Do you believe in god?

Note : This is only my point of view…

You may not agree with me, and express ur own beliefs…

God is a figment of man’s imagination.
We YOU created him in our your undeniable lust for security and a need for purpose. God doesn’t exist. Until evidence is given to support His existence, no rational thinker can put faith into religion.

Its not a secret, I simply never believed in god…
Everybody in my surroundings know well how much i care for him, to such extent that during any hindou fast, i have either Chicken or lol “Mo saucisse et mo disefs” (copyright @mong colleagues)


I found no reason y i should follow those millions of ppl praying to those imaginary ‘creatures’ but nevertheless, i do respect their way of life…

One simple example, i quoted this today @ work….

This Sunday, i read in 5-Plus that a few hindou devotees owned their life to the “Kawal” they built and were carrying back to their village after their pilgrimmage to Grand Bassin. Some driver has unfortunately lost control of his car, hit with 3 of them and struck with the Kawal.
Those pilgrims feel that without their “kawal”, they would have probably lost their life…

If instead of wandering on the street, on their way to pray to ‘Him’, they would probably be at home and none of them would have been hurt in anyway, nor would have his leg plastered! lol !


The only times i go to Grand Bassin, is when we go out for Plucking Goyaves de Chine or for a picnic somewhere, with lots of food in the car 🙂
I think its the 4th year i havent gone there to “pray”…

Quite often, i like to question people:

To croire dan bondier?

While some of them would answer by a firm “OUI”, a few of them would reply back “wi imper imper”

How can u believe in something “imper”?
Its either a YES or a NO!


One simple reason y (some) ppl (especially youngsters) believe foolishly in God is because since their birth, they have been always been taught that ‘the one above’ will always here to help you in ur bad times, you must pray constantly, blabla….its because the way you were brought up.
just ask ur parents, they will continue the paragraph…

Not believing in god, keeps me open minded, enables me to understand other people in my surroundings, without first asking myself “hey malbar sa, non lascar, or even nation sa!”

Not believing in god gives me the liberty to believe in other things, use that time in a more constructive way doing things i like, spending time with PEOPLE WHO REALLY EXIST, instead of believing that one day, my wishes will be realized, probability -0.01 …


And what if its purely a coincidence that ur wish has been fulfilled?
Have u ever thought of that?

As said someone : “L’espoir fait vivre les imbeciles….”

I have stopped counting the number of time i get clashes at home, just because i dont follow the beliefs of my parents or my surroundings, or because i eat things which a hindou is not supposed to eat….

Hey u indian guy/gurl, have u ever tried Porc/Beef?
No? Perhaps you need to give it a try!

& what if one day u have nothing to eat, except some delicious miam miam, porc/beef meat?


God’ if ever u r reading my blog and dont like wat am saying here,
you, who possess all those powers,
ban my blog,
make my server hard disk crash,
Oh god, u can do everything, ya, really everything!

& y dont u leave a comment btw? LOL

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  • great topic! I don’t believe in what people call God. The only think I believe in is that religion is the greatest arnaque de l’histoire. Et dimune p continier perpetrate it till date! :S this shows how some are really… hmm.. imbecile.

  • vicks

    lotte zour la mem ti pe coz sa ek ene camarad..

    aufait imP couma toi.. IMP

    lol religion ena bannes benefits.. mais bizin connE ki pou fer.. choisir bannes zafer ki nice..

    like fasting lol.. its helps in cleansing .. check lor google bannes effects ki sa capve ena…

    also praying is a form of meditation.. sa ousi ena so bannes bien faits.. mais problems people zordi zour pas conne fer la priere.. so zotte pas pe benefit aucun bannes bien faits la..

    enfin. to cpave pas pratik aucun religion mais still perform some sort of meditation et cleansing 🙂

    religion is man made something pou fer dimoune peur.. to stick a bannes method ki sippoZe bon pou nou mem.. mais problem with time sa ine prend ene tournure ki pena aucun valeur aster..

    enfin.. si ena pou coz lor la.. ene tas capve ecrire.. mais mo atan dimoune flamme moi.. lerla mo reply lo 😉

  • Interesting blog entry.

    Being religious and being good are two very different things. Personally, I prefer being a good but not religious person than the reverse.

    Opinions may differ though 🙂

  • I’ve read that article in 5-plus about the “kawal” who kinda saved those people’s lives. I couldn’t help but smile while reading the article because it was somewhat ridiculous. The “kawal” was just there. Nothing more nothing less.
    Those people just needed an excuse to perhaps convince themselves that god actually saved them through the kawal. o.O

  • divana

    “show” me your pain, show me your love?
    Pain, love are feelings, true ya? do you need to prove it? no, ya?
    “God” was also “a feeling” that needs to be felt.

    Just church & you will find god everywhere in zis universe

    Now I have a question for you. If there is no God, where did we come from? You see people believe in the big bang,
    where two gases came together and bang here I am writing you on a computer. To me that takes much more faith
    than believing in God. Every time I walk outside and see nature I KNOW that it could
    not have happened by chance. They teach that evolution happened, but they can’t prove it!

    There are predictions in it that were made over 2,000 years ago that are just now coming true.
    Many many things have been proved correct.

    I think there’s a reality between what we can see with our eyes
    and experience with our senses. There’s ultimately something mysterious
    and un-materialistic about the world.
    Something large, eternal and unknowable.”

  • yash

    god, religion… all man-made stuffs created to divide people…

  • wow! this post makes me realise that am not that alone !!!
    to others except morinn:
    Morinn also blogged on this a few days ago :

    to vicks:
    I perfectly agree with you, religion has become something just to show off…
    par example to ena pu passe dibeurre r ene fam, nek montrer li to mari content bondier, lol, perhaps it will work 😛
    take this as a tip vicks 😉

    to Avinash Meetoo:
    Thats nice, Good & Religious does not always go together… take as example vilains in films lol 😛

    to Angele:
    People just say anything, idiots!

    to Divana:
    Where do u come from???
    Well, if u dont know, its something purely scientific… if u want a demo, just ask ur parents where u came from….
    no no, god didnt sit there and assist ur parents so that u can come into this world. its a proof of the love between ur parents, do you want more explanation how u were born? the 15mins work and the 9months pregnancy?

    Same thing for gases, just google a bit before writing nonsense…anyway, thnks for ur view of point lol (copyright yashvin)

  • No wonder the world is going to the dogs… 😐

  • heeya yash..No..i don’t believe in god and nor do i believe in religion.Am above all a citizen of mauritius! ! !

  • i read the comments.
    @divana=> you really think that you’re here because god created you?ROFL..No comments..I can’t stop laughing.

  • divana

    dear yash

    Where do u come from??? mmmm… un autre sujet de débat lol?!!!

    1) it’s before, not during & not afterwards y understand boy?!!!lol

    2)je serais très curieuse de demander “à mes parents” de me faire une petite demo” c plus amisant hehehe mais je te laisse ce plaisir…
    I guess easily that y don’t make the difference between wat y feel and wat y act, NO?

    Dc je te parle de sentiments com ceux ke tu éprouve pr ta copine par exemple: you don’t need to prove it coz it’s something inside of y.don’t need to explain…however y believe in.

    3)D’autre part il y a bcp de choses ke la science elle même ne serait expliker, des scientifiques eux même ont reconnu. Des choses ki existaient déjà depuis des siècles ds des livres. (pourtant l’homme n’était pas sensé être aussi intelligent ke ça vu k’il a dû évoluer ds le temps!! sinon guess, il seré deja sur l’autre galaxie ce zako loooooooool)
    church & y will find…

    Pi k’est ce ke la science si ce n’est que des théories et non des certitudes la preuve on a tjrs cru ke l’homme est issu du singe: today zey say it’s false mais pendant des années tt le monde était certain ke c le cas sauf le zako bien sûr mdr..

    Pr finir: truth or dare? crois tu aux esprits? comment tu les explik? la science dirait ke c l ‘imagination de l’homme’…? si c le cas alors tu n aurais pas du mal a aller chercher ta preuve au milieu des tombes la nuit : just church & find it in G.O.O.G.L.E comment les invoquer: mais laisse moi te prévenir vas y tt seul et réflechi a 2 fois avant parce k’il y a tjrs un prix a payer: ask those who made experience before… y will be surprised

    Do you believe zat all those people ki viennent des 4 coins de la planète, ki ne se connaissent pas du tt; qui ne se sont jamais vu, jamais parlé ont 200% de chance de voir les même les choses, de ressentir les mêmes choses? hasard? waw un hasard ke certain alors: ce n es plus un hasard. et pourtant internet n’existait pas heheheee… a moins ke ce zako de l’homme l’a caché ds ces grottes k on n’a pas découvert encore un autre sujet de débat hehehe…

    Do you know: la poule ou l’oeuf, l’oeuf ou la poule? hors sujet n’est ce pas?!!!

    mais ça reste mon point de vu & zis is Divana copyright ;))

  • to divana:
    i think u have used the write pharse:

    Tu es HORS SUJET! lol !

  • Reena DKL

    I believe that God and religion are two completely different things.

    I never believed in all the rituals my parents and family went through everyday of their life when i was a kid. I was always angry at hem for forcing me to follow them.

    Then there was one moment in my life where i was all alone in this world. I found out that no matter what, neither friends nor family would be there for me, yet i felt a presence near. Call me stupid or ignorant, i don’t care, but i felt like someone/something was telling me to keep on going, that one day iw ill certainly find what am looking for. It was faith. In what, i did not know, but it certainly was not because of my family, friends nor anyone else.

    Later, i got into some deep trouble. Gain, people around were of no help, instead they were all pulling me down. Then i trned myself to what people call God. I asked him what he hell!? You are supposed to be here to protect us etc.. then why let us suffer? I asked God to prove me wrong. Prove me that he is there, somewhere, guarding on us.

    I’ve had many difficulties in my life and i can tell you that whatever happens, happens for a reason.. Good or bad, i don’t know.

    I personnaly believe there is one divine energy guiding us when we need it.

    Now, for those who blindly believe what they are told, am sorry for them. You should not never let anyone tell you how to live your life. Of course in the beginning your parents should be here to help you but NEVER let anyone force you into anything under the pretext of ‘sacred law, God’s will, etc…’

    All those politicians who use religion to divide people are totally gross! Shame on them! And worse are those who believe them.

    ANYWAY! most of all, i believe in love. there is no power greater than love and if you look closely, love is God and God is love…pure love, not lust…

    A mother’s love for her child, a sister/brother love, the love for your life partner…

    Just imagine, for one second that the person you love the most is dead and that you will never be able to hug him/her. Never be able to see him/her smile, hug you, simply be by your side…

    To me, love teaches a lot, so love is the only religion, and God it’s master.

  • Mo pan cmprnd ceki lin write since I dont understand french

  • I don’t believe in god nor do I believe in religion.And yeah.some people only have time to pray on the eve of their exams.Those people are just stupid and idiots who think that god will either do their papers or will correct their papers.I know some people who will go to pray one day before results..
    bondieux faire mwa gagne bon resulta..! ! !
    LMAO..NO comments..
    Just a quote from some one
    “Its better to let people think that you’re stupid rather than open your mouth and prove it”

  • divana

    la reponse est dans ta kestion
    sinon tu aurais pas besoin de la poser n’est ce pas?

    kelk part tu y crois aussi..hehehe

  • guet sa piti la…ti p alle fer musician dan ban bhajan kirtan avant, kine arriv twa aster?:D Lespri p vine demon r guet sa ban fim 15mins la sa..haha

    No, seriously, u got a pt. If god really existed, why would this world be such a shit place to live?

    1 zafer mari komik enkor, ban zelev 6eme 1 laner pa apran, mais zis avant exams, banla alle prier god pu zot…simply ridiculous

  • Bhooks

    Monotheists hold that there is only one god, and may claim that the one true god is worshiped in different religions under different names. The view that all theists actually worship the same god, whether they know it or not.

    Latinate’s Deus, Greek’s ????, Slavic’s Bog, Sanskrit’s Ishvara, Arabic’s Allah, Hebrew’s El or Judaism’ Yahweh.

    Yashvin, coming back to the topic. I am a non religious who believes in thy self. So I’ll add my view to the above list. 🙂

    Ashvin’s Me

  • cybergal

    well, debatable post!
    Personally, god does not exist. Its all human beliefs. I have noticed that whenever something goes wrong in ppl’s life they just cling to their favourite god. In this case, i would say these ppl do not believe in themselves.
    Ups and downs exist in life and these happen due to lack of confidence, not being cautious and being irrational.

    The great believers of god are sometimes themselves the most corrupt and sinful persons…no one is perfect..

  • well said cybergal..**clapping of hands**

  • divana

    —-****If god really existed, why would this world be such a shit place to live?***—-

    coz there is a zako called a “MAN” who make this word such a shit place to live…loooooooooool zat’s all ….

    Même un croyant n’est pas assez stupide pour croire ke dieu est là pour exaucer tes prières:
    you really think zat god is here to fulfill your prayers?!!! absolutly NO

    why you have a brain?

  • vicks


    to pe gagne menace longanist tou 😛

    bon bannes seki dire everything happen for a reason?

    whats the reason behind being raped?? (maybe tifi la ine fer mechant thats y she is being punished??)
    alle be whats the reason behind child abuse??( pas dire moi ti zenfant la ousi ine fer gros peC??

    si ti vraimem ena ene puissance ki pe control tou.. kifer dimoune pas pe gagne manZE dan ena pays?? innocents pe mort dan bannes laguerre,ki zotte pas ine mem coummenC?

    si vraimem ena some1 ki control tou? kifer li pas arete sa?

    anyway chacun so banens beliefs mais ceki mo dire envi dire c ki si zotte pas content fer ene zafer ou si zotte pe practik ene zafer ki zotte pas vraiment croire.. then ki serti!!

  • bein finalement, apres kelkes comments de la part des amis du blog, on voit bien ke Divana est quelqu’un/une de tres religieuse et croit fermement que le dieu tout puissant existe…

    euh, peut etre tu peux nous montrer sa cachette alors, suis sur qu’il s’est presente souvent devant toi lol!

  • Shweety

    I like this discussion… & appreciate yur opinions.. i personally choose not to believe any religion / theory and fortunately i was never forced, even dow my parents are from rooted hindu family. =]

    Buh heres mi sai on this topic:

    “Rather than trying vainly to form connections with the uncaring blue sky, we can find a better kind of religion down here on earth. What we need is a religion of humanity – a secular belief system that does unite us in meaningful ways, by teaching the astounding truth that we are all part of the same biological and mental tribe”.

  • Shweety

    Ohh btw mo manger beef & bacon
    & i still remember the 1st tym my extreme hindu famili goh to kno bou it…

    Grand Chacha (frm triolet ncore) was lyh:
    “:o Aryoo pas bon manger sa”

  • je declare la chasse aux dieu est ouvert! !
    {I know that my french sucks a lot}

    Yash, lets team up and find HIM.

    just something offtopic..hope you won’t mind that Yash..I don’t believe in loup garou.So stop being idiots in trying to make me believe in that.I don’t believe in such things.and to think that people saw loup garou walking in ******** guys know which place is it.Just get off people.its all your imagination playing pranks on you.

    “coz there is a zako called a “MAN” who make this word such a shit place to live…loooooooooool zat’s all ….”

    Do lnclude you too in that since you form part of MAN{It refers to both male and female human beings!}

  • Kunal

    Hey Yashvin, mo daccord ki GOD capav pas real mais laisse mo dire toie en zafer, mo pas ti croire dans Dieu avant moi…

    mais mo finne trouve miracles dans mo lavie. Monne deja passe dans banne situations kot mo ti croire fini bezer, pena sapper… mais tout les temps ene miracle inne arriver ek des fois mo alle divant la glace mo dimane moi “Kinne fek arriver la? Kuma sa inne arriver? Si sa pas ti arriver, mo tout sera fichu!!!”

    Example: Monne deja gagne ene electric discharge 40,000 volts, 181 fois plus fort ki courant dans prise mural, mo ledents ti coller pendant 3 minutes tout. To capav explik moi kuma mo encore vivant? pas capav miracle sa. Sameme example banne situations kot monne dire: ” Ki couyonade??!”

    To ena reponse pou sa? Miracle pas capav arrive 10 fois… depuis ki monne senti presence Dieu, monne peur li ek monne coummence respecter li…

    Mais mo entierement daccord ek toi ki nous pas trouve li. Mais si nous pas trouve li, pas veut dire li pas la… lol

    Ziste mo opinion sa, mo pas ler offence toi nanrien, ok? 😛

  • Divana is not the only one… Me too I believe in God and I think that he has created everything.

    Science cannot explain everything. Surtout pas l’existence de l’hommme. De la terre et j’en passe…
    For me the Big Bang is the greatest hypocrisy of all times…just to explain the incompetency(or the helplessness) of scientist.
    It is more difficult to explain the non-existence of god.

    That’s my opinion just as you have your own.

  • To Vicks:
    beze sa, zotte p faire longaniste lo mo blog lol.
    An interesting point vicks, kifer eski dimoune souffert otant if god really existed?
    For example; dan lafrik kot ena extrement problemes et poverty. Zotte merite souffert otant? alors?

    To Sweety:
    I think that u have not been ‘forced’ perhaps because u live in a foreign country and perhaps this would change if u were living in Mauritius or India. But i believe that parents and the older generation should not force us, but giv us the choice.

    To Tushal:
    Loup Garou is another interesting topic, but a bit outdated lol.
    a Zako called man? na, plitot twa sa lol, kidding, but i dont think we are still zakos, koz we have evoluted a lot,at least, a big majority of us…

    To Kunal:
    Twa? to croire dan bondier? en tout cas pas kant to ti morice dear, lol, tout sa zourer to ti p larguer la…
    Canada ine change to la vie…peut etre tone arrete zourer aster then lol

    To Josh:
    We do respect everyone’s view of point (Copyright) and urs as well 😉

    When the time comes when we will feel the need to believe, perhaps we will believe…

  • hmm nice debate goin on here! 🙂
    personally i am a firm believer bt i do respect others who do not believe in god or religion!

    “God is man’s best imagination and Man is God’s best creation”

    so if 1 doesnt exist then the other is nt here either!! :S

  • “Loup Garou is another interesting topic, but a bit outdated”

    Outdated..aha..some few days back I was on a chat and some people were talking about loup garou in the village which is becoming more and more famous for its nonsenses like killing people pou faire banla gardien zot lakaze, seeing loup garou walking at nite,..i wonder whats next..seeing a plane moving on the main road?or a flying ship?or some aliens looking for sm1..always expect the unexpected from that famous village! ! !lol

  • Avishna

    om shanti om !

  • Great article joh!
    What’s even greater is that you respect those who believe the contrary of your beliefs!
    Promissing wisdom!;-)

  • Zai

    ene sujet mari delicat sa… et mo trouve ene tas opinions divergents…
    all i have to say is that I do believe in God & aussi i respect those who don’t… li ene choix personnel et pas capave force personne croir…
    li pareil couma l’air… pena aukene preuve ki l’air exister… to pas trouve li… yet u breathe… u feel air… just like believing… u just know it’s there…

  • Soum

    lolzzz…pan lir tou…mai ine get a glimpse of it…vry interesting indeed ur point of view, but it all depends on pplz…its true, we mauritians, hav aws grown in blieving wat our parents tell us n so on…but each one of us has its own experience n belief in god varies accordingly…also ur belief increases by the ppl helping u…there r many things which make u blieve in god n so on, but there r otheres which don’t….it all depends on how u c things…the simplest example is i am rich, but y shud ppl b poor???god is so cruel…thats nt the point…its like, u need day to have night, n vice-versa…n wel there r so many other things to say…but one last word is its nt the culture which makes u blive in god, but ur faith simply…its nt carryin kawal or thinking to which type of ppl we r talking to or even eating non-veg wen supposed to eat veg that change the way to think if we blive in god…well anyways its a gr8 job u r doing Yashvin…keep it up…n well Happy Independence Day

  • I think everyone has a perfect self they wish to attain (if thats not the case, then people commit suicide). That perfect self is similar to the concept behind God, which is a mere representation of the perfect self.

    However, religion is the agent that makes the concept behind God seem complicated, as this is how it gets to control people’s mind.

    God’s concept is important for the survival of human kind, but on the other hand, religion is the thing we should think about putting aside.

  • To Nushreena:
    I appreciated ur pharse:
    “God is man’s best imagination and Man is God’s best creation”

    To Tushal:
    Still, loup garou is outdated, surement to p talk abt the bhojpuri song “Loup Garou” lol

    To Avishna:
    Oo-omm-mm-m Shant-ii-iii Om-mm-m-m-m! (remix version)

    To Neel:
    Nice to c u here again Izzyladdoo lol.

    To Zai:
    U score 1 point, but u do have ways to prove exisitence of air, like euh, light up a fire and see the flame changing direction on applying a small breeze of air ol.

    To Soum:
    thnks dear, another thing to note down is that, thousands of those carrying those kawals, know god only during those 3 days in a whole year, just to show off….

    To Shaan:
    Religion is indeed responsible for a lot of misunderstandings, sometimes being the root of loads of problems. If the god is the same everywhere, religion is that thing which makes it appear in thousand forms!

  • kavi

    well.. i’m not gonna answer abt the topic.. but instead, Yashvin, just answer this following ques: ‘ what is (are) the reason(s) of your existence in this universe? ‘
    anyways, u should respect the belief of anyone.

  • hi there kavi!
    well, reason for my existence?
    let me gratte mo la tete….
    c pour vivre mo lavie, amizer, apprane, travaille, live with my family members and then form my own family.
    I think u mean that god has enought valid reasons for our existence? then, perhaps u can share some 🙂
    weps, i do respect others, else, i wouldnt be answering any comments…

  • kavi

    i didnt say anything abt god previously. u took god’s name now. 😉
    now, wat is(are) the reason(s) of the existence of this universe itself?
    how can u be so sure that the reasons u gave above r wat u r here to do? and y do u have to do, anyways ?

  • to kavi:
    how can i be sure?
    lol, bein apart seki mone citer, reste the following : fime gandia, maltraite dimoune, kokin, etc etc
    to sire tone al faire medicine or psycologie? lol

    u mean that humans are on earth just to pray? to try to believe to the imaginary? to turn out into fool hoping that one day the wishes becomes true? turn coincidences into miracles of god?
    btw kavi, mo pas ti koner to otant croyant 😛
    aller, dire mwa, wat are the answers to ur questions? am curious to know y do the universe exists and we humans?

  • deepa

    bon ki pu ecrire la.. ena pu dir bondieu sa bondieu lot,mo bien merd mw.zis kan ena exams lerla mo al OMMM 😀 lol
    en veriter mo pa croir lor bondieu mais mo un zenfan hinduism mo bzn ti deja dir sa bhai(yashvin)
    lanner dernier mne bien priyer bondieu mai dernier ler in ggn coup pied dan pa aid dimoune ditou,un belief bien kk sa.zis ena fois cpv couyone zenfan,nek dir banla fer bon zenfan sinon bondieu pu puni tw etc etc..
    grrrr p ggn ner :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@

    un msg pu tou dimoune “bondieu pena narien pu fer r nu la vie,kumien nu pu priyer,nu ena pu pays nu sins un jour”

  • hmm btw yashvin i respect ur opinion of nt believng in god or tel me 1 thng. do u truly thnk ki pna anythng as god!som1 superior ki la tou letan in gd n bad times.sm1 2 whom u can realy turn to when u r in trouble n u can realy trust apart frm humans jst like u!

  • kavi

    u r making assumptions and assumptions. never said humans r on earth only pray.. and dont jump onto implications.
    u havent answered my questions yet. 😉 :p
    i wanna know ur reasonings behind ur curiousness.

  • kavi

    if u cant prove something that exist doesnt mean it doesnt exist. i’m not referring only to ‘god’.

  • To Deepa:
    sa appelle couzine, frekente mwa encore,to pu arrete couyoner par lezotte lol

    to Nushreena:
    Nops, i dont believe in that…
    But, u mentioned something : “when u r in trouble”
    I guess a lot of ppl from their experience told me “kant to pu dan problemes to meme to pu croire dan bondier”
    God is something which ppl believe only when they face problems, or want to succeed in something in which they havent enought confidence to do.
    Its something in your head, and ppl dont understand this. They believe that, since they are praying, they will succeed, simply because god listens to their prayers…

    To Kavi:
    well kavi, i wrote all that, from my life, what i do etc in my normal daily life…
    If that wasnt supposed to be the reasons of our existence, well i dont know…
    koz thats wat i do….and am still living strong….without feeling the need of ‘him’

    thats true, u cant prove his absence, nor his existence….

  • aller kavi, mone reply twa kestion la, aster toi dire mwa, wats the reason for the existence of the universe and we human beings???
    i think its fair to giv us ur thinking na?
    [lol, pas p truv twa lo msn si pu chat r twa :P]

  • Well just to voice out my opinion.
    I do agree in some ways and disagree in some or the other ways with both Yashvin and Kavi, as both of you can very well disagree with me. Anyway, we are here to discuss right? So let’s get back to ‘serious’ business!;-)
    For me, GOD is the voice behind all our deeds, the voice in us.
    Let’s take the example of a law breaker. Saddam kills a man. He is therefore a ‘lawbreaker’ for our society which stated laws against such acts. He is a ‘sinner’ according to our beliefs in God and specially religion. But why did he kill? Give a thought to his education, to his early age of youth. Maybe he had some kind of frustration. I guess that the main reason behind all these ‘sinners’ is education. In Mauritius the real education(no university or academic matters) doesn’t exist. Some source on Human Values. You and I won’t kill because we can discriminate. That’s what we’ve been living in since years. But a ‘guetto individual’ won’t behave like we do, because of his ‘education’, his youth, his surroundings and several related factors. So surely it can/cannot be the act of God. Now you can understand the difference between a ‘sinner’/’good human’ in our ‘law society’/’god democracy’; one point to realise whether God exists… or not.

    Is it God who made the mistake by creating us or we made the mistake of creating God?

    Like I said before, God is in you. Your aim, your deeds, your body, your mind, your heart, your faith, your trust and your will.

    The sculptures are simple idols which were made by intelligently intelligent wisemen to make it easy for us to pray(pray = your own demands and their answers are within you). But we didn’t really follow the wisemen as we thought that these idols are God. Maybe we are right/wrong.

    Have a day alone a ask yourself. ‘What do I want?’ Think well, ask your heart and you will get the answer. The real trick to success or to get answers remains nowhere than in YOU.

    So for me, God exists because for me, God is in me… My heart… (God = one’s faith in oneself)Surely not the spiritual figures nor the idols. But I do pay my respect to them due to my ‘self realisation’. (paying respect and praying are two different extremes.)

    You can’t see God, you can’t feel God because it is air, water, YOU, anything. The word GOD is only a universal example. But as for it’s real meaning, it depends on several experiences of life and perspectives. But don’t misunderstand Religion and God.
    (God = One) = (We = One) = (God = We)
    Religion is pure man made and definitely a mistake. Racism etc etc…

    Maybe karma exists. As for the cosmic forces(longaniste sipaki) they exist due to some universal cosmic forces(pyramid positions, mountains, air, fire, stars, north/south/east/west).
    Reason: Our world was created due to some intelligent molecular frictions. So before achieving the Human figure, we all have lived through 8,000,000,000 different species (scientifically speaking). We all have in us some animal instincts. You may be faithfull… like a Dog. You maybe cruel(kill) like a beast(tiger). There are still some animal instincts that keep on dominating different humans in different ways.
    (refering: a possible answer between a ‘sinner’ and a ‘good human’)

    Example of our principal perspective is our one sided view. We must surely not misunderstand a man with religious tattoos when he says that he ain’t religious. He IS right depending on his religious views.

    Reading my article you may think that ‘God’ exists/doesn’t exist depending again on your perspectives and views.
    God is You!

    Read between the lines and you shall guess why I said so.

    Our existence is proven (molecular friction etc).

    BUT BUT BUT… As for the existence of these molecules… The HOW, the WHEN, the WHERE questions arise.

    Stunned? That’s a mistery.
    (I still haven’t found the answer)

    But our existence, God’s existence, the existence of our World and our Universe shall definitely remain a rhetorical question.

    Maybe you would be wise enough to find out…;-)

    (I couldn’t)

    P.S: No science can answer such questions. Only real wisemen can do. Alchemist type!lol!

    Btw, when I said ‘YOU’ I never refered to anybody.

    Thanks for your question Yashvin.

  • Reehas

    Bon, +3/4 opinions ki mone lir la, zt pa believ, doesnt mean zat, pena plis dimun ki believe…

    but la religion/faith/god is not something debatable… akoz sa, pena buku lopinion pour. akoz those who believe, no zat its fruitless pu diskiter.[moi mo pane diskiter la hein]

    its my humble opinion 😛

    btw, i realy believe in god

  • Reehas

    bon n ti zistoire pu fer toi truv la realiter..

    akoz n ta p dir, sipa laguere parsi parla

    n zur, n dimun ti kot n coifer…. dan dialog, coifer la dir kumsa, ki li pa croir in god.. misier la ask li kifer, li answer SAME AS ZOT ki si ti ena god, pa tipu ena mizer, laguere, ban mover truk la..

    misier la in res trankil, kan lin fini, lin sorti

    lor simin, li truv n dimun, extra mal razer, longue labarb, CV sipa ki kaliter desorde.

    bon misier la p rent dan salon, li dir coifer la kumsa:

    coifer toi to pa exister!!! coifer la etoner ask li b kuma sa, mo pane fek raz toi la????

    misier la dir li, b guet sa dimun lor simin la, guet so CV ki kaliter..

    lerla coifer la dir li, b mo laem moi, but fodre li vin kot moi lerla mo pu kv okip li


  • I wrote an article but it didn’t appear.

  • Reehas

    finally, zis kan exams lerla ki to kone god

    donc, god si pu show u ki salerla si to pa ti neceser pens li.. carry on alone as u always did

    e lerla, bez par fes devan[i think i read zat somewer]

    anyway… sory si mone ofens kiken

  • Avishna

    i like ur reasoning kavi….. not many pple think this way.
    rub some of ur wisdom on yashvin 😉

  • to Reehas:
    wow, trop story, i liked it 😉
    however “finally, zis kan exams lerla ki to kone god”
    sa zamais mone dire sa…

    to Neel:
    sorry, ur comment was so long that it automatically went into the spam :S
    i have marked it as non-spam :), its back here!

    to Kavi:
    i guess that perhaps u r revising, good luck and thnks for spending some time here…am still waiting for YoUr answers…

    for this misunderstanding

  • what is the origin of God?
    or let me rephrase that.
    Who created God?

  • To Kavi

    Everyone constructs reality in their brain – something’s existence or non-existence is a product of our imagination.

    Therefore, trying to justify the existence or non-existence of anything is simply trying to convince yourself it exists or does not exist.

    Trying to justify the existence or non-existence of god to someone is simply trying to change a thought in their head.

    Does that really make god exist or not exist? If you have time, try to figure this out instead.

  • Kunal

    For those who pray to God to get something in life (Exams, driving test, lottery, …) let me tell you, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT! GOD WILL NEVER GIVE IT TO YOU!

    HOWEVER, if you do make your cheap asses work as they should, if YOU DO make the EFFORT, stop bullshitting and complaining, God WILL help you.

    For all those selfish bastards who think that if God exists, He should grant ever shitty wishes “If he exists then I should be… I should have … I would be …” well too bad, you can keep on waiting. be my guest!

    I never prayed to God. never asked Him anything because I know He wouldn’t give it to me but he would expect me to work for it and He would help me in the way!!!

    Example: Today I am at a world-class university thanks to my efforts. God did not sit for my exams but how did he help me get into this University? huh?. He did what man and money couldn’t! I faced so many gaps that prevented me from entering this Univ. Well, God bridged those gaps! Saw his power? Could you do that?

    You can’t deny the existence of God because of lame excuses such that “If he existed, then why… ?”

    Everything happens for a reason. You might choose not to believe in Him thats absolutely fine.

    Help yourself and God will help you!

    Find out more on :

  • Yashvin the 2nd (to prevent confusion)

    God bisin ena ene gro database ein… pou manage tou sa dimounes lor la terre la… hmmm… Zot pa penC ene distributed system sa? Entre tou sa bane “Gods” dans different religions/cultures la? Zot partition database la ek sakene manage imP dimounes?

    IMHO, God, as well as religion, is only something man-made… There is nothing like an absolute power or anything… It’s just something in people’s mind…

    What you might have achieved thinking God is behind you , helping you, guiding your hand, etc., you might as well have done it without him or her or whatever… by just believing in you… Maybe some people do not have the self-confidence needed to succeed; that’s why they would rather take the easier path of just clinging to the Idea of having someone there omnipresent to help out in tough situations…

    Well everyone got his/her very own opinion about the topic…

    Something that is noticeable though, is that faith in God is diminishing with every new generation… With most of yesterday’s inexplicable events (that were hence attributed to God’s doings) being proved scientifically each day, young people find it more and more difficult to believe in the mighty sole being governing the universe (blah blah blah…) that they are hearing from their elders, etc… and are becoming more and more rational (IMHO, rightfully so)…

    Maybe someday God will be fairy tale stuff!… lol… kidding… Who knows?!

  • Yumn

    Hi there,

    I see the debate has reached maturity with opinions diverging…

    The best comment till now is that of Kunal… You have said something that makes real sense… We should work towards our goals in order for GOD to help us in return…

    We are not here for NOTHING! or out of NOTHING! Question your existence? Can anyone of you: Can you create the least small of creature on earth, for example a MOSQUITO? Can you? Or Can the Nature do this by itself?

    I think, we should not be as selfish to the extent that we forget our own existence and be ‘ingrat’ towards Our creator….

    I’ll also end on Kunal’s note: Help Yourself and GOD will Help YOU!

  • no, I don’t believe in god. I think it’s okay that some people believe in god and some don’t. I would never try to convince another person that god doesn’t exist. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. I hate it when people who believe in god try to convince me that god exists ,that I should believe in god..etc..

  • varsha

    tu cki contre ha lidE bizin kwar dan bondiE la vine dan mo lequipe :d
    mw mo dir…god doesnt exist!!!!!!!!
    dpwi l’enfance ine fer nu kwoir dan bondiE, c pour cela ki ena fois nu dir ‘ayo bondiE :p’ meme si nu pa mean li!!!!

  • To tushal:
    Who created god? For me its men…and women of course!

    To Shaan:
    i agree with wat u wrote 🙂

    To Kunal:
    Nice and referring to the following:
    “For those who pray to God to get something in life (Exams, driving test, lottery, …) let me tell you, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT! GOD WILL NEVER GIVE IT TO YOU!”

    Si vraiememe god ti pu give tout sa, azordi bane pandit, maraaz, maulana, pretres tout sa zotte tout ti pu BILLIONAIRE LOL!

    Well, if u believe god bridged those gaps and helping you in doing things which u cant do yourself, i DO RESPECT ur opinion…
    Do thank him on my part koz u form part of my good friends circle and am happy that u r happy there, meme si to faire glason rapper r la neige ki tomber lo to balcon, lol.
    To others, this is not a joke, he did it!

    To Yashvin2:
    Hope u dont mind, i renamed ur ‘name’ to prevent any confusion here:P
    lol, truver to en plein periode revision Distributed Systems, ofet li servi zis so la tete pu manage all that, sa meme parfois li blier certains millions de personnes lol.

    “Something that is noticeable though, is that faith in God is diminishing with every new generation”

    i agree with that too!

    To Yumn:
    Weps, Kunal did write something nice, but u dont know him 2 years back…
    sa qualiter li ti p zourer la, in each of his sentence, bisin ena ene GROS zourer, meme towards god 😛

    “Can you create the least small of creature on earth, for example a MOSQUITO?” :
    u score 1 point here, i agree that we cant create anything like that, yet…
    but cloning does exist, perhaps another day, another topic…
    please note : i agree i am referring to CLONE not CREATION…

    To Aline:
    “I would never try to convince another person that god doesn’t exist. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.”
    I do appreciate that no one here is forcing the others to believe or forget “his” existence, we are only trying to give our opinions and ‘try to prove’ what we are saying.

    To Varsha:
    The team is already growing here on my blog, start by grouping all the names 😉

  • divana

    can you read and tel me your opinion about zis everyone:

    What do you think about ze way he explain us zat there is something large, eternal and unknowable?(precision: i said ze way he args…)

    ashvin, yash youuu yayyaaa lol are you sure zat i’m a believer?!!!

    cela me semble trop facile de te donner la solution!!! pa di tt di tt marrant …zen boy creuse toi un peu les meninges et tu trouveras.(keep FAITH LOL..)
    de plus je t’ai donné un indice: truth or dare!!!

    bouuuuuuuuuuuuuu looooooooooooool

  • to Divana:
    may i add something?
    U may be visiting this blog tens of times daily but u still havent realised that my name is not ashvin, but YASHVIN!
    thnks for trying to look into the most noticeable mistakes next time…
    now am going to read that page u gave above…

  • still to Divana:

    “are you sure zat i’m a believer?!!!”

    you are giving away comments that makes ppl believe that you are one by reading all these!
    and u are asking me if am sure that u r a believer?
    are u trying to make urself ashame?
    successfully done!

  • Avishna

    Appologies accepted
    u must have noticed i havent given my arguements on this subject…. to pa demander kifer??
    well coz i have a question en retour, 95% dimounes lor sa la terre la blieve in a god (allah,Shiv, durga, vierge marie , muruga, Buddah etc). are the 95 % all living in disillusion? are the remaining 5% wrg in not believing? are the 95 % all mad pple who need a psy?? are the 5% all going to hell??

    enfin after zot mort avoye 1 mail or comment lor Yash so blog to say wer u are n if ur quest to meet god has been realised! (huh mo arrete mo delires par la mem)

    Good day (or night) ladies and gentlemen

  • to Avishna:
    hmm, am happy u r back dear 🙂
    none of us said that the 95% are mad n need a psy, at least, we respect everyone’s opinion.
    We simply have another way of thinking…

    ah wi, to ena raison, bane seki gagne connection internet, pas blier send me a mail…
    tan dire dan heaven connection wifi la top 😛
    et dan hell, ena sa wimax connection ki morice appelle No-Mad…:p

    (t)keep in touch!

  • Avishna

    we? kisanla form part of we?

  • tout d’abord il y a MOI…

    and more of them (believer or non-believer ) who say that they respect others belief, opinions…

    That makes MOI + Others = We…

  • kavi

    to yashvin:

    eh, mo pa p gagne letemps pu vine online lor msn or lire tous seki ena lor to blog..


  • Avishna

    hahahahaha hohohohohoh ohohohohohohohooooo

    i think i like kavi with with direct response to u yash! li pa passe par 3 4 5 chimins to say wat he feels!

  • (y)he is my friend after all, just like U ({)(})
    and all of you here of course!!! :$

  • lol debate is still on! i knw li pa pu ena 1 fin sa zafr la! :o|-)

  • HAHA… So funny this post.. just imagine how it would have been as a face-to-face open debate!! 😆 Pou bzin al rode WWE Referee sa!!! 😎

    1 thing I noticed is that the believer/nonbeliever who started by saying: I respect those who dont believe/believe… ended up bringing disrespectful arguments to affirm their say!! Sa em ki pli comik la enkor! 😆

    I will go about saying that its useless to give “proofs” of the Existence of God… Can u DRAW love? U cant… but still u feel love for X, Y, Z… Pa kav viv sans li, p al dan coma, p mort sans li bla bla … :p

    Same as this.. u can’t SAY that God exists… as all this comes on feelings… U feel He’s here somewhere… then He is!! But u cant prove feelings.. u can’t force feelings on others… yr feelings cant be felt by others…

    So… personally I think better not spend so much negative energy in maintaining that GOD EXISTS.. as they will be talked over easily… For example… if someone poor and his kids have only beef/porc left to eat to stay alive… wat will he do? Pray night and day to wait for God sending him food? See his kids die of hunger just because he is a believer? Eating the meat will make him go against his belief.. Are there exceptions in believing in God?” This is an Xtreme case yes.. but these are also questions of non-believers to which believers have mumbled answers.

    I sincerely respect both believers and non-believers.. that’s why Im not arguing FOR any case.

    M’enfin… I dnt think I went off-subject either, did I? Anyways,I wasnt asked YES or NO, but just to “Post a comment” which I did…

    No offence.

  • Kunal

    LOL sa wai Yashvin, mo ena tendence zourrer ene tas… BTW to post la p vine meme longeure ek to village (Triolet…LOL)

    Glacon raper ek la neige la vrai sa, ena God’s hand ladans… Si li pas ti fer la neige tomber, mo pas ti pou capav fer sorbet raper…

    Ahaaaaaaa!!! to trouve so l’importance? Eski to capav fer la neige tomber toi ? :p

    Btw2: mo tendence zourrer la, God pena anrien pou fer ladans, li dans mo DNA tout simplement…


  • isee

    Yashvin, what do you think about those who call themselves atheists and have religious weddings?

  • hello isee…
    thnks for ur comments…
    Instead of replying directly to ur question, i would take that with me as example.
    See, i dont believe in god and all the stuff, but when am gonna get married one day, i will have to play the drama n follow the wedding rituals, JUST because its like that in the family-society.
    Ya, despite not believing in it, am gonna do it, just like i “do/participate” in certain religious ceremonies (for example: for my grandparents death anniversary etc) JUST because of my respect towards them, koz i believe in them, they were real and are still real for me.
    Even they, they knew i didnt believe in god, but for the love i have for them, i do it, exactly the same for wedding… For the respect and love…

  • Wiccan

    hi evry1,
    sorry parko lire tou cki zot ine dir. 2 answer d question :’do u blieve in ‘god’?:(i’ll make it as short as possible) lets assume ‘god’ is d supreme being who created d universe, we ‘humans’ n all stuff. to do so it should b of a much more superior race than us humans. So i dnt fink d human mind is yet enough developped 2 correctly imagine n understd the existence of such a being
    just chill out dudes 😉
    keep smiling 😀

  • Soum

    i just want to say smthing….above all the religious stuff…its spirituality….which in fact brings a meaning to the life u al live…n again this is smthing debatable…but wats the use of holding a debate if it only brings about quesitons which no one can answer???wats the use of a debate if it brings nothing more than unanswerable kestions???well, if u ask the right person, ull hav the right answers…bt whos this right person???so ill just ask u evybody, blievers or not, listen to ur heart, the answer is there…

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  • Crystal

    You prefer to believe in god or not..its up to u..
    its never been a choice…really
    just a feeling that somebody is there watching 🙂
    all u have to do is listen

  • Jing

    Well, If god does not exist, then what is the meaning of life ??
    Is it simply to take birth, enjoy and die ?.. i don’t think so..
    Science failed in the quest in answering this question, but God and the scriptures possess the answer for this. That’s why people believe in god…
    Now one can say that how come there are so many gods?? if god is god, then there should only be one.. Well if you go deeply into ‘all’ the scriptures, you might understand that the existence of many god is simply a creation of people’s misinterpretation of these scriptures.

    Furthermore, every darwinist out there, just want to point out that there is a major flaw in the theory of evolution that the ‘Law of thermodynamics’ shows… The law of thermodynamics is true and viable, which the theory of evolution is not.. its just a theory.. You can go to any search engine and type in ‘theory of evolution versus law of thermodynamics’ and you will get your answer..
    Hence all of you who stopped believing in god, because of the supposedly theory of evolution, may reconsider their faith..

    CHEERS …. 😉

  • The meaning of life > The reason why science cannot answer the meaning of life is simply because there is no such thing as the meaning of life. We construct that meaning in our brain. From the day we are born till the day we die, our brain collects information and depending on the way it processes them, we create different meanings for different things. Life does not boil down to one thing, but it is the sum total of a brain’s existence.

    Life by itself, is nothing without the thought we give to it. We are in control of our thoughts, and if you understand that, you know there is no god. A thought process can be explained by science – how the brain works – but the thought itself is unique to information recorded in one’s brain. Science is good at explaining things that can be replicated, but the thoughts of each individual cannot be explained by science as no thoughts are identical. Why no thoughts are identical is simply because we are not robots.

    To presume that the meaning of life can be boiled down to god and scriptures is just the easy way out – it is taking for granted that we all think in the same way – this very discussion proves no one can have identical thoughts.

    If by going deep into scriptures you can realize that the existence of many gods is simply a human creation due to the misinterpretation of scriptures, then I suggest you look beyond scriptures, try to understand their framework, their use, their communication system etc… If you dig deep enough, and think beyond what you read in scriptures, if you decipher beyond the obvious, you might understand that scriptures are just social laws to control people, and that god is a constructed higher power that’s sole purpose is to give hope to people, and give them an ideal to venerate. You have to keep an open-mind to understand that.

    Faith is a thought, darwins theory is a thought, god is a thought, no god is a thought, you are a thought in people’s mind – no need to look into scriptures to find the meaning of life, look at yourself, you are the meaning of life.

  • to Shaan:
    thnks a lot dude!
    through ur comment, i think u have cleared many points & u emphasized a lot on the meaning of life…
    Hope this gives a clue of our meaning of life to Kavi, Divana n others…from our point of view of course…

    If ‘god’ decided on the meaing of life, does this implies that all of us have the same?

  • this made me remember about the scientific definition of life which,according to me, is the most precise.

    “Life is an autonomous chemical system capable of following a Darwinian evolution.” – NASA

    but wat about the spiritual meaning of life? what is the purpose of man on this planet? feed-breed and survive? that’s what this world is becoming now

  • IF lespoir fait vivre les imbeciles…
    AND tank ki ena lavi ena lespoir…
    THEN les imbeciles sont immortel!!


    hmmm very interesting article, i just would like to point out smthing.

    We should never mix god, spiritualism and religion…

  • jt

    Propabilty cannot be negative 😀

    Nice reflection Mr Meetoo..

    Divana read a bit on Darwin’s Theory …

    bane zafer ki pa encr expliker par humain, nou ena tendance pu dire c bon dieu ou black magic.. Bein franchement mo penser nou bizin etre resonable n make use of our logic and do GOOD.. Religion god tou sa, c creation humain.. Who gave GOD his name?? how can we say each religion has a different god?? demain si mo decide pu creer ene nouveau religion, maybe pu ena ene nouveau bon dieu..c mo point de vue, if am wrong correct me please.. thxs.. 😉

  • Jing

    But then shaan, if you believe in your thoughts and at the same time, say that everybody’s thoughts are different. Then how come you believe in what science is presenting to you.
    Science is a ‘human’ creation, and humans see ‘things’ differenty based on their perceptions. So if their thoughts are different, then, how come that you rely on science to tell how a thought process works..
    One may say that it has been verified by other people, and so on… Science does not come with definite answers, but with hypotheses, and then perform experiments and so forth to come out with a thory,which a human ‘thought’ concluded it.
    But the real question is: are our thoughts ‘true’ ??…of course not, as can be seen from this discussion. Then how can we trust science…!!
    Also, I don’t think that one can simply confine himself to his own thoughts, and be lost in it…

    Furthermore, if you are the meaning of life, then when you die, ‘life’ is over. But then, is there a difference between you and an animal on the streets ?? because he takes birth, and die the same way you do !(no offence).
    We are simply involved in sleeping, mating, eating and defending, just as the animals…
    So, shall we also live our life like these animals??
    I think that the meaning of ‘human’ life does not depend on ourselves, but rather relates to a higher personality, because we possess intelligence as opposed to the animals. And this Higher Personality is GOD.

    GOD is one, as presented by the scriptures. Religion is a creation of man’s thoughts, and man’s thoughts are imperfect !! (relating to Jt’s comment)

  • jt

    Jing logiquement mo prefer croire dans science cause, bocu maladie grave ine gagne ene cure grace a science alor ki la prayers… Grace a science to p kapav ecrire lor ha blog la, grace a science to p kav gagne clean water, electricity and have a life different from animals..

    U said that science doesnot come with definite answers, but did u get ANY answers or explanations from GOD?

    What if The real name of GOD should have been Science?? and scientists are devotees?? and Einstein, Darwin, Newton etc are prophetes??


  • Jing, I don’t believe blindly in what science presents to me, but I rather understand those things first, based on my logic, knowledge, intelligence and senses, then I believe in the thought I have created.

    Science is just a human-made system – a framework – through which the thought process is made simpler by categorizing things, arranging them, giving them tags, formulas – in short it is a system that tries to inject logic in the other systems that make other things work (hope you can work your way around this sentence).

    To put it in simpler terms, science is not the thing it tries to explain, but it is just the language in which those things can be explained.

    I don’t rely on science to explain to me how the thought process works, but I understand the language of science and this helps me understand how my brain works.

    Yes, science does not come with definite answers, but at least it comes with hypotheses which are derived from logics that are in sync with my logic, and many other people’s own logic.

    We do not confine ourselves in our own thoughts since our thoughts are also derived from the thoughts of other people. The very fact that you have thoughts means you are not confined in any way, as try to understand this: having a thought that is confined just to you means you live in blank world with nothing and no-one around you, thus you cannot think of them and this does not give you anything against which you can make sense of yourself.

    If you are the meaning of life, and when you die, life is over: You are spot on for this one.

    You are not an animal because someone said you were a human – wrong. We have been classified as humans within the language of science. But we have not been classified as ‘non-animal’, and neither has has an animal been classified as ‘non-human’. This is simply to tell you that this human/animal word play is just a scientific tag.

    We are all living things (humans, animals, plants), we are born in nature and die in nature. Nature creates us and digests us.

    You are very right to state that we are simply involved in sleeping, mating, eating, defending… I’ll put it this way the basic reason for existing is for the extension of our species through procreation, which needs survival, eating, defending, communication etc…

    What we do has stayed the same for all these years, its only how we do it that has changed.

    We still procreate, eat, defend, survive, communicate etc… But we simply did it in different way years ago, we do it in different ways today, and we will do it in different ways in the 10,100,1000, 100000 years to come.

    How can you come to the conclusion that we possess intelligence as opposed to animals (simply because you use the internet, you drive a car, fly in a plane, watch TV etc…?)

    An animal has its own thought system – thus it has its own intelligence, logic and knowledge that are relevant to its existence. An animal makes sense of the world around it in its own way – that does not make it a living thing without any intelligence. By saying you are more intelligent than an animal is simply ignoring the fact that that your meaning of life is not relevant to that of animal and vice versa.

    Your attitude demonstrates the superiority complex religion injects in people’s heads. There is no more intelligent or less intelligent in this world – there is simply intelligence based on relevance.

    I would like to carry on talking about how this GOD belief is an opportunistic thing but I need to get on with my work. Sorry for writing so much.

  • isee

    Yashvin, personally I consider it is not right to be disrespectful towards people. But beliefs are not people. People have to be respected, beliefs don’t have to. Beliefs have to be scrutinized and if found wanting, they should be abandoned. It is absurd to respect them just because someone might get offended. If people are offended by the truth, let them be offended. Truth must be said whether the lovers of lies like it or not.

    It seems you do so too but to a certain point only.

    A hypocrite is a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

    Using the example you gave, your grandparents death anniversary (if they believed in that religion the ceremony belongs to), that is THEIR thing, so it is ok to participate no matter your beliefs, that is a sign of respect and love for them, you go for the persons, not their beliefs. Again, it is THEIR thing.

    Your wedding is something different. Your wedding is YOUR thing (or that is what should be). It is a very important event and doing things JUST because that or that, opposing your beliefs, will make you a hypocrite. Using your “love and respect for them” it is the lamest and most used excuse to cover hypocrisy in such cases. You keep saying about YOUR love and respect for them. What about THEIR love and respect for YOU? Your wedding day is the time for the OTHERS to show THEIR respect and love for YOU because is YOUR thing. It is a perfect opportunity for truth to come out regarding how much you mean for others, especially for your family and to find out if you have their unconditional love and respect or not.

  • Jing

    But how is it that you believe in the hypotheses science brings, but not to what is said in the scriptures? Based on your logic.. isn’t it ? But is your logic perfect? Your knowledge, hence your logic comes from your senses, similar to all scientists. But are your senses perfect, or even reliable !?

    One simple example is that: if you taste a very sweet food, and then taste a relatively less sweet one. You feel that the second food is not sweet. But is that really the truth. OR even, when you look at 2 objects close together at a very far distance, they appear as one, but is that the truth ? my point is that you cannot rely 100% on your senses, and thus your logic.

    You may say that man wrote these scriptures.. but how do you know ? in these very own scriptures, it says that god wrote them. And I believe in them because all the points described in them are 100% viable, even though written 1000’s years ago.

    God symbolises perfection, and as our logic is imperfect, we need to seek higher authority to understand the topic of this discussion. Hence, I believe that you should try to read those scriptures (more specifically Bahgavad gita, which deals which this topic), and maybe you logic will alter.

    I believe in the scriptures because, having tasted both; the knowledge of the sriptures and; mundane speculations, based on scientific theories, you come to realise what our real goals of life are.. So please, consider reading at least one of the sriptures !!

    CHEERS >>

  • jt

    science is not just logic and senses, it can t be compared to tasting food.. it s exhaustive research and experimentation… Give me proof concerning the existence of GOD… i mean convincing one and not holy books and statues…

    PS: u believe in god, but what about the devil? does he exist? :p

  • Jing

    What I said was that science is determined by people who uses their own logic. Your logic comes from your knowledge, and your knowledge comes from your senses. But your senses are not perfect, and sometimes unreliable (hence the analogy of tasting food).

    The devil is simply another form of God, so that people tend more towards God for protection (because when you hear of the devil, you immediately think of god, as depicted by your own example). In all holy books, it is said that god loves us, and that’s why he wants us to come to him…

    And if you start reading from the beginning of this discussion, you will see how the idea of the holy books have been developed in order to relate to the existence of GOD.

  • Jing

    The idea of perfection is an illusion. What is perfect to you might not be perfect to me and vice versa. The universal absolute perfection of something is not arrived at because it is actually perfect, but because a group of people come an agreement (a collective thought) to regard that thing as perfection. (this is how religion came about) This does not make the thing perfect in anyway – it is just a thought of what perfection is (This is how the concept of god came about.)

    I don’t believe in the scriptures because I choose to believe in my logic – the logic of choice which any mind has. (Just like you chose to believe in GOD, I chose not to believe in GOD). My logic does not believe in the the idea of perfection as it is something we cannote and will never attain. It is just a journey without a destination.

    Hence, I totally agree with you that our senses are not perfect. But then, if you know that our senses are not 100% perfect, how can you start claiming that all the points described are 100% viable, and how can you believe without any doubt that it is god who wrote them. You surely need to make use of your knowledge, your logic, and your senses to understand what’s written in those scriptures. How do you know your senses are exposing the truth to you? How do you know they are not misleading you?

    If our logic cannot be perfect, then how can we even understand the idea of perfection, which you claim symbolizes god.

    When you read those scriptures, you must know that they have been written, rewritten, translated from different languages etc…, how can you be so sure that the meaning has not changed? How can you be so sure that with the knowledge you currently have, and the language you are currently deciphering those scriptures with, you are actually understanding the actual meaning. Furthermore, as you must know, words never hold single meanings. Then how can you believe there are absolute meanings for each words written in a scripture.

    Today you are brandishing a scripture and stating perfection can be understood in the Bahgavad gita. Someone else is brandishing their scripture and stating the same thing as you. Who to believe? Thats where people choose! You chose one path, hence you did not choose the other one. That does not mean your path is the right, wrong, perfect or imperfect one. It just means you chose to believe in something.

    You are not actually realising that you have convinced yourself that this perfection exists in that scripture. That does not necessarily mean other people will be convinced. The logic you have developed makes you believe it is perfection, but does that make it perfection? NO. It is just your thought of perfection.

    As I said and will keep on saying, GOD lives and dies in your head. Live with it.

  • Jing,

    today you are relying on books to say this and that about GOD. Do you actually realise that you are looking at ink on paper, and that all this does is trigger thoughts in your heads. Do you actually realise that when your priest tells you something about GOD, those things are just sounds that you are translating into thoughts. Do you actually understand how GOD is a thought?

    Just imagine for a second that you read a different book and listened to a different priest, you would believe in something totally different.

    I hope you can think a bit harder instead of just talking about books and what’s written in them.

  • lunja

    wel..i blive in god..
    pkoi?pakner..av been conditioned to that..
    mais bn..chacun son opinion

  • Bhooks

    Yes. I believe in Me.

  • Nazira

    Yashvin, j’ai trouvé ton article lol dans la partie “most commented”, bon ben jvais encore écrire en français car jsuis française (au cas ou si d’autre se demande encore pkoi j’écris en français et qui lise pas ce que j’ai écris pour la seule raison que j’écris en français) du moment que toi tu comprends ce que je racontes c’est le principal hihi.

    Ben moi je crois fermement à Dieu.

    Ben je pense pas que le hasard aurait pu donner lieu à des choses comme la planète terre, l’univers, les hommes, la nature, les animaux. Si tu regardes bien on est très bien fait, tout est règlé à une précision. Si il y avait ne serait-ce que 1% d’eau en moins sur cette terre, le monde serait complètement chamboulé, et puis depuis toujours il y a toujours eu la même quantité d’eau sur terre. Bon jte donne des exemples ptète pas dans un bon ordre et ptète que j’explique pas bien c’est parce que j’écris sur le coup 🙂

    Ben regarde pour le ciel par exemple, le ciel est fait de “7 cieux”, ben effectivement la science a confirmé cela car comment dire, on va dire que le ciel est effectivement composé de 7 couches, et chaque couche joue un rôle important pour la vie sur terre, chaque couche filtre les rayons reçu par l’espace et qui sont mortelles pour la vie sur terre, à la fin seule les rayons nécessaire pour la vie sur terre, il y aurait fallu que un seul des rayons dangereux passe pour qu’il n’y ait aucune vie sur terre … c’est beaucoup trop bien réglé, parfaitement réglé même pour que ça soit le hasard qui en ait la cause, il y a bien quelqu’un qui a fait tout ça: Dieu.

    En ce qu’il concerne la théorie de l’évolution de Darwin … ben justement je pourrai plus de citer en fait car il faut que je fasse des recherches, mais il est prouvé que sa théorie est complètement fausse et ne tiens pas la route. La seule raison pour laquelle on continue à enseigner cette théorie, c’est parce que c’est un moyen “laïc” d’expliquer l’évolution de l’homme sans faire intervenir la religion dedans, car l’enseignement se veut laïc.

    Ben en fait la théorie de Darwin si t’y réfléchis bien elle est trop fausse. La théorie de l’évolution c’est genre que, un lézard sur un arbre, arrêté pas de tomber de l’arbre, et à force de tomber de l’arbre, son corps s’est adapté, et il lui ait venu des ailes … ben si les lézard on l’habitude de se casser la gueule (selon un des exemples de Darwin) pourquoi tous ne sont pas devenus des oiseaux???Genre, c’est complètement impossible sa théorie, puis aussi il y a d’autres exemples qui me viennent pas à l’esprit là mais comme quoi, pour d’autres espèces, ben c’est à force de pas utiliser une caractéristique que la caractéristique en question disparait. C’est aussi pour Darwin la théorie du plus fort, ben dites moi si l’homme descendait du singe, ben pourquoi tous les singes ne sont pas devenus des hommes, parce que à la base les singes agissent tous pareil pourquoi certains seraient devenue des hommes et d’autres non? Ca n’a ni queue ni tête…
    Ben regardé par exemple, si dans une même famille, à chaque génération, on coupe une main des gens de cette famille, ben d’après Darwin avec le temps qui passe, cela va s’intégrer à l’intérieur des personnes, et puis personne ne naitra avec cette main, car dès ke une personne né avec sa main ben on lui la coupe … ben non c’est complètement impossible qu’une telle information passe dans son ADN … tiens Darwin ne connaissait pas l’ADN lui, ben avec l’existence de l’ADN justement on prouve que la théorie de darwin c rien, car on ne peut pas modifier l’ADN ainsi, car en coupant le bras d’une personne, ou quand le lezard se cassait la gueule en tombant de l’arbre, ben c’est une chose qui lui arrive à lui et ce n’est pas une information que l’adn de ce lézard contenait, ce qui t’arrive dans la vie n’est pas inscrite dans ton ADN. Ben par exemple c’est pas à force d’apprendre à l’école que les générations futures naissent avec toute les donnée à savoir! parce que selon darwin, tout ce qui nous arrive transforme la race humaine, donc pendant des siècles les hommes ont étudié génération après générations mais c’est pas autant que quand le bébé né il a toutes ses connaissances intégré en lui.

    Enfin comment dire, l’ADN ne contient que des informations nécessaire, elles sont là depuis la naissance tu peux pas changer ses information, l’ADN est très complexe, et microscopique et malgrès ça il contient toutes les informations nécessaire qui caractérisent l’individus, l’ADN contient tout. Mais il ne contient pas des données extérieure quoi, tu peux jamais incorporé des données dedans, si t’as eu une copine et kelle a rompu avec toi ça va pas etre inscrit dans ton adn, si tu t cassé la jambe ça va pas s’inscrire dans ton adn. Enfin tu vois ce que j’essaye de dire sur l’ADN là? (dsl jsuis ptète un peu brouillon pour expliquer!)Ben regarde, les mecs se coupent les cheveux court depuis des centaines de génération, c pas pour autant que les bébé garçons vont naitre avec les cheveux court déjà coupé, ben non cette information ne s’encre pas dans l’ADN c pas possible. Les filles maintenant se coupe les cheveux en dégradé, si on croit darwin c que dans quelques générations, les filles vont naitre déjà avec une coupe fashion toute faite avec dégradé et différentes méches de couleurs

    Puis ben si l’homme était un descendant du singe, ben c’est pas possible, les informations de son ADN ne sont pas les même que chez celle du singe. Puis par exemple, jsais pas si vous avez appris à l’école, mais c’est encore quand on étudie l’homme et tout (enfin en france en tout cas j’ai appris), ben tu pourras pas combiner une cellule gamète homme et une cellule gamète singe, ce que j’essaye de dire ben jamais un homme peut faire un bébé avec un singe, car les cellules ne sont pas compatibles quoi, ça fera jamais quelque chose! jdis ça parce que darwin dit qu’on descend des singes ben si c’était le cas ça aurait été possible mais non car comment dire les informations de l’ADN ne sont pas les mêmes. Seuls 2 individus d’une même race genre 2 oiseaux, 2 humains, 2 ours peuvent faire un bébé, le reste n’est pas possible ça marche pas( un oiseaux et un lapin … ça donnera rien, enfin jai donné assez d’exemple tu vas capté héhé). Donc ben si on descendait du singe … ça aurait été possible.( J’ai appris ça au lycée, jcrois c’était quand on parlé de l’ADN)

    bref scientifiquement, c’est impossible la théorie de darwin, car comme j’ai essayé de vous le montrer ben, on ne peut pas, jamais intégré de nouvelles informations dans l’ADN.

    Quand Neil Armstrong et ses compagnons sont aller sur la lune, il a dit je cite ” “Earth is a dark hanging sphere – who hung it?” he meant that God is the one who hung it. Ben si c’était le hasard, ça se peut pas, parce que tout est parfaitement réglé, la terre a sa route, le soleil a sa route, ils ont chacun leur orbitre, leur propre rôle, si c’était le hasard ben tout se serait rentré dedans, tout serait caotique. Ben là non il y a un ordre parfait qui règne dans l’univers. Si c’était le hasard, chaque chose dans l’univers n’aurait pas son propre role, les étoiles ont un role, la terre suit son orbite autour du soleil pendant que le soleil suit sa propre orbite, mars la sienne.

    Si tu vois un avion et que on te dit oui l’avion il est conduit tout seul, tu vas me dire que je suis folle, l’avion ne peut pas volé seul, quelqu’un doit le faire voler, le diriger. Ben voilà c’est pareil, la terre ne bouge pas toute seule, il y a Dieu qui s’en occupe. Si l’avion ne peut pas voler tout seul sans que quelqu’un la controle.

    Quand toi tu penses que tu rencontres quelqu’un que tu connais par hasard, ben moi je dis non que ce n’est pas le hasard, c’est le destin. Parce que le hasard, ben c’est que rien n’arrive avec une raison si t’y pense bien c’est ça le hasard c’est juste que ça arrive comme ça, ben tant qu’à faire si c’était le hasard t’aurai jamais rencontré quelqu’un que tu connais vu ya tellement de monde sur terre.

    Enfin bref jsuis fatigué là j’ai trop écrit, si jtrouve encore des choses à dire jte dirai lol.

    Aller bonne lecture hein yashvin, jcrois t’as l’habitude avec mes “textes” comme tu dis!

  • Nazira

    @ Yashvin: alors mon pote tu as dit ” Not believing in god, keeps me open minded, enables me to understand other people in my surroundings, without first asking myself “hey malbar sa, non lascar, or even nation sa!”

    hmm ben ça jpense aussi que c’est due plutot à la culture du pays .. euh ben jsais pas moi en France, j’ai toujours eu des amis de toute origines et de toutes religion. Et pas de problèmes quoi, on ne fait pas de clan par religion, mais quand je vais à Maurice, ben jremarque que la plupart des gens trainent dans des espèces de clan. Genre ils vont surtout trainer genre avec des personns de sa religion genre. Ben jveux dire carrément j’ai l’impression enfin c’est ptète seulement dans port-louis moi jsais pas jsuis pas à maurice, mais à port louis on dirait il y a un quartier pour les hindous, un quartier pour les musulmans, un quartier pour les chrétiens, un quartier pour les chinois … tu m’étonnes si c’est comme ça de ne pas être spécialement open-minded.

    Ben voilà jvoulais te dire que moi je crois en Dieu, mais que c’est pas pour autant que je suis pas ouverte 🙂

  • Jumping Turtle

    Nazirah mone start lire to comment, mais premier phrase mem mone areter, pa la coze li trop longue , mais a coze de ca :” Ben moi je crois fermement à Dieu.” pa ti siposer Ben moi je crois fermement EN Dieu? Enfin mo pa francais , mo ene moricien, kav mo p fer erreur..:D

  • Nazira

    @ Jumping Turtle:

    ouiii t’as raison hahaha jme suis trompé dsl! et merci de m’avoir corriger.

  • Anikka

    Difficult to resist posting on such a topic! I havent read all 100+ posts, but i get the funny feeling they’ll all be either “i-believe-in-god-he-has-created-everything-screw-science” or “i-dont-feckin-believe-in-bloody-god-those-who-do-are-old-fashioned-and-communalist-bastards”!

    I highly recommend people who are interested in this topic to read Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’. Its fiction alright, but he deals so well with science v/s religion, organised religion, how religion has evolved over the centuries, etc. Its amazing how he reconciles science and religion, and God’s place in all this: Camerlengo Ventresca and Kohler’s parents as those who are total followers of organised religion, Kohler himself as a science devotee who thinks less than little of everything religion, and Leonardo Vetra who is a scientist AND a priest (yes, you heard!).

    I was completely taken by the said reconciliation. Vetra the scientist explained the Big Bang Theory to Robert Langdon, and when it came to explaining singularity (still the moot point), Vetra the priest considered the tremendous energy needed for the Bang as being…God! Its really quite poetic! 🙂

    I dont really remember everything in the book, but i wudnt have been able to match his clarity anyway, so do read it, its really very interesting!

    As for my own views, well…I do believe in God. Its a question of belief, and i believe in God. Whenever i have some kind of problem, i sit down, relax, and talk to a picture of God. In so doing, am rehashing, rethinking about the problem, concentrating on it, and in the end, i invariably find a solution. Its the result of deep concentration on the problem, but the means through which i achieved that was by talking to a picture of God, so i think of it as a God-given solution. I KNOW its my own mind that extracted the solution from my brain, but for me, THATS God!

    Now, i’ve read the first dozen posts, and i noticed that people who dont believe in God see those who DO as stupid, living in the past, intellectually diminished and less bright. Believing in God and being intelligent are not mutually exclusive, you know! Just like Leonardo Vetra! It’ll probably sound like a cliché, but many scientists do believe in God! The most famous of them, Albert Einstein, hangs in my study room, with a caption: “I want to know God’s thoughts…the rest are details…”

    It seems to me that most of you have been unable to go deeper. The question, “do you believe in God?”, cannot be answered in a line or two. For one thing, most people havent been able to distinguish between organised religion and religion per se (again, i havent read all the posts; many might have done that, in which case i apologise!). Most of you seem to have a problem with organised religion (rituals that you dont understand and only have to do because your parents tell you to, countless gods, so-called miracles), and have reduced God to being merely one facet of organised religion.

    But you cannot just skim the surface thus! Its such a complex, multi-layered debate, after all! Most of you consider God as the idol standing in a room of your house or in the temples. You try to seek him in this form. You consider him as just another human being who has pissed you off by being too arrogant! But try to change this way of thinking: what if God wasnt like those idols? What if Leonardo Vetra (and ultimately, Dan Brown) was right, and God is energy? The same energy that rules the whole universe, that is filled in every single matter particle and that can be released by Einstein’s even more famous formula E=mc2??

    It does take a lot of change of mindset! And be warned, am not talking about those “energy” and “force” that ban vié dadi ek ban longanistes talk about, ok? Its Einstein’s energy, Newton’s energy, the energy that the physicists talk about.

    Its so complicated, and at the moment, even am confused about some of the aspects of whatever i’ve talked about! But what am sure of is this: God does exist, in some form that might be inconceivable for us, making it hard for us to perceive him! But He does exist…

    P.S. Someone called Josh described the Big Bang as the greatest hypocrisy of all times or something. The post might be a long time back, but i’d still like to say that if he knew everything about it, he wouldnt be saying that. Am talking, of course, about the M-theory and parallel universes, how it explains the Big Bang and singularity. Thats also very interesting, and the net’s rife with it, especially since CERN’s LHC experiment kicked off!

  • LOL astr ki mo p lire sa post la… 😛
    I do believe in god but in my own way… There is something more to what our eyes can see… Some things beyond the understanding of science… The creation of this world, this universe all is a mystery and even the existence of god… but i have felt His presence… 🙂
    So i do believe… 😉 Sorry for being so late to reply 😛

  • ad2

    hi. i’ve stopped believing in god+religion since i was 11 when my CPE teacher told us that rather than wasting time praying to god, you should rather revise to get good results. i did my own experimentation in which i prayed to god to make me fail but i still got brilliant results for the cpe which fuelled my gradual decrease of faith in faith.

    some people have suggested that science cannot explain everything but they seem to forget or don’t know that science is work in progess. theories are scientifically developped and quashed all the time and it’s only a matter of time before the unexplained things are proven.
    if people believe that humans are the most perfect beings and god created us in his image, then he’s made a massive f**k-up.
    i don’t know you guys are of the biology kind so i’ll give a brief example

    our eyes are laid out in such a way that it is akin to playing the lenses of a camera with all the wires in front of it so the light passes through the wires first then hits the lens to produce an image which is unthinkable. can you believe it?

    another example is our body becoming resistant to insulin which causes diabetes. why does it need to become resistant at all when it so important to our body or destroy the cells that make it (insulin enables our body to use glucose,btw. if you were to write a book praising all the inner and great working of our body, you would need a much bigger book to write about its inadequacies.

    although i know this neither proves evolution nor disproves god. i think not practicing religion at all would reduce the evil in the world.

    @ nazira. the story about a lizard self-hurting itself to get wings and boys born with short hair is more lamarckian theory (rarely mentioned and disproved so might not be spelled right) so i think you were taught the right thing about evolution at school which is why you don’t know it very well.

    this post has become too long now so tc

  • Dear friends,
    I’m just being here to share my thoughts of believing in GOD.
    As the science students, we already know and being taught that everything happen in this universe must be due to the presence of driving force, in terms of energy.just look to this beautiful earth, the planets, the sun, the galaxy and all in this unmeasured size of universe.How perfect the creation of all these things, and there must be a super big driving force in million years ago that initiate the formation of universe. It was explained by the BIG BANG theory in the early of 19th century.

    And a lot of scientists and experts talked about the theory, led to the question: WHO CREATEs THIS UNIVERSE?

    “There is a mind and purpose behind the universe. There are hints of that divine presence in how abstract mathematics can penetrate the universe’s secrets, which suggests that a rational mind created the world. Nature is fined tuned to allow life and consciousness to emerge.”
    John Polkinghorne, British Physicist
    “Science Finds God”, Newsweek, 27 July 1998

    “In its standard form, the big bang theory assumes that all parts of the universe began expanding simultaneously. But how could all the different parts of the universe synchronize the beginning of their expansion? Who gave the command?”
    Andrei Linde, “The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe”, Scientific American, vol. 271, 1994, p. 48

    Surprisingly, before human start to talk about the BING THEORY in the 19th century,,,someone named MUHAMMAD, the messenger of ALLAH who lives about 14 centuries ago had stated the theory earlier and it was mentioned in a holy scripture in ISLAM, the HOLY QURAN…subhanallah.. God, ALLAH swt already mentioned that HE was the creator of this perfect universe in the surah al ANBIYA’ verse 30 which fully parallel with the BING BANG theory.

    “Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before We clove them asunder, and We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” (The Qur’an, 21:30)

    In the Qur’an, which was revealed 14 centuries ago at a time when the science of astronomy was still primitive, the expansion of the universe was described like this:

    “And it is We who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it.” (The Qur’an, 51:47)

    The word “heaven”, as stated in this verse, is used in various places in the Qur’an with the meaning of space and universe. Here again, the word is used with this meaning. In other words, in the Qur’an it is revealed that the universe “expands”. And this is the very conclusion that science has reached today.

    Until the dawn of the 20th century, the only view prevailing in the world of science was that “the universe has a constant nature and it has existed since infinite time”. The research, observations, and calculations carried out by means of modern technology, however, have revealed that the universe in fact had a beginning, and that it constantly “expands”.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian physicist Alexander Friedmann and the Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaitre theoretically calculated that the universe is in constant motion and that it is expanding.

    This fact was proved also by observational data in 1929. While observing the sky with a telescope, Edwin Hubble, the American astronomer, discovered that the stars and galaxies were constantly moving away from each other. A universe where everything constantly moves away from everything else implied a constantly expanding universe. The observations carried out in the following years verified that the universe is constantly expanding. This fact was explained in the Qur’an when that was still unknown to anyone. This is because the Qur’an is the word of God, the Creator, and the Ruler of the entire universe.

    HOPE this information would makes all people who still unbelieved in GOD start to THINK.

    For further detail and more search on finding the truth, you may reach this websiteS

  • It’s amazing how the post I think on Avinash blog has revived an old thread. Haha…Yashvin should get an award for the most commented post :p

  • @Joshua : lol, revival of “Do you believe in God?”

    Thanks for coming back here!

  • ad2

    @the friend.
    relying on a man who relies on banning freedom of speech, spreading misinformation and relying on vague quotes about the creation of the universe doesn’t say anything about the existence of god. ‘thank god’ there are people smarter than him and his followers.

  • @Ad2: When you pray to god and ur wish is not fulfilled does not mean He has ignored you or whatever… U said that u prayed to god so that u fail ur exams but u passed brilliantly…
    Ok just think u go in front of ur parents and tell them: “Dad i want a gun so that i can shoot myself”… So will he fulfill ur wish? 🙂
    Just like ur parents and those who love you God always wants ur welfare… He knows what is best for you and this is what he does…
    And if u say “Why does god also brings uhappiness and pain” Without the existence of unhappiness and pain you would never understand the value of happiness and peace 😉

  • Anikka

    People will insist on looking for God on a plane they understand. They ask for stuff from him just like they ask for stuff from everyone else, they imagine him like some sort of gigantic architect who created everything, they see him as some sort of supreme ruler seated on a throne high up and controlling everything with a magic wand, and they think of him as a woman sitting at a computer, like yashvin did.

    The thing is, he might not be in that form. He might not be on a plane we understand. It is kind of childish to stand outside, look up at the sky and shout “God, if you exist, come in front of me THIS INSTANT!!” And only if you can open your mind to the possibility that God might exist as something else altogether will you see it.

    At ad2, who said “it’s only a matter of time before the unexplained things are proven” (by science):

    Scientist do reckon that some things will never be proved. I forgot the name of the brainy guy, but he did say that, and cited as example something about separating quarks (i think) and them reacting the same way even though they are light years away from each other (meaning, of course, that whatever causes that simultaneous reaction travels faster than light!) Isnt that mind-boggling?

    No, science doesnt have the answer to everything. Sometimes, you just have to put your trust elsewhere…

  • ad2

    @ helios. i did say it was a gradual decrease in faith so further experiences in life has deepened my belief that there is no god.

    @anika. scientists of today won’t be able to explain unexplained things what about scientists of tomorrow? there’s a reason why there are investing billions of money into science.

  • Jing

    To ad2:

    The fundamentals of science itself is based on assumptions..
    For eg. the atom itself has got various interpretation of how it really is, and depending on the situation, we adopt a particular model. Science has proved very popular because it is working for most aspects, but does it mean it is the explanation behind everything…

    And furthermore, as said previously, science is based on human logic and what you can perceive (your senses), but are your and logic senses perfect ? Is it that everything you perceive is the thruth !!
    For e.g. a mirage. People see things but they are not really there !

    If you have your mind set in a bubble, the ‘investment of billions of money’ into science is most likely to bias you into believing that science is everything.

    Cheers …

  • Zeroth


    I cannot more than agree with you.
    Science is based on assumptions which are nothing more than a figment of our imagination: our interpretation of how we qualify and quantify all the phenomena of our daily life.

    And oh yes: science too has killed millions of people throughout history despite the unmeasurable wealth invested in sucking the blood of human beings all in the name of ‘scientific progress’.

  • The Other dude

    U don’t have to believe in god dude. You need proof to believe in something, just like me, and almost everyone around you.

    But I think there are lots of good stuff to learn from religious books, and lots of good things happen during religious rituals…seriously, try to think of it.

    e.g. Rakhi is a well known religious event among the Hindu community and you can’t deny it is related to God, whoever he is. But, Rakhi is a good thing, it maintains a permanent bond of respect between someone and their brother(s)/sister(s)….unlike other places where guys get attracted to their own sister, which is something not quite acceptable among society.

    When you talk bad about God, whoever he might be, you talk bad about so many things…Now that I’m thinking of it, if you can register a domain, setup a blog, how come, you can’t think of that?

    plz reply, I’m bookmarking this address

  • @The Other dude:
    Now that I’m thinking of it, if you can register a domain, setup a blog, how come, you can’t think of that?

    plz reply, I’m bookmarking this address

    Sorry, but did not understand your question!
    “you can’t think of that” really mean?

    Thnks for commenting!

  • anikka

    At ad2 and almost all the others:


    They do not necessarily have to be at war with each other. Physics and theology are not as impossibly oxymoronic as they sound. They both seek to understand how everything came to be created, they only to it in different ways.

    I absolutely do not agree with all those who have taken sides: “science is better!” “No! religion is better!” Its like 2 little boys arguing who is the better team out of manchester united and liverpool! (only, in this case, Liverpool is waaaay better, obviously!)

    Seriously, though, concerning science and God, the existence of one does not prove the inexistence or inadequacy of the other. I do not agree that if you believe in God, you must necessarily be stupid or naive or old-fashioned. I believe in God, not “impe impe”, as some do, but fully. BUT i am also passionate about science. As i already pointed out in my ‘inaugural speech’, a giant framed picture of Einstein hangs in my living room. I made it a must to visit the science museum when i went to England. I studied Biology in HSC. I especially like reading about black holes and the theory of everything. And still i believe in God…

    Does that make me stupid??

  • anikka

    Btw, that should have been: “They both seek to understand how everything came to be created, they only DO it in different ways.”


  • Kevin





  • Dvil

    franchement je ne sais plus moi meme ou me situer.. croyant ou non croyant… en tout cas somethings’s sure… jai pleins de doutes.. concernant la religion c sur je ny crois pas … pour moi ce sont des set of rules and norms which were created to be advantageous for the one creating them. sifranchment dieu existait…comme le dit the scientist.. ti pou ean 10000 bonsie lor laterre?? sakaine so croyance.. sakene so pratik..ene mange boeuf.. lot pas manger.. ene pas mange porc..eski franchement si demain mo mange porc, ene lot mange boeuf eski sa faire moi psse pour moins bon au yeux dene lot personne de religion differente.. mo kner ki ptet c ki mo p dire doesnt make sense mais ou je veux en venir cest estce vraiment nrmal cette multitude de beliefs??et par ki hasard ki ban catholik sorti lorient ou disons israel et ki ban buddhiste sorte lorient.. same for hindus etc..eskisak bndier ine dire “hey jesus to kner .. mone faiguer r lamerik moi ta.. mo krwra mo ale faire ene letour lorient.. trouve toi plio tard” et comme par hasard c sa ban dimoun ki dan sa lendroit specifik la kine priye ne bondie specifik? for me THAT does not make much sense. mo pas kenr si zot kne “lhomme de gaia” . en resume cst ene ancienne civilisation ki ti p venere la nature comme dautres civilisations anciennes .. par exemple zot venere le soleil, le vent , le tonnerre etc.. mias apresa voir reussi a dompter.. les animaux, leau (via canals for irrigation) etc.. en gros a developper lagriculture, zot ine kmence cree ban statuettes ou “idoles” a limage de lhomme liem… et la theorie dire ki c a cet instant ki lhomme ine commence venere ene dieu a son image.. ki en fait la preuve qui lhomme venere liem et li egocentric. bref pour conclure .. dieu existe ou pas..cest un debat pour ceux qui disent que quand ils ont prie ils on vu ceci cela a change dans leur vie.. franchement .. dimoun dire pareil pou horoscope lor facebook : / c dan la tete sa.. never underestimate power of the brain. bref je joue un peu le role de saintmathieu ici, nest ce pas ? je ne peux croire sans voir ..ben cest vrai.. instruction made me this way.. im not speaking of education as you can see.. ene ti parenthese par contre mo krwra dan ban nam etc.. enfin esprits ca c par experience:D sur ce bonsoir

  • Dvil

    oh and btw : / for those who think that a man looking like capitaine haddock has taken flech from his side and man etc and who are 100% sure of it…this is stupid : / mo prof catechese meme pas ti interprete sa de la sorte alors : / mais mo reste bete ena dimoun vraiment croire ki sa ine passe like dat

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  • Tana

    well,to start of with i must say i also dnt believe in god but yet i do pray to sumtin i dnt knw wat it is ba i do pray!
    i dnt knw hw otherz take god 2 b, but for me addressin 2 god is like adressin 2 sum1 who dose not exsit bcoz i hv neva seen or heard anytin from god him/herself(so i cnt tell tell if itz a female or male!)
    i take it as tokin 2 sumtin where i cn let everytin out n jst ask 4 wat i need n thank 4 wat i hv(realising how lucky i am 2 hv wat i hv while many other ppl do seek wat i hv.
    i would say believing in god n prayin r 4 weak ppl( i agree am weak datz y i do it!), weak ppl need sumtin dat dey cn count on all da time,sumtin dat dey cn turn 2 when dey need help,sumtin where there can be thankful 4 wat they have!that is when the word God cums in as the sumtin that we need 2 believe in!
    n as 4 regilion….dat is sumtin else dat i think has been created by humans who r much more intelligent than us to help us in our life by setting rules n regulations to follow in life!
    eg. this karem is not jst 4 anytin tkin on a health side,in a way it makes us do a sacrifice for our own health n well being!
    religion is a gud thing 2 follow but one shud follow it without any misunderstanding,bcoz all religion preachers gud things we r the ones who misunderstand them n turn religion into bad way!

    No 1 has 2 follow a religion if they r gud at heart n do gud things.
    God is there for those who believes in him/her n if he/she really exist then he/she will be there 4 those who dnt believe in him/her.

    Thank you 4 putin up such a topic where many ideas can be shared!

  • Hello Everyone.

    I am happy to announce that this blog is now 3 years old!
    Check out the anniversary post.


  • Roubesh

    lol yashvin imagine tou sa money kine ale dans coco,sandals,etc, etc!!

    moi mo pas really religious…
    mo mom religious and mo dad not..

    i eat everything..except dogs n cats…mice ossi..

    i pray if only mo ek mo mom…n if i pray then i pray with my whole heart n sa ossi for her mostly…mo cone tou prayers ki exister, values blah blah blah..mais who cares man..mone grow up dans sa lenvironment la…

    pour moi god was created by man pour explik bane stuffs ki zote pas comprend like laplis,zeclaire,tonnerre(bondier in encolere dans lepok margoze) et later pou control la population par les rois…

    btw pork is the best meat ever!
    bacon miam miam!hehehe
    si seulement mo mom lire sa!!li pou touye moi!!!hahaha

  • guibs

    I respect ur opinion abt GOD but I TOTALLY DISAGREE wiz U!
    Look around U and observe CAREFULLY. The world has been created for the benefits of HUMANS.

    Reflechi impé…Si to p marcher lor n xtra grand désert to trouve bans traces lipié, ki to pensé…Ena dimoune kine passe par la. Si to p ale dan n la foret dense et to ale trouve n xtra vieux la caze, ki to pou dire..bizin ena dimoune ki ti reste la bien avant.
    Alor to trouve tou sa ki entour twa et to penser zot existe par zot mem…IS IT LOGICAL? Mem to propre loto, eski to pensé ki so bans la roues, volant, tole etc… ine vine ensemble par zot mem pou forme loto la? NO dear. Bizin enan ban engineering derriere sa. Alor to trouve tou sa kitchose ki ena autour de twa la et to penser li existe par zot mem…That’s not logical. GOD really do exist u believe it or not. Pren comme exemple chiffre 1. Avant li perna narien et chiffre li unlimited tou comme existence BONDIEU.

    Eski avan to dir ki GOD pa exister, tone fer kit recherche?

    To bizin reflechi bocou twa. Pren exemple oxygen ki dan l’air li 21%. Si li ti environ 25%, tou saki lor la terre bruler excepter bans poles. Quand la pluie tomber depuis 1200m hauter li ti kpav blesse n quantité dimounes mais heureusement ena frictional force contre li.Ca amorti vitesse ek so forme. Nu bizin protein, vitamin etc pu la santé nou lécor, et hop li existe dans ban kitchose ki autour nou ki nou consommer… Depuis longtemps bans dimounes pren de l’eau de ban puits et hop to trouve ena roches imperméables ki stock sa de l’eau la… DERRIERE ca aussi ena n pli GRAND engineering ki apele li DIEU.
    Am sorry for our fate. Et pa penser ki nou banes parents zot bans imbéciles kan zot dir nou ki DIEU existe. Pa veut dire ki quand nou fine comprend impé l’univers, veut dire ki nou kone tou.

    “Dans l’alternance de la nuit et du jour il y a des signes pour les gens qui sont doués d’intelligence”

  • Damn i really like guibs way of reasoning 😀

  • Angelrika

    Infact l do beievein god..

    God is not in some kind ov creatures or pictures..its simply deep inside our heart..

    Its not only wen u r in distress zat u go n pray…zis is ridiculous..

    We must alwaz remember as we sow so shall we reap..zats is we must be concious about wat we r doing..if we do somfing bad its sure and certain zat we shall reap somfg bad in the future..

    Sometimes l do pray but not praying as if am asking for somfg but its only for some peace ov mind..

  • Leomaster

    I believe in GOD Yes or NO.
    I will leave it on you after reading my text till the end.
    Everyone have their views and opinions.
    You cannot force someone to believe in GOD right.
    There’s a belief that says,”Believe what you see or else why you should believe thing that you don’t see.”
    My point here is put religion apart and just target your belief on LOGICAL.
    Yes only through LOGIC than that you can perceive what is good, what is bad, what is right and what is wrong.
    One of the most cutting edge example is the SUN. Nobody can approach the sun coz it so hot and burning; it will burn everything.
    Between the earth and the sun there’s the layer called OZONE. What would happen to earth if there was no OZONE. The question is who place the ozone there? Man!! who created it? man!! The ozone needs to be a very solid layer so that it reduces the heat to protect the earth and that it last long. Who tested it before it was placed there? Man!! Finally if the ozone is there to protect us from the direct rays of the sun, then who created the sun itself and placed it there. It came by itself. The logic is there must be a powerful force behind it. That what it called none other than GOD.

    Now GOD is not seen. Like someone righted written above that you cannot draw love but you can feel love. So GOD is invisible. If HE is invisible, no one knows HIS true form. How can somebody associate image or idol to HIM. Generally people associate GOD to Human Factor. The question is can GOD resembles a human. A human is so vulnerable to a point that if two persons speaks to him, he should tell one to stop and listen one at a time. How will a human listen to the world. A human can see one thing at a time, how can see the whole world. To conclude GOD CANNOT BE A HUMAN NOR AN IMAGE NOR AN ANIMAL. That logical.
    GOD is just a powerful force that resides in each and everybody. You like it or not. When you sleep your heart keeps beating. Who looks after the heart beat when you sleep. Do you have control on your heart when you sleep NO. When you awake your heart is still beating right. Do you believe the existence of GOD that resides in you now. The example posted above on the hairdresser and the dirty man with long hair unshaved is crystal clear of existence of GOD. GOD exists and you should go to HIM. Like the hairdresser, he exists, the man unshaved man with long hair should go to him. If he don’t go to him, then don’t say the hairdresser doesn’t exist. You got my point. IS IT LOGICAL!! IS IT SENSE!! YES IT IS FOR PEOPLE WHO MEDITATES AND TRULY BELIEVE THAT THE MYSTERY OF NATURE IS NOT BY ITSELF. ALMIGHTY GOD SEES WHAT I WRITE WHAT YOU WRITE AND WE HAVE BELIEVE AND HIDE IN OUR HEART.

    That my opinion based on LOGICAL. Had I want I could keep on writing and writing but for intelligent people one example with meditation is enough to see thing differently.

  • Keshav T

    Very nice topic!

  • theo

    i’ve been a non god believer since i’m 8 y.o …and now i’m 19 nad still a non god believer….like you or anyone else, i respect their belief

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  • sapna

    hi yashwin….divana isnt hor 2 sujet…let me ask u a simple question…how do u kol zt??????4 nine mnfs u wr in ur mum womb bt nw tn vin n grnd bel dimun n putting u inside ur mum womb 1ce agn is imposible??????miracle???????????dnt u fnk zrs a force,more particularly zrs a BIG SOME1 bhind ol zes????

    to ol zos who r saying we hv to bliv in fngs zt we hv seen only….i do hv an ans 4 zt…u no y we cnt C HIM??????kz we r sinners..

    ok let say GOD dsnt exist…so yashvin i mst assume zt u r a believer of homosapien?????mins we wr singe avn n nw wz evolution nun vin as we r 2D????u agri wz zt dr????a non believer agri wz zs nly kz in ich n evry religion,z dnt blive in evolution of human….

    being a chemist,a daily xplorer of science,let me tel u 1 fng yashwin…..til 2D no1 hs bin able to prove zt 1ce we used to b singe…and science hs evn proclaimed zt zrs nt evn a trace of similarity bet a monkey n human….do u hv am xplanatn 4 zt buddy???

    ok 1ce agn i agri we wr monkey avn…bt y zrs stil monkey lft???y zt pn evolue pareil kom nu?????

    am telling u ol zes jst to tel u zt our everyD life isnt a brouillon bt its a planned work….n bhind zs planned work lies GOD work..

    one last fng i wna tel u..HE luvs his devotees n non devotees also…HES nt here to punish HIS children…bt HES here to give evy1 nt 1 bt lds of chnces…grasp zes golden chnces n lead a gud,clean life…

    for 1 minute try to sit dwn in a quiet place n fnk of HIM..
    ull C a new horizon,blive me

    GBU ol

  • YJ

    @ sapna, please ask the god you believe in to grant you the gift of spelling.


    I am personally non-believer, but the only thing i want to ask, is that who has never ( among non believers) when in some trouble say ‘ oh god help me, or actually even tried praying’ , i did, and i did not work, but it gave me the time to get my mind off the problem and analyze the situation, so basically i believe, thinking of god, is like having a cigarette, a time you can kick back and analyze the situation you are in externally and think outside the box. Obviously please dont get me wrong, i am not saying god is a cigarette or it is good to smoke, you only have to find that thing that helps you kick back and analyze your issues externally from a different point of view. But as you can see in this world, it is easier for people to use GOD as their way of moving out of their usual way of thinking and analyzing things.

    But being a non believer, i would say, Life is what you make of it, and you only get things you reach for, not the things you wait for.

    In other words, if you wait for the apple to fall from the tree, you will get a rotten one, if you go get it yourself, you might get one not ripe yet, but hey, sooner or later it will get better.

  • sapna

    to YJ

    dnt worry ill ask HIM to grant u z mind 2 undrstnd zs shortform “language”
    hey dr being a croyant doesnt min am sitting home 24 lor 24 n am xpecting HIM to fr mw gne a first honour degree…lt me tel u 1 fng …acording to HIS parol,i min acording to z bible,”responsibility” is conCderd to b our main duty…

    ey buddy ur simply sitting n w8tng 4 z apple?????wake up dr bkz ull mis evn z rotten one!

    n one fng more dr….the life of a believer isnt as easy as u wna tell….bkm a true believer 1st n zn ull C hw many problm ull encounter on ur path…u no y its lkzt????those who blong to HIM,doesnt blong to zis world…..but believer dnt kas tet abt zos worldly problm bkz we no HIS wz us….n dnt worry knmm to pa croire en LUI,HE luv u…nvr HE wil punish u 4 zt..

  • YJ

    @sapna i do understand your short form of writing but when discussing on a valuable and considerate subject, proper english words and sentences should be used in order to get whatever you are saying across, obviously you can create mistakes, but not eat the letters of a word lol.

    Also, as i assume its because you often use, shortened ‘english’ ( if we can even call what you wrote english) you did not get my point ( which i wrote in proper english), that is, from the apple example, i meant you need to reach for things even if they are not ready to be taken or dealt with, and you should then add your effort into it to make it reach perfection.

    Also i never stated that the life of a believer was easy, you totally got the point of my writing above wrong ( again due to the lack of practice in reading proper english perhaps). Of course a believer’s life is not easy, because you will always have someone, ( like me and if he allows me to say so like yashvin (author) ) a non believer who will make you face the reality you want to avoid, but i have full respect for you as a believer, if thats what gets you through life.

    P.s : I am not claiming that i know perfect english, or that you are illiterate in english, but thats what you make me feel by your writings.

    Quick question, would you give a CV into shortened english to a future employer, dont think so.

  • sapna

    i will surely apologize if my shortform languauge is bocoming a barrier for people to understand my message….well whether you judge me or not,whether my way of writing p fair tw penC i am a nut in english,i really don’t mind because of course its not you who will give THE FINAL VERDICT!!!

    let me tell you one thing dear…its easier to converse with a non believer than to get into conversation with a non christian..and franchment never mon encounter problems with other people because of HIM….i encounter problems because christians simply dont belong to this world…because we dont drink,no smoking,no sex before marriage……
    i think people find it really hard to live a decent life!

    bon cki mo kav dir tw c may you realise THE TRUTH pli vit posib and JESUS BLESS YOU dear…

    P.S;are your an english teacher??i still remember komier crie mo ti p gagner at school because of this shortform language!!!


  • YJ

    @ sapna haha, no i am not an english teacher :), and i appreciate the fact that you take my criticism with a sense of humor, this proves that even though you believe strongly in your faith and religion, you are not blinded by it. I agree with what you said about it being harder to have a conversation with a non christian ( or any other religion, depends from what view you look at it.) it as a shame that different religions cannot come to a general agreement on everyday basis, ( i hate it when religion clashes as we are all humans and we should all live along each other, not against). And yea, my mind is not closed to religion, maybe i have not experimented and found the right one, but i feel i am good as i am and maybe in the future i will find a fall into religion.

  • sapna

    i agree with you YJ that there will be a fall in religion.en passan its alrdy happening.. because as i stated above,well i dont know about other religions,but christians dont belong to this world…and people find it easier to take the path that lead to TEMPORARY HAPPINESS rather than the one leading to ETERNAL HAPPINESS..temporary happiness is really easy to find AND EXTREMELY easy to lead to astray!!!! but ETERNAL HAPPINESS is ……i really cant describe it dear….because you must feel get such a peace of mind that whoooowww,,,,,simply whooowwww…and sincerely i hope that very very soon you experiment that peace,not wordly peace but peace of heart..well u can say am a mad girl,but its as if JESUS has capture our heart..
    i don’t deny that you are good…am sure to bizin n extra bon garson…i was like you too dear but my life was incomplete till i accept HIM…and when ive accepted HIM,i got kicks upon kicks!!!i lost many many friends,my best friend isn’t my best friend anymore…but i don’t worry because i no HE is here for not alone!

    hope sincerely you don’t ‘fall’ into that fall of religion!!


  • Crystal

    I had to add smg here yash 🙂

    yes I do believe in god.
    Bof different individuals= Different opinions.

    And and… those who do not believe in not have to make such a fuss and just don’t try to look for proofs.(if any)

    D’ailleurs, n tas zafer in passer dan le monde,and scientists did not manage to prove those till date..d’ou vient l’expression leave it to god.

    We are living in a butcher-like world and to survive each of us need smg to keep going- yea there is family, there are friends, ena to blog 😛

    Parei ena bon dieu my friend.

  • Crystal

    Hey there are two Crystals in here!

  • Chaya J

    I guess we once had this discussion during the durga puja fasting…I am simply telling you I believe in God…

    I always feel that there is a divine energy guiding you. I may be demotivated at one time but i know somewhere He will never let me down.

    Let’s wait n see…what happen for ur wedding..r u not going to follow those religious rituals ????? 🙂

  • @Chaya J : Si mo ti cpv mo ti pu prend sover pu marriaze lol. But unfortunately, pu faire dimoune content, mo bisin zouer le jeu…. sans oken belief….

  • Typical comment on this post:

    “I believe in (insert own belief). You believe in (insert other belief) but that is not right. You should believe in (insert own belief).”

    “Arguments put forward FOR science: Proof of God needed, where is God, no evidence of God’s existence…blah blah blah (no mention of science, only contradicting the opposing view)

    Arguments put forward FOR God: who created the bloody universe, what is life, science has no answers to certain things…blah blah blah (no mention of God, only contradicting the opposing view)”

    At the end of the day, if you know the clear answer to something, science is at the root of it (people argue about how religion and God has created conflicts, but fail to see how science has given humans more weapons to kill each other!)

    If you don’t know the answer to something, then God HAS to exist (no-one knows for sure how the universe was created, so God HAS to exist?? that’s absolute rubbish! I don’t know who ate my sandwich the other day while I left my desk, does that mean God exists and stole it?).

    Nobody argues that they might not be right and they have only chosen a system of belief so that they can pick a side in this insane debate. No-one argues their standpoint without rubbishing the opposing claim (argue your own points instead of saying the other one is wrong!!). The very need to argue is nonsensical. I believe in Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as being my Holy Trinity, why should I give a damn about what you say?? Why should YOU give a damn about what I believe in??

    This reminds me of the never-ending discussion about which football team is THE BEST IN THE WORLD EVER: Manchester United or Liverpool. No-one comes out a winner while arguing, we are all losers.

    Because we can’t just accept what we believe in, we can’t accept the uniqueness of individuals! Oh no! We have to be bitches and make sure EVERYONE share our beliefs too! You can’t only accept that Man Utd are the better team, you have to make sure the Liverpool fan knows his team is shit, because it’s impossible for 2 sets of people to think differently, isn’t it?

    @yashvin: sorry for the blogpost-size comment, no wonder I rarely get material for my blog, I just end up writing everything on other blog posts.

  • @Yashi : lol. Don’t worry if the comment is long but I think that you wrote something meaningful and it makes sense. But as I always say, each one of us can have their own belief, and I will respect it.

  • Jing


    ” A Heavenly Master governs all the world as Sovereign of the universe. We are astonished at Him by reason of His perfection, we honor Him and fall down before Him because of His unlimited power. From blind physical necessity, which is always and everywhere the same, no variety adhering to time and place could evolve, and all variety of created objects which represent order and life in the universe could happen only by the willful reasoning of its original Creator, Whom I call the Lord God.”

    Any of you trying to express their ‘little’ scientific knowledge about the non-existence of god should realise that the greatest scientist acknowledges a supreme existence. Whether we name it differently is another matter !!

  • Ali

    For your simple question, the answer is not that simple.
    E.g: For the Bushman in S.Africa, a computer or the Segway will be just evil or maybe, if it happens to be of a certain help, from the gods.
    I mean, that we reason as per our conception (of any thing) we have acquired during the amount of time we have been in contact with a certain type of people and the amount of infos available in our brains, since we have been in a certain place or places.

    Who are we ? ZAKO !! Have you ever worked with some basic AI in some machine ? Then you will understand that, to create Intelligence is not that EZ. Then try to understand the logarithm of the human mind and compare an animal, an AI and the human. And all these, ‘wandering’ around the Sun, orbiting in this galaxy, in S P A C E, waiting for the final collision to happen, again. What is the ratio of your lifetime in SPACE’s lifetime. Who is holding all those galaxies, and beyond ? or simply from where is the sun pumping all that energy ? since it was created. Sorry, I can go on and on, but we are Bushmen in SPACE, we need to learn much much more before throwing answers.

    I appreciate your question dear Yashvin, the best way to start discovering yourself, keep it, mange are li, BUT take care, great care. Negative things happens just too easy.


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  • Akash

    My answer to your question: :
    No. It doesn’t.

    And I’m quite impessed by the candidness of your philosophy, Yashvin. The most impressive is that you say: “i do respect their way of life…”

    I dis face the same reaction from my entourage when tehy came to know about my opinion, so I stopped. I just live my life according to what I think is best for my own self. If they want to think that I’m religious, let them be comfortedin that belief. It uses up too much energy to even discuss about it.

    What is most striking how all those who do not agree with your statement are like little robots who are so fearful of someone courageous like you who dares speak out about non-believing. It’s as if they are programmed by their own religion to fear what does not conform to what they want to be the norm.

    Keep it up, Yashvin. But keep your energy for more constructive things than to argue with robots, you are smarter than them in any way.

    For all those who have to deal with aggressive religious behaviour (“mission”, témoinm jehova sipaki enkor, and any overlty / excessively religious acquaintance in your entourage who want to make you go back to their comfy delusion of religion:
    – all Richard Dawkins videos on Youtube: good humour, witty, but all the way profoundly intelligent!

  • An atheist Professor of philosophy speaks to his class on the problem science has with God, The Almighty.
    He asks one of his new Students to stand and…..

    Prof: So you believe in God?
    Student: Absolutely, sir.
    Prof : Is God good?
    Student: Sure.
    Prof: Is God all-powerful?
    Student : Yes.
    Prof: My brother died of cancer even though he prayed to God to heal him.
    Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill. But God didn’t. How is this God good then? Hmm?
    (Student is silent.)
    Prof: You can’t answer, can you? Let’s start again, young fella. Is God good?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: Is Satan good?
    Student : No.
    Prof: Where does Satan come from?
    Student: From…God….
    Prof: That’s right. Tell me son, is there evil in this world?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: Evil is everywhere, isn’t it? And God did make everything. Correct?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: So who created evil?
    (Student does not answer.)
    Prof: Is there sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these terrible things exist in the world, don’t they?
    Student: Yes, sir.
    Prof: So, who created them?
    (Student has no answer.)
    Prof: Science says you have 5 senses you use to identify and observe the world around you.
    Tell me, son…Have you ever seen God?
    Student: No, sir.
    Prof: Tell us if you have ever heard your God?
    Student: No, sir.
    Prof: Have you ever felt your God, tasted your God, smelt your God? Have you ever had any sensory perception of God for that matter?
    Student: No, sir. I’m afraid I haven’t.
    Prof: Yet you still believe in Him?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: According to empirical, testable, demonstrable protocol, science says your GOD doesn’t exist.
    What do you say to that, son?
    Student: Nothing. I only have my faith.
    Prof: Yes. Faith. And that is the problem science has.

    Student: Professor, is there such a thing as heat?
    Prof: Yes.
    Student: And is there such a thing as cold?
    Prof: Yes.
    Student: No sir. There isn’t.
    (The lecture theatre becomes very quiet with this turn of events.)
    Student : Sir, you can have lots of heat, even more heat, superheat, mega heat, white heat, a little heat or no heat.
    But we don’t have anything called cold. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat, but we can’t go any further after that.
    There is no such thing as cold . Cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat . We cannot measure cold. Heat is energy . Cold is not the opposite of heat, sir, just the absence of it . (There is pin-drop silence in the lecture theatre.)
    Student: What about darkness, Professor? Is there such a thing as darkness?
    Prof: Yes. What is night if there isn’t darkness?
    Student : You’re wrong again, sir. Darkness is the absence of something. You can have low light, normal light, bright
    light, flashing light….But if
    you have no light constantly, you have nothing and it’s called darkness, isn’t it? In reality, darkness isn’t. If it were you would be able to make
    darkness darker, wouldn’t you?
    Prof: So what is the point you are making, young man?
    Student: Sir, my point is your philosophical premise is flawed.
    Prof: Flawed? Can you explain how?
    Student: Sir, you are working on the premise of duality. You argue there is life and then there is death, a good God and a bad God. You are viewing the concept of God as something finite, something we can measure. Sir, science can’t even explain a thought. It uses electricity and magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either one.To view death as the opposite of life is to be ignorant of the fact that death cannot exist as a substantive thing. Death is not the opposite of life: just the absence of it.
    Now tell me, Professor. Do you teach your Students that they evolved from a monkey?
    Prof: If you are referring to the natural evolutionary process, yes, of course, I do.
    Student: Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes, sir?
    (The Professor shakes his head with a smile, beginning to realize where the argument is going.)
    Student: Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution at work and cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavor, are you not teaching your opinion, sir? Are you not a scientist but a preacher? (Theclass is in uproar.)
    Student: Is there anyone in the class who has ever seen the Professor’s brain?
    (The class breaks out into laughter.)
    Student : Is there anyone here who has ever heard the Professor’s brain, felt it, touched or smelt it? No one appears to have done so. So, according to the established rules of empirical, stable, demonstrable protocol, science says that you have no brain, sir.
    With all due respect, sir, how do we then trust your lectures, sir?
    (The room is silent. The Professor stares at the Student, his face unfathomable.)
    Prof: I guess you’ll have to take them on faith, son.
    Student: That is it sir…. The link between man & god is FAITH . That is all that keeps things moving & alive.


    this is a true story, and the
    Student was none other than………A P J ABDUL KALAM…the former President of India.

  • ashok

    There is only two Religions Men and Woman

  • Sagitarius

    Mo ti pe assize bor lamer , mo senti fourmi ruz lor mo lazam ; mo pass lame mo kraz zot . Bel diskision kumanse dan Republik Fourmi Ruz. Enn bann ti pe dir : si Bondie ekziste , kifer 1 sel inn morde 23 inn mor ? Lot bann dir : pa koz koumsa , pa kone ki kapav ariv toi , kitfwa zot pe pey zot pese . Enn lot [ pa kone ki so relizion ] ti pe dir : Sagitarius pa ekziste ,sinon fourmi ruz pa ti pou pass mizer koumsa . Mo pane reponn li parski MO PA MARS LOR FOURMI RUZ SO LORD .

    Si teori BIIIIIIGGGGG BAAAAAAAANNNNGG ti vre , l’iniver ti pou ena form enn boule . Si li ti ena form oval , kib ou bien konik oussi ti kapav ris-risse fer li rant dan sa teori la . Me dapre seki mone kompran , bann observasyon inn montre ki l’iniver ena form enn serk tibiler [ kouma lassam larou loto ] . Sa form la pa ekziste natirelma
    lor later parmi ni lavi animal ,ni vezetal ni oussi mineral / cristal.

    Dan l’iniver oussi – apar l’iniver li mem – ziska ler pankor gagn okenn ka kot sa form la ekziste natirelma . Si enn zour enn matematisien resi trouv sa ekwasion ki demontre ki li possib ki apartir enn pwin , x ek y kapav evolye an form enn tiyo ki al dan 2 direksion e ki rezwenn pli lwin pou form enn serk , pri Nobel pa pou asse pou li . Pou enn zeni parey , bizin fer so stati 300 met oter , e donn tou lari so non .

    Enn lot zafer ki ZAME OKENN SCIANTIFIK PA POU KAPAV EKSPLIKE : avan Big Bang ena .

    Mo ti anvi dir kiksoz lor Darwin ou plito lor teori l’evolisyon me mo ti neve asterla la ena bezwin vital pou zwe gaem lor mo komputer .

    P.S : teori sinifye sipozisyon ; kouma tou dimounn [apar seki pa kone ] kone .

  • Sagitarius

    Pli laho monn fer enn errer ; lir : Enn lot zafer ki ZAME OKENN SCIANTIFIK ZAME PA POU KAPAV EKSPLIKE : avan Big Bang KI TI ENA ?
    [ 1 segonn avan ? 1000 milliar l’anne avan ? ]

    Mone all tyek impe bann info lor l’orizinn l’iniver . Do You Believe In Science [ /Scientists/Scientific Theories ] !? Aster ena otan sciantifik ki kwar ek ki pa kwar dan Big Bang . Monn remarke oussi ki boukou bann ki kwar dan Big Bang ena tendans apiy zot argiman avek l’afirmasyon ki seki dir lekontre enn bann cretin . Ena lezot teori lor form l’iniver : e.g. enn inn kalkile ki l’iniver ena form enn sandal moustik , Dapre enn lot kalkil li ena plito form enn sipek .

    Teori l’Evolisyon ? Mo trouv 3 nivo kapav pran sa mo evolisyon la :

    1 : dimounn naze ziska lame ek lipie vinn lapatkanar . Ou byen ziraf manz bann fey pli laho ziska so likou vinn long . POSSIB !

    2 : dimounn naze ziska ressi respir anba delo . PLI DIFISIL !

    3 : dimounn naze ziska vinn doffin . Ou byen zako vinn dimoune , pwason vnn serpan , serpan vinn mamifer ,serpan vinn z’oizo , enn n’espes amib ou bacteri vinn pwason . SA MO PA KWAR !

    Teori l’Evolisyon affirm bann zistwar kouma dan sa 2em ek 3em nivo la me li apiy li lor bann evolisyon 1ye nivo pou defann so ka .

    Get enn detay pli pre . Lizye : enn bacteri pe evolye pe vin pwason ; li pena lizye , pwason ena ; li pena la servel , pwason bizin ena enn -kan mem betbet pou decod seki lizye capte . Etan sa lizye la pe forme li pa servi nanye . La servel la oussi parey , pena okenn itilite li develop capacite pou decod z’imaz si lizye pankor ekziste .

    Pendan sa period developma la [ komye mil banane ? ] bacteri-pwason la pou aveg ! Koumadir enn kote Cromagnon pe fabrik enn prosesser san ki li ena kik n’ide ki li pou fer ar sa , lot kote Neandertal pe fabrik enn diskdir san kone ki sa kapav ete . San kone oussi ki dan plizyer milye banane ki sa pou vinn itil .

    Ena koumsa boukou kiksoz ki ni la scians ni la relizion pa kapav ni prouve ni invalid l’idee inverse . Zot tou le de byen souvan depann lor zis lafwa mem si bann atheist pa dispoze pou admet ki la scians inn vinn zot relizion .

    Mwa , mo pa al okenn l’egliz , me , MO KWAR Bondie ekziste .

    Mo kwar oussi ki :
    Li pa dwa ni mwa ni personn nanye
    Li pa bizin ni taper ni avoca [ena dimounn rod amenn sa bann rol la]
    Bondie , relizion , pret se 3 zafer diferan
    Bondie pa babysitter l’imanite , sakenn bizin pran so sarz
    Si Bondie pa ti donn dimounn liberte pense , nou ti pou bann marionet

  • Ushna


    I must say, you’ve made your points well! But I (respectfully) beg to differ.

    My first rebuttal is in relation to your question of “avant Big Bang ki ti ena”. What was there one minute before the Big Bang, a million years before the Big Bang. In my opinion, la question ne se pose meme pas, because time only began at the Big Bang. According to me, the reason why people ask that question is because they conceive time as “clock-time”, day-and-night time, which is neatly divided into 24 parts because of the revolution of the Earth around the Sun and around itself.

    Time, when referred to in the context of the universe and its formation, is something else. Its a dimension, like length, width, height; it’s the 4th dimension. And as such, it can only begin when the universe begins. Professor Stephen Hawking explains it magnificently:

    “one can get rid of the problem of time having a beginning in a similar way in which we got rid of the edge of the world [that is, the Earth is round, with no beginning and no end.] Suppose the beginning of the universe was like the South Pole of the earth, with degrees of latitude playing the role of time. The universe would start as a point at the South Pole. As one moves north, the circles of constant latitude, representing the size of the universe, would expand. To ask what happened before the beginning of the universe would become a meaningless question because there is nothing south of the South Pole.”

    Now, concerning your affirmation that the universe would have been spherical had the Big Bang really occurred. I dont know, I havent really read about it. But I did watch a documentary about the M-theory once, where the scientists were indeed talking about spherical universes. Not universe, universes! According to them, outside our universe, there exist parallel universes, all of which are spherical in shape. Imagine a child blowing air bubbles, that’s how these universes are supposed to look like. And when they collide, a phenomenal amount of energy is released: the Big Bang.

    That theory took care of the problem of singularity, but it does appear to conflict with Hawking’s contention that the universe has no boundary, at least from my viewpoint. Hawking affirms that only if the universe has no boundary can the laws of science apply to it. So, yes, I’m not sure about the shape of the universe, and the person who can give a definite answer as to that deserves a Nobel Prize, as you rightly said!

    Regarding evolution, my view is that people often tend to misunderstand Darwin’s theory. They reduce it to “Man descended from monkeys” and make it sound as if one day, a pregnant monkey gave birth to a Tarzan-like human, or that one day, all monkeys started transforming into humans in a matter of minutes.

    All these sound too literal, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on ‘Origin of Species’ so that I can read for myself what Darwin claimed. And I do seem to remember another documentary I watched, which explained evolution and which went along these lines: man and monkeys had a common ancestor, man did not descend directly from monkeys. That common ancestor evolved into 2 “branches” (for want of a better term!), and the more dominant of these “branches” evolved into man, while the other “branch” died out, according to the survival-of-the-fittest rule also propounded by Darwin. But the details are sketchy, for unfortunately, I was quite young when I watched that.

    I know that science doesnt have all the answers, but I feel that it has a helluva lot more answers than religion. Whenever science fails to give an answer, religion takes it as being proof of the veracity of its contentions. It really does appear, then, that religion is “innocent until proven guilty”, that is, its stands only as long as science cant bring it down, and that is not much ground to stand on, is it?

  • Sagitarius

    Ushna ,

    I went through your comments several times , to see if maybe I’ll find something that will make me change my views . That’s my habitual way of looking at things ; I think one should not cling stubbornly to one’s beliefs .
    But , I must point out one thing : the Big Bang and the origin of species are not my favorite topics and I’ll ask to be excused from debates on those subjects . I mentioned them only because they are the ATHEIST’S PRIME ARGUMENTS to refute the existence of God .

    If you think again , the paragraph beginning with ‘Time , when referred to ‘ is a very unscientific affirmation . The professor you quote ‘get[s] rid of the problem ‘ [frivolously , as scientists sometimes do]of time with a not so obvious comparison . Does he really KNOW what he is talking about ? Anyway , someone should have answered him that south of the south pole there IS something : the universe .

    There is ONE universe . No telescope is needed to see that , just common sense . Whatever more will be discovered in space in the next centuries , will still be just be part of THE universe .

    Try expanding yourself in all directions and you’ll end up being a sphere . Please , don’t believe any scientist who say otherwise .

    About the theory of evolution , if you re-read me , you will see that I don’t contest the possibility of very advanced ‘mechanical’ change in species and am quite prepared to believe that .
    What I contest is BASING [frivolously ,again] the candid affirmation that vertebrates evolved from a unicellular animal SOLELY on the fact that advanced ‘mechanical’ evolution is possible .

    There are actually very few people – I don’t know any – who believe in God because science does not have all the answers .

    Religion stands on much more solid ground than you think . It is based on the realization that Man is much higher than animals whose purpose is only finding food and reproducing .

    Man is much higher , not because of his superior intelligence , but because of the EMPTINESS which he can sometimes feel even in times of abundance , even in the company of his family and his friends . Because of the desperate feeling that something essential is missing.

    Religion is also the sole basis of moral conduct . It is unscientific to consider murder ,rape or theft as crimes [survival of the fittest , etc]

    I hope I don’t sound like the one who think he knows it all . Wording that reply less assertively would take too much space .

  • Ushna


    You know, I don’t think scientists of the calibre of Stephen Hawking or the M-theorists base their contentions on anything less solid than years and years and years of scientific, mathematical analysis the complexity of which we cannot even begin to imagine. Thats why I trust what they say (provided of course that they have the calibre).

    Stephen Hawking is the most brilliant man after Einstein, and certainly has the most brilliant mind of the scientific world of today. When he gave the South Pole example, he stated clearly that the lines of latitude are to be considered as the expansion of the universe, such that the closer one gets to the South Pole (the beginning of the universe), the circumference of those lines of latitudes gets smaller, until they disappear at the South Pole. Thats what Hawking means by saying its meaningless to ask what there was in the universe before the Big Bang. The South Pole example is self-contained, i think you took it a bit too literally, if i may humbly say so! 🙂

    Speaking of Time as a dimension is not, in my opinion, unscientific; in fact, it’s as scientific as can be! Let’s put it this way: before the Big Bang, there was nothing in the universe; there was not even a universe. When the Big Bang occurred, everything was created, INCLUDING the dimensions, of which Time is one. I suggest you read Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity for a deeper understanding of this concept, for I concede that it’s not an easy one to grasp!

    I’m also feeling inclined to add something about what I said concerning parallel universes. It’s a new concept, certainly, but it’s also got its merits, if we’re willing to see them. It explains why gravity is the weakest force in nature, reconciles quantum physics with the general theory of relativity, and basically offers an explanation for everything (that’s why it’s also called the Theory of Everything, which Einstein himself had started working on).

    Of course, I’m saying all these with almost offensive brevity, but I believe that further and better understanding can be afforded by a reading of the theories of Hawking, Einstein, Penrose and the like.

    For the record, I’m not an atheist. I’m in fact a fervent believer in God, I pray on my own volition, because I believe in the psychological power of prayers, and I can honestly discourse as well on the Ramayana as I can on cosmology! As I said in a post much above, a belief in science and a belief in God are not mutually exclusive.

  • Sagitarius

    Ushna ,Ushna ,Ushna ,

    The subject of the blog post is ‘Do you believe in God ‘ . If it was ‘Do you believe in Science ‘I would not have bothered to comment ‘ Now don’t jump to conclusions : I don’t think Earth is flat like a tekwa .

    In my opinion , that other guy who calculated the size of this planet with remarkable precision based only on the different length of the shadows of two sticks of the same size ,at the same time ,at different latitudes was slightly more brilliant than Einstein .

    You keep misreading me , I don’t feel like getting involved in your scientific jargon ; until the origin ,shape or whatever of the universe
    has any immediate bearing on the lives of people or the fate of humanity , I ,personally , won’t bother .

    Those who devote their time to such research have my encouragements , though . And I don’t mind updating on how far science has reached , regularly .

    Stop drinking what scientists say like panacon [[ the best drink after beer and alouda ]] That is the stuff that makes you think I am too literal about things . As I said in my first comment THEORY MEANS SUPPOSITION , intelligent supposition ,certainly , but nothing more than supposition .

    I did not find the post you mentioned , but in your comment dating 18/05/10 [ last paragraph ] you seem to say something contrary .

    I ,for one , think that belief in God does not exclude belief in Science . But I also think there some frivolous scientific theories [trying to pass as proven ]around ,just as there are some backward, insane religious speeches from stupid ,hypocritical priest [ trying to pass as ‘men of God’]

    I also think you are [almost?] as brilliant as your idol [sorry , I could not find the right word ]. And that you are only pretending not to find any sense in what I say .

    I’d like to hear more from you – but on other subjects !

  • Sagitarius

    Enn ti zistwar ; an fet tradiksyon enn poem depi klas literatir form 2 [1973]


    Enn swar Abhu ben Aden so somey kase , li trouv enn anz dan so lassam , sipa ki pe ekrir . Li dimann li ‘Ki ou pe fer ? ‘
    Anz la dir li ‘Mo pe ekrir nom tou bann ki swiv seki relizion dir ‘
    Li dimande ‘Mo ‘si mo ladan?
    Anz la reponn : Twa non !
    Impe sagrin , Abhu ben Aden dir : Abe , mark mwa parmi bann ki’nn viv san okenn lahenn pou lezot .

    Lendime swar , so somey rekase , li retrouv anz la pe ekrir .
    Li dmande :Zordi , ki ou pe ekrir ?
    Anz dir mo : Mo pe fer la list bann seki Bondie consider so dimounn .
    Li fini ekrir li montre Abhu so la list
    Tyek sa enn kou !! Abhu ben Aden so nom sorti an tet !

  • krishnen

    The problem is not so much if whether god exists or not. No human knows the answer to this question, however convincing he/she may sound while defending his point of view. The real problem lies with organized religion which is so obviously man-made and whose sole purpose is to control people and to stifle free will.

  • krishnen

    If you seem so eager to dismiss of all the theories surrounding the origins of the universe with such arrogance, then the next time you get sick i suggest just pray or do nothing and hope for the best. For your information, modern Medicine is also Science; which has been refined over many centuries of theories and experiments.
    Oh no, you won’t do that of course, because you will only dispute something as long as it has no immediate effect on your petty life.
    Between your point of view and that of Stephen Hawkins,Carl Sagan,Isaac Newton,Einstein etc… I know which one i’ll take.

  • Sagitarius

    Krishnen ,

    Before replying to Ushna , I read her comments and tried to understand what she had to say . I suggest you do the same , if you are to comment on me .

    I posted 2 comments in kreol , 2 replies to Ushna and a short story on that page . Maybe that’s too long reading .
    I prefer arguments to invectives . But ,no sweats , I’ll -sort of – answer you .

    1: I said I BELIEVE IN GOD ;but also that I DON’T TRUST RELIGION .
    I’ll believe without proof – [stupid me]

    2 : I don’t dismiss all theories concerning the origin of the universe.
    I don’t even exactly HOW MANY CONTRADICTING THEORIES there are .
    These days scientists who believe in the Big Bang form an exotic minority .

    3 : I feel uneasy about the word ‘arrogance’ though .I can address the universe arrogantly if I feel like ,I’m sure it won’t mind . But I must say I wrote my last reply with some irritation and went a bit over the top.
    I had even thought of rewriting it , then I preferred to think [another aspect of my pettiness ] that an intelligent person would understand sometimes comments in blogs are not worded like poetry and would take things with a grain of salt .
    I definitely should have rewritten that last reply .

    4 : I fail to see how believing in the Big Bang has a mandatory connection with believing in medical science .

    5 : Medical research is not based on just stating theories but trying to be sure not to make mistakes and to find true proven solutions . I’ll trust Medicine and I’ll also pray – Please don’t mind .

    6 : I’ll persist . Even if that’s petty! , theories on the universe will continue to be of less than secondary interest to me .
    My immediate concerns : pc issues [Win7 acted like the boss so threw it away and reinstalled xp ; then I remembered xp keep crashing and is very attractive to viruses ; why does free avg detect viruses while the registered one allowed them to destroy every file on my hard drive. Why is Pc-bsd allergic to traces of Realtek on my hdrive ; when will developers of Linux realize that to get rid of Windows once and all the first thing they have to do is to get the system to recognize all/any modems .]

    7 : other interests : the extinction of several tuna species due to EU overfishing ; anything connected to flight or aircraft technology ; space travel ; research on spinal cord injury ; learning to play the guitar at 50 ,learning a new [african ]language ; trying to always be honest and sincere in what I say .

    8 : still other interests : trying to figure out if Mauritius has good prospects for the future ; the origin of the universe [hey!hey!heeey!] ;trying to find beauty in porn [soon giving up on that one] ; the word-speller : sometimes it underlines in red correctly spelled words .

    9 : If anybody adopts MY POINTS OF VIEWS , he should do so with caution : I’m a jealous , possessive guy . You are better off adopting OTHER POINTS OF VIEWS .
    You’ll be even better off developing YOUR POINTS OF VIEWS .

    10 : You have a different spelling for Stephen Hawkin? . Which one is correct ?

  • krishnen



    Well firstly i retract the arrogance from my previous post,since you obviously did not mean it that way.
    Science is trying to answer the question as to the why and how of our presence on this planet.It all started with that quest.Everything else came out this primal curiosity of the human existence including Medicine.
    You say there are no theories in Medicine; well there was a theory once that suggested that letting blood when a person was ill would cure that person.Time proved this wrong.Same thing for the different theories about the universe except these make an attempt to understand something infinitely greater than the human body. Theoretical physics is a notoriously complex discipline. The level of understanding it has reached now means its difficult for common people (like me) to understand everything that comes out of it. However i’d rather put my faith into science rather than religion. Some of this research will be proved right or wrong over time, but at least their research is based on empirical evidence unlike religion which is based on fairy tales. Its a journey that started with the ancient Greeks and still continuing today with people like Stephen Hawking (thks for pointing that out). We do owe these scientists tremendous respect i think.

    The big bang is still a theory you are right (thats why the word theory is still appended to it).No-one knows at present for sure if its a certainty. For ex scientists are still trying to understand the unusually high temperatures in the furthest points from the center of the universe, which are in contradiction with what the theory suggests. However, at present all the evidence at our disposal, points to it as the most viable explanation.

    In any case you seem to have a original take on these things, even though i personally disagree with them.


  • Sagitarius


    O.k then , let’s agree to disagree .

  • Ushna


    I agree that the subject at hand is “Do you believe in god?”, and my answer is “Yes, I do”, but I don’t believe that God created the universe the way it’s said in the Bible or whatever religious book, i don’t believe that he created Man the way it’s said in the aforementioned texts. So how do I believe the universe and Man were created? I believe in very scientific theories as to their creation. This is how science gets into this debate.

    You seem very down-to-earth when you say “until the origin ,shape or whatever of the universe has any immediate bearing on the lives of people or the fate of humanity , I ,personally , won’t bother”. I respect your point of view, you’re right in your own way. But other people do bother about these, because of their insatiable curiosity and their desire to always get to the bottom of things. And then, scientific quests like these do have a bearing on people’s everyday lives, because of what is termed as spin-offs. These are invented in the course of a scientific experiment, and then pass into everyday usage. Off the top of my head, i can think of coatings for cars, photovoltaic cells, methods of detection of anti-personnel mines, or ways of preventing baby cot-deaths. These were all the results of space exploration.

    Then you advised me to “Stop drinking what scientists say like panacon”. Advice taken, if a bit out of order! I’d like to apologise if i seem to base everything i say on some scientific fact, but i live in an environment in which you do not say something unless you have a basis for it, so you could say it’s ingrained! Sorry if i come across as a scientific-version-of-panacon drinker because of that! 😉

    I guess we’ll just have to part our own ways as far as the Big Bang is concerned, though i believe, contrarily to what you’ve said (that proponents of that theory form a minority today), that the Big Bang Theory is believed by the majority of scientists to be the accepted model of creation of the universe.

    Concerning the earlier post of mine which i referred you to, i posted under the name of anikka, thats why you couldnt find it! Its dated 9 march 2009.

    And as far as my other interests are concerned, they range from disney movies to law and political theories, passing through vocal music, harry potter, the complexity of the human brain, creative writing and great literary works.

    As a parting shot, i’d like to thank you for the compliment! That I’m almost as brilliant as Stephen Hawking, that’s a helluva thing to say! I’m over the moon! 😀

  • Sagitarius

    Ushna ,

    About the panacon and even more about the general tone of my comment , I must admit I did not show you proper respect . Irritation does not excuse anything .

    I am sincerely sorry for the tone and hope you believe me .

    I checked your post signed Anikka . ( double identities allowed ? )

    I listed some of my interests , hobbies and worries in response to Krishnen ,who does not know me , stating my ‘life’ was ‘petty’ just because I won’t put theories on the universe on top of my priorities . For more than 25 years people around me ,family and friends , have behaved as if I was the only unselfish ,trustworthy , reliable person around ; while recovering? from an accident suffered 2 years ago I realized that I may indeed be the only person of the type in my neighborhood . I’m not bitter about it ,I have a stoic character and try to keep an open and serene mind despite circumstances . -That’s personal ,of course ,and I hope no one comments on that paragraph -I mention that only because I feel a bit ashamed of having been really hurt by a word I would have shrugged off before .

    I like disney films too ,and concerning the brain my interest is more focused on nerve repair and anything related to that : axons ,stem cells , chondroitinase or chinese olfactory implants[ which western research does not quite trust ].Free information is scarce though and I’ve a tight budget .

    I thought I owe it to you to check on Stephen Hawking .I searched on the web ,found some warning that aliens would probably be hostile and a new idea on how to visit the universe : an enormous rocket travelling at the speed of light that would not be able to return . Passengers would rely for the return journey on an alternative better device to have been invented while they are away . I was not impressed.
    But I’ll bet he has some more serious ideas as you admire him so much.

    I like to think that the average person is an intelligent enough one . You are more than average -you think so too .I was not being ironic . Stephen Hawking fits in a field where average persons would be out of place , but [ here I go again ( but let’s not argue about it) ] I don’t think he is a genius . Einstein ,for example IS a genius .

    To you also, I propose that we agree to disagree

    For other persons who read that blog ,I hope even those who disagree with me found something in what said . I don’t think I’ll write any further on that page , so future comments may remain unanswered .

  • @Sagitarius : I agree too. I think that all of you have brought forward loads of points to justify their position about their belief in god. We should respect the decision of others, despite having our own point of view on certain subjects. You might agree, we have to put this to a stop else the page will keep on growing and it will never end.

    So, I invite all of you (Sagitarius , Ushna, krishnen) to agree and respect each other’s point. If any of you wish to continue the debate, let me know. I might share your email addresses among you so that you can have a more serious discussion 🙂

    Thanks a lot for participating. I really enjoyed reading what each of you said during the last days 😉
    (and it was enriching too)


  • Ushna


    I do believe you are a sincere person, so apology accepted! 🙂

    About my double identity, i used to post as Anikka earlier (just a whim!), but then I wrote a guest article on this blog itself, so i had to divulge my real identity, and I’ve kept posting under Ushna ever since!

    You have a strong character, you hold firm to your beliefs without being blinded by them, and God knows how much I respect that. Thats why my first sentence to you was “I think you made your points well”. And even if i disagree with you on a lot of points, that doesnt preclude me from appreciating how you are true to yourself.

    So yes, let’s just agree to disagree! If I might just say so, you could read Stephen Hawking’s book, Black Holes and Baby Universes, it really allows you to delve into his mind and see what he’s really about. Just in case you’re interested!

    With that, I wish you best of luck with your life!


  • God exists. If you believe, that’s called faith in believing. If you dont believe, that’s called faith in not believing. 🙂
    We inhale oxygen, we dont see it, but we believe in it.
    So why we have to see God to believe His existence?

  • Yowan

    God doesn’t exist, its simply people who invented it as they did not understand how things work, science can explain everything.
    god is in only present in people who have faith in it.

  • @Yowan: Ok using ur own science explain to me what happens after you die. What happens to that feeling of existing in this world. What you see through your eyes. What you understand as long as you are alive. But when u die what happens? Have you tried thinking abt it? Does everything just goes blank and numb after your body get’s cold? What happens to urself? Use your science and try to explain that…

  • Yowan

    Thats simple when u die everything stored in your memory fades away as no O2 is being supplied to the brain, all vital functions including chemical reactions in the brain cortex stop.
    Feelings just disappear as the brain is no longer active

  • Jing

    @ Yowan,

    Don’t just belive in what you read, especially from wikipedia … Apply some reasoning to it as well. Science has its own limitations.

    Does your brain tell you what to do, or do you tell it what to do ? The brain is simply a ‘processor’ for the body, requiring you to operate it. You, being the spirit, the controller !

    If you follow my reasoning, then when you die, the brain is dead, however your spirit is still here. After death, science has no explanation as to what happens, hence we have to move into spirituality.

    I prefer to have faith in what makes sense to me as opposed to believing in popular beliefs …

  • I agree here with Jing.
    Yovan’s statement here implies that as long as the heart beats you are alive and you feel everything. But what is the mechanism that keeps it beating? And how can you be so sure that whatever you have experienced in your whole lifetime just fades away like that and if that is the case then why are we living? If science can explain everything then how does it explain the process of life and death? Why does someone who is born has to die one day? Why can’t we fine a solution where no one dies, everyone becomes immortal? Or stays young forever? Is there a scientific explanation for that?

    Whatever you tried to explain to me through Wikipedia is just a theory about what they were able to find out on how a part of the human body works that’s all. But it has got no concrete explanation that yes, everything is lost into thin air the moment you die.

  • And the fact that many people trying to differentiate the belief of God against Science here is really not a comparison to be made. There is really no difference between what these two try to explain. The only thing is that science is just a language that is different from the language of the belief in god. It just the way things are explained are different but in fact both of them mean the same thing. U might try to take many examples the way science explain something and the way a religious belief explains the same scenario. The way both explain the case might be different, but in the end both of them mean the same thing. If some people here get the chance, there are some holy scripts that have existed since long long ago that illustrate the same things that you read in your science books that have been existing since a few years.

  • deepti

    This was the first time i have come to your blog not that i was searching on god just got page on one of the search engines, was finding sumthing else but saw this looked interesting.i would just to share what i feel there are so many things in this world which are not seen just felt. do you actually see anyone’s love for you but that can be felt ..if god is not there why everything happens for good??? What ever happens happens for a reason…how come everything is so planned… may be a coincident….but i have actually felt whatever has with me has happened for a reason i may not in very good position but that also has a reason to it…..

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  • Gui

    yes I do

  • Jet_Fuel

    To those who believe in that delusion called god: you’ll only know when you die, which I hope will be soon enough to rid this planet of destructive forces of your religions.

  • I don’t because Science has explained(and is explaining more as we discover more) everything. Old practices have no longer a place in modern society where people use their brain to think for plausible explanations instead of just being “brainwashed” by old and outdated thoughts

  • Razia

    Hello you ppl out there!!!
    This is a very delicate topic that you are all discussing here!
    I thank the author for raising such a topic and all the commentators out there who shared their respected opinions!

    Wat is God? Does it exist? Do you believe in God?: “…imP!”
    Is this subject of God a real fing or an old-fashioned belief? Why should i believe in the existence of a supreme God?? And the list of questions continues in all the minds out there!!!

    Have you guyz ponder about how did the universe was created or formed?
    “The Big Bang explosion, The Mini-Bangs, fusion/expansion/reactions btw chemical/nuclear substances….”
    Is this the answer of anyone of you?
    If anyone of you have never heard about terms mentioned above, google it! Go and read about the formation of this universe.
    After being equipped with all the info, what do you deem to tell me??
    “Science explains evryhtng clearly! From the formation till the end of the Universe, science has already exploited and predict evrythng!”
    CAN YOU???????

    NOO!!!! You are sadly mistaken if you think that science can create all that!!
    Even if you say that the chemical substances found reacted on their own to give rise to the universe, then, FROM WHERE DID THAT INITIAL SUBSTANCE COME FROM?????? NOTHING CAN HAPPEN ON ITS OWN!!!!!



  • @Razia:

    Either you live under a rock or you just don’t have any common sense……

    “The Big Bang explosion, The Mini-Bangs, fusion/expansion/reactions btw chemical/nuclear substances….”

    —It has been scientifically proved, the facts and evidence is all here… Wikipedia is your friend


    —Yes it CAN be achieved, human DNA has been FULLY synthesized and artificial human fetuses were ALREADY created in labs (but destroyed afterwards)


    —It CAN be achieved, if you don’t even know what CERN is… Google is your friend
    There is just not enough energy on our planet to create such things. Obviously it will be achieved in the next millennium

    “NOO!!!! You are sadly mistaken if you think that science can create all that!!

    —The big bang and we are the result of evolution

    “Even if you say that the chemical substances found reacted on their own to give rise to the universe”

    —Who said that??, total nonsense. How can substances react without energy. Obviously you don’t even have a good knowledge of chemistry


    —Gimme a concrete proof


    —You are mistaken, at least the younger generation learns about real-life things and are not been “brainwashed” by old stories about great powers. At least once use your ‘common sense’ and your brain before making baseless conclusions.
    Older generations did no even know how things basically work, assuming that all this was created by “powers” is senseless



    — You can’t deny the facts, just go and learn more for you to understand instead of just saying nonsense

    The humans are a young specie, science is answering more and more questions as we progress. You can’t just keep saying nonsense about all these since there is a scientific explanation for everything

  • Sagitarius

    This is my favorite page , so I find it hard to resist making comments..

    Reading is [or was] my hobby . These days I don’t read much . When I was younger ,it was not just a hobby in fact it was a passion .At 12 I was reading more books in a month than most people in Mauritius would ever read in their lifetime .

    It was at that age ,I remember , that I read Lady Chatterley’s lover . But more than the countless novels ,it was in books on scientific topics , on history ,geography ,ethnology ,on astronomy or on religious and spiritual themes that I was most intensely interested.
    Once -I was then 16- I spent three days on a book on nuclear science , that had been thrown away by a french diplomat leaving Mauritius , to make it dry so I could read it .

    But I was not not a typical youth , those of my age were definitely not that interested in reading / learning .
    From observation , I think the same can said on today’s youth . This generation have better facilities for studying but that does not mean that they are -or care to be- more educated .

    They may be more intelligent ,though , for I , of the old generation , despite every thing I’ve learned , believe in God .
    On that matter I am , proudly , with the stupids .

    For all his intelligence , the young may profer stupidities while trying to prove his point . Things like ‘Wikipedia is your friend’ . Wikipedia may be practical to get an idea what a subject, a word you are new to ,is about ; but don’t rely on it for exact information . It is quite frequent to find inaccuracies on Wikipedia .

    [The series Kyle XY is a fiction . No human foetus has ever been created artificially .]

  • @Sagitarius:

    Early Foetus WERE created artificially, You don’t even know what you are talking about

    “The first hybrid human clone was created in November 1998, by American Cell Technologies. It was created from a man’s leg cell, and a cow’s egg whose DNA was removed. It was destroyed after 12 days. Since a normal embryo implants at 14 days, Dr Robert Lanza, ACT’s director of tissue engineering, told the Daily Mail newspaper that the embryo could not be seen as a person before 14 days. While making an embryo, which may have resulted in a complete human had it been allowed to come to term, according to ACT: “[ACT’s] aim was ‘therapeutic cloning’ not ‘reproductive cloning'””

  • Razia

    WIKIPEDIA!!! haha.. a big joke!!!!
    N have u been able to create parts of human??? you indeed create artificial fings, resembling the original one, but u could never create one EXACTLY as the original one!!!! Wen a person is blind, u take an eye from a recently dead person n tryy to fix him, but you don’t use ur technologies n materials to build one n replace that!!!!

  • @Razia:

    Artificial beings have fully the physical and bionically appearance of uncloned ones


    It can be fully achieved

    ‘Wen a person is blind, u take an eye from a recently dead person n tryy to fix him, but you don’t use ur technologies n materials to build one n replace that!!!!”

    Did you ever hear of Stem Cells, with these any part of the body can be replaced although this technique is still experimental


    These assumptions are then scientifically proved

    Judging by what you say, you don’t even know anything about Science and and Technology

    Debating any further is USELESS, everyone has his/her own ideas about it

  • Sagitarius

    @ Yowan

    I do know 1 or 2 things and I’d like to share..
    Things that most people know but may ,even so ,need to be worded .

    The sperm competing against his millions of ‘brothers’ in the frenetic race to reach the ovum first is as ALIVE as that said ovum . Life DEVELOPS in the woman’s womb ,it is NOT CREATED .
    Mothers give BIRTH [let’s cherish them for that] they don’t give LIFE .

    As soon as one sperm penetrates her the ovum kills all the other sperms within reach . This [happy?] couple then fuse to form a zygote . The zygote starts a cycle of cell division [in effect IT CLONES ITSELF] which multiply the number of cells .

    When a sufficient number is reached , those COMPLETELY IDENTICAL cells evolve into the various DISSIMILAR organs of the body .


    These transformations takes place WITHOUT ERROR : you will never see someone born naturally , with the eyes on the abdomen ,the nose on the back , or the ears on the shoulders .

    It is this capacity of the stem cells to evolve without errors into their destined organs which researchers are trying to understand and emulate . Regenerative medicine is counting on that research to , at last , be able to treat damaged nerve cells .

    Right now , though , they are further from success than you think and no scientist would dare say that any part of the body – e.g. the eyes- can be replaced using stem cells .

    NEITHER somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) NOR cloning involve ARTIFICIAL CREATION OF LIFE .
    For years now , many successful experiments with SCNT and cloning have been carried out . All of them have been performed using already LIVING matter .

    In November 1998 Advanced Cell Technology using SCNT developed -as they say – a method of producing ” primitive human embryonic stem cells” . That is not the same thing as ”artificially created” ”embryo” .
    Whatever your sources ,you could read them more carefully and grasp their meaning before using them in comments .

    I think some of the metaphysical aspects of Dr Robert Lanza’s theory of Biocentrism might lead to a slightly less money-minded and a slightly more humane approach to stem cells research . Maybe that could result in a breakthrough in regenerative medicine .

    One of the hardest task of growing up from adolescence to adulthood is to get rid of the attitude of the one who is always right . Dealing with that task can be worthwhile though . It can help to build your character .

  • Lapin

    Mone trouv sa post la dan tard, mo un peu paress pou comment la kar li assez old sa post la. Mais mo ti pou contan kito re ecrire ene similaire, par exemple lor paranormal si to kpav kumsa mo kpav debate. I am a paranormal reseacher since 6 years. Enfin guete toi. Merci!

  • Lapin

    Ah bein non, ena comment recent lorla, aster mo p trouv ban date la. mais bon un peu paress la pou comment LOL. but I will answer directly, Yes I believe in God. God is an energy thats all.

  • Hrubesh

    I grew up non believing too. Then one day, my point of view changed. I became very religious. Then I realised, religions are just vehicles to one thing, a creator. Non believers also believe in the aspect of a creator using the scientific term the Big Bang.

    I also believe in the “GOOD”. I also believe god is not a religious entity. If he is sitting behind Allah and that I, a believer of Shiva, for example, say “I do not believe in Allah”, Then I interprete it this way: God is laughing at me seeing me behaving like that. This person likes me when he sees me as Shiva but hates me when he sees me as Allah, vice versa. Well he is the same one behind all these figures. This is my religious point of view. When it comes to science, I simply change all the mappings to energy. True science and true religion are twin sisters, where one goes, the other necessarily follows.

    What follows is from Charles F. Haanel:
    Thought is energy and energy is power, and it is because all the
    religions, sciences and philosophies with which the world has
    heretofore been familiar have been based upon the manifestation
    of this energy instead of the energy itself, that the world has been
    limited to effects, while causes have been ignored or misunderstood.

    For this reason we have God and the Devil in religion, positive
    and negative in science, and good and bad in philosophy.

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  • All the big religions preach a single higher omnipresent power
    – Christianity: only 1 GOD (pray only GOD and nobody else, Bible)
    – Islam: only 1 GOD (pray only GOD and nobody else, Quran)
    – Hindu: only 1 GOD but many roles, hence many names and representations. too vague for people to focus on (Ramayan)

    If you study well, they’re not in conflict with each other… Even in science (something is true until proven otherwise :P), what cannot be explained now must be the work of a superior power…

  • Prakash

    I have no right to impose my opinion on anyone. But I would surely say that if you watch nature very closely, you will notice that there is such a perfection in it that if we deny that there is something highr than ouselves who is in control of everything, then we have lost our faculty of observation. Just wake up in the morning, you will surely notice that the sun is here to give you life and light. The moon waxes and wane and controls the ocean and life on earth.This has been going so for aeons. Just see how the seasons are timed in a perfect way. You can call that power by any name. Religions are simply a product an inspiration by those who have watched nature or the universe very closely. Some people has come very near to that power through meditation and observation.The issue is not whether religious people are good people. I see much immaturity in many of your comments. Those of you who deny the existence of a higher power, How much time have you spent in considering questions like. Where do I come from, what am I doing here and where I am going. It is only very few evolved people who have dedicated their whole lifetime in search of these answers and when they have found answers to that they have become the spiritual guide to many.Personally I have not a single doubt that there is a power that pervades the universe and this power is also within all of us because we are part of that infinite universe. So go deep within yourself and seek the answer.Try to dedicate a little of your time to go within instead of writing unnecessarily. Even Einsteim theory of relativity came to the conclusion that the universe is animated by energy and what we call matter is simply crystalization of this energy.

  • Torpedo

    Nopes Sir, science requires you to prove your theory first not the converse as you would wish to fool yourself that you can fool us with this kind of half-truth, come on…

    Yes, in the name of religion you’ll kill anyone that’s against your views. All religions say the same shit and will never admit it.
    If you say “I have no right to impose my opinion on anyone”, I can only but laugh, because once someone will say your beliefs are not correct, you’ll flame him/her, just like any other delusional god-believer of your kind, I bet YOUR head on that!

  • Prakash

    I think you have come to the wrong conclusion, if people are killing in the name of religion, it is not the fault of religion. It is because of misinterpretation of religion for selfish ends. No religion speaks wrong. if you have a veil of shit covering your eyes then no doubt you will come to the conclusion that all religion say the same shit.
    You again got my message wrong. i have no intention to declare war against anyone. simply you remove the veil from your eyes first then and only then you will understand the message.

  • Torpedo

    Oui missié: pa touy moi si mo pa dakor ar ou. Pa merci.

  • Torpedo

    Bann ‘croyants’, alle dire ou prett / pandit / imam / longaniss / sipaki self-appointed religious leader to do this kind of thing… Or this
    These objective feats thoroughly prove that god-based beliefs and similar ritualistic superstition do not participate in the advancement / benefit of mankind.
    Full stop.

  • Carly

    First of all, I find this blog very interesting where we can share our points of view on different topics. Well, concerning this topic, I think that God does exist and He is still working in men that is making them to be better persons. I have seen people being changed when they have been touched by God. Long ago, they were full of anger and get easily irritated and nowadays, they have less that anger in their hearts. This is my perspective about the existence of God.

  • Aziz

    However ‘well -meaning’, I would advise Yashvin to comment on the issues he has with ‘his’ (former?) religion/culture, less misunderstandings occur. The issue of pork/pig-products is a essentially an issue of law for Muslims. Should the need arise, when Halal(permissible) food is not available, then in a ‘life or death’ scenario, what Muslims consider to be Haraam (forbidden) becomes permissible.

    I’m amazed at the sanctimonious sermonising that’s taking place on this thread, by all manner of people, exhorting the ‘fallacies’ of their religions/cultures and competing with one another in ‘out-atheising’ each other! The acid test is, what would happen if someone insulted Hinduism/Christianity/Islam in front of an individual, who claims to have been an adherent of one of the aforementioned?

    Perhaps we should ALL take a reality check. Mauritius is not the most ideal of places to use as a testing ground for religious/racial tolerance~!

  • impulsive ebay buyer

    Hellooo! I firmly believe in God 😀 not only God, but also Angels, Messengers and Holy Scriptures and the Afterlife! We should try watching sunrise or sunset (or both) more often!! 😛 If not God then who made such a flawless sky, such a beautifuuuul sea! 

    Some people do suffer, yes. It is so for others(not suffering) to realise their good fortune [and thank God!]  Maybe to us some people appear to be suffering, but could it be that they are not feeling it? Anyway, we are all suffering – we have to get up and go to work!! 😛

  • God

    Hello 🙂

  • Hi! Glad that you finally landed here 🙂

  • Baal_Ra


    This is probably the only honest answer to your question, ‘ Do you believe in God?’. I do not believe in any religion, nor do I worship any subtle form of a higher power. But I honestly do not know if there is a God or not. Believing or not believing will both affect my judgement, they are both a limitation.

    How can I believe in something I do not know? This universe is so vast, the possibilities so many. Science says there is an initial cause, but no one knows what it is. The laws of physics crumble down at some point in space-time, so there might be something out there that is beyond our human comprehension, maybe something outright farfetched, or something so removed from a linear logic that we might not even grasp it.

    I simply find it more thrilling, more fun to leave some things a question mark, there’s beauty in mystery, demystification is such a pain in the ass too. But I do understand your point of view here, the word God in this context doesn’t really refer to some scientific initial cause, but to the old guy depicted in those pictures, the religions, and this image is idiotic. I am myself not a believer, and I do enjoy questioning others belief, it’s real fun poking at their religions, such a touchy topic.

     I guess i grew tired of the atheist arguments, and decided to come up with a fresh approach. neither believing or not believing, honesty seem to be the of importance these days.

  • I was always advised that if I want to keep my friends to never discuss religion. Well, even the important association, Mauritius Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation, only discussed the cost of electricity production this week.

  • Yashvina

    Abt the food thing i can say smthg for sure… God said..” guet to stomach avant, then to guet MOI!!!”…. hihihihihihi… 

  • bolenti

    Just my two cents, which is just in fact my personal opinion.
    I think that believing or not in God is not a problem in itself, but it starts to become one when man messes in it by “inventing” the rules of the game: religion and it’s dreaded dogma.
    So, I believe in something that is above the reach of man (is it god, is it E.T.I… I don’t know), but I can’t adhere to any religion

  • Cnitish
  • Interesting read. Thanks.

  • akiavelic

    religion, gods, religious beliefs, prayers, etc are something which can be compared to politics. its like belonging to some parties, believing them and expecting benefits… 

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  • A A

    FAIL! This has been said as an urban legend! Google it!

  • A A

    Write something like this again!

  • A A

    Lame! We cannot see Oxygen but we know it exists, but do you have an evidence of your God? ZERO! Your statement is purely involved logical fallacy!

  • Danniel Danny
  • Danniel Danny

    Hello, you quoted Polkinghorne but he believes in evolution and also in turn quoted “After all, if there is no God, then God is incalculably the greatest single creation of the human imagination” in
    The Faith of a Physicist
    by John Polkinghorne, Princeton, Princeton University Press.

    By the way, I would be interested in knowing what the holy book(s) you read have to say about the motion of the earth and the sun.

  • Some serious answers on the matter here:

    Attention to all trolls, proto-trolls and what not who have been given too much license here: Please note the quality of the argumentation, and the way of presenting the pros / cons, backed with evidence at all times. Evidence, not belief in something constructed out of ones / another one’s MIND.