That’s ridiculous!

  • As I said, I dont have the list but as far as I know gadgets and routers need that permit. Mobile phones no. Laptops/tablets dont know.

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  • Shashi

    Do you mean that buying a used mobile phone and/or used iPod from Ebay, we need a clearance from the ministry of commerce.

  • You read it right.

  • anujpunk

    Hey! What was the value of the phone?

  • does this part about rs 30 000 apply this December 2012?

  • Even officials could not give a date but normally yes.

  • I have just ordered a laptop costing about $1,250, shipped through USPS, iHave been informed it will take about 10working days before it gets here. Can you pls estimate what iHave to pay for. And what processes iWill go through when iAm needed to retreive it from customs.
    ps: iAm an int’l student.


  • Hello.
    Wow, that gonna cost you a bit.
    First of all, you will need a customs broker to clear it out of the customs. That will be of some additional cost. + you will need to pay apprx 15% VAT + some Rs100 postal fee.

    You should read the posts concerning ebay on my blog. You will get everything you need.

    Try to call the numbers I provided because things might be different for you, as a non mauritian.

  • LOoci

    Hi,it’s a very interesting post that you have, thanks a lot for all the info.
    Am here as am a frequent buyer from ebay. But yesterday I discovered a few other web sites such as https://www.tigerdirect.com that might ship to Mauritius and they do have excellent deals. I found out that you can open a P.O box in USA,have your items shipped to that P.O (that is own by aother company) who will then ship to you. It’s is a very interesting way to get things here,but still need to check out the prices etc. My question would be if any of you guys know a few websites that do ship to Mauritius with very good deals.(trusted ones).

    Its rare to have nice people at the customs,they always try to fck you one way or the other,so you better know your rights. Thanks a lot for sharing and keeping us updated. If I might add a suggestion, might be you could create a post where peeps would put their best deals on websites they bought and had a good experience.

  • Thanks for the heads-on. iHave read it. How different might things get for me as a non-mauritian?

  • You MIGHT have additional procedures or charges. This should be confirmed by phoning the customs.

  • i have just Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3113 8GB Wi-Fi, 7 in. Dual Core – Titanium Silver on ebay costing $ 215.99+ shipping $ 30 Can you pls estimate what iHave to pay for. And what processes iWill go through when iAm needed to retreive it from customs. ?????

  • did you pay tax 15%????

  • about 156 USD

  • No!
    it was sent as gift
    i had been sent a RED paper for collection of it at my local post office
    not the YELLOW paper
    The YELLOW paper means you need to get it out of MRA customs

    I didn’;t paid anything 😀
    i bought many stuffs includng alarm system
    ddnt paid nything

  • Hi Yashvin, how can I order a package from newegg.com to Mauritius? Using USPS, UPS,FedEx or DHL. please reply.

  • Hello.
    I don’t want to sound bad but you should read a site properly before even thinking to use it.

    If you had taken care to click on the FAQ page, you would have get the answer, which is, I quote:
    “Newegg.com does not ship internationally. We ship within the United States and to Puerto Rico and APO/FPO addresses only.”

  • good, saw that. thank you. m thinking of sending it to a US address, then they’ll have it shipped to Mauritius. Merci.

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  • Fedex sent me a notif saying “A confirmation of the value of goods is required”
    Can any1 help me?

  • rbwr

    try dx.com (all free shipping)

  • hi yashvin i had bought a used mixer abt rs 3689 and had to pay a courtiere maritim ok so now i am buying a djm 303 new its abt rs 12 450 and its exceeding 10 k so wat will happen now how much will i pay

  • You should read the latest post. Things have changed. Mo more Rs10k limit.

  • Hi Yashvin, is there any issue with shipping laptops with built-in batteries like d mbp? would fedex or dhl have problems delivering the package (laptop)? Please reply. Thanks

  • Hello.

    I haven’t heard any of these cases but to be sure, you can try phoning to the customs or even DHL. They should be able to help you on your case.

  • Krishley

    Hi Yashvin,

    Thanks for all the information about purchasing a product on ebay….that definitely helps a lot! I have question though. I have ordered lots of stuffs on ebay in the past and i always took delivery at the central post office. I also paid the taxes there. Now i’m planning to order a camera on ebay and have it shipped through DHL. The only thing i know is that the camera is going to be delivered in front of my door. So how do i pay the taxes or any other fees etc…?


  • Hello.

    DHL will call you and tell you the amount you should pay. You will have to pay it to the delivery courrier boy.

  • Krishley


  • Hello Yashvin!

    Really found ur blog interesting and helpful. i have a question regarding my recent purchase on ebay. I bought a laptop and it is being delivered by UPSP Priority Mail. Will i receive the item at my door or will i have to collect it at the post in PLouis.

    Also i bought a router and had to present a release from the ICTA as u said it is a real PITA! and now the post send me a notice that i have only 15 days to collect the item otherwise it will be returned back! the problem is that it would take at least 2/3 weeks to get that release!

    What should i do in this situation and should i pay any demurrage fee?


  • Hello.

    You will need to call at the central postal office for the laptop and pay the VAT etc.
    As for the router, I have not gone through this process personally but at the time of the writing, they told me that it will take that long. Perhaps things have changed now, hopefully.

    Try to start the procedures asap and please keep me informed so that I can update the article accordingly.

  • georgebush

    can we buy sex toy from ebay and what is the custom cost and clearence fee i have to pay

  • stebane

    hi yashvin i bought a pair of sneakers on ebay , like i use ebay only once in a year or so but i rarely buy with usps first class only pirority and express but i just bought one pair of sneakers with first class mail so approximately how many days do i have to wait?? its already been 14 days!!!

  • 2-4 weeks

  • deepak

    hello yashvin, I just bought a graphics card from ebay and it will come
    through dhl. SO IF I comprend bien , they will delivered it to my place,
    and i think i have to pay them the fees or customs or vat whatever. But
    i want to collect it directly at dhl is it possible

  • Exact. Call DHL to change the delivery. Normally, DHL should call you to confirm payment.

  • deepak

    Great just awesome thanks first time something coming through dhl for me

  • USPS express delivery

    already Processed Through Sort Facility

    Feb-01-13, 22:51 PM, ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)

    How much time exactly can i get it almost?
    i guess its fast :O

    but um
    i wanna confirm something with you
    its a 280 dollars package
    i told the seller ( a toprated one) to send it as gift
    i dunno if he actually did it :O

    USPS package should be collected at general post office?
    I bought it on thursday, in how many days approximately will i get it?:D

    Worrying about the 15 % vats 😛

  • Anita seethul

    Hi, I wanted to know if i buy perfum for u.s.a i will get probleme with customs?

    It will coast me about $ 80 for 2 bottle of perfume i will pay something on it in mauritius? Thank you for your answer.

  • YAshvin
    Custom duty?
    I got the notice from customs today
    need to fetch it tomorrow
    The price which i will give
    will they Cross check that from ebay?

  • No but if they have any doubt abt the price, they might evaluate them again

  • I don’t know if perfumes have duty but you who’ll need to pay the vat footed sure.

  • Loll, just replied above.

  • Yes, you can but you should call the customs to be sure abt the type of toy.

  • James

    Hi Yashvin,
    I bought a bag for approx $ 41 (around Rs 1200)
    Will I have to pay VAT to remove it out of customs when the item reach Mauritius?
    And what is custom duty? Have to pay another fee too? O.o
    Please reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks. 🙂
    By the way…great blog…great info!!

  • Yes, bags have a duty of 15 or 30%. I have written this somewhere on the blog. And of course, the VAT. And the postal fee of about Rs50-100.

  • Warren

    hi i want to buy an used smartphone on ebay can you help me how may i processe?

  • Please read this and the post related:

  • Warren

    how to get the permis with icta? to buy used item

  • yovenc

    Hi yashvin..
    Am planning to buy a slr camera for a budget around rs20000 on ebay..
    Will DHL deliver it to my place or i have to go to the post… ?
    how much is the vat for rs20000?

  • thomas

    how much time does it take for a parcel to reach from china?? its been nearly one month and no sign of it?? the seller told be between 20-30 days?? has anyone had this kind of problem

  • Sammy

    Bush looking for sex toy.

  • hi yashvin, again about sextoy.
    where can i have the info which 1 is illegal in mauritius.

  • Hello.
    You need to call the MRA (Telephone numbers available somewhere in the posts) or just go to the parcels office and talk with one of the custom officers.

    No need to be ashamed 😛

  • thanks alot

  • hi yashvin , nice blog, i wanted to ask something, i recently purchased a goophone y5 on ebay and it is the exact replica of the iphone 4s, i have the paypal receipt and everything and it cost around 6000 rs. the problem is that it comes with the same box as the iphone 4s original and it is with the apple logo, do you think the customs will know how to distinguish between fake and original phone, im guessing maybe i will have to pay tax on the original cost of the iphone 4s . any ideas if that is the case???? thks for answering and keep up the good werk 🙂

  • Hello.

    As long as you have your receipts, you got nothing to worry 🙂

  • Ashive

    Sanjoo, please share the info! thanks!

  • Muzzammil

    what service u use for the forwarding?

  • i have a question. i’m planning to purchase a laptop around $900. Will the shipping cost be included in the total amount? It will exceed $1000 if the shipping cost is included and i don’t want to acquire the help of a custom broker.

  • Sorry to be rude but how can I know if the price you are paying has shipping included? The law is like that! If you don’t want a customs broker, then you should try to bribe the officers at your own risk!

    Can’t understand how some people can be so stupid! This is perhaps the first time I’m so rude in here!

  • no on ebay the price listed is around $900. but along with the shipping costs it will exceed $1000. i’m just asking if when i’ll fetch my laptop, will they include the shipping cost or will they ignore it. For example, if i want to buy this laptop: http://www.ebay.com/itm/160974900573?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

    It’s my first time shopping online. I’m sorry if my question was stupid but i hope you understand.

  • Okay, sounds better now that you have phrased your question correctly.
    The custom officers can include up to 70% of the shipping costs into the total amount they use to calculate vat charges and if any customs broker is needed. If possible, try to look for a slightly cheaper deal to avoid taking any risks.

  • ok. thanks…

  • Rishi

    Hi, am trying to import a motherboard that has WiFi access point on it, I think that requires permit from ICTA but do they really go as far as checking the specs of an item to determine if a permit is needed at the customs? Anyone had this experience?
    The mobo: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5K3_DeluxeWiFiAP/#specifications

  • Hello.

    No, I confirmed with the customs. Only routers require an ICTA permit.
    Thank you for your visit,

  • Rishi

    Are you sure? Cause I actually called the ICTA, talked to an “officer” and although she didn’t sound certain, she did say I should check in the radio comm. type approval list, if it’s not there I should apply for the permit (which is a nightmare to fill, given required docs), in spite of laying emphasis that it is just a mobo.

    Seems like we have 2 versions here, you confirmed with Customs, I got another version from ICTA… but in the end, I thk it’s up to the Customs right? Would you deem it safe to import the mobo anyway?

    Say I actually need a permit, what would happen then? Any experience with getting an unauthorised mobile/router (i thk it’s mobile also cause the type approval list has lots of phones too)?
    Ref: http://www.icta.mu/radiocommunication/list_of_equipment.htm

  • Better to get confirmation again from customs directly. They will be the ones to redirect you to ICTA in case you need a permit. The last time I called, they said that only routers need the permit. Mobiles/laptops/tablets etc are not in that “list”.

  • Rishi

    Hmm, ok thanks, I’ll do that, but I didn’t get an answer for the last questions. Say I actually import it, they redirect me to ICTA, what will they do? Charge a penalty and give product or, dnt know, destroy it? Any experience with that?

  • Probably just wait for you to get the permit.

  • Jn

    Hello, if I understood this correctly does this mean that if I buy an item costing $54 (that’s including shipping cost, total in Rs. 1679.40) it will be exempted from Customs duty fees and VAT since it’s less than Rs 2,000?

    I’m a first time online buyer and I would’ve been completely ignorant of this if not for your blog (I think mauritius needs a more active blogsphere/online sphere in general for things like that)

  • You read it right. And you can be lucky to get it delivered directly to your home address in case it is not bulky.

    The Mauritian blogosphere is kindda dormant right now, unfortunately 🙁

  • nawfal10

    hii…..srry mo p Dranz ou mai mo p envi pran 1 kindle fire hd lr amazon….li $199(environ rs6100) …eski ou kpav gueT shipping la comier pou mOa sVp…ek 1 lot question encore …kan li vin maurice product la mo bzin ale pran li la post sa ou li pu vine livre ct mOa…ek eski comien mo bzin paye tax tousala merci :)..guet link la la!!http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Fire-HD/dp/B0083PWAPW/ref=sr_tr_sr_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365933833&sr=8-1&keywords=kindle+fire+hd

  • pooja

    hi yashvin plz help mi how to buy in EBAY… am a bit confuse about bid?? to rate? if i buy an item free shipping i hav to pay vat? i realy don’t understand… sory 4 lot of question AM NEW IN EBAY?? help me wiz full respect…

  • nireshis

    Helo, did you recieve your product? how much you paid for the custom??

  • nireshis

    Hello Yashvin

    Quoting from the speech:

    ” …But please remember that refurbished or used items need special permits from the Ministry of Commerce…”

    Can you clarify more about this statement?
    Many people are bidding on items that ‘used’, how will this affect the delivery procedure in Mauritius?

  • Hello.

    Unfortunately, once the item reaches Mauritian customs, they will probably hold it. You will be notified by post and when you go to the parcel office, you will be informed that you need that permit. From that point, you either get that permit or you abandon your item.

    Hope that I replied your query.

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  • Savoureux Nicholas

    i buy an Xbox360,i got a really good deal about $20 🙂 what will be the process to collect it pls…….helpppppppppp

  • You are kidding! How can an xbox cost $20?

  • Savoureux Nicholas

    hehe…yes my friend 20bucks…. Great deal ..but its only the console and the controler…

  • Is it a new item?
    (This will help me to answer you).

  • Savoureux Nicholas

    no used item…

  • Damn! This changed everything. You will now need to hire a customs broker who will have some paperworks to do to get a permit from the ministry of commerce.

    This means, additional costs + time.

  • Savoureux Nicholas

    piff…!! and i just get a letter from the post office and i confirm your answer i will have to pas some additional cost to get my stuf thanks a lot Yashvin its really help me ..see u..

  • Wished that you read my post earlier!

    Keep me informed! Anything you share here can prove beneficial to someone else.

  • Khavish A. Bhundoo

    Hello Yashvin ,

    I need to buy a used HDD PCB board from ebay($59) but i don’t want to take the hassle to get the permit/ cannot afford it to lost.If i ship by fedex will they take care of the proceedings and deliver in @my place.Any idea about the amount i need to pay to fedex guys.Weight is less than 1kg for sure {its just a circuit board}.Shipping is free but i need to ask the seller if he ship by fedex.Its my first buy

  • Impossible to say. You need to ask your seller.

  • Yush Na

    hi yashvin hope you are well, i need to purchase some light weight dumbbells from ebay 10 kg each, and the package is 21 kg total, and cost around 1700rs. can i know if i have to pay for the extra weight at the customs, as the shipping is free, thks

  • Hello.
    No charges for weight, dont worry 🙂

  • Jeffrey

    E stp to pran ban zafer lor ebay ??

  • Anil nc

    Hi, I have an USB Dongle which holds license for my software. Suddenly it stopped working and I must send it for free replacement to USA. While they send me the new one, will I have to pay any duty or custom documents to collect it? Will they question what software etc? Or can I just tell its like a pen drive? It looks like a pen drive or flash drive.

  • Probably no because as you said, it is a replacement. You just need to present all the documents including the postage receipt and a notice that it is an official replacement. Insist politely that it is a replacement and they can investigate if they want.

  • Anil nc

    Thanks for your reply. Do they also ask for MRA registration etc, if I said it is to hold license for a software? Being a Indian with Resident permit in Mauritius, my income is not much that I should register at MRA.

  • Now that you said that you have a resident permit, I don’t know if you have other procedures to follow because normally, everything I publish is in regards to Mauritians. But I think that the best thing to do is to bring every document you have so as to avoid them sending you back bare hands.
    Do let me know if there’s any update. It might be of help to somebody else looking for information.

  • François

    Hi, I am planning to buy a NEW mobile phone from ebay and ship it here using DHL. Will DHL make the necessary to obtain the permit for me or must I apply for one myself? Please let me know.

  • Hello.

    You don’t need any permit for new mobile phones, don’t worry.
    And in case, there is a need for a permit, DHL will normally handle everything.

  • François

    thanks for the reply. About the permits, in this article you wrote “equipment with wireless communications need another permit from the ICTA” – does this apply to mobile phones? Do you have any recent experience purchasing a new phone from ebay/any online shops using Fedex/DHL and about the permits?
    Does Fedex also deliver at your place like DHL? Thank you.

  • I think that I wrote it somewhere else, equipement like mobile phones and tablets are exempted from this permit. In fact, the customs look for the ICTA permit if you are importing network related equipment like wifi routers.

    As for Fedex services, i guess that you will need to confirm with them because I had to collect one of my items “shipped through fedex” from the parcel office. And yes, I did import a mobile phone ( http://www.yashvin.net/2012/06/htc-chacha/) as well as a tablet ( http://www.yashvinblogs.com/google-nexus-7/)

  • Normally, you should hire a customs broker (courtier maritime) or get in touch with the Ministry of Commerce for doing the necessary paperworks.

  • Baseermafia

    On gov.mu, they told to hire a custom broker AND get in touch with the concerned Ministry. Where can I get a custom broker @yashvinawootar:disqus if you know some numbers lemme know. Thanks in advance.

  • I had a broker but I don’t have any contact with him anymore unfortunately. If you ask the customs officers, they might recommend someone to you.

  • Baseermafia

    Its quite confusing. While navigating on gov.mu, I could see different versions, somewhere it is mentioned, you need an import permit for second hand accessories/parts, and somewhere else its mentioned you need one if you are importing second hand accs/parts for RESALE. And one top of that, no where else show how one can apply for same. Customs officer at parcel post?

  • Yeah, zot meme!

  • Razzack Mohammad Soheb

    eski capav import medcine? i.e multivitamin tablets

  • You need to make sure that they can be imported without specific prescriptions or permit. I think that you can meet the pharmacist there on weekdays during lunch time or send a letter to the pharmacy boards if I’m not mistaken. Same applies for body supplements.

  • Washila

    Dear ,
    I’ve brought 10 tablet pc for the first time ( which mean i dont have import permit ) and it’s cost is Rs15,600 . How much will i have to pay for the taxes .

  • 15% vat but that’s for sure, they will see that you are importing for commercial purposes. So, you might have other procedures unless you are lucky. Unfortunately, I have no details concerning commercial imports.

  • Dina

    If I buy an item on ebay (free shipping) under Rs1,000.. will they charge me here in mauritius? Thanks

  • Nops. You won’t be charge and probably an item of that value might be delivered to your house directly if there are no restrictions on it.

  • Yashvin, I have a parcel which i need to go and fetch, not yet got the letter for delivery, so basically i should wait for the letter?

    Going through the tracking in mauritius post.com/ iguess i get the following

    They did not even phone me , so what the hell did they input adressee not available? what should i do? i mean i am supposed to wait for a letter right?

    And on USPS website, it mentions

    Attempted Delivery – Item being held, addressee being notified
    Your item could not be delivered on November 11, 2013 at 8:39 am in PORT LOUIS A PARCELS , MAURITIUS due to the addressee not available at time of delivery. It is being held while the addressee is notified.

    seriously i wonder

  • Yeah, you need to wait for that letter, even if your tracking shows that your parcel reached here.

  • Khalid Joomun

    Hello I’m new to Ebay. I’m planning to buy a PS3 Rs7500 kitsoz. What are the additional fees when i go to fetch it.

  • Hi.
    Add 15% VAT on Rs6500 (that is, 7500-1000)
    + some rs50-100 fee for the post office.

  • MrDodo

    does anyone know if an ICTA permit is needed for wireless IP Camera?

  • Normally no but I can’t confirm.

  • Javed Varsally

    Can i buy perfume like diesel,paco rabane, hugo boss,etc from any online shop? Wondering whether only Mado has the license….but i will buy max 3 edts….

  • Yes, you can.

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  • Brian Lee Kien On

    Hey Yashvin,
    When shipping via Fedex do you still require a custom broker?
    I mean doesn’t Fedex have their own in-house custom brokers?


  • Hi.

    I know that DHL does everything for you but once a mobile phone was shipped via FedEx, and I had to fetch it personally at the customs and settle the account there.

  • Naresh Seeboruth

    Hi Yashvin,really sry to bother u n take your time,i know you are very busy,i read many of your posts,i found it really interesting with all necessary informations,n it helped many people.in fact I needed a help regarding buying things on ebay,I’m a frequent buyer from ebay,buying several gadgets sometime every months.recently I was planning to buy a smartphone which USED,but after I read your post,i came to know that,for used items,we require a special permit from ICTA.so my question is how do I apply for this permit,do I have to pay for it,if yes about how much if the phone is costing less than 10k,or if it cost more than 10k,and lastly,when should I apply for this permit,before my item reach Mauritius or after? am really sorry,i know that sometimes these msgs and questions are sometimes annoying,but please I really need help I this matter,thanks in advance for your help dude

  • Hi.

    No worry, I’ll answer that question to clear any doubts.

    First of all, used items need a permit from the Ministry of Commerce, not ICTA. Normally, an ICTA permit is needed for items which use telecommunication frequencies and mobile phones are exempted from that permit. So, no worry on that side.

    Now, for that Used items permit, you will need to hire a customs broker. He will do the necessary paperworks (unless you already know how to proceed yourself). But, I strongly recommend people not to buy used items, especially online.

    Lastly, coming to the limit, you probably read an old thing, that Rs10,000 limit has been increased to Rs30,000. Great thing since you can import more expensive items without the need to pay any additional amount.

    Feel free to ask any questions 😉

  • Naresh Seeboruth

    thanks a lot for your quick response,but when you say mobile phones are exempted from that permit,you mean to say that I do not need a permit for the phone am buying even though it is used?

  • You don’t need the ICTA permit but you will need the ministry’s permit. I recommend you to call the customs to make sure that they haven’t change anything.

  • Naresh Seeboruth

    ok right,how can I contact them,i will probably have the numbers in gov.mu,i guess right?

  • All the numbers are somewhere in my posts about ebay.

  • Muhammad Aftab

    hi ,

    Can i get more info about this plz,

    actually i already buy 25 clothes from a shop in dubai(free shipping),it will take around 2 week to reach mauritius,must i have a busines permit to get it and must i pay at fee at custom to get it??

  • It seems so logic that you might probably need some business permit because I don’t think that you are buying 25 clothes just for you. Unfortunately, I do not have any information regarding business imports.

    If the items are really for your personal use, you will be required to pay the normal 15% vat and a postal storage fee of around Rs100.

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  • Heetesh Bolah

    Hello, I have been reading your blogs regarding ebay shopping and its very useful. However since I am a first time buyer, I am still not sure about the procedures involved when buying an ipad. Can you help please?

    Where does the product gets delivered, at home or at the custom’s office(as I thought at home; which the case when I bought some books delivered by UPS)?

    Any additional fees to be paid for an item around $700? so that I plan the budget and know what will it cost in total.

    Thank you in advance. Keep up the good work.

  • Hello Heetesh.

    I know that feeling when you are buying for the first time. I have already explained everything on the blog, but nevertheless, I will quickly reply to your questions.

    If your item (ipad) is valued at $700, the customs will definitely hold it for verification at the central parcel office and payment of VAT of 15%. However, you have probably heard about the ICTA approval. You will need to contact the ICTA to get a free approval letter so that you can clear the item out of the customs. Have a look at the recent posts, you will find the link.

    If you have any other questions, just ask 😉

  • Heetesh Bolah

    Thank you for your answer. I’ve read your blogs but wanted to confirm if it was the same for all products and if shipping is done at home or we always have to go to the custom or does it depend on the company doing the shipping. Will check further for the ICTA

  • My pleasure to help 😉

  • Hadi

    HEy guyz.. I have just ordered a pharmaceutical product DAA-Ultra which basicaly increases the Testosterone level in your body its actually for Bodybuilders and i have recieve a card from my post officewhich says Customer Assessment and Delivery Advice all i need to know what basically is the process from there..ans is there any fees? the product costs about 800RS…and where should i pick it up?

  • Doesn’t it mention whether you can pick it up in your local post office or in the Central Parcel Office, Port Louis?

    As far as I know, these type of products are delivered in Port Louis, after they get it checked by a Pharmacist there.

  • Did you buy a phone or something? Does fedex ship phone batteries to mauritius?

    There is shipping problem. Fedex don’t ship cellphone to your country ( Mauritius)
    because The battery is dangerous items. your country don’t receive battery.

    Please check your custom’s policy. Call Mauritius’s Fedex.


    the seller just told me this

    so i’m wondering what to do

  • I’m not aware of this. Can’t ur seller use other shipping companies? Just try to ask.

  • I tried with another seller. he said

    “Thanks for your letter .We have been shipped the phone with battery via FedEx to mauritius .
    There are no problem .
    Have a nice day .”

    I Will give fedex a call tomorrow i guess

  • Okay. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  • Ian Kurcy

    Some comments here don’t stick to the blog details. I’ve bought a mobile costing Rs6800.00. On the tracking it says arrival at border point of destination country, MUPLUC. What are the remaining steps to be done? Please really need help, this is my first transaction on ebay. Thanks to reply asap.

  • You unfortunately can’t do nothing other than waiting. Try calling the Central Parcel Office to inquire about your item and tell them that the tracking has not been updated since long. They will then check on their own systems to verify the status.

  • wait. the parcel office will send you a notification i guess

  • Ezyco

    Hi. Could someone tell me what I should do if i buy mobile phones on “aliexpress.com” and choose DHL as shipping method? Do I need to send a mail to ICTA or have any other documents? DO i still have to go to the post office.., etc… I never bought anything online so bear with me.

  • Hi.

    As written in one of my recent articles, you don’t need that ICTA permit anymore if you are importing mobile’s for personal use. However, if the customs ask you for a clearance letter, then you should get in touch with ICTA.

  • Ezyco

    Thx mate, your blog is great, keep it up. 🙂

  • Thank you!

  • Ashley Kathy

    slt, ki permi mo bizin avan mo asT ene MOBILE lor internet et kt gagn sa? eski li payen sa permi la? MERCI

  • Kyle Heeramun

    Hi, just wanted to ask if i bought a new mobile phone around $600 + $40 shipping, do i need to pay for additional charges like vat or duty? also, can i tell the seller to list the price lower than rs 2000 to not pay the vat(if i have to pay), I mean is it posssible? Thkss

  • Normal vat charges, no duty.

  • Kyle heeramun

    Is vat still applicable for fedex packages? or they are just going to deliver it at my house instead of the central parcels office without paying the vat.

  • Yes, it is applicable as long as it is above the rs2000 mark.

  • Kyle heeramun

    Okay thks, Helped a lot

  • nuz

    hi…….mne aste linge online (indian clothes) pa lor ebay……m bill in arrive 12000….eski m pu bzin pay custom duty e tax kan sa pu vin moris……..

  • Hi.

    Normally only VAT.

  • nuz

    thnks for replying me…..must say u r doing a good job by helping people like us………..

  • My pleasure 🙂

  • nuz

    sorry encore mw mem si li ti enba 10000 si m ti pu pay vat la…..

  • Yes, apartir rs2000 normalement

  • Bisham

    Hello Yasvin. I am allowed to to import edible ink for printers?

  • Hello.

    Yes, no restrictions on ink as far as I know.

  • Bisham

    Gr8. Thx 4 your help.????

  • Normally, even DHL will require you to pay those custom charges but I know several persons who didn’t have to, luckily for them.

  • Keshav

    Hi Yashvin,
    Thanks for the awesome article. I just bought an Iphone 6 and as the price of the phone + shipping exceeded $1k, i contacted the seller and told him to undervalue the product which he did ($799) and he told me he’s going to declare it as a gift. The shipping is via Fedex, i thought that they will be delivering the item to my doorstep and that they’ll be getting it out of the customs but since i’m not sure, can you please confirm this? I just want to know what i should do 🙂

    BTW, here’s the tracking img, i’m really excited .

    Thanks in adv!

  • Hi.

    Thank you for your comment.
    Well, I purchased with “FedEx” several times and each time, I had to go to the central parcel office to fetch my item. It was not a door delivery, as expected. I am not sure how they work but one thing for sure, DHL delivers to your doorstep.

  • Keshav


    Thanks for the fast reply. I just have one last question, is it possible to get my Fedex package shipped via DHL in Mauritius? Sorry if this question sounds stupid, but i would prefer to get the product at my doorstep. Please let me know if you’ve done this before or if you have had similar experience.

    Thanks in adv.

  • I don’t think so. Never heard of this lol

  • Keshav

    Hahaha.. Just want to share my experience till now, today at around 10 am Fedex MU called me, the guy on the phone asked me whether i have a broker or not to get the phone out of customs, they told me they can provide me with a broker if i want to, of course at a price..since i told the seller to undervalue the item under $1k i was pretty sure that i don’t need a broker (thanks to your helpful post Yashvin).. he then told me to wait and he confirmed that the phone is valued at around Rs 27k.. Then he made some amendments to my “receipt” and he told me that MRA tax (15%) is payable upon delivery… So they are going to deliver it at my doorstep anyways 😀

  • I’m glad that this post was of great use to you since it avoided you from being fooled by FedEx! I will just request you to share the link among your friends to spread the word. Thanks again for your comments. 🙂

  • EL Longo Nathan

    Hey Yashvin, is it allowed to purchase a pepper spray for own security purposes (can use it on stray dogs…) Something like this:


    Thanks 🙂

  • Absolutely no. It is considered as illegal and police will immediately collect you directly from the post office.

  • Qualified Engineer

    Hello yashvin, just to make a clear…
    If I but something from ebay and only if the price exceeds 2000rs then I need to pay 15% Vat

  • Yes.

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  • Shuaib_AppleiPhone

    I actually want to buy an Apple iPhone 6 from Apple Store Online…its priced at $649 and theres free shipping…
    Id like to know how much it will actually cost me to get the product here ? i still didnt understand the VAT thing etc…please help !!!

  • Without being an Apple fan, I don’t think that Apple store ships to Mauritius. So please check this beforehand. As for cost, you will pay 15 % vat when the item reaches the Mauritius Post, as simple as that.

  • Anil

    i want to order an android tv box, it costs $60

    The issue is that it supports dual wifi bands 2.4GHz and 5GH. Can you please tell me if customs will block this item?
    Thank you

  • Hello.
    Normally, customs does not block these items anymore. please read my update above.

  • Anil

    thanks a lot for your quick reply.

  • pprav05

    Hi, you remember I posted a comment somewhere else on your blog in which I said I’m going crazy about why package/projector has still not arrived?

    Well, I called Mauritius Post in the afternoon. They told me that they have already sent my package to my post office..but to my great surprise instead of sending it to Riv. des Anguilles, they sent it to Riv. du Rempart post office!!!

    My pain was just about to begin when I called the Post Master -Riv. du Rempart (he was being a jerk). I gave him my tracking number..

    WELL WELL WELL.. He told me that this package was on SOMEONE ELSE NAME!! (He also told me that another guy (a third person) also called him with the same tracking number)

    On top of that, this particular person has already taken/acknowledge the package today.. How is that even possible???!!!

    Now this is driving me crazy..
    Good part is that I received a full refund from paypal today itself after opening a case..

  • LOL!

    That’s the most absurd story I read about Mauritius Post. How can there be 2 parcels with same tracking number. Imagine the other guy who purchased a $1 item and when collecting the parcel, he received a projector lol!

    Anyways, thanks a lot for the update! And good luck for next time 😉

  • pprav05

    I called Mr Lollbeehary from Mauritius Post’s Enquiry department(2082851) this morning before leaving for work. He told me he has received numerous complains (nearly hundreds) of same nature these days. They are mainly from people buying from China and Singapore. So buyers beware.. I think a big fraud is going on from chinese and singaporian sellers on Ebay.

    So, I don’t know what’s really going.. Maybe you should too give him a call and write a small article about that..

    Again thank you very very very much for your blog Mr Yashvin.. And thank you for taking your time to reply to every comment.

  • Thanks but the merit also goes to all those who make this blog active 😉
    It is rather difficult to say why these parcels get lost. There’s even an article on the blog on this topic : http://www.yashvinblogs.com/lost-parcels-in-mauritius/

    That’s why, I always prefer to look for an item located in United Kingdom (2 weeks delivery time – 99% of parcels received) or the United States (3-4 weeks delivery time – over 80% of parcels received).

  • Asheel Ramgoolam

    ive bought a mobile phone worth rs 3400 on ebay And its new.its free shipping and the weight is 160grams. my question is do i have to pay more fees when come to mauritius or do i have to go at portlouis (LADOINE) to pay more?? thanks 🙂

  • Hello.
    Normally, you might need to pay VAT on an amount of around Rs1400.

  • Asheel Ramgoolam

    ok thanks and where shoud i go??

  • Central Parcel Office once you get a card from the post office.

  • Asheel Ramgoolam

    hummo k thx 🙂

  • Mr_wife

    What scam are you talking about? The only scam i read here is that Parcel Post PLouis sent your projector (with you full name and address, postcode) to the wrong local post-office. From there, the staff gave your parcel (with your name on it) to someone who presented his national ID. Does that person also bear your name?

    It should be possible from the registry of deliveries of RivRempart post-office to find out who that person is. To me this is a mistake of Parcel Post and the local post-office for handling a parcel with your name on it to the wrong person. To me you this is how you need to present this case to Customer Care and threaten them to make a complaint at your police station (this is a mistake but this is also theft. Police should investigate this.).

  • Mr_wife

    Do you know the reason why you need a broker that cost Rs 5000 for cameras that cost over Rs30K? What is his role in this transaction? I am looking at Nikon D750 which cost around Rs50K plus Rs3000 shipping.

  • Aks-SuperMan

    Hello yashvin i don’t know if you are still operating this blog but my question was i want to purchase a mobile phone of around $480. would i have to pay the 20% or not. It would be sent by Fedex.

  • Jean Wong

    hi Yasmin, recently I placed an order at Kleek.mu and paid by my credit card via pay pal. The seller (kleek.mu) is still waiting for the payment by pay pal after 4 days but in my pay-pal account it said that the transaction is completed and the recipient has received the money. I phone the company in Mauritius and they insist they are still waiting for the money and they also said that it is taking time because I made the payment from abroad. So how to sort out this issue , I need your help

  • XNi Ti Sha

    does this mean that i may now buy a new phone below Rs 30 000 on ebay ?

  • Yes

  • Vimal

    Hi Yashvin. I noticed many people mention electronic things are cheaper in Dubai. Would you know of any such website that would besed in Duabi, offer competitive prices like ebay and ship to mauritius?

  • Hi.
    I’ve been to Dubai once but couldn’t see a huge difference in price. I find the local price ok because despite we pay an additional vat of 15%, we also get warranty on the product.

    As for online shopping, I haven’t come across any of them. You can try ebay and in the search criteria, add location : UAE.

    Good luck!

  • Vimal

    Thanks. Actually there not many items available locally and on ebay and ali express they dont ship to mau, thus looking for feasible alternatives. Tried limiting location to UAE but none found lol.

  • Vimal

    Hi Yashvin, do you have any feedback on websites that provide parcel forwarding to mauritius? Example they give you a US addess and thus let you buy items available only in US on ebay and then they forward it to mauritius? Example http://www.borderlinx.com/.

  • Hello.
    Personally, I haven’t used any of them but I did hear good feedback. It normally works for our island. I should perhaps give it a try and write a post 🙂

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  • Mathieu

    Hello Yashvin I want to buy an iphone 6s on ebay at $545.09 (Rs19094.05) + A Shipping of $43.05(Rs1508.08) and could you tell me how much do i have to pay when it arrives please.

  • Hello.
    You might need to pay up to 15% of the total amount, as explained in the blog posts. Roughly a maximum of rs3000.

  • Mathieu

    hi man did you pay 15% of the vat?

  • ?Approve

  • deeseoul

    Hello Yashvin! I’m currently considering buying some skincare products online and i was wondering over the features of EMS shipping and whether it is worth it? Your advice would be very much appreciated.

  • Hi!
    Difficult to say. When shopping online, I normally just choose the default shipping, unless it is something really valuable whereby I use more reliable services like DHL.

  • hirako

    used motocycle parts ? asking me for permit how to get it ? (item value 128$)(weight 2kg ) any one know something about ?.

  • You will need a customs broker + a permit from Ministry Of Commerce + the usual VAT

  • Nat M

    Hello Yashvin,

    I need some clarification on a purchase that I recently made. I bought a saree from an online shop in India and it is due to get delivered by tomorrow. I got a call from a UPS lady this morning telling me that my parcel has been retained by custom and I will have to pay for a clearance fee of around Rs1000. The value of the saree is approx around Rs 2800. When I asked the lady to clarify as to why my parcel was retained and to explain abt the clearance fee, she was absolutely of no help. I dropped them an email but still awaiting their reply.

    So thinking that maybe you could clarify abt that custom clearance procedure meanwhile 🙂

    Thank you.

  • Hello.
    Normally, you should be paying the following :
    – VAT Charges of 15% of ( the total amount – Rs2000 exemption)
    – Post Office Fee (Around Rs50 to 100)

    Hence in your case, you should pay 15% of Rs800 = Rs120
    + Let’s say, Rs100 for the post office
    = TOTAL : Rs220

    Now, you haven’t told me about the shipping charges on your saree. Are they charging you the shipping fees?
    Or you already paid for them during the transaction?
    Normally, the customs can charge up to 80% of the shipping charges when calculating the VAT and in your case, there’s no way that the total amount justify the Rs1000 fee they are asking for.

    You absolutely need them to hand over the detailed costs.

    And please, do revert back if you have any updates;;;

  • Nat M

    Hi Yashvin,

    Thanks so much for the speedy response and very clear explanation! I actually got free shipping on the saree I bought, shipping usually costs abt 12 USD on that particular site.

    The amount that they are charging for custom clearance is ridiculous, unfortunately the UPS lady could not even explain the procedure to me! I’ll keep you posted and thanks again for providing all of us with such valuable info on your blog 🙂


  • Nat M

    Hi Yashvin,

    My parcel was delivered to me today by UPS and I had to pay them Rs 1215 for a saree costing 78 US dollars (approx Rs2880).

    Here are the details of the amount I had to pay them :

    Verification fee = Rs 50 + VAT = Rs 57.50
    Custom VAT = Rs 123.00
    Brokerage = Rs 900 + VAT = Rs 1035.00

    Total amount paid = Rs 1215.50

    After receiving the parcel, I called UPS again and managed to get hold of someone who could explain what the Brokerage fee was all about.

    I was told by a lady that Brokerage fee (Rs 900 + VAT) applies to any item costing more than Rs 2000, it is a fixed fee which is claimed by UPS for custom clearance.

    So basically if you are buying an item costing more than Rs 2000 and it gets delivered through UPS, you have to pay Custom Vat + Verification fee + Brokerage to them.

    I would love to know if anybody else encountered a similar situation with other Courrier Services concerning the Brokerage fee..

    Don’t even ask about how I feel concerning my experience with UPS 😉


  • Hi.
    Thanks for the update. I will try to get in touch with different companies to inquire about their brokerage fee and then write a post.


  • Yash Kool

    Hello Yashvin,

    I saw a comment on this post but I need more clarification. I bought some items from an online shop in India. It has already reached Mauritius on 08th July 2016 but Skynet called me to inform that custom has kept hold of my item and has told me to pay extra fees for broker, etc…
    Also, Skynet told me to send a receipt for the purchase because they think that the shop has sent a fake and undervalue receipt along with the package. I have already emailed them the receipt. Now it is tomorrow that the company will send the documents to a broker to start working on it. (They are delaying the process and I am in urgent need of the item)

    The total amount was about Rs 3800.
    As far as I understand I have to pay tax (15% x 1800)

    But why is there a need to pay for a broker? I buy a lot of things from Ebay and if ever it is more than rs 2000, I pay only the 15% tax on the exceeding amount but no fees for broker.

    Please can you clarify further.

    Thank you.

  • Several persons raised similar points. Some companies charge excessive fees and you can’t contest, except by refusing to collect and pay. In this case, you have been trapped at their game too, unfortunately.

  • Yash Kool

    Yeah exactly. I have to pay for the broker to be able to take my parcel now. Skynet is still delaying the process. I still have not received it since they are telling that the item is still at the airport.

    I will inform you when I receive my item.

    Thank you for your reply. 🙂

  • Many thanks for keeping me updated

  • Heetesh Bolah

    Does anyone have any experience ordering an item above Rs30k? What are the prodecures and cost? Should I look for a broker or the customs office can provide one?

  • Hello.
    You need to look for a customs broker yourself. He will then do the necessary paper works and call you when ready.