#Mauritians to follow on twitter

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  • Mozammil Khodabacchas


  • Wait, you forgot to mention most awesome Mauritian twitter ever?

    Follow me at   @carrotmadman6 🙂

    & here are some 350 equally awesome Mauritians to follow – http://twitter.com/carrotmadman6/mauritius 
    There’s also a local Twitter troll… I’ll let you find him out. 😀

  • suyash sumaroo
  • The #1 Mauritian to follow on twitter …
    Mr. Danrajsingh Aubeeluck
    Parti MALIN !!! XD

  • Anonymous
  • Yowanvista


  • Benzedid

    Shakeel foondun
    @benzedid on twitter

  • @AkashNeil:twitter 

  • Kabilen

    troublemaker since an early age of internet ! https://twitter.com/#!/kabilen

  • Kamal

    Nice one Yashvin… Been following your blog for quite a while… Nice blog!


  • Nitish


  • @muzzammil_15:twitter 

  • Inf


    Considering making a formal list of Mauritian twitters, Yashvin? 🙂

  • Not exactly since there are already several lists on twitter.
    Just a post! (and some hits lol )