2012 – “Avant Première”


Ok, its a lie…

I missed my ticket for the avant première, which was on Tuesday in Cinema Star, Caudan but a few mins ago, I watched it in front of my tv set, at home, ti lipied lo gros lipied 😛

About 2 and a half hours! Great effects, Great Scenario… IMHO, One of the best films….

I will definitely go and watch it again, this time in Ciné!!!

And I truly hope the story doesn’t turn into a reality!

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  • Lucky you how the movie what your feedback?

  • The best part of the film is when they were trying to switch on the Bentley 😛

  • Oh yes, Merci Deepa!

  • Deepa

    De rien 😀

  • I was really disappointed by the movie! 🙁
    I mean it’s been almost one whole year since I was expecting it after having seen the very first and awesome trailer!!!!!
    But I don’t know, it’s just a bunch of special effects and stunts with nothing more….. I mean, to me that’s what it was!

  • @MetroBoy : Of course, everyone have their own taste.
    One may love “Transformers” while hating “Twilight”.
    btw, I hate Twilight!

    Trop tifi tifi 😛

  • It’s surreal. The effects are awesome though! The scenario should be frowned upon since it doesn’t have a real end. like those guys have been able to escape with high tech boats, so what’s next?? How come the calamities have stopped and a ray of hope has emerged. Now if you tell me that they left earth and landed on another planet, that would have been acceptable by me.

    As InF says after they leave, a BSOD shows up perhaps because they are using windows and then 2013 comes in with a new interface like windows 7 LOL

  • ROFL… and yeah De gustibus et coloribus non disputande 😛

  • Bhooks

    Apre dinosaurs..Nous tour

  • v

    Watching that film was excruciating. Way too long and way too many unnecessary special effects. And yeah, soooo cliche – I could see some lines coming from miles away.

  • guibs

    Saw that film yesterday. Gr8 effects! BTW I just don’t understand till now how do they get 2 China from USA (in the big plane) w/o the help of the control towers? How did the hero escaped when the sort of minibus he was driving plunged into the deep crack formed by the earthquake? There was also some duplication of events like plane/car scenes… I think that film makers should be more or less realistic…
    The emotional part was good like the scene where the president refused to leave,the indian family v/s the tsunami etc…
    To conclude it was eScApE in the American Style..LOL

  • PascaL

    Question is… Yashvin where did you get that movie 😉
    It would be nice to know how many of us here… honestly admit indulging into pirated stuff and still have a moralizing “politically correct” attitude.

    BTW it’s an open question… nothing to do with Yash…

  • @Pascal : Nice question, and tricky 😛
    I got the dvd from my cousin. But I will be honest, its not an original DVD *$hy*

    @Guibs : Film sa 😛 Ene chance pas film indien, sinon acteur ti pu envoler tout LOL

  • ASL

    I watched this movie some weeks ago…Great Movie!

  • ASL

    LOL….longtemp dimoun get dan cinema apres get dan lacaz…aster non 😀

    Dimoun get dan lacaz apres si envi dan cinema…apres tout preske tou lacaz mo croir ena cinema!

  • vicks

    pas mal comme film.. mais pe atan AVATAR 😀

  • Very nice movie.. Truly it reached my expectations.. The special effects are damn too good.. Overall its a nice combination of emotions, action, terror, etc.. Eh fer gagne peur si sa ein!!!!

  • Bernardo

    There were too many “clichés” in the film. I expected it to be like that: Huge SFX, action hero dad, very religious leaders, brave americans, predictable plot, silly last minute romance… Sigh .. too bad i was right.. well anyway.. that’s what to expect when watching 2012.. Overall 4/10. I watched it at the movies btw..

  • ASL

    To p cauz enta la, aB kifr to pa ti director film la toem :D?

  • ASL

    @ Bernado mo p dir sa ein ^^ pa toA yashvin 😛

  • truly the movie is worth watching.. we cannot criticize this and that.. coz its not easy to make a movie like this.. it is surely easy to watch..

  • yeah… great film !
    Very impressive.
    Love it. Just have a look to “The day after tomorrow” also.
    Will see Avatar in France this week ! Will let you know !!


  • Avishna

    great movie. i love it.