The minute my car’s dashboard gone mad!

I was on the fast lane near Bagatelle, driving towards Port Louis when suddenly, all the readings on the dashboard dropped to 0 (the speedometer, the fuel tank reading, the temperature and the motor revolution)! I immediately took the left-most lane and parked. After giving a few calls, I drove again and upon ignition of the engine, the speedometer showed 80km/hr, the revolution ~3 while tank read null. I drove carefully back home, and here is a shot, while I was IN MY GARAGE!

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  • zervaiz

    Nissan sa??

    If so.. Z dashboard is gone!!

  • Everything is back to normal this morning. I still will get it checked.

  •  Reboot !!

  • wahaha. Rebooting worked!

  • probably short circuit ! 

  • Yasser

    is it a nissan car?  if yes, i faced the same problem years ago.. 

    have a battery check.