Just discovered wordpress feature!

wow lol!

I am in front of tv right now, watching ene programme rassi depi 2ans parla lo mbc 1 while wondering what I can write about, anything except H1N1.

I just noticed a small icon, which I clicked it out of curiosity…

wordpress icon

You know what? It just hid the sidebar!


I may sound being “a bit out of phase” but I never noticed this earlier! I wonder since when it exists and I am sure some of you (if not all) already saw this earlier, is it?

WordPress rocks and opensource as well!

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  • amazing real discovery i can say 🙂

  • Sun

    Wow,,,! what a discovery.. 😛


    its there since WP 2.7

  • ROFL… BEtter late than never

  • Yep Yep, was already there xD

  • haha, better late than never 😛


  • No, its older than that it has been set since WordPress 2.5. I found it nice at the beginning but I now have so many options on my WP installs that I just leave it open.

  • @Sun : According to @Sachin, you are more than 0.2 versions late and I am only 0.1.4 (according to u)


  • LoL,
    I confirm its 2.5. Here’s an excerpt from the WP 2.5 Codex:

    On the left side of the screen is the main navigation menu detailing each of the administrative functions you can perform. Two expand/collapse arrows just below Dashbord and Comments allow the navigation menu to collapse to a set of icons, or expand (fly-out) to show an icon and description for each major administrative function. Within each major function, such as Posts, a pull-down arrow is presented upon hovering mouse hovers over the title area. A click of that arrow expands the menu to display each of the sub-menu choices. Clicking that arrow again collapses the sub-menu.

    The current version is 2.8.4.

  • Thanks for this exact info 🙂