When lexpress.mu takes pic from yashvinblogs


They used my picture, but only in thumbnail version.
No acknoledgements, no credits, nothing towards yashvinblogs.com

UNPROFESSIONAL on the behalf of a newspaper claiming itself as the best. One thing : Never compare a newspaper with a personal blog, because the blogger is writing for leisure only.

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  • yurit0s
  • A newspaper once published a photo of mine in an article… in print.

  • Same framing, same image.

    Needless to say the Govt ditched them for their “high quality services”(lol)

    si dimune la ti malin, li ti pu coner ki li bisin trim foto la o moins. lol

  • Mike

    first time I here of this, it’s usually the other way around??

  • send sa link la ledefi, le matinal ek le mauricien, zoli zafer pu arriV 😀

  • reader

    Because we don`t have real alternative here, this is why L`express gets some attention .. otherwise they are far from being professional ..