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You can’t fix stupid.

As soon as I get some fresh inspiration, I will try to post a new topic so that we can launch some interesting debate here. Meanwhile, to bring a smile on your face, here we go 🙂


No gift box please

If you don’t print these few words, you will probably need one or two room to pile the gifts received mainly during the “saffran” night on Saturday.

Among the gifts, a large majority of them would probably be useless to the new couples and you will definitely end up with a few dozen similar gifts.


So, where are you girls moving today?

If your friend wrote that “I’m moving to Paris” for instance, that’s some sort of silly way to say that she is taken up. If you are looking to go out with someone, you should probably look for someone who is trying to move to Ireland or Nigeria.


Marchand dipain

While many among you have to go to the bakery every day, very few have the chance to have their daily bread delivered by a bread-delivery-guy or commonly known as “Marchand dipain” in our creole language.


Discovering the Planking craze

The word might seem weird and new, isn’t it? Perhaps a bit stupid too. But in fact, this “practice” has recently (and dangerously) gained attention over the world.

And tested it briefly for you .