Big brother is watching us…

Video cameras at Flic En Flac

Dear Mauritian fellows,

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are being installed in a few regions of the country for our own security.

Flic en Flac is the first region to be covered with 83 cameras as from the 25th May 2009, with a cost of around 50 million rupees. Just to remind you, those cameras were of great help to solve a false kidnapping case filed a few weeks ago.

Port Louis seems to be in the next phase of the implementation of 271 CCTV cameras and 69 cameras for Grand Bay which are to be installed till the end of this year. Indeed, a few cameras have been spotted along the motorway (near Roche Bois).

This clearly indicates that the invasion installation has already started.

Cameras in Mauritius

Out of subject…

A little error has unfortunately been introduced in today’s online edition of Le Mauricien.

Newspaper error

Read the image’s caption, human errs.. We understand…

Update : Error has been corrected a few hours later. Perhaps, because I informed them through a polite mail?

I would invite you to read in this same article, the declaration of Bhai Harish.

Back to the main topic

I firmly believe that this great initiative will help in protecting Mauritians and tourists. These cameras will surely make people think twice before trying to engage themselves in some illegal activity or robbery.

How do you welcome this decision of the government? Do you think that this will help to decrease the number of crimes in Mauritius?
And what about Bhai Harish? 😛

Don’t forget, Keep Smiling… Big Brother is watching us!

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  • The idea has been copied off the UK where CCTV has been in use for quite some time. This said, crime rates have gone down in the UK with the use of CCTV. It might be Big Brother but if we have to go through drastic measures to get the crime rates down in the country, I’m all for it.

  • Jumping Turtle

    concernant haris boodhoo, mo penser ki soi tou dimoune gagne droite priyer bruyament , soi personne pa fer li!! CCTV c ene bon zafer mais eski li pu reste confidential sa bane image la?

  • @Jumping Turtle :
    Seki mone lire lo la presse, tous bane officiers ki p work lo sa system CCTV la ine bisin signe kitchose about confidentialy.
    Alors, si o cas zotte ine coupable de kit incident, pou cpv surement poursuivre zotte.

  • Yumn

    For the picture captions, 1 ultra mega grosse faute…. And i do think they did it purposely! Hehe…

  • @Yumn : Ya, I mailed them politely to inform them of the error.

    Human errs… its in our DNA 😛

  • The Maverick

    Navin mari bon dan “copy and paste” ban UK regulations.

    Smart ID cars, CCTvs, Congestion zones, etc…

  • Here’s something… do we know for how much time the recorded data is kept on their hard drives?

  • @The Maverick : I would not call this as ‘copy and paste’.
    Its rather “using proven solutions to improve Mauritius”.

    @Carrotmadman6 : I saw that somewhere, but can’t find the info again.
    From what I remember, the recorded videos won’t be kept for too long, somewhere between 1-3 months, but again, I am not sure.

  • Mike

    Those CCTV cameras are exactly the same as the ones used in the UK. The recording equipment is the latest high technology so the police are now well equiped. This is a useful tool in crime watch. Hopefully it will be a deterrent against crime. I guess Mauritian law will be adapted for such evidence to be used in investigations and legal proceedings. There is also the data protection act aspects and police are bound by this too. Society is usually reluctant to go the Big-Brother route but most people feel safer with electronic measures in place.

  • Sun

    Come on guys! why do u say “they copied”?
    they simply got “inspired”! 🙂

    Viva Macarena!

    Rock ON!!

  • Update

    Error on picture’s caption has been corrected a few hours later.
    Perhaps, because I informed them through a polite mail?

  • Bernardo

    In any case, the UK were not the first to use CCTV so saying copied from the UK is wrong. New York was the first to use CCTV

    One important thing also… Some policemen may be watching the LIVE CCTV, however are they really equipped or even ready to intervene real-time if they see something’s wrong on CCTV? I don’t think so. There was nothing communicated on that…

    Punishing a “taped” crime is simply not enough.. crime must be prevented….


  • Big Brother in Mauritius, could be renamed as ‘Bhai Harish’ watching us 🙂
    How about the confidentiality and privacy issues?

  • ReenaDKL

    Ahum! 50 millions rupees! Guess the main purpose of the cameras was to make money…little bit for the camera, and the rest in their pockets…as usual…lol!

    Bref, maybe it has it’s good side, but wonder how long before some vandals take them back home 😛

    As for the prayer thing, if it’s the noise which annoys our dear PM, then he should also ban all the loud speakers from the mosques. It’s a very sensitive issue and am not racist, but there are times when some people abuse… Remember the court verdict on the decibels for loudspeakers? Well if it was respected for 1 week it was too it’s even louder than before. I mean I’ve grown up hearing that but it was never a nuisance until all of them starting shouting instead of doing it the way they used to. Sometimes I can hear 3-4 loudspeakers (not even synchronized) which is not a delight for the ears.

    Bref, Mauritius is being tortured in the name of safety, religion, politics etc…pff!!!

    @ Yashvin, maybe bloggers should go in for the next elections!!!lol! am sure we could do much better than the actual government…hihihi!

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