Sando Party!

Does the word “Sando” tell you anything?

As you can see in the picture above, it is a biscuit brand which children are usually fond of. And adults like me too. I love these biscuits.

Until some months ago, I believed that the biscuit came in only 1 flavor, the one with a light-chocolate colored pack (which I could not find on the market anymore). But when I was out of Mauritius, I was surprised to come across other flavors too, which are available in Mauritius too since a few months :

  • Cheese ( Orange)
  • Vanilla (Blue)
  • Chocolate (Brown)
  • Coconut (Green)
The retail price is usually around Rs7 per packet.

So, for today’s office tea-time, I offered a few packets of the small biscuits to my colleagues, who discovered these new flavors at the same time. Most of us preferred the Cheese (Orange) one, even though it was much sweeter in taste as compared to the others.

Which one is your favorite?
btw, did you know that it existed in different flavors?


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  • asmi

    I love the coconut one

  • carrotmadman6

    Love all of them.

  • Riseup Yoursoul

    regular buy

  • rishta

    my fave is the chocolate one.

  • Pramod

    Bizin try coco la… the others I have tried, they are really nice… :)
    In fact c’est ça wafer la ki faire li vine bon… li bien fondant!!! ^^
    Bon aster zordi dans way mo pou buy ene la!!

  • Yashvin Awootar

    ene sel? 😛

  • Pramod

    Bon zordi ene flavor, demain ene lote flavor etc etc etc…
    In fact u have given me a nice idea… dans place mo alle rode bannes zafrs ki trop gras et aussi seki cher… mo buy ene ti Sando maybe each alternate day… coumsa pas pou plein ek li aussi…. et pou mange li bien aussi, et pou partage ek lékip!! 😉

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Mone tan dir ki si to aster en gros dans pl, to cpv gagne li encor pli bon marcher 😛

  • Pramod

    Thanks… pou alle check ça port louis… Cote pou gagne ça en gros btw? 😀 Mo probleme c que mo bizin alle p louis avant!! 😛

  • Yashvin Awootar

    mo pas kone l’addresse exacte. I’ll let you know.

  • Sweta

    Ooioooppppssss some days ago i did post it on my timeline…. I really wna eat… It was my fav… :( unfortunately dont have it here…i love z chocolate 1:) for sure z next thing i gna ask ma dad to send me frm MRU gna b Sando …,

  • reenadkl

    Chocolate or milk Vanilla one…whenever I go to my mumz place there’s always a packet there and we all rush on it!!! Lol!!1 I really love it and it’s sooooo good!!!

  • Jonathan

    Ki sanela vine gros?

  • Yashvin Awootar


  • Andy Carpen

    Nice biscs… gd 2 have them in car … in case of EMERGENCY hunger.. :)

  • Sché

    This is amazing!!! Am now crabing for a Sando coco!!!

  • yurit0s

    Sanso sokolaaaaa

  • Denisha

    Quan nu ale bagatelle, to fer nou decouver ban nouvo flavours 😛

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Pas bisin al bagatelle sa. demain li al aster li dans baga-gie -> (taba-gie)

  • Chaussure Du temps

    vanilla & choco

  • Ashish Lordofwar

    cheese xD