Insolite: When photographers take their job too seriously…

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  • Like the above sometimes photographers create strange situations in order to get the shot. Some situations are dangerous and others just plain weird. The question is regarding the result was it worth it. Pro photographers have come back from a war with surprising photos which have historical recognition. Many have been injured or died in these circumstances just trying to record moments in the lives of people. We may regard them as foolish or heroes. So what to think of the amateur photographer, I suppose that this person takes care for safety and surroundings. For me good photos snap a moment in time and are more revealing than a book.

  • How come that the second picture is later?
    cz the person of orange shirt is still crossing the road?

  • Nice observation skills 😛 (or perhaps he made a Uturn)

    Inversion of pics lol *ashamed*. I just corrected it, thank you! 🙂

  • Pa enn contravention pou “unduly obstructing vehicular traffic” (ou kiksoz koumha) ha?

    Bonus question: what the bloody hell is he shooting at?? The paint used for marking the road? His foot? An impossibly rare millimetre-sized spider? Or the hand-held time-lapse exposure of the philosophical dimensions underpinning the fundamental and irreversible effect of time on the ageing and creep of paint on asphalt subjected to intense solar radiation – (ou une autre fĂ©calitĂ© de ce nom…)?

    In any case, his dress says much about his respect for convention and social norms: Am doing my FTW stuff, dafuq r u looking at?

  • loll…kt mo lekol mem