Reducing spam applications on facebook

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  • Avishna

    glad to know. hier to ti dir moi ki bizin fer ek mo in blier. aster li on ur blog – cav free my inbox imper.


  • Thanks. But I blocked those notifications the day I signed up on

  • I keep my Facebook apps to a minimum… I think I have around 6 apps. No apps, no spam! 😀

  • Sun

    People who dont like those notifications can disabled it easily as shown above. But there are some facebook-addict who just dont want to disable it! 😛 in fact.. they like those. expression “zot dormi ar facebook”

    as for the emails.. its not necessary to setup a filter(which is available only for gmail users i think), u can disable email notifications from facebook itself. 😉

  • The quiz ones are the most annoying. No, I don’t want to know what is my lucky colour or what kind of lover I am!!

  • Thanks for the tips 🙂

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  • i still can’t find a very useful application on facebook.

  • z.coldplayer

    does those rules still apply, these days the spammers send a chat message, fortunately facebook automatically identify them as spam