Title #FAIL on l’express?

Do you consider this title as Correct? or Misleading? Your comments please.

The context : J.B, a retired high graded police officer, may be soon appointed as the Comissionner of Prisons. However, meanwhile, he is being assigned as a consultant for the PM.
ps : Today, I decided to buy l’express, and coincidence? This is what I find as title lol.

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  • Matinal do n00b mistakes likes this every week. 🙂

  • I.m.o it’s misleading. Being a commoner, reading this title, I would believe this guy has been appointed as conseiller du pm, while he has an ongoing court case, pending which he may be found guilty n jailed.

  • Mike

    LOL poor guy, go straight to jail and do not collect 200…..

  • mel

    Hahahahahaa! Ca meme ki apel moris sa!

  • lost wanderer

    lmao xD

  • oudaye

    @mel ki to p rode dire parla “ca mem ki apel moris ca!”?

    ca titre la ine meter par xpre pu fer dimoune plis curieux pu lire l’article la.. bkou dimoune ti pu skip l’article la si titre la ti pu “Jean Bruneau prochain commissaire des prisons”!