Bollywood, that’s Mauritius dude, not Goa!

Good morning everyone!

Sometimes I’m confused whenever I come across Bollywood scenes shot across our island but being pictured as Goa, also renowned for its beaches in India. Indeed, our island is regularly visited by Bollywood film crew members, looking for unique shooting landscapes. Unfortunately, most of their movies talk only of Goa, Goa and Goa. While it is nearly true that Goa bears a little similarity with our island and its population, it is situated far away, hundred of miles away across the sea, on the western coast of India.

Examples are not scarce but please don’t ask me to quote them all, at least, not right now. Some of the fans of the blog can perhaps remember the controversial movie F.A.L.T.U shot 3 years back in the premises of the University of Mauritius, temporarily transformed and even renamed for the movie’s shooting. Also featuring on the blog, the crew of the Nestle advert which was spotted in Triolet 4 years back.

Go Goa Gone


The most recent one is “Go Goa Gone“. While the story’s timeline shows that the actors are driving to Goa by car, they have in fact already hit our roads. I can’t say exactly how much, but I noticed that a large part of the movie was recorded in several locations, mostly Mauritian beaches, forests and a very short view of the splendid Rochester Falls.

One among the good things is that we get to view our superb landscapes of the island from another perspective, sometimes different from how we see them. However, it is a pity that most often, people won’t get to know that the story is not showing Goa, but rather our beautiful island Mauritius.


Even though it’s an honor that Mauritius is chosen for giving an exotic and romantic touch to the movies, the few small-printed lines in the film credits at the end of movies are simply not fair enough. And practically no media coverage emphasizing on the shooting locations.

But one thing for sure, the color and the atmosphere magically change when our island is on screen? Have anyone noticed that too?

Have a nice week and take care!

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