And you say that some Mauritians cannot be good engineers?

An unexpected post! HAHA!

I can’t stop laughing at the pics that my sis has just mailed me few minutes ago.

Take a look at what she shot earlier this morning along the motorway at Roche Bois :


And a much closer look now…

Big thanks to her for these pics :-)



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  • yurit0s

    Mr Bean Style….

  • Pramod

    Appele ça improviser! 😉

  • Gices Abraham

    Where’s the padlock? lol

  • Jimmy Banjeet

    as long as it works 😛

  • Jens

    lol. mank zis 2 cadenas

  • guibs

    inspired by Mr Bean’s car..ROFL

  • Muzzammil Nabybaccus

    Yeah Security matters Nowerdays 😛

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    Toyota “alo”… :-)

    No comments, because this is not “engineering”; but I guess you probably meant “batt-batté” / “artisanat” or improvisation, the most celebrated philosophy in Dodoland which pervades every single aspect of Mauritian life, you name it: our hospitals (multi-million hi-tech equipment grounded due to unavailability of spare parts, not mentioning the toilets…), our pavements, our paid parking lots, our buses, ou roads, our schools, our whatever… As long as its rolling, it’s ok.

    But the question that begs answering is: inferring from the sign affixed to its top, this is supposed to be a taxi, right? Then, looking at all the dents (never repaired since they happened), all the unrepaired bumps and rust, how on earth did it obtain its fitness certificate???

    Bonus (and very stupid) question: which one of these are functioning: the stop lights and / or the turning signals?

    Safety, laws and ethics are probably just good for wiping where the sun don’t shine…

    Happy wiping!

  • JP Fortuno

    another security layer, they say. quite inspiring … lmao

  • Devanand

    Hey Yashvin, where’s the post about ID card photo, bro???
    Looking for it, but invain.

  • Devanand

    Ahhh got it, but it is dissapearing and reappearing sometimes when refreshing the pages several times. I think there is a minor cache problem on your blog. Gotta fix it out man! :)

  • Yashvin Awootar


    I will check that, I got other complaints too regarding the same issue! Thank you for informing me :-)


  • Darvez Perye

    Mr Bean a la sauce mauricienne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bama Obarack

    there i fixed it!

  • Naz

    mdrrrr quelle idée!