Additional eBay info for Mauritius

While going through the keywords used on my blog, I decided to provide the information people are actually “googling” around ;

Ebay and Mauritius

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Ebay, Paypal and Payment

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As far as payment is concerned, you need to know the following :

  • You need to have a paypal account and a credit card linked.
  • You CANNOT receive money on a paypal account registered in Mauritius, not yet.
  • The first time you link your credit card to paypal, you need to check the transaction code from your Internet Banking or your ATM statement.
  • MCB, SBM and paypal are 3 different things, completely separated. No use of searching for any related links lol


Ebay and Shipping

Keywords :
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  • Yes, many ebay sellers shop/deliver to Mauritius
  • If you are purchasing from the US, you might get Express Mail International, Priority Mail International, Expedited shipping or normal ones. Express Mail might take 4-5 days.
  • Hong Kong and China post are usually very slow, taking at least 2 weeks to reach Mauritius
  • Free shipping can take a hell of time to come to Mauritius, 3-infinity number of weeks.
  • All parcels held by Mauritius Customs can be retrieved from the Central Parcels Office of Port Louis.
  • Smaller and less valuable items can usually be delivered to home addresses in Mauritius.

You want to ask questions? Have a look at this article on Ebay and Mauritius.
The information and comments there might already answer most of your questions.

You can read about my ebay experience in this article. For those who missed that post, I purchased my DSLR camera online on ebay.

Comments are disabled on this post. Please ask questions on the links mentioned above.

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  • I have asked the custom officer about mobile phone,he said that no permit is requires for a new one!

  • Exactly, that’s what is written above. Permits applicable for not-new products and those which use some sort of transmission (other than mobiles).

  • Tladou

    what state should i select?

  • When you choose Mauritius (which has no state in case some of you ignore), just put N/A or NA in the state field.
    N/A = Not Applicable

  • Anonymous

    what is the post code for mauritius?

  • Anonymous

    what is the post code for Mauritius?

  • Anonymous

    what zip code did you used for your paypal Account?

  • Try 00230, 230, 00000 until one of them work.

    or perhaps 742CU001.

  • My postal code for the street address is blank. Just checked!

  • Anonymous

    so that post code is not that important for shopping online. Is it?

  • Anonymous

    there is also no csc on my credit card. what do i put in?

  • I wanted to know if we need to create an account on ebay before buying something?

  • Hello.

    Yes, if you want to buy something, you need an account. But it is not necessary to have one if you only want to browse the items (window shopping)
    If you are purchasing, you will also need to create a paypal account (and link a credit card).

    Happy Shopping!

  • Hello.. I would like to know if I can link an MCB bank account with my paypal account.?

  • Unfortunately no, not to a bank account. You need to have a credit card from any bank or perhaps the Smile Card from SBM. Read this post here :

  • R8_waz007

    hi are you.i really like your site, there are very importabt info am bout to buy something on ebay and how i should write my address?thanks

  • Hello R8_waz007.

    This post should answer your question :

    See you later,

  • R8_waz007

    thanks mate..cheers.but one last question do you have to include house number?cuz i dont think we have this..

  • Some of us might have one but you can omit these fields for Mauritius.

  • Shelvi29

     hello, i have a paypal account but its giving and i want to link my bank account with my paypal account but its giving me a us sample,what can i do cause i dont have a credit please ,thanks

  • wazeer u doing?hey i dont have a paypal account so can i pay with my credit card and as far as the city field is concerned, what i should write.port louis?hmm btw can i write flacq, because it is nearest to me.thanks in advance.

  • To buy on eBay, you absolutely need to create a PayPal account. Yes, you can write Flacq.

  • wazeer you need to link a credit card to your paypal account/can i use Maestro or i need different one?and if i purchase a product will they cut the cost directly in my bank account?and if a person refunds you from lets say ebay..will the money will be credited in my bank account?sorry for all these question.thanks.

  • Becky25

    hi Yashvin,

    im so glad i discovered your blog. How long does it take to ship using Priority Mail International from the US to Mauritius? I have a package that was mailed on April 20, it left the US on April 22 but there hasnt been an update since then.

    Also have you ever had a problem of having items stolen from your package?


  • Hello.
    Priority Mail international might take 2 weeks on average, 3 weeks max, unless I’m mistaken.

    No, I haven’t got any problems. Touch wood! 😛

  • I do not have the information right now but I think that Paypal might be accepting a wide range of cards.

    As far as I know, it will charge it on your paypal account which will then charge the amount onto your credit card, not onto your bank account.

    I haven’t got any refunds yet but I guess that someone else might reply this to you. Normally, I think that the refunded amount might be held onto your paypal account.

  • Shemaa D

    Hello. Do you know whether it’s possible to make payments on Ebay UK with a PayPal account linked to a credit card which is registered here in Mauritius. It seems that PayPal would not accept my credit card registered in Mauritius – since their billing address is limited to UK only. Any clarifications welcomed.

  • aroona

    Hello, I want to buy a product from ebay and have a credit card from the MCB actually. Can you please advise me on what i should do next in order to buy the product because they have mentioned paypal as mode of payment.

  • Hi! You are at the right place to ask this question 🙂

    Read this article, and you should be buying your product in the next mins :

    If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask it there itself.

  • Salinedion

    hi.. i just bought something on ebay. already paid for it, and now i am waiting for it to come to Mauritius. how will i get to know when the parcel reached Mauritius?? they’ll call or send me a letter or mail?? by the way, your articles helped me a lot. thank you very much for that..:)

  • Hi.
    Dont worry, you will receive a card in your letter box (if you have one :P) whether if your parcel is held by the customs or at your local post office. And if you have a tracking number, try to verify the status online.

    Dont hesitate if you have any questions.

  • resh

    Hi. I need ur help. I want to buy a dress from ebay.the seller is from china. In how many days will i receive it? And if i use dhl how much should i pay here in mauritius?

  • Hello.
    No, you can’t just choose to use DHL. The seller will specify the types of shipping he offers and you will pay the total directly on eBay itself. Normally from China, it can take up to 3-6 weeks.

  • resh

    What if i commit to buy then i dont want to purchase it,will the buyer accept to cancel it or will he report me? And can you tell me the dhl cost for a dress?

  • The price for shipping is written on the page where u choose your dress. He can report you, yes and ur account can be blocked. I don’t see why u want to do this, sorry.

  • i dont know what is state / province / region for Mauritius ” and the postal code
    can anyone help me

  • ravish

    Hello Brother.. i would to know if we can buy bodybuilding supplement online not for business but for my personal use. Thank you

  • Yes, this purchase is legal. You can start ordering 🙂

  • ravish

    Thank you brother !!! Which online store do you recommend me ??? These thing cost so much cheaper online. i’ll mostly take protein powder..

  • ebay 😛
    Cant advise you more on that lol.

  • Anthony

    I came thru your blog by coincidence. I have ordered two pairs of headlight lamps on the net from UK for my car. The parcel was dispatched October 12 thru Royal Mail and the delivery was targeted between 6 to 9 working days, Today 14 working days still have not received it yet. 3 weeks delivery lead time UK to MRU.
    Very slow and inefficient.

  • Akshay

    I am planning to buy a LG Optimus 2x but can’t seem to find it in Mauritius. Is it commendable to purchase it from Ebay? It is at $263. +15% vat from MRA??

  • Ebay is even more cheaper than most Mauritian shops and is as secure as buying at a local store.

  • Akshay

    ok! thanks

  • zaisha

    i don’t have any csc on my can i proceed

  • Which card is it?

  • zaisha


  • yasir

    what should i put for state/province for mauritius??

  • Leave it blank or put NA.

  • yasir

    ok..zn 4 z city i shud put p.louis??n z postal code 4 mru??/

  • Hey man great article… i was wondering something.
    Say i ordered and payed for a phone cover from Hong Kong (free shipment), how long of a time am i looking at here till it arrives???? And is it worth the wait????

  • miki Hecate

    i have a maestro card how do i buy from ebay with it?there is no option for maestro card? and what is the paypal?plz help me out

  • Guest

    What is the zip code for mauritius ?

  • i ever bought a used one
    they ddnt even notice 😉
    i got it shpped to my home too 😀

  • you are trying a debit card?

  • prince kaushik

    hey man tell me , in the state space i have put moka , what will happen

  • Nothing in fact. As long as your address is correct (with Moka, Mauritius), your item will reach home safely since the Mauritian post will deliver it correctly.

  • Yanik

    I cant link my sbi credit card with my paypal account… Solution please

  • Akshay Keshav

    i won to buy a smartwatch so how i can buy this

  • Hi.
    Start by registering on Ebay and get yourself
    ? a credit card or a prepaid card from the banks (MCB or SBM).

    Next, you look for your item on which can be shipped to Mauritius. ?

    Try this steps before I need to explain any further.

  • kaushikinsanekidz

    tell me buying laptop battery from ebay to mauritius is it legal or illegal

  • Hello.
    I don’t know if it is illegal but I’m aware that there are security issues during the shipping. I think that you need to call the central parcels office.

  • akshay

    why cant i use my mcb maestro card to register for paypal??? thnks

  • Is that a debit card? If yes, that’s the reason you can’t link it to a paypal account.