By customizing WordPress into a photoblog, I have one of the most powerful tools in my hands! Sky is the limit… Just imagine the hundreds of features that can be instantly added through plugins or simply writing some php code right into the pages!

I will definitely keep upgrading this photoblog with ideas both emerging from you and the web 2.0 trends. This page will be kept as a change log to mark the dates on which new features are added.

Keep tuned!

14 June 2013

  • The look of the blog has been slightly modified over the past month. Additionally, the home page now shows images pulled directly from my Flickr account. So probably, most pictures are going to be posted there instead, especially with the 1TB of free space made available to all free accounts πŸ™‚

18 December 2011 :

04 September 2010 :

01 September 2010 :

  • Categories menu added πŸ™‚

16 July 2010 :

17 March 2010 :

  • Small modification on photoblog : Medium size pictures are now shown when the thumbnails are clicked. Previously, the larger version was displayed.

13 March 2010 :

4 December 2009 :

12th July 2009 :

  • Size of original pics has been increased from a width of 700px to 980px. Applicable to pictures posted as from today.

7th July 2009 :

  • Images pulled onto through custom ajax code from this photoblog.
    live from photoblog

1st July 2009 :

  • Added small icon to share pictures on facebook.

27 June 2009 :

  • Official Launch early in the morning.
  • Small upgrade in the night (after the first set of feedback from visitors), added :
    • Excerpts to thumbnails tooltip text and to lightbox previews.
    • Small icon on thumbnails to enable users to add comments.

25 June 2009 :

  • Disabled color switcher option since wordpress super cache plugin is caching all files wonderfully well, thus preventing the custom coding to work.

10 June 2009 :

  • Beta version of photoblog uploaded, useful feedback from friends and bloggers.

Early June 2009 :

  • Customization of wordpress started.