Author: Yashvin


Missier Jean Pierre Bidasse

Bonzour Sory pou sa mesaz imprevu la.. mai mo ti bizin temoign n zfr loan … Mo bann camarad mo bien konten zordi parski grace a missier Jean Pierre Bidasse, nu fine gagne n loan de...


Public holidays 2016 for Mauritius

Hello! Update ( 1st January 2016) : I have been notified that the government has brought a change in the list initially published. The Thaipoosam Cavadee ( Sunday 24 January) has been declared public...


Time for the review of the HTC Desire 820

Update 9 September 2016 : The HTC Desire 820’s screen got a crack yesterday. Probably car keys to be blamed as both were in the same pocket. Read detailed post here : The problem...