Nomad…Become mad!


Some people dont even want to talk about nomad…
the name itself says it all…
no, it mad

Y? think that am the best person that can write a bit about nomad since i have been using nomad since its creation as a tester…
at the begining, nomad was phewwww….a real nightmare…
i dont tell u that it is not nowadays but there has been “some” progress…
I am sure that u want to know what a real nomadien user says!
and most of the nomad users know these issues!
Lets talk about the real advantages of nomad

  • PRICE…the main point
  • Mobility..thats true
  • ehhhh…thats all

and now the inconveniences

  • Connectivity ( u always have to get the “right signal” )
    u want a correct download rate thats equivalent to what u pay?
    well, its not Xmas everyday !
  • Placement of the rabbit
    The modem must be placed near a window…
    its not always true…right NOW, my modem is inside the wardrobe!!!
    Sometimes, its above and sometimes…errr..on the terrace or even on the “Ovent”!
  • Unreliability
    Someone truely said, “Dont wait for the last moment to complete your work!”
    well, its 200% true for nomad!
  • Customer Care Service
    i dont blame them but sometimes they are helpless as in some “covered” regions, they cant do anything…
    the last time i called them (a friday), i complaint about the slow transfer rate and guess when they called back to inquire if everything was alright? well it was on monday(after 3 days!)
    anyway, before calling them, make sure that u restart the PC, switch off and on the modem, ping several web sites…koz these are what awaits u there…

Now i tell u the real issue with the rabbit system…

Apart from coverage problems, if you want to get a good transfer rate (bandwidth), then ur modem must be connected to a remote BTS antenna…that is, if the antenna to which u r connected is saturated, then, good luck ! If u succeed in connecting to a less saturated antenna, then sure, u gonna enjoy what u paid for…
for instance, the antenna with BTS ID 230111 (plouis) and that of Butte aux Papayes(230055) well, u can get a maximum of 5 KBps if u r paying for a 128 Kbps Connection and if u succeed in getting connected to that of Triolet (230121), which is in my village, well, u can get upto 17KBps…

How to get connected to a specific antenna? well, play wiz ur modem until it gets the signal !
and also make use of the Navini Diagnostics Software so as u exactly know from which antenna u r receiving…btw, the navini software is not available when u subscribe to nomad, i downloaded it from the net… the customer care agents are always surprised and inquire how i know from which antenna am receiving! thats gr8!

Nomad No Limit Challenge?

Is it really a challenge???

i dont think so !

y ? well, i did went to the casting, everything was ok…

i know some people who got the opportunity to go to the “seance photos” and one even got a “rendez vous” with a psy in order to proceed further…


the problem with the system is that i got the impression that they r not looking for people with the good qualities in regard to the use of internet but its rather that they are looking for people that will only n only look good on tv..thats all…
it was expected that it would be commercial but not at this extend…
according to a friend who went there for the seance photos, those who were called there were :S, not fit for the challenge…

I was told that one of the chosen (among the 15 best) did not even know how to use the net properly…
i got nothing against those selected but that friend of mine, simply got a chance to be there.
for instance, she knows only how to chat n keep a skyblog that she created.

when i subscribed myself to the competition, i was asked if i could make web sites, small programs, etc…
well, dont seem that the ones they chose know how to do all these :S !

well, we will c….
lets wait for next week and

Let the Show Begin !

Life in Uni…

2004 – and still going on

la vie uni ? top net… 🙂

  • u r free to do what u want at ur own cost…
  • u can extend ur 3 yr course up to 5 yrs and casse poz entretemps
  • no stress, only near the exams or assignment dead lines
  • pena cours from gramatin a tantot tous les jours
  • friendship… think its the greatest experience that u can make in uni!

i have gained a lot from the 2 yrs in uni and am sure that for the last yr that
remains, it will be great but time goes on so fast !

cse group

Read more on this article if u r interested… & do post ur comments plz
16 august 2004, first day in uni….
u can feel urself lost on the first day especially for finding classes.
but after about 1 week, we started to make friends and i think it is the strongest friendship bond that we have made till now…for the first days, no one was eager to talk to the other but let me tell u something: if in uni, u still keep ur attitude u got in secondary colleges, then u gonna be left behind by all your class mates. This situation do exist..unfortunately…

lets talk about the teaching technique…
lol, its more the lecture technique, sorry…
one thing important in uni :
NEVER go against a lecturer ! else u will regret what u did for the whole lifetime..if u want to experience it, just try it ! wont cost u anything!

its not like in colleges where the teacher is constantly spoon-feeding u.
the lecturer comes(most!) , delivers the lecture note ( not all are pleasant ), tells u some stories or personal experience ( very few do so ) and gives u an assignment and the due date ( some dont even give u a hint how to do it).
now its up to u to see how u can complete it!

our group @ Domaine La Grave

I think its the best place where u can make friends in a short amount of time compared to the 7 yrs in the college. and those friendship are those that will last for ever and be beneficial to u once u r in the working field…
its not like those relations that are broken after one day or due to a small fight wiz the other…
we have done so much together…Have a look @ our blog


our blog


special hi to the best uni class mates!
i prefer not to quotes names attention blier some of them!

i think thats all i have in mind and do add what u think about our life in uni….



dont worry, i was just checking the formating options available 🙂

well, i dont know what u think about blogging but here is the definition of blog according to Wikipedia:

A Blog is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), and they are displayed in a reverse chronological order. The word derives as a contraction of web log,

Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. Most blogs are primarily textual although some focus on photographs (photoblog), videos (vlog), or audio (podcasting), and are part of a wider network of social media.

The word blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

For me, blogging = publishing ur life online, i mean, its like keeping an online diary with all your thoughs, activities, deeds, and blabla…and y not some pics?
What do you think about blogging?

Welcome here


I always wanted to have my own blog running alongside my personal web site. However, I am quite late in setting it up since I noticed some lack of participation on behalf of site visitors. Nevertheless, here we go, for a try in the blogosphere.

Time will tell if it was worth to start on this new era after being on the web for more than 4 yrs now…

About me

There is no doubt, am the only Yashvin ( Awootar Dooshiant Singh) on whom u have been reading about, seeing in the site, blog or somewhere else.
Born on 22th March 1985 in SSRN Hospital (i forgot the exact time, think its 5am ,lol), i live in a ‘village’ called Triolet, found in the North of the Paradise Island called Mauritius.
After having studied in Maheswarnath Govt School and then my adolescence in Saint Joseph’s College, am now doing my BSc(hons) Computer Science & Engineering, year 3. From the time i left college until i was enrolled in uni, i had changed a lot and in the previous 2 yrs, i changed again in my way of living, thinking, behaviour etc. But for the moment, am now fed up with some things and have put a small pause.
One of the main reasons for those changes were brought by someone and the remaining changes came about while in uni.I like everything that has to do with

  • internet ( chat, surf, web designing and now recently blogging)
  • Music, apart from listening to all styles i also play during my free time (rare nowadays ) the electronic keyboard & an indian instrument, the tabla/dholok
  • Friends, i like to make friends through the net but also in real life
  • Go out, whether with friends or family members and ready for cool plans wiz friends.
  • Nature, i like mountain climbing but unfortunately not everytime its possible because of the laziness of some persons and also, since am always long ahead when it comes to exploring or moving in the nature or mountains.
  • Computers, some time back i messed with everything, but now very rarely

Thats all i can say about me, now lets give the mike to some of my friends and to my sweetheart…

Defining Yashvin….
What if I quote some of the pharses from my profile comments on hi5?
that’s the best way to describe myself.
To simplify things, i will quote each one’s phrases in Alphabetical Order…
I thanks all of my friends for their sweet words they wrote about me, their support and the trust they have for me
well,yashvin is a really nice guy,a sincere frnd n 1 who always wants gud 4 every1 except ‘sm people’.
kontan prend nissa n he is a very gud listener.he’s really funny n so web site xtra cool. evrybody got to check it.
funny thing is qui mo pas pou blier jamais sa is that i have known him for more than a year now and it was only quite recently ki mone coner li mo cousin hehe malgre lointain mais pourvu fami mdrrrr sa le monde la tipti bez sa :p hes a nice fella and a gud frend too
Hey Yash! Hmm,sa ene kam en place nett sa! Li mari koek ek en plus li pren ene mari patience kan mo rakonte li mo ban problems!!!! plus toustan li donne bon conseil meme li! Li longueur la tour eiffel,lol ! He seems to be kind hearted and li ene einchtein dan zafer website ek computer!! En somme, c ene mec bien sympa n he’s always present for his friends! Just always remember to be urself coz dats how we like u!
Hello my dear cuzzzzzzzzzzzzz.wat 2 say abt u???
I must say that u r a great guy, ki ena raison everytime to koner kan?!!! (kan twa et varsha laguer)et bien sur to ene grand musician also!!! Sak foi mo vini, to bizin fer audio release ene remix et mwa, deepa et varsha decide box office report!!!! Eh sa ban zour mon passer kot twa la pa kpv blier sa
Ankor to xtra friendly et fun loving.
Deepa :
Alo! Sa mo big big couz.
li reste a coter mwa mo la pa cone ki arrive li parce ki to les zour li vin demande mwa mo mari contente fouff.Ek tout temps kan li trouve mo soeur li dibout lor so genou li dir li ‘Your Majesty’.Li met moi couma so remix,pictures li bizin demande mwa.Li un mari bon garcon ek li corek ar zot tous.
Well patience is one virtue one should learn from yash! (Ritely said sandra n man!) Thxs yashvin pou having lost all ur hair -hmm me joking- pou explik nu programming and helping us with our programming projects..
Compassionate in nature and warm-hearted yashvin li n epitome of patience
“wai to sis sa”;)
Remember wat i said 1st time i saw u both together. U know something? Very close couples deteint lor saken. Im sure u gonna be 1st one to tie the knot in the group!!!
Hey mais voici Yash, mo apel li Yash chopra.. T vraiment sympa, on rigole bien ts les 2, merci detr la pr ecouter ttes les histoires mm si c pa marrant des fois. tu as bcp de patience avec moi. thx for all. et oui, mari corek ca, capave coz creole anglais et francais et mm to traduire hindi pou moi, hihihihihi.missier yashvin super sympa, mari pren nissa avec moi mais extra help moi whenever i need him. thx a lotttttttt.
madam p fair toi busyyyyy hehehe. both r so cute 2gether. happy for u
YASHVIN sa c n mari kuz n kuz sha……….li mari koool,bien dan life,knten mete nissa……..
Yashwin, i have a lot to say about u dear, you r someone for whom i care n respect a lot
Hez among one of my best cams. Hez a fabulous boy and he has such a nice height and such a personality.
He alws commands respect whenever he goes, u no the type of personality touch
Apart his physical attributes, he is also gifted wiv intelligence, hez very good in programming and he alws help peopl in their studies and he is not selfish at all. He is very cultured u no just the type a mum would wana his son to be as he is a man of principles.
Wat i like most about him is that he doesnt follow the mass but would do things that his heart and self respect tells him.
He has such a sense of discipline
Yashvin parmi banne rare camarades mo finne gagner,
li mari cool, zamais linne enerver ek li zourer tres rarement ! (sauf contre “K”)!
Li fine bien aide moi dans C++ ek dans web design
ek dans banne projects etc…
sa so domaine ! So website mari top! Mari bien fer
Enfin mo cone li dpi 2 long..3yrs
Hez a nice guy..tro content cozer,amizer n kan so happy hour fouff bizin zis ecoute pa done le temps cozer:-P
jokes apart, li ene xtra bon cam n we spent 3 realy wonderful n memorable years at uom!
Always ready 2 help..that’s nice. But a really gud friend…it’s really nice to have gud friends like u
A giant guy with a digital mind: 01111010111010..
Well well wen I first met him got ze impression zat he was arrogant n reserved guy but when knew him better he was all but ze contrary; ready to help.. share his knowledge, jokes etc.
O on ze whole yashvin 1 cam mari seryer, mari enplace, met nisa tou ensam.
Ranjeeta :
hi yashvin pa p conne ki pu dir lor twa ena tros beaucoup ……………..
enfin kuma zot tou konne to bien kool.. e to mari corek….u r always here to help kiran u rso nice…..
yashvin n guy ki bien serye e li bien content amuse e prand nissa..
Sometimes he’s nice n @ times tooo rude…bon, everybody knows zat we fight a lot..heheh
remember wen:
..we give each other blows while fightin
..u had painted me wiz ‘mauvillac’
..we were fightin in car while goin to waterpark
..u want to listen 2 loud music n i want 2 watch tv(fights begins..)
Ouais, he has got a kooool rayban! each time he’s drivin or go somewhere, he put it n then i feel jealous coz i dont hav a ‘kool’ rayban..
Apres errr, like diya said he’s a great musician, always doin remix..n also like krishita said, a jack in compitin..Oops computer!
Varsha J:
very tall, friendly and a bit shy
Yashvin is someone very cool and ki content amizer ki entre friends or cousins-cousines.
apres pas bisin blier so skill dans computer hardware, web design, software and Djing(making all kindda of remix) !
sinon, en plus de sa li mari korec et mo croire bien pena narien -ve pu dire !!
Yash is a good friend, on whom one can count!
He is very intelligent and very very patient. I’m really impressed by his patience…specially when he has to explain the same thing again, again and again AND AGAIN…..:-) (specially programming…)
In a few words,
yash = Serious + handsome + Intelligent + PATIENT + likes joking!!!
well from wat i saw u seem 2 b a very cool n most important of all,a very gd n kind hearted friend
Well Yashvin is a just a huge giant n zat maybe explain y he�s always appointed as guardian la porte dan ban party:) Yashvin is a damn cool guy.I’ve known him for more than one year now n I can say zat he is a damn sweet guy n a really ideal friend. So ban dialog rest xtra payer des fois so u sure u gonna die out of laughter wen u wiz yashvin.
well I wish u all the very best wiz u know who! Have u ever seen zat guy dance? Yeah he surely needs lots of space for his long legs but he’s surely a good dancer.
alors yashvin…bein ek li fo surtou pa se fier aux apparences coz he isnt wat he luks like!! kan guet li pu penser 1 mari bon garson, cpve mem penser 1 intello extra studieux, bon zeleve,etc… mai na li pa aussi intello ki sa mem si li 1 expert dan bans trucs IT–by the way so site web top surtou site koz kk la!!:) yashvin mari conten bans plans, surtou 1 place ek li mari conten tire fotos osii ek fet annifs!!!:)ek to grup marii niissa!! to ena raison kan to dire the best grup in uni is ur grup!!
capave dire li intelligent..
en resume, yashvin ene beta cool, lively, weird sense of humor, n ever ready pou pou koze KK.
Sa ki mo kapav dire cest ki Yashwin ene mari bon kamarade sa! surtou li ti ene mari bon kamarade monsieur Radegonde!!
li ena ene qualiter ki permet li immite tou dimoune!!! surtou so voisin javin!

u can learn more from my site directly….

me car