[Poll] How many trials before you got your driving permit?

Hello people!

As you probably noticed, the “Guess Where?” publications has been paused for some time now, until I find more interesting places to discover in the Mauritian landscape. But today, I’m trying to introduce a new series of posts, aiming at collecting opinions of people in the form of polls.

Hang on, it takes only a few seconds….

Today’s poll…


Pretty straightforward.

While replying, please consider each of your visits*  to the Line Barracks (Casernes) as one trial. *either for the road test, or parking test or both on the same day.

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  • 1.

    Have never driven a car since then. :S

  • Not even in Need for Speed?

  • Only supercars. :S

  • First time the officer said I did not stop to let someone cross the road..2nd time, I heard the male officer asking the bitch officer “donne li?” The bitch as I said replied: “Non…” I wanted to remove my shoes and beat her right there… grrr!!!! 3rd time was the good one.. You need to play ‘leche botte..leche cu’ to get your permit…for they will kick your ass if you seem confident…

  • preetesh8

    zot bon!!

  • Vrijnesh.S

    premier fois mo tire arrier , deuxieme fois mo tire parking et policier tayy mo card..
    et troiseme fois gagne la route zero faute