110Km/hr on motorways, a reality….

I won’t be long, since I am very tired after my (nearly) half day standing at the DCDMC Stand at the Job Fair, Reduit.

On my way back home, I was surprised to see the new 110km/hr speed limit sign!

So surprised, that we made another tour just to be able to take a nice picture, lol!


This was seen along the Jumbo Riche Terre to the Terre Rouge roundabout.

Keep tuned to yashvinblogs.com for tomorrow’s post about the job fair, and also…

Surprise surprise….ok ok, I tell you.

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  • Saw them removing the 90 in the morning… 😛

    Anyway, it’s a great thing that we know have “realistic” speed limits on the motorways. It’s time they apply this policy to other roads as well… 🙂

  • MegaLOL!
    You could have blogged about the removal 😛

  • is good… i easily reach 120 in this area…. the 90KMPH was really ficticuous… drive with ur brakes…. lol… they shud also do this in the “Reduit to Pailles” la descente motorway…

  • Bhooks

    When some drive at 70 on the fast lane. How can 110 really benefit us except for not being caughtiverspeeding at this speed. our roads are not meant to drive fast. Most of them are so narrow and people just park on the roadside without any consideration for others. 110 would only be used while returning home late night after work or after some glasses. Imagine going to Port Louis from QBornes.. Will the max speed limit make any difference????

  • @Bhooks:
    110 will be applicable on a few roads only but I agree with you, people drive carelessly and irresponsibly.

    Example : When they drive with their Full headlights on, without any consideration for others *cough* *cough*

    \o/\o/\o/ \o/\o/

  • Yashvin combien kilos tone perdi dan sa auditorium bouillante la??

    Hehe, mo enkor p roule 20-40 km/hr, raison: mo enkor p aprane conduire 😛 :$

  • Bhooks

    All 90 Limit on the motorway gonna go upto to 110. Thats it. Limt 60 or 40 on the motorway stays the same

  • How am I going to cross the roads to buy my fruits when cars are driving at 110 KM? ROFL

    I do not know what to write more about the matter. Wait…Drive Carefully.

  • @Shah : I dont think that you cross motorways to buy ur fruits, do you?
    Anyway, crossing motorways is dangerous…even at 60km/hr

  • Bernardo

    Our roads are not meant to be 110 kmph..

    Now you’ll get people driving at 60 in one lane and 110 (and more – cause who respects speed limit anyway?) in the other lane.

    If you want to drive ~ 90, which one to choose?

    And people driving over 110 SHOULD really get fined now…

    This was my 2 cents…


  • WoW, that’s what I call an original piece of work. Cool font, this theme rocks. Keep it up.

    Host Intruder

  • clive

    The funniest thing is that after the roundabout at Jumbo in the direction to Port Louis, there is a 110km/h sign limit and 80m ahead there is a roundabout.