Bloggers’ Meeting

I reached Astrolab, Port Louis waterfront the first (at about 1050) but met them at 1110 since i didnt knew anyone of them, how they looked like nor their phone numbers to call them so see where they reached.

Then finally i decided to walk around and ask a group of 4 youngsters whether they were here for the blogger’s meeting…
Aadil replied “wi” (bon, Aadil, mone blier ki to ti dire exacte!)
and then, we introduced ourselves…..

There was Lash, Angele, James and Aadil (from left to right)

Bloggers' Meeting 3

As U can guess, our conversation topics were of course based on Blogs, Blogs and Blogs. Something normal coz we were all bloggers, with me the youngest of all since i started blogging less than 2 months ago. However i have my site since 2002

Bloggers' Meeting 2

During those nearly 2 hrs, we got to know each other better, while eating something and while Aadil was trying to get himself drunk with a small vodca.

Bloggers' Meeting 1

Thanks again to Aadil since he organised this small gathering and he is already planning another one by the seaside and has even proposed that he will pay everything, get a limousine to fetch us from home, get pizzas delivered on the beach and etc…
Hope u will keep ur promise mate!
James, Lash and Angele, what u say about this?

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  • lol!

    nice post dude!

    was nice meeting up!

    see u next time πŸ˜‰

  • Heyya:)
    Yup it was really cool meeting up. time it’s gonna be a ride in limo and free pizzas?Can’t miss that for sure!Hahaha

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  • I say we need another one. Limo and free pizzas? who’s gonna pay for it?

  • hmmm…. we will have to make a poll….

    or y dont we look for a sponsor?
    hmm, haha, y not

    [mo esperer mo pas gagne batter la]

  • to ti al infotech taler la?

    mo pa krawr pou gain sponsor si zafr la ena moins ki 100 dimoune.

  • moi, toi, aadil, angele, lash = 5

    nu reste encore 95 pu roder…
    facile sa:P

    ena hans n the other bloggers

    apres, nu al dcdm n nu prend tous zeleves ki ine faire zotte propre blog…faire boukoup la meme.

  • Sadly the unique vodka shot of today was not even enough to get me a glimpse of a high. Should have ordered more… πŸ˜‰

    Pizza sounds ok with me for the next get together. (^^)b
    Thanks for showing up btw.

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  • aiaaaaaaaaaa rate sa!!

    emplus ti ena free food tou πŸ˜›

  • haha, I think on that day you should be wearing a blogger’s t-shirt so that the buddies could recognise you ;P hey Yashvin would that be a cool idea, having a T-shirt for the bloggers of the then we could put them on whenever we would be on meeting…hahaaaaaaaa I know it’s a crazy idea of mine ;P

  • thats a gr8 idea!

    what u say mates?
    in this way, we will be promoting blogging…

    lol, am new in this field, so i think the decision is up to u. i dont think that creating our own tshirts would cost a lot.

    afterall hans, u r not crazy!

  • FYI you have been linked back.

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  • Nasrullah

    Zoli rankonk e mo espere li grandi byen..bonn sans a zot tu..

  • in for updates πŸ™‚Β