5 millions trop tigit

Writing from my updated WordPress 3.2.

UI is great especially when writing. Switch on the “Fullscreen” mode and you are left with a white page and your text, as in the screenshot below :

Just you and your text. Nothing more.

Coming back to today’s topic…

As you might have already noticed, Saturdays have become some special day of the week to play the lotto game. It is very common to see people lining up in front of the machine. A queue which usually keeps on growing if the jackpot is a big one.

But a few minutes ago, I drove to one of the retailers and to my surprise, no one.

I guess that Rs5million rupees is a too tiny sum. Greedy Mauritians!

Did you notice that too?

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  • Luvnish

    ya i did… actually, Ive asked some of the “hardcore” loto players that question too. And the reason is, they play in large groups, and when the sum is small, they wont make much of a profit from it(if they won), so they choose to wait to get a sum of at least 25million to play again.

  • Yeah, that’s true too. I once played in a group, and my 4 numbers won.
    We were 40players. Do the maths…

  • une fois de plus ca prouve que l’homme est un eternel insatisfait. j’avoue que je trouve demotivant quand la cagnotte baisse et ca ne vaut pas la peine de jouer. x) 

  • PrestigeMan

    Yeahhh! WordPress 3.2!Now its about time to get rid of that bar at the bottom of the site because it is useless, eats up vertical space (worst on my phone), and above all, every time I visit the blog, it causes your face to pop up on my screen. Not that its annoying. You have a pretty face, really. But I just don’t see the importance.And about the lotto thing, its a hoax, you know that.http://i.imgur.com/0591G.jpg

  • haha. I will consider your point. In fact, I already noticed that too when I
    test the blog from mobile. And thanks for all those compliments ^^.
    Tell me, are you commenting from a mobile? Which browser?

  • PrestigeMan

    Opera Mini on a screen of just 320×240 pixels.
    Can’t comment from mobile btw. I have to power up the PC everytime if I want to post a comment (but I always try to convince myself its not worth the effort), ‘guess it’s problem with disqus

  • Yeah. Disqus’ only disadvantage till now. It supports only certain browsers
    But you should be glad, you test your PC each time you need to comment here
    Thanks for that.

  • Anonymous

    Zis 1.6m au gaignant ca semaine ca….

  • Akhil Ramlugun

    And if the number which is “OK” doesn’t come, the draw can take 5 min, 1 hour or even A DAY!! As far as I know, it doesn’t take more than  a minute. I’m not saying lotto is not a hoax, but your theory doesn’t make sense either.

  • Vishal

    The obvious stuff was omitted and the diagram was made as simple as possible. Bear in mind that there are always more not-played number combinations than played ones. Just do the math. Mathematics A-Level – Statistics. Data: there are ~1,300,000 Mauritians in this country. I’ll let you do the rest.

    Read the comment section of the previous lotto post: http://www.yashvinblogs.com/lotto-results/

  • “Zis 1.6m”…?
    Ou konné commmmmié zafferr mo ti pou capaw ferr ar ZISS 1.6m…? Ayou, domaz ki mo pa zoué…

  • Vishal

    Mo parier ki to ene adolescent ou ene jeune adulte ki pena travail et ki pa kone valer Rs1.6m.