Dans bois ki ena dibois…


First of all, I would like to express my apologies for not posting regularly during the month of July. I was completely short of ideas and I must admit that I was a bit lazy too. I just hope that this does not happen too often.

Dans bois ki ena dibois…

You probably heard this creole expression a few times. For example, in the fabulous Phoenix Beer advert. Among colleagues, we often used this expression without really knowing its real meaning. We say it, just like that, to please ourselves lol.

Can anybody please share their interpretation? Examples are the most welcomed.

Thank you all!

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  • Jugdeesh Olliyaar

    Pas censure mo post. Mo p just expliker la.

    Kan to pas bien razer en bas, et apres to raide, ena ene dibois dans la foret bois. Dans bois ki ena dibois. Ena plein lom ki pas razer – ena plein bois dans bois,

    kan ene lom alle dans club gentlemen’s choice – li rode wood. ena plein wood dans sa club la. dans bois ki ena dibois.

    Kan to rode ene zafair ki present partout en masse, sa veux dire dan bois ki ena dibois, comprend la bourzoi,

  • Pas cpv censurer sa 🙂
    Merci pour sa explication la.

  • Sagitarius

    ‘Dan bwa ki ena dibwa’ is used to express perplexity or stupefaction at the extravagance of a situation or of a person’s behaviour.
    It can also be used to express a not too strong criticism of such extravagance.

  • bolenti

    You can only expect what is to be expected