election in uni…

So what if we lost?


We just showed what we r capable of. Next time its gonna be even more serious koz @ least,
We, didn’t use illegal means or lies to get the students to vote for our candidates!

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  • Am i goign to get flamed for this??

    Hmm one thing about the election, what does the winner get??

    A title? an office? the right to attend and talk in meetings (which by the way goes on deaf ears).

    The right to organise parties(get free entry!!)?

  • what u get?

    free entry la sa wi…dans tous party!
    mais a lot of prestige in uni, enfin, kant pena oken case “trou l’argent” dan fonds union, something ki tous les ans ene tradition sa…

  • Splash

    any Emtel/Kwepe users notice spam during election ???

    the famous ‘333’!!!

    Election Campaign goes hi-tech now

  • en tout cas, geshwin habitier servi 333 pu faire spam…
    mais for elections, mo pane gagne sa mwa…
    only in uni mail, enfin from feedback of vicksss

  • toujour miquer!!!

  • Priya

    cheV meme to pna ta!! to pres pou vine chauve

  • merci merci…
    mo konner komment mo cheveux faire touffe lo mo latete 😛

    mo pas pu give opportunity pu vine chauve mais mo pu raze li 100% in abt 1 yr…all my close friends know this fact…