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  • to pe pense pou met archard r sa ban emails la?Earlier mo ti pe garde emails comsa..apres na..1 vrai headache quan access inbox par always delete the mails now. Important mails are saved in another folder..

  • zachaar gmail 😛

    Na, lol, mo pas croire to mobile risse tous bane mails to ena non? Peut etre li ammene zis dernier 10 ou 20 mails.
    Wait, pas dir mwa, to ena zis 10, 20 mails ki?

  • abitier check mail par mobile..since most of the pa reste inbox jamais ena read mails..comment mo fini check either empty mo inbox or transfer tou lor 1 lot folder..
    orangeworld’s wap is kpv laise mails dan inbox…else li pou synchronize too much..

    a to ena 1000 unread mobile risse tou..waste of money + time.. pe parer pou safran sa comment dire..(^_^)

  • you should try creating folders and putting them in folders ! lolzz..
    are their spams in those mails ? !! haha
    13000 mails !! lolz.. that should be a world record tho 😛 hahahaha

  • @ashfaq : Just emptied my spams (around 1100mails) and the total number of mails in inbox remains the same.

    Conclusion : Spam mails do not count in those 13,000 quoted above.

    And “Hooray, no spam here!”

  • @yashvin .. lolz.. that sounds great 🙂 i got a big problem with my inbox and also spam box ! lolz.. i like having them clean ! lolz..
    i even empty my spam box each day ! .. and same for the inbox ! .. ofcourse i archive the important mails 🙂 but the inbox is nicer when clean 🙂 haha

  • Mike

    My experience of gmail is that it is a very reliable service.

  • WOOT! Congrats! So you created your e-mail in 2004 when GMail was just released….now I understand why your ID contains only your name LOL. *feeling jealous*. But if all your storage is out..what will you do? :S Small Tip: You can buy more storage from Google anyway! No need to worry! 😛

  • @Yadhav : Thnks 🙂

    When I created my gmail acc, it was only 2GB at that time… But 5 years later, it is now over 7.3GB. I don’t think I will need to buy more space, but in case I need to, I won’t hesitate to invest in something that’s really worth the money!

  • I have more mails than you but used less storage 😛 my gmail account was created in April 2005 🙂

  • ASL

    mo prefere servi yahoo, li done toi unlimited storage 🙂 donc pena pou delete nanien jusqua mort…

  • Rwishi

    lol. My email was created at about the same time but I am on yahoo tho 😛 currently have 11407 emails, remove bout 100 mails for spam. Out of which I received over 10250 this year alone, mainly cause I joined DailyMobile 😛

  • Sab

    MayB out of subject here…but why not a mauritian warez site?

  • 22541 for my gmail (personal)
    6546 for my work mail (hosted on gmail)
    5518(5347 unread)on my hotmail..i have not checked this mail for like 5yrs..only used for msn

    i know some1 who used up his 7.5gb of gmail.

  • @Sundeep R : Congrats! Mo ti penser zis mo meme mo ene terrible lol!

  • I’ve been using web-based Gmail for less than a year (I used to download the mails using POP3 before) and I have received…*drumroll*…11000 emails. 😛

  • I have… well, i don’t know. Probably more than 20,000 mails since 2005 and just on my main mailbox (Live Mail): 12,868 unread and most are spams! I use gmail mostly on my phone since it has a gmail client already integrated.

    Btw, You should all use ‘Filters’! Why do you manually move or delete your mails? This is time consuming.

    For example, if you want all of your facebook mail notifications, or mails from a specific sender (a newsletter for example) to be moved automatically to specific folders instead of your ‘inbox’, you just have to create filters for that. This will make your mailbox kneat and tidy and make your digital life much simpler. (in gmail, use ‘Labels’ as Folders).

    Btw, get an invitation and try Google Wave. Its really awesome!

  • I can’t be arsed to run my own email server anymore. So I went with Google Apps. It ticks the right boxes:

    1) Push emails/calendar events/contacts to iPhone
    2) BYO domain name
    3) Web interface if I ever need that

    I considered using MobileMe, but Apple doesn’t allow you to use your own domain name. iDisk would have been handy though.

  • ReenaDKL

    I have only 1,249 emails fpr i delete most fwds after ive either fwded them back or downloaded the important infos.

    Gmail is the best email server according to me!

    Way to go!!!

  • Guys if you want to really enjoy your email on mobile, just get a blackberry… it’s crazy …

  • Jaz


    reached 8400 mails and gmail total storage space is now: 7410mb