What’s your secret to stop hiccups? (“hoquet”)


If I really wanted to read about ways of stopping hiccups (“hoquet“), a simple google search would be displaying thousands of pages with endless number of techniques to stop hiccups. Annoying and pointless hiccups which can last for a long time if you don’t put it to a halt.

Holding your breath or drinking warm water or scaring yourself are some of the techniques used by people around the world. Through this post, I wanted Mauritians to share THEIR own way of stopping these hiccups. You might have tried various ways but not all of them might have worked for you.

I bet that first of all, you want me to reveal my cure. Well, mine works flawlessly, most of the times.

I just sip water for 7 times, one after the another at a rapid pace. Don’t ask me why 7, it just works! lol

Now, tell us about your magic cure to stop hiccups :-)

psst : If it really lasts long, it might be necessary to pay a visit to your doctor.


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  • carrotmadman6

    Holding your breath & relaxing. Works for me.

    Relevant –

  • Faisal Mooraby

    Holding your breath for 30 sec

  • Abhishek Ramlogun

    Maybe saying “Aal Izz Well” to your heart thrice should help. 😛

  • Yashvin Awootar

    haha, nice one!
    But normall, aal is wellz is for re-assuring the heart, not the brain. I’m not a medical student, but from what I read, the brain (through a nerve) needs to be fooled to stop the hiccups.

  • Avishna

    Hey i had hiccups yesterday and a colleague of mine gave me a chewing gum. after 10 secs it stopped. i think your mind just needs to be distracted and then it just stopped.

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Exactly. The secret lies in fooling the mind.