Great Plugin For Bloggers

I found this plugin on firefox and it can be downloaded from Performancing Web Site

Its cool since the first time am trying this type of plugin.
It allows you to

  • Blog Directly from ur firefox without any need to sign into ur wordpress dashboard
  • Get Stats
  • Adding images, formatting your, ur post,[..] are now much easier & simple!
  • Get live preview

Just drag n drop everything u like into the editor and so much more….

still waiting for something better?
well, meanwhile,
have a try
blogger mate!

perhaps some of u are already using it, so y not leave ur comments ?

powered by performancing firefox

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  • nice find Yashvin.

    I’ll give it a try soon 😉

  • Josh

    Already using this plug-in for a while now.There is also a plug-in called oakflickr that automatically transfer your pictures to Flickr from performancing.

    Do not forget their metrics tools for tracking your blog.

  • Yes, I’ve been using this for quite some time now. I opted to let the “Powedered by Performancing” appear each time at the end of my blog posts.

    Unfortunately, I can’t use metrics, which gives you stats for your blog. I’m using which absolutely refuses to host anything dealing with javascript! I admit, they have some very valable reasons too.